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The Mike Church Show-Biden Brings U.S. Closer To WWIII

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19m Israel, Gaza, Ukraine & NATO

  • If your children are of age to be drafted and they signed their cards, tell them to get ready.
  • This stuff is escalating quickly.
  • If Ukraine is allowed into NATO, Russia will retaliate. 
  • Putin has already said he would.
  • ICBM’s – 
  • It is almost inconceivable that we are where we are. 
  • The Israelis w/ the blessing of the United States bombed a Syrian Embassy.
  • When you are the IDF you can do that right?
  • Because they are ‘Gods chosen people’ and you can’t say anything against Israel or the Jews.
  • You can’t just go around bombing Embassies! 
  • They are ‘sacred’ ground in all countries.
  • Embassies are the property of foreign nations. 
  • Embassies are considered neutral ground in all countries.
  • To date since October 7th – To date, more than 31,184 Palestinians have been killed and 72,889 injured, according to the local health authorities. As of 12 March, 247 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza with 1,475 injured since the start of the ground operation, Israeli army data shows.
  • They are just arbitrarily killing these people. 
  • They are even killing aid workers.
  • They are all lying about what has happened and what is happening.
  • You will see these videos daily if you are on social media.
  HEADLINE: Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Biden ‘Pissed’ Edition by Eddie Scarry 

  • If you are a Brit, pissed means drunk right?
  • “President Biden’s phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned for Thursday morning,” the report said, “is expected to be tense as Biden is ‘outraged’ about the killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in an Israeli air strike in Gaza earlier this week, four U.S. officials said.”


Illegal Immigration 

  • How many of these are coming in each month under Biden?
  • Under Trump it fell to 42,000 a month.
  • Biden Regime immigration – these are the ones that have been counted 172,000 a month.


Illegal Immigration

  • The following cities have 172,000 or fewer citizens. 
  • Each day of illegal immigration, these residents votes are wiped out.
  • Shreveport
  • Murfreesboro
  • Springfield
  • Oceanside
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Fort Collins 
  • Garden Grove 
  • Lancaster Killeen
  • Surprise 
  • Corona 
  • Roseville
  • Denton
  • Salinas
  • Palmdale
  • Charleston 
  • Lakewood
  • Macon-Bibb County
  • Paterson
  • Bellevue
  • You are making a new state in the Union every 6 months that has a population of 1 million.
  • None of this even counts the got-aways.
  • This is an invasion.
  • This will forever change the face of our country.
  • You cannot keep this up, no country could.
  HEADLINE: Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Biden ‘Pissed’ Edition by Eddie Scarry 

  • It’s all fake. It’s a story the media periodically throw up after the White House feeds it to them. It’s the surest sign that Biden has made no progress on mitigating a disaster he either caused or passively accepted.
45m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – China & Taiwan 

Reporter – At the summit in San Fransisco, Biden was told Beijing plans on unifying…

John Kirby – I won’t characterize President Xi’s comments, but I can tell you that President Biden was very, very clear that nothing’s changed about our one China policy. We don’t support independence for Taiwan, but we also don’t wanna see the status quo changed in a unilateral way, and certainly not by force.

  HEADLINE: Israel Warns Iran Of Massive Regional War If Directly Attacked via ZeroHedge 


AUDIO/VIDEO: U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – Ukraine Joining NATO –  Ukraine with the determination of every nation here at NATO. We will do what we can and the allies to ensure Ukraine has what it needs. The aggression gets worst w/ each passing day. Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge w/ that membership.

  • It seems the world is on the march to war.
  • The only sane people that don’t want war at this point seem to be the Russians.
  • Whatever happened to the Chinese making a sheet of glass out of Taiwan? 
  • Remember I asked what Taiwan had to do w/ Russia.
  • Don’t worry though b/c the Regime Leader is going to fix all of this.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Rebecca Lavrenz, 71 the Praying GrandmaMy own country is treating me like a criminal just because I believe they stole my rightful president and just standing up for my country makes me a criminal. It just isn’t right.

HEADLINE: Verdict: Colorado Springs-area resident found guilty on all charges in Capitol breach trial in D.C. by Debbie Kelley

  • This is 2024, and January 6th was 3 years and 4 months ago here and the Biden Regime is still persecuting these people.
  • What justice is served here?
  • Every single American should be alarmed, angered and ready to rebel.
  • She went into the Capitol to get a sip of water and to say a prayer.
  • We have illegals that come here illegally, rape, murder and rob but our legal system is going after law abiding citizens.
  • It should say this……from the Bill of Rights.
  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 
  • Is praying an act of peace or violence?
  • This is Democracy at work!
  • There were 12 people that said it would be okay to convict this poor woman.


January 6th 

  • The police do NOT offer resistance.
  • The police basically waved them in at that point.
  • I know those 4 Capitol Police Officers made it sound like they were King Leonidas but overall very peaceful.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Nebraska State Senator Mike McDonnellIn 1984 I registered as a Democrat, I was a Christian, member of the Roman Catholic Church and I was pro-life. I asked the Democratic party to respect that I am pro-life and my beliefs are based on that. Instead of respecting that they said you cannot be a delegate and we won’t share our party resources. This is not an easy decision, at 40 years of being a registered Democrat. My grandfather said we are Irish Catholic and we are Democrat. The greatest thing about this is now I can actually participate. Today I am announcing I am going to be a registered Republican in the state of Nebraska.

  • We as Christians have to belive that some of these people are redeemable. 
  • Harold Ford Jr is filling in for that detestable woman, and Judge was going on and on about the blood of the NYPD officer being on Hochul’s hands.
  • I’m a Christian and I believe in this thing called forgiveness.
  • The only problem is someone that has done the wrong has to ask for forgiveness.
  • She hadn’t done that as of today.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t negate responsibility.
  • Mercy tempers Justice.
  • Richard Barrett – Growing up in Rhode Island I was told the same thing. You are Catholic and you are Democrat and that is how it is.
  • He stayed in the Democrat party b/c he thought he could reform it, redeem it and/or save it.
  • Your average illegal should stay in their country and try to reform it, redeem it and/or save it.
1h54m Candace Owens and DailyWire

  • Where does she go now?
  • If Elon was willing to throw money at Don Lemon why wouldn’t he throw some money at Candace Owens?
  • Views = Payouts
  • She has to go independent I think.
  • She gained more followers and clout by going against the untouchable Ben Shapiro.
  • The fact does have options and Ben and everyone else should know that.
  • Is she all that or the Donovan McNabb that took out Rush Limbaugh?
  • When he was on you could tell they hated him.
  • He spoke out against McNabb – he said he thought the NFL was advancing an African American to the NFL.
  • Did the McNabb win the MVP?
  • NO, he did not.
  • Rush never worked in sports again after that.
  • I’m not sure Candace is a daily go to show.
  • But as a commentator she is awesome.
  • Small doses but long form I’m not sure she can hold an audience for that long.
  HEADLINE: ESPN anchor Sage Steele leaves the network after settling lawsuit by KCAL News Staff 

  • Prominent ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Sage Steele, who sparked controversy over her comments about vaccine mandates, female sports reporters, and former President Barack Obama’s racial identity, has left the network after settling a lawsuit.
  • Steele also made comments about female sports reporters and sexual harassment, saying that women need to “be responsible” and it “isn’t just on players and athletes and coaches to act a certain way.”
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric Adams on CrimeCan we please stop saying that we are up in crime in our subway system? We are down. We are down overall in 2024. Transit crime is down. It’s the best subway system on the globe and we’re the safest on the globe.

  • See how he did that?
  • He mentions the low crime in the transit, he failed to mention there are thousands of National Guard members protecting the transit areas.
  • He fails to mention the crime elsewhere in the city is through the roof.

HEADLINE: Serious Crimes in NYC Hit 2-Decade High as Mayor Boasts Nation’s ‘Safest Big City’ by Matthew Lysiak



AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin O’Leary on Maintaining w/ Tyrus – AOCShe is a great politicians but a terrible manager. Her district looks like a 3rd world country. Look what happened when Amazon came knocking. Those people in her district should have said “Hey I live here and would like a job”! We can do better. I wouldn’t let her manage a candy store.

  • AOC is a CIA operative.



John Kirby – We’re looking for concrete steps to alleviate humanitarian suffering in Gaza. If there’s no changes to their policy and their approaches, then there’s going to have to be changes to ours. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Israel Support

Peter Doocy – You saying that support for Israel is rock-solid and unwavering yet you want policy changes? How can both of those statements be true?

Kirby – It is true.

Doocy – How is his support unwavering, but you’re also reconsidering police choices?

Kirby – Both can be true. 

  • Sometimes I hope they stumble upon a nut and get it right.
  • We don’t really expect anything sane or normal out of this White House.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg – On EV’s – The fact is there are more EV’s sold each year than the previous year. I feel like when we have this kind of debate I am back in 2000 debating someone that thinks we need to keep landline phones forever. The automotive sector is moving toward EV’s and that is just a fact. 

  • Have you ever seen what happens when the EV battery catches fire?
  • Have you seen a battery that goes gaseous? 
  • All of this is going to end in tears. 

Crusader Stadium Firefighter – Technically…the battery fires that happen from these vehicles are thermo-chemical reaction type fires. We (firefighters) can put them out, however it takes THOUSANDS of gallons of water and usually special foam to smother and cool the chemical reaction happening.

  • In 3 years when the first round of batteries start going belly-up and the average driver can’t afford the $6,000 to have them replaced, what is going to happen then?
  • Where will all these dead batteries be disposed?
  • Will they simply bury them with the windmill blades?
  • The load on the grid is simply not there for all these electric vehicles. 
  • You have to build a nuclear power station in every state basically to make that happen.
  • Submarines – 
  • Nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers are powered by onboard nuclear reactors. Atoms in the nuclear reactor split, which releases energy as heat. This heat is used to create high-pressured steam. The steam turns propulsion turbines that provide the power to turn the propeller.
  • California is doing reverse damning.
  • They are trying to close down all the nuclear places there and they also send out all rain water into the ocean.
  • They are on a collision course to total destruction.
  • They want you to die.
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