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The Mike Church Show-Abominable Super Bowl Ad Implies Jesus Is Pro-Abort

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27m Super Bowl Monday Hangover

  • There was an ad showing people washing the feet of what the MSM deems as the ‘undesirable’. 
  • The ad campaign was “Jesus Gets Us”
  • No Jesus would NOT wash the feet of a woman that is STILL willing to have an abortion. 

HEADLINE: Tim Tebow surprised by Super Bowl ad controversy by Michael DiRocco 

  • It causes the controversy for all the wrong reasons.
  • When I say baron women – I am referring to those that CHOOSE not to have children. 
  • They have decided to remain childless.
  • Let’s all just think about this for a moment.
  • Try and lead by example.
  • The example Taylor Swift sets – she advocates killing babies, she advocated the Pfizer jab along w/ her ‘boyfriend’, she has lived a life of MY wants and needs are more important than starting a family.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hallow’s Official Big Game Commercial – Pray with Mark Wahlberg 

  • I don’t want to hear about what he has done in the past.
  • Everyone has sinned in their life at some point.
  • We shouldn’t define people by their mistakes right!?
  • The Kennedy Rule is in effect, take the win.
  HEADLINE: ‘Evil will not prevail!’ Joel Osteen says he’s ‘devastated’ by shooting at his 16,800-seat Houston megachurch that saw female shooter killed and five-year-old boy critically injured – as cops raid house connected to suspect by Stephen M Lepore

  • Please keep all involved in your prayers.
  • We don’t yet know the woman’s name or why she did what she did.


















Sanctuary Cities

Criminal Trespassing 

  • Would the political class go on TV and guilt trip the population to take in a convicted felon and his family?
  • Would they declare themselves a sanctuary city for rapist?
  • What about muggers?
  • No loitering – in American airports they are these signs everywhere. 
  • When does this become a safety issue?
  • When does this become a security issue?
  • Boston residents were asked to house these immigrants.
  • This couple asked to be on a list for housing immigrants. 
  • The next hour a family of 4 was dropped off at their home.
  • No names, no ages, no information on where they are from…nothing.

HEADLINE: Guilt-Tripping Our Way to Self-Destruction by Laura Hollis

  • Everywhere we turn, the country looks like it is falling apart. Crime is out of control. Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders. Our schools are more interested in cultivating gender dysphoria and a proclivity for porn in our children than in educating them. The press routinely censors the truth at the behest of the government, which also increasingly prosecutes (or opts not to) based on political party affiliation. In sport after sport, biological males who have decided to “identify” as female are taking awards away from actual biological women, and we’re told that we must indulge their delusions.
  • But it’s worse than that. The United States is a big country; in truth, we could probably absorb 10 million people. It isn’t the raw numbers; it’s the policies in place when the millions of migrants arrive. There was a time when immigrants were expected to assimilate, to learn English, to support themselves and family members or other dependents via gainful employment—and to abide by our laws.
  • No more. Now they pour across the border and receive free phones, welfare payments, housing and food, education, and health care, all courtesy of the American taxpayer. Those who import drugs and traffic women and children do so with impunity. There are disturbingly large numbers of drunk driving instances involving illegal immigrants, and in most cases, the perpetrators have no insurance. When they commit violent crimes—like the group that violently assaulted police officers in New York City last week—they flip America the middle finger. Migrants who commit crimes know that, in the unlikely event that they are arrested, they will be released. If they happen to be tried and convicted, they won’t be deported. If they are deported, nothing will happen if they return.
  • If these crises have been facilitated by our silence and our willingness to be cowed into submission, then they can be addressed when we refuse to be cowed; when we refuse to be silent; when we refuse to use the nonsense lingo that activists demand be injected into everyday parlance; when we stop apologizing for the sins and imperfections of those who lived generations ago; and when we vigorously defend the principles that represent the best of America.
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1h15m HEADLINE: The Religion of Antichrist by Mark Dooley 

  • The biggest mistake we make is in believing that we are in a so-called ‘culture war.’ The phrase ‘culture war’ assumes that both sides have rival cultures they are battling to defend and promote. However, the enemies of civilisation, of life, and love, have no culture. If anything, their aim is not only to destroy the great cultural and spiritual achievements of the West, but to lay waste to anything that transcends the diabolical and obscene. Culture presupposes beauty, order, and tranquillity. It assumes those moral and spiritual values upon which harmony and holiness depend. In word, rite, song, and ritual; it idealises what William Blake termed “the human form divine.” In our “brave new world,” however, the human form is considered neither divine nor worthy of reverence or respect. It has been reduced to what Roger Scruton called its “animal essentials”—a purely natural object that can be remade in the image and likeness of anything but God. Put simply, the only ‘culture’ that is on offer is that of death and desecration, of defilement and the demonic. 
  • Therefore, let us avoid talk of a ‘culture war’ when what we are engaged in is nothing less than a lethal spiritual conflict. If you perceive the assault on marriage, the family, innocence, and the very nature of the biological order, as a culture war, you will be at a loss to explain why there is a such a ferocious attack on the sanctity of sexuality. You will struggle to explain to children why heterosexuality is not simply one of many competing options, or why euthanasia is not an act of mercy for the critically ill, or why puberty blockers are not a lifestyle choice but an outrageous violation of natural sexual development. That is why we must see this confrontation for what it is: a spiritual war in which the forces of darkness are seeking to ravage everything that is good, beautiful, and true.
  • QUESTION: What is truth?
  • ANSWER: Conformity of the mind to reality.
  • What we see today in the world is evil dominance. 
  • We may have turned a corner though.
  • We may have crossed peak social media if you will.
  • I can’t stand reading comments under articles I am going to cover on the show b/c you would fall into a state of despair.
  • You think its a healthy thing for a 12 year old boy to be given a book on how to perform oral sex on a boy?
  • That isn’t part of a ‘good rounded’ education.
  • What is philosophically going on here?
  • Children don’t have a RIGHT to be sexualized.
  • Who makes this decision? 
  • Who defends your child?


























AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Commercial Before Super BowlIf you are a snack lover like me, then you may have noticed something. It’s called ‘shrinkflation’. I’m calling on these companies to do the right thing.

  • This is a confession, this is an admission his policies have forced food companies to shrink what the serving sized used to be and keep the cost the same to the consumer.
  • He is identifying a problem he made, then blaming the company for trying to survive his Bidenflation. 
  • Piggly Wiggly Visit – local grocery store visit for a Body Armor drink. They wanted $2.89 for the 8oz container. 
  • The inflation is totally out of control.
  • What is the one thing we never have a shortage of?
  • Plastic, everything in plastic bags, the scale is relatively easy to change.
  • Remember those “Wheres the Beef” commercial?
  • It is like that now w/ all chips. 
  • There are literally 4 chips in a bag.
  • At the end of the day, this is a result of Bidenflation.
  • The only way to stop this is to stop printing the money.
  • The celebration in the city of Mardi Gras is down by 25% because the riders couldn’t afford to buy beads.
  • This past Saturday we were expecting our little golf cart Mardi Gras parade.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden hosting German Chancellor at WH – on Congress Supporting Ukraine – I’d like to add the failure of the US Congress, not to support Ukraine is close to criminal neglect. It is outrageous. 

  • The US Congress at the end of the day holds the power of the purse.
  • They still seem mortal afraid of government shutdowns.
  • The citizens don’t seem to care.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing Biden Mental Capacity

Peter Doocy – If the Special Counsel says president Biden has got significant limitations on his memory, then who is helping him run the country?

Karine Jean-Pierre – He is running the country. That report was unacceptable and they said it was a closed case. Look at all he has dome in these past 2-3 years.

  • Could you imagine having Karine’s job?
  • How do you do this day in and day out?
  • This is easier to do in 2024 b/c we allow people to live pretend lives.
  • She lives in a pretend world herself.
  • Peacock show called The Traitors – 
  • In the show you have to lie to the people around you in order to win money.
  • There are Traitors and Faithfuls.
  • The whole game is geared around who lies the best.
  • The 3 remaining black people on the show form a black alliance. “Club Black”
  • The other two convince themselves that all 3 were faithful. 
  • So why did they believe that?
  • Because they were all black.
  • Good people can be convinced that the evil person is good.
  • They didn’t intend to make the show this way.
  • So you could see just how this works in real life.
  • The demons on the show are so good they never got caught unless they themselves did it to themselves. 
1h56m AUDIO/VIDEO: Alejandro Mayorkas on Border CrisisIt certainly is a crisis but we don’t bear responsibility for a broken system and we’re doing a tremendous amount w/in that broken system.

  • If he is the head of the Department of Homeland Security, what would you say his job is?
  • Remember 6 months ago he told Congress the border was secure.
  • He is now claiming the border is in crisis but they are doing the best they can w/ a broken system.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Biden Campaign Co-Chair Mitch Landrieu on Biden Mental CapacityI’m tell you this guy is tough, he is smart and any questions around his mental fitness, you go into to meet him you better have your big boy pants on. All of this talk, its a bucket of BS that’s so deep you boots will get stuck. 
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  Peanut Allergies

  • What made people in the 80’s and 90’s so allergic to peanuts?
  • Has anyone looked into the vaccine schedule and peanut allergies. 
2h13m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Conway, SC on LGBTQ in schoolsOn day one I will sign a new EX to cut federal funding for any school pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity, and inappropriate racial, sexual or political content onto the lives of our children. 

  • What about the children and parents that don’t want the other mandated vaccines?
  • Like the MMR and others?

HEADLINE: Harvard Renews COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Joining 69 Other Schools by Matthew Lysiak 

  • While students are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, it is recommended but not mandated for the school’s faculty members or staff, according to Harvard University Health Services (HUHS).
  • Immunization Amnesty – where there any Big Pharma ads during the Super Bowl?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Boston Councilwoman Julia Mejia calling on other cities to take in illegalsEveryone needs to start opening their doors b/c this is a shared responsibility. 

  • How does it benefit the community when you close the community centers down?

AUDIO/VIDEO: CBS Boston Couple Signed Up to Foster FamilyThis family signed up and had a family of 4 dropped off in less than an hour. How many people are coming? Where are they from? What ages? We really knew nothing. 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Rand Paul at Hillsdale CollegeMy wife lets me in, I think she’ll have my slippers, maybe a hug and kiss, maybe a martini…..You know what I usually get when I get home? I open the door and you know ash she says to me? How come Anthony Fauci’s not in jail yet? 
  HEADLINE: Drought-Prone California Is Still Watching Rainwater Wash out to Sea by Travis Gillmore 

  • With recent record rainfall pouring down across California, power outages, floods, and mudslides are of primary concern for those in the path of storms, but also of impact is the abundance of rainwater that is running out to sea due to a lack of storage capacity.
  • Approximately 95 percent of all stormwater will make its way downstream and into the ocean, as estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation last year, the most recent data available.
  • TV Series Called Epic Yellowstone – 
  • Does the ocean need the water?
  • After all aren’t the icecaps melting?
  HEADLINE: GOP Rep. Luna Is Drafting Act Forcing Lawmakers to Front Lines If They Support Deployment of US Troops to Ukraine by Michael Schwarz

  • Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida has drafted a bill that would “require Members of Congress who advocate for providing military support for Ukraine to enlist in the armed forces and to serve on active duty in support of a contingency operation.”


AUDIO/VIDEO: Scott Ritter: Statement on Tucker Carlson’s Interview w/ Vladimir Putin

  • When they were blasting Tucker and demanding he be deported the MSM was everywhere.
  • The CONTENT of his interview, you can’t find anything on the MSM on that.
  • It is easier to say Putin bad, America good and call it a day.
  • I think Putin and Tucker did the Western world a service.
  • Putin spoke on behalf of the Russians, history, the warriors, the Donbass he gave all of these people a voice.
  • Our MSM can’t be bothered w/ finding out WHY the Russians wanted to take back that area.
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