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The Mike Church Show- Biden Continues His Push For War By Taunting Putin

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17m Joe Biden D-Day Commemoration 

  • This dude stood up and gave a speech.
  • He proceeds to talk about how WWII is similar to the war Ukraine is fighting against Russia.
  • The patience of the Russian Bear may be wearing thin.
  • The Russians will not play games w/ us.
  • They fight wars to win.
  HEADLINE: Why America needs a monarchy: A Glorious Revolution could heal the nation by Michael Cuenco

  • Americans expect much from their president — some would say too much. He is not only regarded as head of state, but as an all-powerful economic wizard and social engineer, in addition to being a media celebrity. Candidates offer up a platter of promises only to face disappointment when they fail to deliver: it happened to Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and it is happening again to the incumbent.
24m Donald Trump Felony Charges

  • Stop saying he was convicted of 34 felonies.
  • There were 34 charges but it was ONE felony.
  • There were 34 COUNTS.
  • So why is the Hunter Biden trial happening right now?
  • Why is the Biden Regime allowing their Prince to be publicly shamed now?
  • They are going to find him guilty, he will be sentenced to house arrest.
  • They will slap an ankle bracelet on him and they are doing this so when Judge Merchand gives Trump jail time, they will say see, the justice system does work.
  • So Hunter is the sacrificial lamb so to speak.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
42m Joe Biden D-Day Commemoration

  • He didn’t say, let’s stop all wars.
  • He went out there and used the world’s stage to promote war b/w Ukraine and Russia.
  • It certainly wasn’t a Ronald Reagan speech.
  • Ronald Reagan – he must have said peace at least 30 times in his speech.
  • It came from a place of power but he didn’t wield his power over other countries.
  • The United States of America, it doesn’t matter who you alley w/ unless the Chinese come aboard, you can’t win a war against Russia.
  • Do we even survive a war w/ Russia?
  • Does ANYONE on the planet survive that war?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Judge Napolitano w/ Prof. Gilbert Doctorow, PhD: Are Russian Threats Serious? 

  • So the first thing is to blow up or level out Kiev.
  • That is the first thing Putin would do.
  • The second attack would be to level airports and ports in Poland b/c that is where the ammunitions and supplies from the West is coming in at.
  • Is this the Biden strategy?
  • To start a war w/ Russia while we are having elections?
  • Why would you escalate this conflict w/ Russia?
  • Who benefits?
  • Biden and his cult of death cabinet – they have told him that Americans will get behind him if we are at war.
  • I don’t think the American people today are the same as those that fought and stormed the beaches.
  • People are more likely to separate from him if he were to do that.
  • I think that would be the final straw for secession of states.
  • Americans don’t want to send their boys and girls to die for Ukraine.
54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Eric Holder Former Attorney General on CNN w/ Laura Coates – If Trump Gets Re-Elected & Chooses Corrupt AG – If the president told compliant AG, to go after a political opponent..that AG could tell a compliant FBI director and it would go on from there. Who’s to say what you might find in any persons life that isn’t 100% compliant to the law. The fact you could have the full weight of the Justice Department focusing on one person that could be damaging to democracy at large.

  • Basically Eric Holder just stated the Democrats entire playbook.
  • This is projection.
  • What is a compliant Attorney General?
  • There is no such thing as a compliant Attorney General.
  • It was created by President Washington, there is no compulsory reason to have an Attorney General.
  • The president does NOT have to appoint an Attorney General.
  • What if Trump just says when he is elected he won’t appoint one b/c the entire office is corrupt?
  • That is 100% his right to do so.
  • There does not have to be a Transportation, and Education or Energy Secretary positions. 
  • SCOTUS, Speaker, President of the House, Vice President, President – the list that is required.
  • All officers not mentioned are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.
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  Television Series Tracker

Paramount+ and CBS

HEADLINE: 7 Reasons Tracker Dethroned NCIS As CBS’ Most-Watched TV Show by Hannah Postlewait 

  • Key differences between Justin Hartley’s action drama and NCIS allowed Tracker to dethrone the police procedural as CBS’ most-watched television show. According to TV show ratings released by TVLine,NCIS had 9.7 million viewers tuning in each week for the 2023-2024 broadcast season, while Tracker topped that, garnering 10.8 million viewers per week in its first season. This achievement for Tracker is even more impressive when taking into consideration that it dethroned NCIS for the first time in five years.
  • Tracker’s storyline offers a more connected narrative than NCIS and lends itself to the familiarity with characters that can make a television show successful. While a variety of cases keeps the show fresh, there is a central narrative to the show’s first season regarding Colter’s family that upholds interest in how he is navigating his personal life. What’s more, his family members are all featured on the show in some form in the first season, like a reunion with Colter’s sister, and it adds to the familiarity the audience is able to have with the characters.
1h17m HEADLINE: No One Wants a New Car Now. Here’s Why. by Dan Neil

  • Why are so many Americans forgoing new vehicles? 
  • Used cars are not just a better bargain, they retain designs and features more coveted than their high-tech replacements.
  • It’s not just the political class. America’s fleet of cars and trucks is also getting long in the tooth. Last month a study by S&P Global Mobility reported the average age of vehicles in the U.S. was 12.6 years, up more than 14 months since 2014. Singling out passenger cars, the number jumps to a geriatric 14 years.
  • The average car price is sitting around $47,000.
  • It won’t be long before people will just start saying no to all insurance. 
  • In the past, the average-age statistic was taken as a sign of transportation’s burden on household budgets. Those burdens remain near all-time highs. The average transaction price of a new vehicle is currently hovering around $47,000. While inflation and interest rates are backing away from recent highs, insurance premiums have soared by double digits in the past year.
  • We have been trained to think the NEW is better.
  • Let me say this, about 8 years ago daughter #2 had a bad driving record with little fender benders.
  • We got a notice from State Farm saying due to her driving record we are cancelling her coverage and she cannot drive your vehicles and if she does and gets into an accident we will not pay out and you will be dropped.
  • The young people out there even though they have all the influencer stuff, they are starting to back away from the technology.
  • How many of you scream at your computers when they send you a pop-up to upgrade.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Montage on Hydroxychlororquine. 

  • Remember this Trump?
  • This is when Scarf Vadar and Fauci turned on him.
  • Zinc, Vitamin D and Hyrdoxychloroquine – it worked, it all worked.
  • Why did they push the vaccine then?
  • They knew the ventilators killed people. 
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Dracula Book

  • KV Turley and I’s interview on if this was a biography of sorts.
  • Empire of the Summer Moon
  • Our minds are not meant to be 100% pondering on politics and the world ending.
  • I wondered to Jack Posobiec Twitter feed and saw how many Tweets he had in one day.
  • How is this even possible?
  • Tweeting has become a full time job.
  CALLER Derek from Las Vegas

Devil in the White City – book recommendation 

2h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at Turning Point Action in Phoenix, Arizona – Fundraising After Verdict – I just went through a sham trial in NYC. They could have brought that case 7 years ago. We are beating Biden by a lot did you see? Right after the announcement more campaign funds was given to this campaign, almost $400 million. We have to change this system, we have to change what is going on in these courts.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at Turning Point Action in Phoenix, Arizona 

Crowd Question Advocate for Senior Citizens – They’re concerned that they’re not going to be able to survive 4 more years of Biden. What can you say today to give them some hope & encouragement?

Trump – Vote For Trump.

  Speaker Johnson and Benjamin Netanyahu 

He is set to come speak.

HEADLINE: Israeli PM Netanyahu Set to Address Congress on July 24 by Jackson Richman 

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress on July 24, announced House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on June 6.
  • Additionally, the announcement of the speech comes about a couple of weeks after President Joe Biden announced a proposal Israel apparently put forth that would eventually end the war after three stages. However, Mr. Netanyahu said that Israel’s objective of annihilating Hamas has not changed and that there will be no permanent ceasefire unless that happens.
  • The invitation also comes as the International Criminal Court a couple of weeks ago announced it will seek warrants for the arrest of Mr. Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh, and Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Al-Masri for allegedly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, beginning with the Hamas attack on Oct. 7 and continuing with Israel’s response.






















HEADLINE: Why America needs a monarchy: A Glorious Revolution could heal the nation by Michael Cuenco

  • This is outside of Trump how American leaders are chosen today.
  • This was the model against which the revolutionaries of 1776 had fashioned their constitutional thinking. However, given the dysfunctional lot of their heirs, should Americans consider, if not an outright importation, then at least a creative adaptation of the British model? One year on from King Charles’s coronation, one can easily imagine an America in which the president serves as a symbolic head of state while Congress is granted the responsibilities of a Westminster parliament.
  • But confronted today with the above problems, how far could the American presidency be reconfigured in the direction of a constitutional monarchy? Rather than try to answer the question in the abstract, we may focus on the last two presidents, Obama and Trump, as hypothetical model office-holders around whose traits the position may be tailored. After all, these two figures, in their own very different ways, have embodied the mystical and, therefore, monarchical aspects of the presidency more than most of its recent occupants.
  • The headline was great but his conclusion is total horse crap.
  • Let me approach the question now that I have read that nonsense – 
  • You have just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  • It’s still going to sink Sir.
  • There is a solution that was proposed in the Convention of 1787 – 
  • You would have this massive land mass known as America, you might have people speaking different languages.
  • The Spanish may have maintained Florida, Alabama and most of Mississippi. 
  • The French may have maintained Louisiana. 
  • Here’s why I say this, there are 3 countries in the world that are the size, in land mass of this one.
  • And this one is NOT the largest.
  • The Russian Federation, the PRC and India.
  • India is huge!
  • China remains old and ancient.
  • How is it Mongolia has remained Mongolia?
  • They don’t let anyone in!
  • No one gets in and no one gets out.
  • What about Russia?
  • You see how this only works one way?
  • They can’t escape and they can’t get off the dole.
  • I don’t like this system anymore.
  • I have an inclination that what is happening now is the opening act of a massive rebellion.
  • How can Americans NOT rebel?
  • The miracle is we haven’t rebelled yet!
  • We still seem to have this hope someone will come along and fix all of this.
  • That isn’t a knock on Trump b/c he can change some things, I know he can but fix ALL of them? 
  • For far too long we have sat idly by and allowed this to happen to all of us.
  • We are just too busy trying to get by day to day to actually change our situation. 
  • Apathy and Laziness. 
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


HEADLINE: What I Gleaned About Hunter Biden as Opinion Editor of the New York Post by Sohrab Ahmari 

  • Going after Hunter Biden’s life of drug abuse, shady handguns, sex toys, and intimacy with strippers and high-end hookers achieves nothing. And that seems to me to be the point. 
  • As the trial unfolds, don’t lose sight of the real issues: the Biden clan’s shameless influence-peddling, which very much implicates Joe Biden; and the Big-Tech–deep-state–corporate-media alliance that removed their graft from public scrutiny and democratic debate ahead of a presidential election. In a sense, the people who supplied the censorship cover—the Silicon Valley executives, the 50 ex-spooks, and their mainstream-media amanuenses—are far guiltier than Hunter Biden.


AUDIO/VIDEO: WWII Veteran Steven MalnikoffI always tell people we’re a hell of a lot tougher than you guys. I can remember all the things we went through. I had a lot more fun when I was a kid than your kids do today. I’m 104 and I’m in pretty good health. We had basic foods. We were forced to be tougher. 

  • When I was a child we made games up.
  • We played Smear the Queer.
  • We would stay outside all day.
  • We used our imagination all the time. 
  • We didn’t have ‘screen time’. 

HEADLINE: Is This America’s First $100 Million-a-Year Athlete? by Ben Cohen and Robert O’Connell 

  • Michael Jordan made $94 million in NBA contracts.
  • His partnership w/ Nike, Hanes and Gatorade earned him $1.8 billion pre-tax.
  • Is there an American dream anymore?
  • Is it only about the fatness of the bank account?
  • We should be raising children to become Saints.
  • We shouldn’t be telling them they have to go out and make as much money and wealth as possible.
  • What is wrong w/ leaving property to your children?
  • Leaving your land to your children and having your children build on the land and live?
  • Why do children always sell their parents property when they die?
  • Selfishness and laziness – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WWII Marine Veteran Carl Spurlin DekelThis is not the country we fought for. This is not what those boys died for. Our country is going to hell. This isn’t the country I was raised in. 

  • Something is terribly wrong in this country.
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Where and how do we right this ship?
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Written by: candacechurch