The Beautiful Smallness That ‘Murican Kingdoms Will Make – Joseph Pearce on The Mike Church Show

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Special Guest Joseph Pearce 

Author of Literary Converts, Further Up & Further In and much more.

  • 14 remaining candidates for the Democrat party 12 of the 14 are on the record for being post-birth abortion or infanticide. 
  • Politicians in the past haven’t been as honest as they are being now about infanticide.
  • This country has plunged into a whole new realm of decadence and depravity if we are promoting such a thing.
  • Boris Johnson – BREXIT I was shocked the British people originally voted for BREXIT.
  • I really thought the British people wouldn’t have the courage to go it alone and leave Big Brother and the EU.
  • The Queen has stayed out of politics in her almost 70 years on the throne. Even she has gotten tired of the dragging of the feet. She has come out in FAVOR of BREXIT. 
  • Institutions here and in Europe are working against the people and the people just don’t see it.
  • The two ladies (elf ladies) they both have the appearance of Mother Mary. It is absolutely appropriate Jackson is doing that. 
  • Chavagnes Conference – Today ONLY 50% OFF 
  • The Battle of Lepanto – Feast of Our Lady of Victory coming up soon. Instituted after the victory over the Muslims. It would probably take 5-10 minutes if you do a dramatic reading of it.
  • Holy Name of Mary – the lifting of the Siege of Vienna and next month Our Lady of Victory – 2 separate times Europe was on the verge of being taken over by Islam.
  • The Gates of Hell will not prevail. 

Written by: Corey Clark

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