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Thanks JFK: Why “Catholic” Politicians Are “Pro-Choice”

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Mandeville, LA – Yesterday, 14 “Catholic” U.S. Senators voted against the Pain Capable Infant Protection Act helping it to fail in by a 51-46 vote. Mike analyzes the catastrophic failure of ‘Murica’s prelates to reprimand these apostates and the consequences in tens of millions of lost souls. With special guests Dr Wacasey of and Michael Hichborn of The LePanto Institute.

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HEADLINE: U.S. Senate votes against protecting pain-capable preborn children

  • Is the Bald Eagle egg pain-capable?
  • Destroying an Eagles egg punishable by $250,000 and/or up to 2 years in prison
  • Unborn Child – totally legal and encouraged by PP
  • How many people did the Germans kill during the slaughter night?
  • Movie Silent Scream
  • What they want is DEAD BABIES
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6:35 back to headline: U.S. Senate votes against protecting…

  • 45 years of messing around with Abortion and the ProLife movement and nothing seems to change
  • Dr. Nathanson describing how a DNC is performed



 Men…I call you again to pick-up a weapon (rosary) and get in the game.

Praying for the 4 sins:

  1. sodomy
  2. murder
  3. abortion/contraception
  4. pornography






back to headline: U.S. Senate votes against protecting…

  • 10 Catholic senators voted to ban abortion after 20 week.s 14 Catholic senators voted against it.
  • Catholic Republicans who voted against the bill: Senator Collins, Lisa Murkowski. Catholic Democrats who voted against the bill: Senator Bob Casey, Joe Donnelly, and Joe Manchin













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  • the process of killing Priests back in the day, disembowelment etc
  • Are the English any more or less barbaric than the Americans performing abortions?
  • Constitutional Duty –  Article II Section III
  • Woodrow Wilson was the 1st to hold a State of the Union Address
  • Doesn’t this sound like an imperialist type event?
  • Why is this such a huge event? STOU
  • We worship our elite rulers.
  • Legal and moral footing with Germany

The systematic killing of soon to be born is a crime committed by those that perform the procedure, those that volunteer to it, and the woman and men that give legal protection to it. Aren’t We Star Spangled Awesome?

Catholics need to call Catholics out. You support this procedure? You need to be put on blast.

  • The idea we are “better” than the Germans is absurd.
  • The glass half-full is we now know about it, so how do we bring about a change? You can choose to make this outcome different. It starts with ourselves, then our families….and keep working outward from there.
  • Mother Mary told us how to correct this…how to make this right.
7:13 Audio: Nancy Pelosi and her “makes America white again”

Hey Nancy – 83% of all babies aborted in NYC this year will be…

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7:33 Caller Sean from Arizona: State of the Empire Address instead of the State of the Union

Audio: First Galactic Empire

  • How about instead of ovations we get a Dilly-Dilly? (BudLight commercial)
  • Join the LIVE FREE chat tonight for the State of the Empire Address
















Special Guest Dr. Kevin Wacasey: with

  • Healthcare is not about copays anymore, you have massively high deductibles
  • DPC – Direct Primary Care or Direct Patient Care
  • There is nothing new here, I perform a service and you pay me for that specific service. They way we have been doing it for the past 50 years was WRONG!
  • I want to pay what YOU (the doctor) is willing to accept for the service.
  • I caution people on the Christian Share Plans
  • When was the last time you used your insurance card? Hopefully you don’t use it frequently.
  • I have a membership which is a year long $350 for initial visit and you are covered until you need a massive procedure. If not, you will only pay $350 for the year.
  • Example of how he handled a patient – the way it should be done ( I saved him $5,000..listen how)
  • “I do believe in having some type of insurance, I am not against having health insurance. It is a compliment to having catastrophic insurance.” Dr. Wacasey
  • There is a trick and it involves lying to the people at the counter – you must say “I do not have health insurance”. You are not committing fraud, you are simply CHOOSING to pay for the service out of pocket.
  • Caller Ashley from Tampa: HSA with her company
  • HSA are the most under used and under appreciated policies in America. It is a pre-packed vehicle you put money in and your company puts money in and you DON’T get taxed on that money!
  • HSA are extremely different from FSA. If you have an FSA go to HR and demand they change it. It is use it or lose it!
  • HSA you can get interest that is tax free! Your money STAYS your money!
  • Can an individual start an HSA or just companies? You had to start with a minimum of $2500 and there are limits. You have to have a high deductible also.
  • Coded receipt called a “super bill” ask every time you go to the doctor
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Founders Tradin’ Post Sale of the Day: The Devil Hates Latin


























Special Guest: Michael Hichborn from the Lepanto Institute

  • the “Catholics” that voted for late term abortions
  • How are you going to explain this in the confessional?
  • You don’t get to separate your private life from your public life. The commandments apply to BOTH sections.
  • Our Bishops have to take a more active role if these politicians are in their diocese.
  • Pope Alexander quote –

HEADLINE: from Church Militant

  • Fr. James Martin and priests like him are there to sell what the devil is peddling. If he cared about the salvation of souls, he wouldn’t be doing what he is doing.
  • He has lost the sight of the Eternal Truth!
  • Quote from Father James Martin in the Church telling a homosexual couple he hopes it will be okay to “kiss” in Church soon.
  • Story of our Lord turning over tables just from making profit in temple. Can you imagine what He will do with those peddling SIN in His Church?
  • The difference between guilt and culpability
  • God exists out of time…we do not
  • “Lord it’s your Church I’m going to sleep”
  • Priests MUST tell their flocks they must vote for life!
  • Shouldn’t the Pope come out and say something about Life?
  • Pope that came out and spoke loudly against communism to the flock
  • We need a bigger voice from our Priests…period
  • You cannot be a Pro-Choice Catholic
  • You can be Pro-Choice OR Catholic…never both
  • Land O’Lakes _______ Church
  • Pope Francis can do all he wants with the Lords Prayer but he CANNOT touch the Sacraments
  • We hope this interview will persuade Protestants to come to the Catholic faith
  • When you commit mortal sins you lose the 7 virtues and the 7 Sacraments
  • If you are not with the Church you do not have the 7 sacraments and therefore do NOT have the strength to fight sin
  • What is the Church about?
  • The American People is the drinking game of the night for the State of the Empire Address

HEADLINE: Abortion Clinic Target African-Americans with Claim that “Abortion is Sacred” and “Abortion is a Blessing” by Ryan Bomberger

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Written by: candacechurch

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