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The Barrett Brief – The Peacock Steps Into the Streaming Wars

The Peacock Steps Into the Streaming Wars Here is what is happening in the Brief. First, the Peacock steps into the streaming wars. To begin with, NBC will launch the Peacock streaming service in April. Straightaway, the company didn't specify pricing, but expect it to come in around the Disney or Apple price tier.  Second, we talk about the two paths that POTUS can take with gun control. For fear that […]

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Joker Film


The Barrett Brief-The Joker Divides Hollywood, Disney Desperate

The Joker Film Divides Hollywood, Disney Desperate Here is what is happening in the Brief. First, the Joker Film continues to divide Hollywood between what is art and what is reality. Whereas Vice is arguing that Terrifyingly Realistic Window Into White Terrorism. All this while the film is tracking for a MASSIVE opening weekend.  Second, abortion continues to be a topic that is bubbling up across the country. Notably, the capital […]

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The Democratic Primary


The Barrett Brief- The Democratic Primary Jumps The Shark

The Democratic Primary Jumps The Shark Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, Beto tries his best to be the most insane candidate at last nights Democratic Debate. Presently I will break down the 5 key takeaways from the ABC News Democratic debate. Consequently, over the course of nearly three hours of the, health care, gun legislation, climate change, education and criminal justice were discussed. These topics are […]

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The Barrett Brief

Every Comedian and Reality Host Wants to Rule the World

The Republic of Texas Here is what happening today on the Brief. First, Middle East tensions continue to increase. Second, Tesla is more focused on putting video games in their cars then making sure they Actually run. Third, Comedian Inaugurated as Ukraine's New President. Also ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US. Also don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”. Listen to the Crusade Channel Now! […]

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The Barrett Brief

The Barrett Brief – You Gotta Be Kiddin Me!

Mandeville, La Today on the Barrett Brief we examine the 10 things the AP thinks you should know. Also we look at the latest business news and the daily stat of the day! Don't forget about the world famous "You Gotta Be Kiddin Me". Click here to download This Episode. Listen to the Crusade Channel Now! Join the Crusade Channel and never miss a moment of truth.Dude, You Found Us! The CRUSADE […]

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