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The Mike Church Show-Biden Claims All Border Problems Are MAGA And Trump’s Fault

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  • Biden’s Immigration Speech
  • Alejandro Mayorkas Stays In Power
  • GOP Ronna Daniels To Step Down
22m Joe Biden Immigration Speech Yesterday

  • When Bill Clinton was losing battles like Hillary Care – they were trying to get single payer care back then.
  • Ira Magaziner – 
  • They couldn’t get it through Congress at the time, they wouldn’t even touch it.
  • Bill Clinton was blaming Rush Limbaugh privately but he never publicly blamed him.
  • So what made Joe Biden publicly blame Trump yesterday?
  • He is just an American citizen at this point.
  • He isn’t the president, he doesn’t hold a seat in Congress or the House.
  • He is PRIVATE citizen Trump.
  • After he blamed Trump for everything he exclaimed how he is cheering for Ukraine!
  • I thought this was supposed to be a bill for the US border and for US Immigration?
  • He boasted and bragged he had Ukraine color tie and Ukraine flag lapel pin.
  • Is Gov Abbott in touch w/ Arizona and New Mexico?
  • California, Arizona and New Mexico – that is quite a large span open to illegals.
  • Half way through his address Biden pivoted to Ukraine and Israel.
  • These people will not stop until Trump is in jail.
  • They want him behind bars and until that happens, everything will be his fault.




























HEADLINE: WaPo Columnist Says Quiet Part Out Loud: Democrats’ Campaign Strategy Is Jailing Trump by M.D. Kittle

  • I am not defending democracy here.
  • I think it is a terrible government system to live under but we do live under it currently.
  • So we must attempt to make a difference.
  • Trump has argued he is entitled to absolute immunity from criminal prosecutions involving actions he took as president. It’s an “audacious” defense, Marcus snarls. But the columnist insists it’s “bordering on unconscionable” that a federal appeals panel has yet to render a decision on Trump’s claim. It’s been nearly a month, after all. 
  • So this happened yesterday – there is still a panel that will hear his appeal.
  • If the panel refuses he will appeal to the Supreme Court.
  • The mistake was made when SCOTUS refused to hear the appeals coming out of PA, NC, MI, and WI on mail-in ballots.
  • They should have heard these cases.
  • If they would have taken that case, none of this would have happened.
  • The Biden Coup would have failed it they would have heard this case.
  • If Roberts would have taken the case and settled this once and for all, they wouldn’t be facing any of this.
  • State Legislatures make time, place and method of voting…not the people. 
  • Here is where it gets really interesting. 
  • Jonathan Turley: This is the result some of us predicted. The panel was very skeptical of these arguments. What former President Trump was advancing was a sweeping and unprecedented claim of immunity, and it’s not surprising that this panel rejected it. The interesting thing about this opinion is that they cite the impeachment and quote from it as saying that the president sought to incite this effort to overturn the election. And that’s going to go forward. The most practical impact of this appeal was indeed the delay that it caused. It was very important for the Trump team to try to push this trial back. They succeeded in doing that, as you mentioned. Now, the next stage here is that they can ask for review of the entire court, what’s called en banc petition. That has to be reviewed and voted on even if they reject it, and that will take some time. And then they will no doubt appeal to the Supreme Court, which now has a considerable stack on the desks of these justices, including election-related cases. 
  • The interesting dynamic about this case is that Jack Smith is telling every court it’s absolutely urgent that we move this trial forward. And he made it clear that he wants this president tried and convicted before the election. The Supreme Court clearly didn’t share that urgency. It refused to do that. And so it’s not clear that they’re going to feel even greater urgency now. The March date is not on the calendar anymore. And as we move towards the election date, it gets more controversial to have a trial of this kind within a couple of months of the election. So we’ll have to see how the Supreme Court deals with this. The outcome is not surprising for many of us, but what remains the unknown is how this will change the schedule and dynamic of the case.

HEADLINE: Jonathan Turley assesses whether Jan 6 case against Trump will go to trial before election by Fox News Staff 

  • The clock in this case has nothing to do with the legitimate turning of the wheels of justice but the left’s political fever to dispose of Trump before the party conventions this summer. If the multiple, politically weaponized indictments against Democrat President Joe Biden’s most likely challenger don’t end in quick convictions — if they are bogged down by superfluous judicial concepts like due process and defendants’ rights — well, that’s going to be a real stick in the machine to reelect Biden. 
  • How dare the former president use every legal means possible to defend himself against the full force of the federal government — led, of course, by his presumed political opponent. Trump’s attorneys really should think of the good of the nation, as defined by the Democrat Party. 
  • $200 million in legal fees is what Trump has spent so far.
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  Nevada GOP Primary 

None of These Candidates wins 62.9%

Nikki Haley comes in second w/ 30.8%

  • So what is Nikki going to do now?
  • February 24th is the South Carolina primary and she will lose there too, in her own home state. 
1h10m HEADLINE: Americans’ credit card debt hits record $1.13 trillion by Elizabeth Schulze 

  • Credit card debt increased by $50 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023.
  • Who gets all the interest payments made on this debt?
  • The data on credit card debt comes as total household debt rose by $212 billion to reach $17.5 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the New York Fed’s latest ”Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit.”
  • Borrowers between the ages of 30-39 are missing their payments at especially fast rates.
  • Americans are also taking more debt when they’re buying cars. Auto loan balances rose by $12 billion in the fourth quarter to $1.61 trillion, while delinquencies also rose.
1h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Interviewing Vladimir PutinSo why are we doing this? It is our job, we are in journalism. It is our job to inform people. The war in Ukraine is a human disaster. The long-term effects are even more profound. These are not small changes, they will define the lives of our grandchildren. 

  • The 4 regions in Ukraine – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia
  • What did the treaty say?
  • It said the ancient republics were going to return to Russia.
  • They didn’t want to be part of Ukraine.
  • Most of these regions speak Russian as their main language.
  • 2009 was Biden’s first trip to Ukraine.
1h44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Ambassador Norm Eisen on TrumpMy family all died at the hands of Nazis. I saw first hand what the weaponization of government can do. I urge the committee w/ all respect to focus on the most imminent threat of that weaponization now facing us as a nation. Donald Trump’s record of weaponizing the government and his promises to double down, should he return to power. 

  • He claims Trump weaponized the government, I want him to give me one example.
  • This is utter nonsense. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz Questioning Ambassador Eisen (Senior fellow in Governance Studies at Brookings) on Grants & Classifying Americans as ‘needing to be watched’ – It’s not that military families and rural Americans who love the Bible and Constitution are dumber or uniquely susceptible to anything. It’s just they don’t think like how the expert class and the National Science Foundation wants them to think. And so they’re trying to program what they see so they could control what they believe. and that is the true weaponization this committee will stand against. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator JD Vance on Immigration BillIf you had a bill that said we were going to legalize 12 million illegals Republicans hopefully would all agree that would be a no. Just b/c we agreed to sit down and discuss the border w/ the Democrats didn’t mean we were going to automatically sign off on it. To even think that is total bullshit.

  • Anytime you want to know just how bad something is going to be for the American people, if you hear bi-partisan, you know its really bad for you.
  • You know what our problem is?
  • We have been brainwashed into this melting pot crap.
  • Why aren’t the American people good enough?
  • Why do we have to have OTHERS here to make America great?
  • They don’t make America great, we do!
  • Why do you want to go to France?
  • Do you want to go there b/c there are people like you?
  • Or are you traveling to France b/c you want to see THEIR culture? 
  • You don’t go to France to meet more Bubba’s from Alabama.
  • Why can’t we just appreciate people from Virginia and their culture and people from Louisiana and their culture?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Immigration Bill The Immigration System Has Been Broken – For much too long the immigration system has been broken. That is why months ago I assembled a team to work on it. The result is a bi-partisan reform we’ve had in a long time. Now indications are that this won’t pass why…because of Donald Trump. He is threatening Republicans to not vote for this. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Immigration BillRepublicans have to decide, who do they serve? Donald Trump or the American people? Are they her etc solve problems, or just weaponize those problems for political purposes? I know my answer. I serve the American people. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Immigration BillI’m wearing my Ukraine tie, my Ukraine pin, which I’ve been wearing b/c they’re in dire straits right now, defending themselves against the Russian onslaught.

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C. Joseph Doyle

Catholic Action League 

HEADLINE: A Boston Globe columnist crossed journalistic lines. Should the Globe still have run his story? by Tom Jones

  • Last July, Cullen was reporting on Bluestein while she was meeting with the doctor who was going to help her end her life. The doctor explained that Vermont law required Bluestein to get signatures from two people who would say she was in a clear state of mind when she made her decision. Furthermore, the signatures could not be from family members, beneficiaries or anyone associated with the doctor’s clinic.
  • Final wave of Massachusetts is to legalize assisted suicide. 
  • As it turns out Cullen didn’t reveal he signed an affidavit indicating the person that wanted to commit suicide was of sound mind. 
  • He inserted himself into a story he was writing. 
  • He has attacked me on many occasions and he even used his column one time to attack me b/c I wrote a note to his editor.
  • He specializes in invectives. 
  • He never makes a reasoned argument he just strings together several sentences of name calling.
  • He attacks the faith, he attacks the Irish etc
  • Freedom of the Press is for those who own the newspapers – Belloc
  • The Boston Strangler on HULU – featuring Keira Knightley
  • We have to go b/w now and the 29th of June.
  • Bishop of Rockville Center and Bishop from NJ – 










BREAKING – Tucker Carlson will be dropping his interview w/ Vladimir Putin tomorrow at 6pm our time.

  • Is Elon Musk really committed to free speech like he says he is?
  • Will he actually allow this to air on X?
  • You have a responsibility to defend and promote the good, true and beautiful.
  • TRUTH – what is truth?
  • The comparison of American Journalist that is going to interview Putin is being told he may not be allowed back into his home country…he went to Russia, was treated w/ dignity and respect and he will leave Russia as a journalist that is only seeking the truth.
  • Compare that to our sanctified state in the eyes of US statesmen that went to Ukraine?
  • What happened to Gonzalo Lira?
  • He was in Ukraine, a US citizen and he was arrested, detained, imprisoned and died in jail.
  • He was simply seeking the truth too.
  • Where was the WH on that?
  • But here you have the WH discussing sanctions for Tucker!
  • Do you remember Aleksandr Dugin? 
  • We will broadcast the Tucker/Putin interview LIVE here on the Crusade Channel.
  • What is the most fascinating thing about this interview?
  • This interview should not be a surprise! 
  • This should have happened when this war first started so why hasn’t any other MSM journalist attempted to interview Putin?
  • I have spent the last 10 years fighting for ethics and ethical reform.
  • I think the truth matters and ethics are at the top of that!
  • How do I learn ethics?
  • When you go from 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACKAngry over Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin? Here is when U.S. MSM interviewed Putin in June 2021 long before the war in Ukraine. It did not go very well. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Immigration Bill

Peter Doocy – You guys talk a lot about how the border wouldn’t be such a big deal if Congress would’e just passed your immigration bill on Day 1. Who was in charge of Congress on Day 1?

KJP – Republicans have gotten in the way. They just have Peter.

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