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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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HEADLINE: Democratic State Rep. Makes Horrifying Pro-Abortion Comment by Alexandra Desanctis

  • Representative John Rogers of Birmingham
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Alabama State Rep On Abortion: “Some Kids Are Unwanted, So You Kill Them Now Or You Kill Them Later” 
  • Alabama House by an overwhelming 74–3 vote and said the measure will be taken up in the state senate in the next few days.
  • He refers to the electric chair as if we use the electric chair daily!
  • When was the last time the electric chair was used in the United States?
  • “While Rogers’s defense of abortion is certainly chilling, it’s also a striking reminder of how rarely abortion-rights activists openly admit the reality of the right they are demanding. Most often, they dismiss unborn human beings as a “clump of cells” or a parasite within the mother. With his horrifying comment, Rogers has exposed those lies, admitting, as abortion defenders so rarely do, that every abortion procedure — no matter when or how it takes place — intentionally ends an innocent human life.”
Golden Truth Ticket – 

  • Java Joy
  • We’ll See Ya’ At Bulldog KIA.






 HEADLINE: Dust or Humus? The Advent of Human Composting by John M. Grondelski

  • How many people have seen the movie Soylent Green?
  • QUESTION: What was Soylent Green?
  • Why can’t you just bury your loved ones on your property?
  • Why do you have to compost them?
  • You can’t have a resurrected body if you burn it? – referring to cremation 
  • We lost the battle and dominion over the animals with PETA and now the plants are going to be more important too?

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Fat Jerry – Gerald Nadler

  • The Attorney General has to represent the interest of the United States.
  • Edmond Randolph – he refused to sign the Constitution at the end of the Philadelphia Convention.
  • This goes farther than a nothing burger. 
  • This is a vapor burger. Remember back in the day vaperware?



BACK TO HEADLINE: Dust or Humus? The Advent of Human Composting

  • How bad did the Israelites screw up and how many times?
  • The longer the chastisement is put off the more those atheists say….see there is no ___.
  • The San Andreas fault cannot open up big enough to swallow up the evil hat is in California. 


 Salve Regina Magazine – 

  • Stories at the end of every chapter about a miracle that was worked by Our Lady.
  • Mike reads the miracle at the end of chapter 8 in the year 1604….
  • If you didn’t catch where they were, the men where at a whore house or brothel. 
  • The fact he said his Hail Mary’s before he went to bed spared him from the demons that came that night.
1h20m BACK TO HEADLINE: Dust or Humus? The Advent of Human Composting
 1h27m HEADLINE: Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Unlikely, Untested, Unprecedented Presidential Campaign by Charlotte Alter

IMAGE in the Mike Church Show Chatroom: Pete Buttigieg – God Doesn’t Have a Political Party /  Devil – But I Do!

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Special Guest E. Michael Jones

Fidelity Press  

  • The entire world is focused on South Bend Indiana.
  • Now the cutting edge is homosexuality.
  • He grew up 3 houses down from me and I never saw this guy.
  • He announced in his book how interested he was in the opinions of his neighbors and well, I’ve been his neighbor for all his life and I’ve never met him.
  • It is just one instance of dishonesty after another.
  • St Joseph County – no Republican candidate will ever run b/c it’s a death wish.
  • Story about getting into on of his speeches in their own hometown.
  • All of the local losers got turned away but all the gay guys in tight suits from out of town were allowed in.
  • He must have invited every gay person w/in 1,000 miles!
  • If you elect this guy you are electing his narcissistic fantasy and he will rule over you.
  • Every time you tolerate a homosexual, you are electing to be ruled. 
  • Every time they speak about Pete they talk about Notre Dame.
  • They attach Our Lady to him and this homosexual.
  • There is another reason to talk about Notre Dame. The documentary on Notre Dame. My review will be in the upcoming magazine at Culture Wars.
  • The man was willing to betray the Catholic people for the oligarchy. 
  • Alienation of Church property! 
  • You turned it into your private institution. 
  • Humane Vite – this is the story of Notre Dame

HEADLINE: “Hesburgh” the movie is set to hit theaters on April 26th by Joshua Vowles

OFFICIAL Trailer of Hesburgh

  • I got the same vibe. There is an inter logic that is compelling them to put this guy against Trump. 
  • If this happens, it is going to be a landslide. President Trump will wipe the floor with him.
  • What does this mean for Time magazine?
  • The mainstream media is going to lose badly b/c no one believes this anymore.
  • QUESTION: Is there any hope for a return to the Catholic faith in Notre Dame? 
  • ANSWER: No
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – who will get the commission to restore this thing.
  • Hendrix Museum – looks like 3 trash bags, they aren’t even the same color!
  • Alcohol abuse or drug abuse – Novahoota Robert Taylor Apartments
  • The Logos Movement = I got started when I did the Jewish revolutionary spirit. 
  • Jewish Revolutionary Spirit – once this book was written, the phrase Logos Movement just hit it big.
  • The History of Logos and the Logos of History – upcoming book.
  • God is tolerating a great evil right now in the Catholic Church.
  • I was fired from St. Mary’s College for being against abortion.
  • It was actually the best thing that had happened to me. I had the time to write all of these books.
  • If it weren’t for that evil, I wouldn’t be here!
  • Culture Wars Website you can get it either electronic or paper form!
  • E Michael Jones Channel

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