Testimonial: The CRUSADE Channel Audience Is Going To Explode

today04/18/2016 14

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Mandeville, LA – New listener Dean Christensen, writes us to say:

Subject: Testimonial from somebody that didn’t follow you in the old station in the old country

Dear, King Dude

I had a friend beg me for years to start listening to you when you were on Sirius but I never would because of the “Pay Wall”. With the Launch of the RVN I purchased a membership within a month. You are offering a premium product at the height of its demand. The masses are sick and tired of the status quo and both Trump and Sanders are symptoms of the frustration. People need better answers and the Truth that you are offering. The “silent majority” seems to be pushing back and voting with their actions and wallets I.e. PayPal. Orthodoxy is on the rise I have converted to the Catholic Church thanks to my previously mention friend challenging my beliefs and encouraging me to seek the truth. I am trying to spread your network and message daily. I have downloaded tunein and liked your station on several of my coworkers phones. Please hang in there I am trying to help out as much as I can. I do believe it is only a matter of time before your listener base explodes exponetionaly.


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Written by: MikeChurch

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