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President Trump and the Space Force

Small Town in Vermillion Parish Uses Crop Duster to Drop Holy Water

  Diocese of Lafayette: Fr. Matthew Barzare and parishioners of St. Anne Church in Cow Island enlisted the help of a cropduster pilot to bless their community. They loaded 100 gallons of holy water into the plane and the pilot sprayed the water onto the town and the nearby farms. Parishioners also brought water from home to the airstrip to be blessed by Fr. Barzare. The blessing was the brainchild of L’Eryn Detraz, a missionary currently stationed in Ohio who is a native of Cow Island. A happy and blessed Christmas to everyone from St. Anne Church and parishioners!









 Nancy Pelosi and Her Quest for Ultimate Power

25th amendment coup – they were going to take him out using the 25th Amendment back in the day.


  • Basically there would be a vote and the House of Representatives would select their leader Speaker of the House.
  • From The Crusader Stadium: Speaker of the house is 2nd in the line of succession 1. VP 2. Speaker 3. President Pro Temp of the Senate 4. Cabinet positions in order of creation, starting with Sec. State

HEADLINE: A Plot To Make Pelosi President? Now Adam Schiff Wants To Go After VP Mike Pence… by Michael Snyder 

  • Acquired a piece of evidence that is classified? – Adam Schiff
   Fasting and Abstinence  – Favorable to the requests of numerous Bishops of several Nations, Our Holy Lord Pope John XXIII, through the present Decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Council, has deigned to grant to all the faithful of the Catholic world henceforth the possibility of anticipating the obligation of fasting and abstinence from the twenty-fourth, Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to the twenty-third day of the month of December.


 HEADLINE: How Many Man-Made Satellites Are Currently Orbiting Earth? by Malcolm Ritter

  • 1,100 active satellites
  • 2,600 ones that no longer work
  • Eugene Andrew Cernan
  • You don’t need a space force to do any of this.

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Twitter Feud Over The Space Force 

  • In the creation we are told of no other being that is NOT here on this Earth.
  • We were told of celestial bodies that were created at this time but not other bodies.
  • You cannot even tell me what is between the Earth and the Moon.
  • No one knows what it is but we are going to create a space force.
   What The Pope Says & Does Has Ramifications – 

Italy’s soccer manager Roberto Mancini says he made a sign of the cross during games but “then we went to the Pope” who said, “why are you making the sig go the cross, don’t you have other thoughts at that time?” “So since then I don’t do it. I don’t wasn’t to make the Pope angry.”

  • This is why what the Pope says publicly is so important.

HEADLINE: Francis Asked Football Manager Not To Make Sign Of The Cross (Video) by Gloria TV

  Joseph Stalin – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Katyn TRAILER (English subtitles)

1h25m HEADLINE: Pope Francis’s Hermeneutic of Anti-Continuity by Peter Kwasniewski
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Battle of New Orleans –

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

  • 1,000 British casualties and only 7 Americans.
  • The amazing thing about the event, January 8th 1815 – 204 Anniversary
  • The MIRACLE of the Battle of New Orleans!
  • QUESTION: At the time of the Annunciation, how many Christians were there in the world? 
  • Answer: ONE Only Mother Mary
  • 3 Mary, Saint Joseph and Saint Elizabeth
  • So from 3 we get to today, 3 Billion in total.
  • Nativity Scenes – you aren’t supposed to have baby Jesus in the manger yet people.
  • QUESTION: How do we know the Earth isn’t flat?
  • ANSWER: We have all this evidence and stuff…like Baby Jesus holding a globe and stuff.  



















 Special Guest Josep Pearce 

  • Papa and Daughter shopping excursion will happen today after this interview.
  • Daddy/Daughter Time

Hilaire Belloc – A Remaining Christmas 

Yule Log – it is a HUGE log that you keep burning all throughout Christmas.

  • The other men helped assist him to get the yule log into the hearth.
  • The whole idea to the ‘community’ coming together at Christmas.
  • He invited the neighborhood kids over and have gifts for them.
  • We must also lock ourselves into our own homes and don’t venture out.
  • Understand loving and giving of ourselves to others.
  • The Holly and the Ivy – Christmas Song

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Holly and the Ivy 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ave Maria Angelus Domini (Franz Biebl) – A Virtual Choir Multitrack

  • Franz Xaver Biebl was a German composer of classical music. Most of his compositions were for choral ensembles. Biebl was born in Pursruck, now part of Freudenberg, Bavaria, in 1906.
  • Christmas Literature – for Christmas
  • A Remaining Christmas
  • The Shop of Ghosts
  • The Rose That Bore Jesus
  • Journey of the Magi
  • 12th Night by Belloc
  • Candlemas – it is a sonnet
  • The 12 Days of Christmas – remember that we don’t toss the tree out on the day after Christmas.
  • Feast of the Annunciation – 
  • Egg Nog – only at Christmas time
  CrossTalk with Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief 
  Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Jeni Newman

Duane Barton who is battling cancer.

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