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The Mike Church Show-Biden’s SOTU: Law Abiding Voting Patriots Are The Enemy!

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SOTU Address

  • Joe Biden is just an angry old man and that came through in last nights speech.
  • I should have watched the whole thing, but out of exhaustion I fell asleep.
  • Laken Riley was an all-star, All-American girl.
  • Her life was snuffed out by an Illegal Alien Criminal Trespasser. 
  • He said Lincoln Riley 3 times.
  • Then Nancy Pelosi goes on CNN and states that Biden should have said undocumented not illegal.
  • Who are these people? 
  • Does this woman have a soul?
  • When Donald Trump took the advice of Dr Fauci and Scarf Vader, our lives as we knew them ended, March 13, 2020.
  • We have been fighting to regain our freedom and liberty since then.
  • When they were doping the old man up w/ Adrenochrome, you would think they would have made sure Joe Biden knew Laken Riley…that was very important but he still got it wrong.
  • He couldn’t even be bothered to pronounce her name right.
  • He had the button w/ her name on in IN HIS HAND and still got it wrong.
  • Show me the people actually assaulting this dude named Democracy. 
  • The left is running on one issue….KILLING BABIES!
  • He has the audacity to talk about Putin being a killing machine but look what he runs on, killing unborn babies.
  • Lenny Jorns – Here’s to hitting you in the face w/ a garbage can.
  • We all try to do the right thing, I don’t need Biden to go on TV and yell at me telling me I’m a terrible person.
  • A sovereign entity has the God-given right to preserve and protect itself.
  • I agree w/ Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, this was a 70 minute harangue to anyone that isn’t a baby killer, you are the enemy.
  • He said Democracy 11 times in the first 10 minutes.
  • The word Democracy doens’t appear in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or anything else!
  • It does however say “Republic”.
  • One other thing, since when did American presidents become so stupid?
  • I always run the SOTU addresses through the Flesch-Kincaid Text analyzer. 
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Speech was 17 but there are only 12 grades. 
  • So that meant that the average American at the time had High School plus higher education. 
  • Biden’s came in at 6.7, the man was taking to 7th graders folks.













AUDIO/VIDEO: Democracy Is Under AttackNot since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy bee under assault at home as they are today.

AUDIO/VIDEO: January 6thThis is a moment to speak the truth and bury the lies. You can’t love your country only when you win.

AUDIO/VIDEO: History is watching!Just like history watched 3 years ago on January 6th when insurrectionists stormed this very capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy.

  • This speech was written by a group of angry women.
  • It was vindictive, it was angry and it was a straight up attack on all who align w/ the ‘other side’.
  • This Democracy thing had a dagger to its throat on January 6th!
  • Wait a minute, I’ve heard all of this before, this we are going to go after the rich and to big corporations. 
  • You can confiscate the wealth of every rich person and you won’t make dent.
  • But then again, what else did you expect?
  • In 2020 and 2021 Nancy was sworn in and Schumer took a one seat lead.
  • If that were the case, the salvation of the US is to fleece the rich…why didn’t they do it then?
  • Why didn’t they pass this when they had the House, the Senate and the signing pen?
  • They could have done it in the 666 bill, the stemmy check bill 1,2 and 3…the list goes on and on.
  • They know this isn’t a solution.
  • How do you get out of this?
  • Andy said you have to control the spending, you have to stop spending.
  • One of the things on Ron Paul’s platform – If we went back to 2001 spending, before the Iraq war, and just did NOTHING else, in 4 years you could eliminate the need for the income tax and you could balance the budget.
  • You wouldn’t even need the income tax to balance the budget. 
  • So is there a solution?
  • Well yes of course there is.
  • You can’t run an enterprise this large w/ debt, you will run out of other peoples money.
52m AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN Host Scott Jennings on SOTUHe was obsessed w/ his political rival more than he was obsessed w/ the condition of the American people, it was so weird. This guy lectures us on unity and he gives the most partisan convention speech.

  • Statesmen practice a craft, you have to have a higher calling, you have to have a higher calling than yourself.
  • You have to put the common good interest of the STATE over your personal ones.
  • This is what a spoiled child does, he complains about the size of the ball.
  • This is what happens when you are losing, you give a speech like this.
  HEADLINE: A Response to Biden’s State of the Union Address by Daniel Oliver
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson after SOTUThat was possibly the darkest and most un-American speech ever given by an American president. It wasn’t a speech, it was more of a rant!

Gold Star Parents – 

  • President Trump used to have the Gold Star parents come to the White House.
  • President Biden had one arrested last night at the SOTU address.
  • President Trump called Laken Riley’s parents.
  • President Biden couldn’t even remember her name!
  • Gold Star father Steve Nikoui was arrested for shouting “Abbey Gate”.
  • His son Marine Lance Cpl. Kareen Nikoui was killed outside the Kabul International Airport. 
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Who Picks The People To Respond To The SOTU?

  • So who is picking the losers that are giving the responses?
  • Maggie couldn’t even sit through 30 seconds of the response. 
  • Who told the stupid party that identity politics was the way to go?
  • Where the hell are the men?
  • Maybe have a white guy since the Big Guy was bashing successful white guys all night.
  • Remember during the Barrack Obama era the Julia Campaign? 

HEADLINE: “Katie” Britt’s Estrogen-Laden Response to the SOTU by Ann Coulter 

  • The last white male to give the response was Mitch Daniels in 2012. Coincidentally, it was the last decent one. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) after SOTURight now our Commander in Chief is not in command. The free world deserves better than a dithering and diminished leader.

  • She sounded like Sarah McLachlan in an SPCA commercial.
  • For the love of God, quit it already with the kitchens, dining room tables, fireplaces, living rooms, sofas, or anything else warm, fuzzy and cozy. It’s politics, for crying out loud. Normal people want politicians working to make their lives better, not emoting with us — least of all with the completely unbelievable story about her “sitting around the kitchen table” trying to figure out how her family can ever get by on her $174,000 base salary, PLUS premium health care for her whole family, PLUS a gigantic pension (which no longer exists anywhere in America except for teachers.
  • About 75% of the people that find my sub stack come from Ann Coulter.
  • I don’t agree w/ her on Trump but agree w/ her on a lot of things.
1h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: COVID Vaccine Curing CancerThe vaccine that saved us from COVID are now being used to beat cancer!

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK January 12, 2016Barrack Obama says Joe Biden is going to cure cancer. Moon Shot: I’m putting Joe in charge of Mission Control for the loved ones we have all lost, lets make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.

  • Let’s talk about the COVID vaccine for a little bit.
  • Cancer is still a killer, some survive it but for the most part it kills people. 
  • Are they going to put people on a Cancer Vaccine schedule? 
  • Do you get the shots before so you keep from getting cancer?
  • Do you get the shots AFTER you have been diagnosed? 
  • How will the doctors know if they can cure you or not?
  • What a great business model right?!
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson SOTU (Roe v Wade)There was not a meaningful word for the entire duration about the things that actually matter to the people who live here. You can’t have a safe clean country but you can have a lot more abortion, you can have all the abortions you want. Abortion is the one thing that is pretty easy to get in this country.
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  • Regime Leader Biden, looked at the men and women in black robes and yelled at them.
  • He told them they got Roe v Wade wrong and they would find out just how powerful women are in 2024.
1h39m SARCO Project 

  • The website that you will find this killing machine on is a site dedicated to killing people. 


QUESTION: What does Nitrogen do to your blood?

ANSWER: As we dive deeper and the water exerts increased pressure on our bodies, the nitrogen bubbles are compressed and easily enter the bloodstream from the lungs and are transported throughout the body’s tissues. 

  • Nitrogen is usually inert but can cause vascular obstruction and inflammation when excessive amounts are introduced into the blood vessels. Nitrogen’s partial pressure increases with sea depth and diminishes with altitude.
  • Before you climb into the death pod…you get a Fresca!
  • Master Human Race – 
  • Margaret Sanger – 
1h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Alex Jones w/ Tucker Carlson – Blue Print for Immigrants – Rome took 400 years of bringing in foreign troops to fall, they didn’t do it on purpose, but the globalist…look at Rome and they go ‘that is a blueprint, that is an owner’s manual, that is a battle plan’. 
  Rep Jamie Raskin – We have a bill so yes I absolutely believe the are capable of it and that is the plan. 

  • Now how many seats do they have to steal?
  • I think they will stop at nothing.
  • I think Trump will win but if we are reading results – 
  • Civil War – is it on the horizon? 
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HEADLINE: Biden Kicks Off State Of The Union With Whoppers About Alabama IVF Ruling by Jordan Boyd

  • During the first 10 minutes of his 2024 State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden falsely claimed that the Alabama Supreme Court “shut down IVF treatments across the state,” when in reality it ruled that embryos are people with inherent value, not legal property.
  • Contrary to the Democrat’s sweeping claims, the Alabama Supreme Court’s civil ruling never dictated how Big Fertility in the state should approach assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or embryo creation. It was fertility facilities in the state that chose to abruptly halt their IVF operations after independently determining that serially creating and discarding unlimited embryos might put them on the legal hook for negligence.  
  • They want to make nationally legal surrogacy. 
  • Let’s be clear here, this is only an issue b/c they want to legalize it so homos can buy babies.

Richard Barrett

  • When it goes from 40 – 80 degrees, my Rhode Island blood doesn’t do well.
  • So I have an allergy issue right now.
  • If you want to think he is your leader he did what you wanted, he yelled at everyone that goes against you.
  • That speech was on tone for them…that side.
  • The Democratic party was trying really hard to convince everyone they want Biden running again.
  • The Theatre Kids in the Dem party were working overtime. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson on SOTUI’m not sure who wrote this speech. but they went out there to lob grenades. He tried to suggest that we are in great shape and that is simply not true. It is in decline in every measurable category. Gaslighting the American people isn’t going to work anymore. 

  • Technically a high capacity magazine is a standard 30 round magazine.
  • They all have their genesis 1982 – 
  • There is no such thing as a low capacity magazine.
  • When the liberal women on MSNBC made fun of people in Virginia worried about the border even after what happened in Virginia with the 14 year old girl.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi after SOTU, Laken Riley KillerHe should’ve said undocumented. But that isn’t a big thing okay.

  • They simply have no empathy.
  • They simply don’t care about the American people.
  • They care more about the ‘optics’ of their policies to other countries.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greene Laken Riley Act All 5 of the Georgia Democrats voted NO on the Laken Riley Act and that was shocking.












Richard Barrett

Host of the Barrett Brief 

  • It is a replacement for the average American.
  • They want China-style government and you can’t get all of that even w/ the leftist Dem so you have to bring in those that don’t have any attachment to the country and they will just do whatever the government tells them to do.
  • Congress – Ban TikTok Nationwide – 
  • I hate TikTok and think it needs to go away immediately!
  • The Republicans let this woman give this after SOTU address and there were so many better people up for the job right?
  • In the US Senate there is only one statesman orator.
  • The whole ‘response’ is a Death Trap – it has always been a death trap.
  • She was the youngest one and she drew the short straw.
  • NO ONE has survived the after the SOTU address.
  • America’s sweetheart who does charity work – NCAA history they didn’t pick Caitlin Clark they went w/ the girl that wears low cut dresses. 
  • This is the leading scorer in NCAA history, plays for Iowa, broken every record that you can throw at her, she isn’t tattooed up, she hasn’t dyed her hair hot pink and she does a crap ton of charity work…but that isn’t good enough for the GOP.
  • This is how Conservatism just always picks the wrong horse.
  HEADLINE: Ex-con turned NYC criminal justice activist busted after head of prison rival found in freezer of apartment he left in blond wig by Georgett Roberts, Joe Marino, Haley Brown and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon 

  • Sheldon Johnson, a 48-year-old staffer for the public law firm Queens Defenders, was led out of the 44th Precinct stationhouse in handcuffs Thursday after police made the grisly discovery — a human torso in a blue bin and a head stashed in a freezer in the sixth-floor apartment, police said.
  • In an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Johnson, who claimed he used to be a member of the Bloods gang, told host Josh Dubin he was arrested and sentenced to a maximum of 50 years for using a gun to rob several men who owed him money for drugs.
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