The #MAGA Wall: A Dumb, Bumper Sticker Idea That Micturates On The Constitution

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Mandeville, LA – EPISODE 520 of the Mike Church Show, Thursday’s [desert]Fathers Red Pill Rundown & Highlights!

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
 6:14 Welcome to The Mike Church Show on Thursday January 25, 2018



First class on Apologetics was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone that attended the class and joined the FREE chatroom.

  • Question Upon this rock I will build my Church
  • Do you hand a “key” over to a thing or to a person?
  • The gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it.
  • “Draw me a picture of honor or the Church Militant.” – Mike Church
  • Encourage all Crusaders to join topics and discussions on FB in the Crusader Room page.
6:30 Mike Church the Snow Man (chatroom & Crusader FB page)




HEADLINE: Trump seeks $25 billion for border wall, offers ‘Dreamer’ citizenship

  • TeddlyCruzRight from back in the day when he was running for the Presidency
  • Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen..period
  • Where does citizenship come from? The mother or the father?
  • Discussion on building the WALL – (two examples)
  • Does the Federal Government have the authority to build a wall?
  • Walls don’t just keep people out, they also keep people in.
  • back to the headline –
  • DACA protects approximately 700,000 people (mostly young Hispanic)
  • So where is this money going to come from to build said WALL?
  • Again…why are all of these immigrants here? (see Tuesdays show)
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HEADLINE: Dog bites man, women and children hardest hit by Zippy Catholic

  • The Catholic Mommy blogger has written a hit piece against Christendom College
  • Do a dress code and code of conduct promote a rape culture?
  • Are women safe in Christendom’s Bubble
  • Again looking for the exception to the rule (see Wedensday’s show)
  • Caller Chris from Florida – Why punish the college? They have no control over what the individuals do.
7:27 Welcome Back to The Mike Church Show!
7:29 The trash that now passes for Country Music

MC Hammer – Hammer Time

7:34 Founders Tradin’ PostAuthor of Liberty (hardback edition) HALF PRICE today!

Do you know we offer you a Founders Tradin’ Post fund account? Put money in your account and spend when YOU want to!

 7:36 back to the headline – Christendom College
7:45 HEADLINE: Hard Questions: Is Spending Time of Social Media Bad for us?

  • How much time do you spend on social media a day?
  • FB has studied how its own product has effected its consumers…to what end or for what purpose?
  • Has anyone studied the impact of lite beer on Americans when the Miller Brewing Co introduced its product to Americans?
  • Will to Power Situation- Donald Livingston (baseball example)
  • Do you feel the need to “check-in” every place you go so others will know how super you are?
  • Psychologist – mobile phones make us “alone together”
  • Teens-increase in depression corresponding with technology use
 8:05 Did you know the Crusade Channel has NEW Extended News now?

One whole hour of “correct” news





Caller Dan from NJ

  • Is there a benefit from having a vocation in social media?
  • Discussion on organic apples – now down to below 100 varieties of apples Do you know why?

HEADLINE: From Hooch To Haute Cuisine: A Nearly Extinct Bootlegger’s Corn Gets A Second Shot

  • we are loosing diversity slowly but surely
  • Floating with the possibility of a Crusader Fest
  • Golden Truth Ticket is set for early May (more information will become available at a later date)
 8:46 Welcome Back for segment 2 of The Mike Church Show













Government zoning is killing local pubs.

  • Just use an Uber (this is an example of another Will to Power)
  • The difference between roads and streets (stroads – see Monday’s show
  • no one goes for Sunday drives anymore
  • when things are closer, it makes for a better “community”
  • story from yesterdays new on English pubs not able to keep up with new taxes etc
  • English don’t have the population any longer to keep up with the taxes due to the lack of population
  • They pushed all in with their cheap birth control etc so they essentially whipped out the generation that would be keeping these pubs alive
  • DUI and DWI is a revenue goldmine (police overkill)
  • St Tammany Parish has made an entire industry out of DUI and DWI
  • Caller Mr. Barrett – host of our very own Barrett Brief
  • school zones and carlines (have you actually seen carlines these days? no child actually ‘walks’ to school anymore.)
  • HOA’s simply won’t allow local pubs

HEADLINE: The Poet and the Cheese by GK Chesterton

  • Sonnet to a Stilton Cheese (enclosed within link)
  • Stilton Cheese = is an English cheese, produced in two varieties: Blue, known for its characteristic strong smell and taste, and the lesser-known White

Just because it is bigger, doesn’t make it better.

 9:36  Did you know the Crusade Channel has an on-demand store?
 9:39 What’s coming up on the Barrett Brief this afternoon?

Pope Francis and fake news and much more

This afternoon 2pm cst LIVE

9:41 Caller Tom in Oregon – zoning/pubs/land

  • G. Edward Griffin – Red Pill University
  • organized marginalized people (empathy towards their own cause blinds them to the fact they have become useful idiots)

Written by: candacechurch

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