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The Mike Church Show-100,000 MAGA Extremists Can’t Be All Wrong

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16m Donald Trump Rally in Wildwood New Jersey

  • 100,000 people showed up for this event.
  • They were expecting around 40,000 but to have 100,000 in New Jersey?
  • The Democrats are absolutely mortified by what is happening in MAGA country.
  • The Biden Regime can’t run from the inflation they have caused.
  • You can run ads stating the inflation isn’t real but Americans are feeling it in their pocketbooks. 
  • You can’t make them believe they have more money when they DON’T have it in their pockets.
  • Everything has gone up across the country.
  • More people are eating at home instead of fast food and restaurants. 
  • People see shrinkflation.
  • People are paying more for gas, insurance, and groceries. 
27m HEADLINE: Abbeville church parishioners stop teen with rifle from entering during First Communion Mass by Jim Hummel

  • At our church here in Covington, we have men, Ushers, that stand guard at the door while Mass is going on.
  • It seems they stopped this mad man at the door before he could gain entrance into the actual chapel.
  • Chief Hardy said the suspect was taken to the Abbeville Police Department and questioned with his parent present. He added the suspect, a 16-year-old boy was interviewed by officers and then taken to Abbeville General Hospital Behavioral Unit for a medical evaluation. The teen is charged with terrorizing and two counts of possession of a firearm by a juvenile.
  • So why isn’t this BIG news on MSM?
  • These were innocent little children.
  • There were 60 children making their First Communion and their families.
  • This was a targeted, planned attack.
  HEADLINE: Senator Marshall and Blackburn Introduce Measure to Put Pro-Hamas Terrorist Agitators on FAA No Fly List 

  • I thought the Republican party was the party of limited government and freedom and stuff?
  • The No Flights For Terrorists Act, that would put any individual including: students, faculty, professors, or paid agitators, on the no-fly list if they have called for violence against Jewish people, pledged allegiance to terrorist groups, or have been subject to disciplinary action by the school related to such. This legislative action comes in response to the continued antisemitic, pro-Hamas movements and encampments that have wreaked violence and chaos on college campuses nationwide. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
  Violence and No Fly Lists

  • We are introducing No Fly Lists for people we don’t agree w/, do you see how this all plays out?
  • It won’t be long before you will see MAGA people on the no fly list.
  • January 6th no fly list.
  • If you showed up at a Trump rally, you are on a no fly list.
  • See how this all works?













Back to Senator Mashall and Blackburn No Fly List

  • I am so tired of this trope they have been trotting out.
  • Everyone doesn’t just hate America.
  • What does America stand for at this moment?
  • Killing babies, running debt up you have no intention of paying back, unprecedented never-ending wars and transgenderism. 
  • Maybe you could ask the wonderful people at the FBI to look into some of these people to see what exactly they are up to.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Bernie Sanders on Meet The Press – Israel War Crimes – I have respect for Anthony Blinken but the reality is, Israel has broken International law, it has broken American law and in my view Israel should not be receiving another nickel in US military aid. It has gone to war against the entire Palestinian people. We aren’t talking about just 35,000 dead, 2/3rds of whom are women and children. We are talking about 60% of housing gone in Gaza. According to humanitarian organizations, we are looking at the likelihood of starvation among the remaining children there. 

  • See just said exactly what I have been saying for weeks now.
  • You aren’t supposed to know any of this.
  • You know we told our listeners in 2015-16 the end of the Obama Regime that the Saudi Arabians were doing to the civilian population in Yemen. 
  • We actively participated in this folks.
  • We were supplying the intel for the Saudi military to do this to Yemen.
  • I bring this up for any new listeners.
  • I want the war to stop.
  • I don’t want any children, anywhere to be killed.
  • When will there be a reckoning for all of this?
  • The ruling elites are all in on this.
  • The MSM wants to focus on the ‘horror’ of the protests instead of what is actually happening in Gaza and Yemen.
  • When Alex Jones talked about chemicals in the water, he was right.
  • University of Colorado – there was so much birth control pills being put into the water supply b/c of all the young women on the pill there at the University.
  • You can’t filter that hormone out.
  • Male frogs did in-fact start changing.
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1h11m Trump v Biden

  • I didn’t think they could put someone more stupid than McCain and then they put up Romney.
  • I don’t think Trump is the savior, I know who the Savior is!
  • I don’t think there is a political solution to our current Federal maydays. 
  • The Feds will just keep printing money until some international event happens that makes the dollar lower and then they will be stopped.
  • That would lead to an end to all of this.
  • I am very encouraged by things happening here locally.
  • Garbage in, garbage out as George Carlin used to say.
  • 100,000 showed up yesterday in NJ for Donald Trump.
  • Stop blaming people like me, there are political problems that need political solutions.
  • This insanity over anti-Semitism, to boil it down one way and to say college kids, go get the Marxist education and then when they become little Marxist we get upset at them.
  • Let me explain to you what is going on – 












AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Bernie Sanders on Meet The Press – Israel War Crimes – I have respect for Anthony Blinken but the reality is, Israel has broken International law, it has broken American law and in my view Israel should not be receiving another nickel in US military aid. It has gone to war against the entire Palestinian people. We aren’t talking about just 35,000 dead, 2/3rds of whom are women and children. We are talking about 60% of housing gone in Gaza. According to humanitarian organizations, we are looking at the likelihood of starvation among the remaining children there. 

  • Something has to happen to keep what Bernie just said off the MSM for the public to view and hear.
  • When the IDF started bombing hospitals we started talking about this.
  • Don’t bomb the women and children.
  • The United States of America is completely complicit in this.
  • I agree w/ Biden and Bernie on this so what has happened to our Republican party?
  • Group think – COVID – 
  • Another $15 billion dollars was teed up in Congress by Speaker Zion King last week.
  • We must have these astroturf staged protests here in America.
  • You must understand…MEDIA is powerful!
  • The reason things happen here in America the way they do is because of media.
  • Everyone remembers the COVID death scroll on all the MSM.
  • It scared the crap out of everyone into doing things they wouldn’t have normally done.
  • It went from COVID deaths to COVID cases real quick though w/o explaining to the viewers what they were doing.
  • We talked about it when it was happening in real time.
  • Deaths to Cases – 
  • 3 things must happen to have a case.
  • 1 – symptoms 
  • 2 – a validated test for said contagion that comes back positive
  • 3 – symptoms have to be examined, cooperated and confirmed by a medical professional.
  • These take home COVID strips didn’t confirm a case.
  • Here in LA we had over 600,000 at one time.
  • Remember you didn’t have to have symptoms but you could still spread it?
  • Remember you couldn’t have children around the adults b/c they would Kill Grandma.
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1h42m HEADLINE: Using a Fictional Antisemitism Crisis To Support a Real Genocide by Caitlin Johnstone 

  • One of the most frustrating things happening in the world right now is the way people of conscience are doing everything they can to bring a stop to Israel’s US-backed atrocities in Gaza, and Israel supporters are responding to this by pointing at an epidemic of “antisemitism” which has no existence outside their own imaginations — but we’re all expected to pretend it’s real and worthy of respect.
  • Certainly the inflating away of your purchasing power is an issue.
  • Have you seen the latest polls?
  • Trump is beating the Regime leader in every battle ground state outside of the poll margin of error.









AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Joe Biden v Donald TrumpI have to admit, none of this is playing out as I thought it would. When you look at the polls, they always low ball Donald Trump. In my opinion, I doubt the NY indictment would’ve been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump. 

  • A few takeaways – Trump is always UNDER polled.
  • Remember back when it was Trump v Hillary?
  • 92% to 85% then to 75% then to 60% and as Florida was coming in when the reality set in that Hillary was going to lose.
  • Now he did not win any of the battleground polls that year.
  • This is the US park service confirming over 100,000 people in attendance in New Jersey.
  • The speakers they had set up didn’t even reach the back of the crowd.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Wildwood, NJ – Super Large Crowd – I can’t believe it, they were expecting like 40 but wow, we have over 100,000 people here. I always tell the press to turn the cameras around so you can see the crowd, look Fake News, they never show it.

  • If you are a Democrat strategist, how do you explain this?
  • There were no Biden counterprotestors.
  • Why do you think that was?
  • This guy Biden was installed and the people know it and they smell blood in the water.
  • Biden has always had that slime factor about him.
  • He didn’t earn that presidency they gave it to him.
  • He didn’t earn it, and just like subsidies, it never works out the way the money throwers think.
  • Because he has surrounded himself w/ the cult of death, he is reaping 



AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator JD Vance – Alvin Bragg Trial – The only thing that Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg thinks that President Trump did wrong is that he ran for President in 2024 and he looks to be on the cusp of victory. If you look at the underlying argument of the case, they can’t even identify what he did wrong.

  • You can’t change the fact Americans do have less money and spending power.
  • Trump is now beating Biden in Nevada.
  • Let’s talk about his Big Lie.
  • This is on display now due to these trials.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Maher w/ Stormy Daniels – Then interview vs Now – They are trying to make this a #MeToo. He was bigger and blocking the way, then she said she was not a victim.

  • I read the same transcript Maher read and I said this last week.
  • The placard for Thursday was they are going to #MeToo Trump.
  • That is all this trial has become.
  • She has perjured herself during this trial.
  BREAKING AWAY TO LIVE Donald Trump before entering court – 

  • They are making him out to be Rocky Balboa.
  • They are making an American martyr right before your eyes.
  • The Biden Regime has tried and tried to get this man in prison.
  • All they have to show for it is a bigger MAGA base than ever.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Wildwood, NJIf you’re a Republican conservative, independent, or even a registered Democrat, I’m asking for your help in Saving America. We want the American dream not the Biden inflation nightmare. We’re going to Make America Great Again.  

  • How did Obama get to do the damage he did for the length of time?
  • Because we put up horrible Republican candidates.
  • Trump is not Romney.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  Our Lady of Fatima – 
2h42m HEADLINE: The #1 Vocation Killer by Kennedy Hall 

  • The number one reason why vocations cannot keep up with demand, in my opinion, is worldliness. 
  • When Christ said that we cannot serve “two masters,” He did not say this because there was a trend in antiquity of scrolling through VanityBook or InstaVanity; He said this because no matter the epoch or era, Christians must reject the world but somehow live in it.
  • A peasant can be worldly, and so can a king; a man on welfare can be worldly and so can a CEO. At the same time, a king can be detached from the world, while a man with nothing can be cemented to it. This is because detachment from the world is not merely about lacking in material things—although riches do present temptations. It is about detaching from the desire for worldly things as a form of happiness. 
  • Our Lord uses agriculture in so many of His parables.
  • To grow your own food, to know where it was grown and produced, you know what’s in it and that it is healthy and beneficial for your families health and wellbeing.
  • Farming brings you closer to the land and closer to God.
  HEADLINE: ‘Surprisingly’ high number of adults in the U.S. at risk of heart syndrome by Linda Carroll 

  • We are a very unhealthy nation.
  • We have obesity everywhere.
  • We have seed oils in almost everything we consume.
  • I have a neighbor down the street that can’t motivate himself to even get dressed w/o a 5 hour energy drink.
  • Life expectancy is going down in America so why is that?
  • It is caused by the ‘food supply’.
  • Some of the stuff we consume is not actual food.
  • Especially concerning was the finding that almost 50% of the NHANES participants were at stage 2 of CKM, meaning that they were at moderate risk because they had either high blood sugar, hypertension, high cholesterol or chronic kidney disease, Aggarwal said.
  • CKM = Cardiovascular Kidney Metabolic Syndrome
  • This is a modern phenomena.


HEADLINE: Student Loan Rates to Reach 16-Year High by Eric Lendrum 

  • The current interest rate on a federal undergraduate student loan, which is 5.5%, is expected to rise to 6.5% in July. This would mark the highest level since 2008. The borrowing rate for student loans is determined as a result of adding a fixed amount of 2.05% to the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond, which is set every May at an annual auction. On Wednesday, the 2024 auction saw 10-year Treasury bonds sold at a yield of 4.48%.
  • Under the new rate, an average 10-year student loan of $28,000 will see the borrower pay an interest of roughly $10,000, constituting a 35% increase in cost for borrowers compared to a student who forgoes loans altogether. The new rate will also mark a $2,000 increase compared to the current rate.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Super Bowl Champ Harrison Butker – Commencement Speech at Benedictine College. 

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