The Barrett Brief-The Joker Divides Hollywood, Disney Desperate

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The Joker Film Divides Hollywood, Disney Desperate

Here is what is happening in the Brief. First, the Joker Film continues to divide Hollywood between what is art and what is reality. Whereas Vice is arguing that Terrifyingly Realistic Window Into White Terrorism. All this while the film is tracking for a MASSIVE opening weekend. 

Second, abortion continues to be a topic that is bubbling up across the country. Notably, the capital of Texas has decided o become the first city to fund women who seek abortions. They will fund groups to pay for costs, such as a babysitter, a hotel room or transportation. Additionally, California Catholic Conference asks governor to veto college abortion bill. 

Third, Third, we talk daily date via Five Thirty Eight and Particularly, about eight-in-ten full-time working mothers say their current employment situation is what’s best for them. 

Also, Disney is “Desperate” for parks attendance increase, according to top Disney travel agent. Finally don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”.

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