The CRUSADE Radio Network is Proud to announce
The Mike Church Show Goes Into National Syndication. Morning Drive Radio Will Never Be The Same

February 20, 2024 For Immediate Release

We are also delighted to announce that after 7 years of singular devotion to internet radio broadcasting, we are launching The Mike Church Show into terrestrial radio syndication! The launch date of The Mike Church Show will be March 1st and the show will begin its  repatriation of AM/FM radio on Atlanta GA’s (market #7) 1010 WXKG “The King”! WXKG, Atlanta’s ABC News and official Dave Ramsey station is a 50,000 watt powerhouse and the perfect vehicle for Mike’s unique and popular blend of LIVE! Talk Radio. The MCS will continue to air on our internet flagship The CRUSADE Radio Network, exactly as it airs today…


“We’ve always known that terrestrial radio was going to play a part in our industry leading development of Internet Radio, we just didn’t know in what way; over the last 2 years, that role began to materialize with the dearth of quality Talk Shows and the opportunities to fill that gap left by the wrecking ball that was consolidation’s march through local radio properties.” Said Mike Church, founder of The CRUSADE Radio Network and Mike Church Show host. “We are thrilled that we can launch the terrestrial radio component of this network in Atlanta, one of America’s great cities for Talk-Radio; and to do it on 1010 WXKG The King, a massive and well respected signal, is sure to boost the CRN and The Mike Church Show back onto the pre-sets of talk-radio fans. First Atlanta, then like the song says, were ‘east bound and down!’” - Church continued.

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