The Lament of The Pickup Truck & Why Working Trucks Matter In The New Christendom With Michael Warren Davis

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The Lament of The Pickup Truck & Why Working Trucks Matter In The New Christendom With Michael Warren Davis

Special Guest Michael Warren Daivs

Sophia Institute Press 

Chesterton – we have a new edition of What’s Wrong With The World – we just put this back into print.

  • His most vibrant teaching of Catholic Social Teaching!
  • The pick-up truck – they used to be just something a farmer had.
  • CAFE standards – 
  • The original version of CAFE
  • From the Crusader Stadium Chatroom – As a response to the man made energy crisis of the 70s congress imposed CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy, standards on both import and domestic auto manufactures. In general CAFE demands that the average fuel economy of all vehicles sold, not made, must average a predetermined MPG or the company is fined in excess of $2,000/unit. For most of the luxury imports this was simple, pass the cost off to their consumers who were more than willing to pay. For the domestics however this posed a very difficult situation due to the poor track record with smaller cars.
  • The original version of CAFE had two tiers one for passenger cars and a second for light trucks (pickup trucks and SUVs). This two tiered approach welcomed by the US auto makers marked the end of the large family sedan and station wagon counterpart. In the late 60’s and 70’s, these vehicles were extremely capable. They could seat 6 comfortably, up to 9 or 10 in the wagon, pull loads in excess of 5k pounds when properly equipped, hold large amounts of luggage, and fit in the average garage or parking space. With the demise of the family sedan, came the rise of the SUV and luxury pickup as direct replacements. The 1/2 ton pickup is now the family sedan and the SUV counterpart the wagon. Domestic and Import automakers dumped billions if R&D in the highly profitable luxury product lines. 
  • So here we are today. The collusion between big auto and government created a market distortion that generated the exact opposite of its original goal, getting people in smaller more economical vehicles. Imagine if some of the same R&D went into the family sedan. Maybe the pickup would have remained the necessary tool of the farmer and tradesman, not the status symbol of the not so manly typical American male.
  • The Oil Embargo 
  • The congress went to big automakers and said we understand you are having problems what can we do to help you?
  • Big Auto – kill the Japanese and Chinese built cars.


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Written by: Justin Redman

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