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Georgia State Senate Commission

  • They heard from Mike Roman’s lawyer.
  • He is charged under the RICO act by Fani Willis.
  • Ashleigh Merchant testified. 
  • MAGA is going down…well not after that.
  • I think the District Attorney is done.
  • DUN done.
  • Why would you want her to continue after all this has come out now?
  • She testified under oath and swore she didn’t go to DC and she testified that she and Nathan Wade started up AFTER his divorce. 
  • Neither of those things were the truth.
  • She was in the White House for over 5 hours.
  • What was she doing there with the VP, Kamala Harris, for that long?
  • BEFORE the Trump indictment came out she was at the WH.
  • The fact the VP met w/ the prosecutor that would ultimately bring about RICO charges of the opponent of the current POTUS should alarm everyone.
  • These people are capable of intentional genocide.
  • What else came out yesterday?
  • Fani Willis hired a PR firm and paid them $10,000 to present this to the public in a good manner.
  • This was all a scam!
  • This happened on YOUR watch good people of Georgia.
  • Where is Governor Brian Kemp in all of this?
  • Did Nathan Wade perjure himself?
  • I tell you what, watching Ashleigh yesterday, she is the real deal.


Super Tuesday Wins

  • President Trump defied the entire force of the United States Government.
29m HEADLINE: Government Admission: Biden Parole Flights Create Security ‘Vulnerabilities’ at U.S. Airports by Todd Bensman 

  • Thanks to an ongoing Center for Immigration Studies Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, the public now knows that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has approved secretive flights that last year alone ferried hundreds of thousands of inadmissible aliens from foreign airports into some 43 American ones over the past year, all pre-approved on a cell phone app. (See links to prior CIS reports at the end of this post.)
  • CBP has withheld from the Center – and apparently will not disclose – the names of the 43 U.S. airports that have received 320,000 inadmissible aliens from January through December 2023, nor the foreign airports from which they departed. The agency’s lawyers have cited a general “law enforcement exception” without elaborating – until recently – on how releasing airport locations would harm public safety beyond citing “the sensitivity of the information.” 
  • The redacted records received by CIS show a clear preference for some airports over others, with a dozen unnamed facilities receiving most of the 320,000.
  • Smuggle 320,000 via air into states where the Democrats need.
  • How did Biden steal Pennsylvania in 2020?
  • 700,000+ deficit in Pennsylvania – but Biden ended up winning.
  • I know where they can now get 320,000 ballots now!
  • How many have come across the border really?
  • That 320,000 is just what was secretly FLOWN in.
  HEADLINE: After a Pause, Jan. 6 Arrests Are Now Sharply Increasing by Joseph M Hanneman
  SOTU Address Tonight

Drinking Game – Drink anytime Biden says:

My Wife Jill


Donald Trump

Come On Man


44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Bensonprojecting the plan for 6 states to “protect democracy” by paving the way for The Big Steal 24.0. Do these people think we are all under their sorceress’s spells or we’re all just that stupid?

  • She just admitted to the 6 state collusion to keep Trump out of the WH in 2020.
  • I didn’t say those were the states, she did. 
  • She admitted it, they are banning together to fight the National Threat.
  • Voting in Louisiana – I have to present and ID, then I sign in their book, and then they keep my ID, and match my signature there w/ the one on my ID.
  • Quick Search on Secretary of States in 2020 in the 6 states she is talking about 4 of the 6 are women.
  • PA – Kathy Boockvar
  • AZ – Katie Hobbs
  • NV – Barbara Cegavske
  • MI – Joselyn Benson
  • WI – Doug La Follette
  • GA – Brad Raffensperger 


Airports for Ghost Flights

  • 12 hour days, 5 days a week these flights were coming into terminals.
  • I hope they were smuggled in where they were given weapons of any sort.
  • Let us pray they were just brought her for voting and not violence.
  • I don’t know but we can speculate. 
  • Dulles Airport was one – 
  • They have a customs service there just like LAX.
  • Call it what it is – Treason Air.
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Southern Poverty Law Center

“Southern Poverty Slander Center” 501(c)3 – 

Elon Musk Twitter – Souther Poverty Law Center is a scam.

  Inside Edition Bill O’Reily – Tucker Carlson going live after the SOTU address.
1h24m AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley Suspends Her Campaign – On Donald Trump – I congratulate him and wish him well. I have always supported the Rep nominee, but on this question Margaret Thatcher said ‘never just follow the crowd’. It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it. This is now his time for closing. 

Lewrockwell wrote a piece – What Would Happen if 1962 Demographics Were Restored?

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Ireland Changing The Definition of WomenHow do you convince women to give up what they love most and submit to wage slavery at a bank? Simple: call it feminism. 
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Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy Twitter: Alaska may have had more sanctions imposed on our great state than Iran. The Biden Administration is waging an economic war on the 49th state.

Joe Biden has done 55 Executive Orders that primarily hurt the state of Alaska.

  • QUESTION: Why stay in the Union at this point? 
  • Alaska’s statehood was proclaimed on January 3, 1959, by President Dwight Eisenhower. 
  • QUESTION: What does Alaska need from us?
  • Don’t we need them more than they need us?
  • Bureau of Land Management – took 13 million acres and then another 7.35 million. 
  • So 30 million acres of land was confiscated by the government.
  • That is a sanction.
  • The governor of Alaska is correct!
  • In order to drive the price of gas up to promote the EV’s and Green New Deal, he had to make this land grab so they can’t drill in Alaska.
  • QUESTION: What is Alaska going to do?
  • This is no better than what our government has done via sanctions to Russia.
  • Joy Reid said the other day on MSNBC that we are producing more oil than ever, which we know is lie.
  • I would go to the Biden Regime and say if you don’t stop we will secede.
  • Did you know there was an Alaska Independent Party?
  • This is another example of the Biden Regime waging war against the American people.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Ashleigh Merchant on Fani Willis visiting WHI did an open records for WH access and we have records that Willis and the Mayor of Atlanta met w/ the VP. The WH keeps very good records on who can visit the WH and they track you while you are there. They are called WAVE records.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK to Fani Willis Under OathDenying she went to the White House. 

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HEADLINE: New Book Admits Fani Willis’ Get-Trump Investigation Began With Illegal Recording by Mollie Hemingway 

  • With Fani Willis repeatedly saying the entire investigation into Republicans was the result of an illegally recorded phone call, defendants might pursue legal recourse.
  • This is all going to backfire on the good people of Georgia and Fulton County.
  • Atlanta has its fair share of problems already.
  • We are stuck here in Louisiana w/ Latoya The DeStroya – in New Orleans.
  • We want to achieve the true common good of all men.
  • QUESTION: What is that?
  • We run around and ignore that we are all going to die.
  • We also run around as if there is NOTHING out there that can unify us.
  • God can unify us all.
  • Look at what happened to Chicago!
  • You can’t even land in that airport!














AUDIO/VIDEO: Ashleigh Merchant on Fani Willis & Wade’s AttorneyShe had a transition team leading up to that. Mr Bradley and I met for about an hour. He was upset b/c the Wades were still married and Wade just left his wife when he met Fani. 

  • Fulton County GA, DA contracted a media organization for $10,000 for the year.
  • The people of Fulton County paid for this.
  • This was for Fani Willis BRANDING.
  • For her personally!
  • You should be judicious at how you use the power the people gave to you.
  • Does anyone think this was a judicious use of county money?
  • They have already contracted and paid Nathan Wade $375,000 to prosecute Donald Trump.
  • This won’t do anything for your county so why do it?
  • Because Biden told her to do it.
  • Why ask the people of Fulton County to pay for this?
  • This is morally wrong, PERIOD!
  • I don’t care who was on the receiving end it is wrong.
  • A new book from Mike Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman admits that a widely misunderstood phone call, on which Willis’ political prosecution rests, was illegally recorded. That means the entire prosecution could crumble with defendants having a new avenue to challenge Democrat lawfare.
  • QUESTION: Do you remember Linda Tripp? 
  • Now I know the call, it was when Trump called Raffensberger. 
  • He wasn’t asking him to create votes out of thin air.
  • He was asking him to find out why the votes that were cast for him went to Biden.
  • THAT was the context of the phone call.
  • However, the person who recorded the phone call wasn’t in Fulton County or even in Georgia. That’s a problem. Jordan Fuchs, a political activist who serves as Raffensperger’s chief of staff, was in Florida, where it is illegal to record a call without all parties to the call consenting to the recording. She neither asked for nor received consent to record.
  • Fuchs is instead described as a “street-smart deputy” of Raffensperger who is obsessed with personal slights, political payback, and her hatred of Trump, his supporters, and his team. Her previous dabbling in the occult is contextualized, along with her shocking lack of knowledge of election law and processes — which brings us to the illegally taped phone call.











BACK to Mollie Hemingway Article

  • If you are going to introduce this phone call as part of your RICO act, should you not vet the call?
  • Where was Nathan Wade?
  • Did they not know the call was recorded in Florida?
  • Whoever gets this case, the first move Trump lawyers should make is to strike the call.
  • If the call is removed, then you can’t even talk about why Trump made the call.
  • You will be out $5 million dollars Fulton County.
  • Was Nathan Wade too busy doing other things that he didn’t do due diligence on this call?
  • You see how sloppy they were with the relationship.
  • Everyone knew this relationship was an ethics violation.
  • You people in Fulton County should be outraged. 
  • Same question for the Washington Post – did they not vet Fuchs to know where this phone call was recorded from, in which state?
  • Republicans had long suspected Fuchs was the source of the audiotaped call and, further, that she had illegally recorded it in Florida. Fuchs had noted in a Facebook post that she was in Florida visiting family around the time of the call. The book describes the close working relationship and “secret collaboration” of the Liz Cheney-led Jan. 6 committee and Fani Willis’ prosecutorial team. Fuchs should have been a major part of the televised show trial Cheney put on, further convincing Republicans that Fuchs had illegally taped the call and Cheney was helping cover that up.
  • With this evidence provided in the hagiography of Willis, those persecuted by her political prosecution could argue the entire investigation is corrupted by the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine.
  • What if your friend did this to you?
  • The entire Fulton County DA office should be ashamed of all of this.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Interview When He Was 34The most qualified people are not running for the office. Because the business is a dirty mean business. To run the country effectively you would have some views that don’t align and someone like that won’t get elected over someone w/ no brain and a great smile.
2h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on the Five – Why is Donald Trump Doing So Well? – The Democrats that’s why. They have bad policy and no error of correction. To correct an error in their policy you have to agree the other side was right on that stance. You painted yourself in a corner. Crime, the border, gender affirmation therapy…they only have moral outrage. Trump is the most vetted, grilled candidate running. You know EVERYTHING about this guy b/c the Dems have put it on the table.

  • Do you believe Joe Biden will debate Donald Trump?
  • I do not and I’ll tell you why – they have nothing to gain by that appearance. 
  • Will Trump debate RFK Jr?
  • RJF Jr isn’t Ross Perot. 
  • I don’t think he is a vote syphon for Trump.
  • All they are doing is make people like us that much more committed to Donald Trump.
  • This is the whole thing, do you have better ideas on why government isn’t working or how it can work better?
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