The Demoncrats Battle For Hell, Without The Pitchforks – The Mike Church Show


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    The Demoncrats Battle For Hell, Without The Pitchforks – The Mike Church Show Corey Clark

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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9m Democratic Debate – 

Full Transcript of Last Nights Democratic Debate

  • Discussing the Electoral College
  • When you resort to cheating in public, this happens. No one cares about law or rules anymore.




AUDIO: Marianne Williamson from CNN Democratic Debate

  • Did you hear the roar in the background there?
  • QUESTION: How did Roosevelt get elected?
  • What is this dark diabolical force she is speaking of?

AUDIO: from Obama Presidential campaign



HEADLINE: The West Must Return to the Faith – or Perish by Peter Krause

  • We have tried to be the radio station for the Faith and it just doesn’t work.
  • Any pocket where people are trying to do good still faces a diabolical opposition.
  HEADLINE: Bulk of Trump’s U.S. farm aid goes to biggest and wealthiest farmers -advocacy group by Humeyra Pamuk
42m HEADLINE: Disturbing portrait emerges of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter by Matthew Ormseth 

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55m  AUDIO/VIDEO: The Candace Owens Show: Mario Lopez 














 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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  • The Quest for the Holy Grail
  • Two orders of the Ursilines – those that came here in NOLA and one in Chavagnes, France.
  • Tapestries from the 12th Century – the dye that is in the threads the sun beat the reds and greens up but you can see the back of the tapestries very well.
  • Feast Day St. Ignatius of Loyola – The Military Company b/c he was a soldier. He was from a Noble family which doesn’t mean he was rich. His brother is the one that inherited the Council of Loyola. 
  • Founders Tradin’ Post: St. Ignatius of Loyola DVD
  • He spent days giving a general confession. He had to go for a few hours then do a quick pause b/c of all the duties of a Monk. He would then go back the next day and start where he left off.
  • From The Mike Church Show Chatroom: “St. Ignatius of Loyola’s greatest gift to the Church was his Spiritual Exercises & rules for the discernment of spirits. Please pray today for all spiritual directors & Jesuits worldwide, that they may help the Christian faithful see the movements of God in their day-to day lives.”
  • James Martin SJ – Silence movie, I read the book so I didn’t need to see someone else depict what they did. He constantly makes references about St. Ignatius discerning. He doesn’t mean discerning the faith. St. Ignatius would never approve of this LGBTQ stuff. 
  • About the time these things are happening to the man we know as St. Ignatius, there is a great apostasy happening in Germany. 
  • Tonight’s ReConquest – Examination of Conscious 
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   Special Guest GC Dilsaver

HEADLINE: Disturbing portrait emerges of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter by Matthew Ormseth

Mental Health – pseudoscience

  • They see this as purely a biological.
  • The pharmacology industry and mental health system is 100% responsible for them. 
  • We see all this information on young men that are having a hard time socializing. 
  • A great deal of our young men that are in the military are on medication of some sort. 
  • Psychological Drugs – They build a defense mechanism around the part that gets offended and mad. 
  • Before these drugs, they would have one of 2 responses. Fight or Flight
  • Prozac was called the “feminist” drug. It allowed them to go into the workplace. It made them less caring and maternal and more apt for the business world.
  • Pride/Self-love
  • Soul Deep Sciencewebsite 
  • All things turn good if they are brought to the Grace of God. 
  • We teach them to embrace God and not be afraid of humiliation. 
  • From The Mike Church Show Chatroom: Watch an NFL draft. Entire families cheer and cry after a player is drafted like they are all being drafted. The pressure young athletic men are under to perform and support an extended family is not healthy.
  • Advice for a young man that is heading down this self-love path – God is allowing this as a wake-up call to the family. NOT necessarily just this young man. 

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Written by: Corey Clark

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