Praise for The Mike Church Show!
" Mike “The KingDude” Church is genuine and passionate in his opinions and relates them to current events and the hottest trending news topics on a daily basis.  To put it more in perspective, if your audience yearns in any way whatsoever for the days of Rush Limbaugh, then it will welcome with open arms The Mike Church Show, as he is Rush and even so much more."
Larry Young
GM WXKG 1010 The King - Atlanta GA Market #7
" I am listening to your interview with Tom Woods that just came out and, although I have been around the crusade since 2016 and heard your backstory many times, the thought really struck me now of just how honest and heroic you were and are. You let the facts guide you where the truth was, and you did not let the love of money smother your willingness to proclaim what you thought to be right. In this world of grift and superficiality that we occupy, those are exceedingly rare qualities."
Nick D
Long Time Subscriber

The Mike Church Show is a daily 3-hour romp through the political and cultural events of the day as seen through the unique lens of the unapologetic, Christian conservative: Mr Mike Church. Laced with satire, Mike draws on his vast knowledge and love of both US history and politics as well as contemporary pop culture for an unforgettable commentary on the day’s news that is talk radio gold. 

Entertaining, explaining and elucidating matters, with wit and wisdom, without ever being abrasive and shrill, Mike asks listeners 

“to take 8 weeks of daily doses of The Founding Fathers Red Pill, sprinkled with a few drops of holy water, to unplug the matrix cable from the back of your head, reclaim your critical thinking skills and become members of the self-governing people of these United States. It’s not a job folks, it’s a way of life!” 

The Mike Church Show has that rare ability to connect with a new, younger conservative listeners, while still appealing to the core talk radio demographic pioneered with Rush Limbaugh. 

Welcome to the world of The KingDude, an American original, who has been broadcasting to millions across 32 years of daily broadcasts. Simply put, The Mike Church Show is unlike anything on radio today. But, as Mike points out, “addiction to this show isn’t a problem, it’s part of the cure!”

The Mike Church Show: 

  • A market of 5 million listeners on our Flagship station 50,000 watt, 1010 WXKG Atlanta GA Market #7.†
  • Reaches over 40,000 listeners per month on The CRUSADE Channel‘s LIVE! Radio Stream
  • Mike’s Podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Android, Amazon and TuneIn podcast services! 
  • Mike has 25k followers on X and over 10,000 on Facebook.
"The biggest problem you'll have with the Mike Church Show is what to listen to outside of the three hours he is on the air."
Scott R
Number 1 Fan in Missouri
The Mike Church Show - Listening Is believing!
"Mike knows what talk radio is - speak the hard truths and deliver it with the skill of a true entertainer. He challenges your understanding of world and local events."
Bill in Indiana
Long Time Subscriber

“I love doing LIVE! ad reads because they allow me to connect directly with the listener, during the course of the show. It makes the client’s content appear to be a part of the Mike Church Show, because it is.”

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