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The Mike Church Show-Bobulinski Reveals Biden As The CCP’s Manchurian President

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13m Hunter Hearing

  • I think the whole hearing can be encapsulated in Bobulinski’s final moments yesterday.

When he said this:  “I wish you would spend your time focusing on the fact the Chinese Communist Party infiltrated the WH of the US through the Biden family. I don’t say that lightly. It’s not a joke. I was willing to die for this country. Take the Biden name and the Biden family completely out of it. How did the CCP infiltrate the WH? Let’s start there, focus on those facts. What they did, how they did it, why they used money, whey they used private enterprises instead of military…that is huge to our national security.”

  • That is a very good question is it not?
  • Does none of this matter to the Democrats?
  • The left always says ______ is a THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY so why isn’t this a massive threat?
  • Why is the left covering this up?
  • Let me tell you something about Communism for a moment.
  • SERIES – One Child Nation
  • You want to see how Communism works, how detrimental to the citizens and society as a whole.
  • When we say Chicoms – they are the successor of Lenin and Stalin.
  • QUESTION: Should we allow the Chinese to buy land here in the United States?
  • NO, absolutely not!
  • 1/3 of the United States is either Communist, on their way to being Communist or wish to be Communist. 
  • That should horrify every single human here.
  • Communism KILLS, b/c it is the absence of God.
  • The enemy of Christianity = Communism 
  • There aren’t enough Americans that have a healthy fear of Communism.
  Kanekoa The Great

Twitter – @KanekoaTheGrea

  • China’s President Xi Jinping personally approved CEFC China Energy’s business partnership with the Biden family.
  • When Tony Bobulinski expressed concern about Hunter and James Biden’s ability to overrule him on corporate decisions, Hunter let Bobulinski know that CEFC’s Ye Jianming and Zang Jianjun were in business “to be partners with the Bidens” and that “the #1 (Xi Jinping) has made that clear.”
  • “TONY that is what Zhang implied – they are both coming to be MY partner to be partners with the Bidens. He has implied that the #1 [Xi Jinping] has made that clear and available to him.”
  • Hunter referred to President Joe Biden as “my Chairman,” and James Gilliar, a Biden business partner, reminded Bobulinski: “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.” 
  • In an FBI interview last year, James Biden told agents that he and Hunter were trying to help CEFC China Energy purchase U.S. energy assets while they believed the company’s chairman had direct ties to China’s President Xi Jinping.
  • “James B noted that RHB [Robert Hunter Biden] portrayed CEFC to him as Chairman Ye was a protégé of President Xi,” FBI agents wrote in the report.
  • Rob Walker, another Biden business partner, also confirmed that President Biden attended a meeting with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, who Hunter and James considered “a protégé of President Xi.”
  • The Biden family received millions from CEFC China Energy, including a million-dollar wire transfer from CEFC’s Patrick Ho, whom Hunter called “the spy chief of China,” after Ho was arrested by the DOJ for bribing African politicians with millions in cash for their countries’ oil rights.
  • President Biden received money from Hunter and James Biden’s deal with CEFC China Energy through Sara Biden, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
  • Specifically, 10% for the Big Guy.
  • In other words, President Joe Biden, Hunter’s “Chairman,” attended meetings and received money from his family’s business deal with CEFC China Energy, a company where his brother and son collaborated with individuals they described as “the spy chief of China” and “a protégé of President Xi.”
  • Why did they want American assets? 
  • You don’t invade you infiltrate.

MarcoPolo501c3 on Twitter –

  • Released a 644-page Report on the Biden Laptop that thoroughly documents 459 crimes committed by the Bidens & their associates.  

•140 business crimes  

•191 sex crimes  

•128 drug crimes  

  • On page 117, the Report documents Xi Jinping personally approving of the business partnership between CEFC China Energy and President Biden’s family.
38m HEADLINE: Biden Administration Announces Rule Aimed at Expanding Electric Vehicles by Coral Davenport

  • The regulation would require automakers to sell more electric vehicles and hybrids by gradually tightening limits on tailpipe pollution.
  • A record 1.2 million electric vehicles rolled off dealers’ lots last year, but they made up just 7.6 percent of total U.S. car sales, far from the 56 percent target under the new regulation. An additional 16 percent of new cars sold would be hybrids.
  • There is a story about E-Waste and how the economist are complaining about all the old laptops and cellphones…what about these batteries?
  • Where will all these EV batteries go?
  • There will be METRIC TONS.













AUDIO/VIDEO: Mr Tony Bobulinski Opening StatementRep Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, both lawyers….will continue to lie today in his hearing and then go straight to the media and tell more lies. 

  • This is what Democrats do.
  • Here on the Mike Church Show – I am committed to the truth, defending every single day the good, true and beautiful. 
  • Mr Raskin is one of them, he isn’t a good guy.
  • He lies w/ impunity, how does he sleep at night?
  • They think their success somehow benefits us.
  • You cannot commit an evil act and expect a result that is good.
  • There is evil out there, you can’t allow the enemies of God to get a foothold.
  • Mr Bobulinski went into this hearing w/ both guns blazing.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mr Tony Bobulinski Opening Statement Continues after Raskin Interruption  It is clear to me that Joe Biden was the brand being sold by the Biden family. His family did this from China to elsewhere. Joe Biden was more than a participant. He was an active and aware participant. If this was fully legal and proper, why are they so dishonest about it?

  • Why is Peter Navarro in jail right now?
  • He is in jail b/c he ‘perjured’ himself.
  • He is being punished for ‘obstructing justice’. 
  • What was the business? 
  • What was the family business?
  • Did they make a widget, did they build things, did the consult on things being made?
  • The business was getting the Government and its rules against these businesses out of the way.
  • We will pay you to remove or get us around law X.
  • There is no business here, they make nothing!
  • This is all under the table shady dealings here.
  • This is the heart of the whole matter here folks.
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1h11m Bobulinski Committee Hearing

  • If organized crime is a business, fine.
  • If cheating and making it so foreign actors can do things in other countries, then the Biden’s are in business.
  • If there are rules in place to keep this type of stuff from happening, then it is a crime.
  • Bobulinski thought he was getting into business w/ these people to create energy companies.
  • QUESTION: Why Does the United States Have Foreign Aid?
  • Why do we have it?
  • ANSWER: The foreign aid is not distributed to the poor people to go buy eggs or for seeds to plant. Once you understand this, you know why so many people are able to do nothing and live the life of luxury.
  • QUESTION: What is the foreign aid actually for then?
  • ANSWER: It is distributed through primarily through these things called NGO’s. 
  • This isn’t conspiracy theory, this is a matter of public record.
  • Why do you think Mitch McConnell boasts about money going to Ukraine is actually staying here in the form of job creation etc.
  • You have been lied to and you are being stolen from.
  • This is a misallocation of resources. 
  • The Biden and Clinton families get rich off of this type of stuff.
  • In the meantime, manufacturing and agriculture – 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Jason Galanis Opening StatementMr Zhao was interested in this partnership b/c of the game-changing value add of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, who was to be a member of the Burnham-Harvest team post-vice presidency, providing political access in the United States and around the world.

  • This firm was a $300 billion connected to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Someone made a comparison here w/ E Jean Carroll and Bobulinski.
  • She couldn’t remember what she wore, she couldn’t remember the date in which the ‘rape’ happened and she was awarded $83 million dollars.
  • Bobulinski has emails, text messages, recordings and all manner of evidence and the media calls him a liar.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz to Jason Galanis  

Gaetz – Mr Galanis, what’s your reaction to that testimony from Hunter Biden in light of you describing the Biden Lift?

Galanis – I think it is patently false. It’s belied by my emails. And I think that there’s documentation that says that’s just an untruthful statement.

  • Devon Archer – he showed up at Tuckers place and did an interview w/ him, why?
  • Money that is being launder through defense contracts and foreign aid made this possible.
  • These people are parasites and I know this exists and it bothers me.
  • This shouldn’t happen, the only reason it is possible is b/c the average American thinks foreign aid is 10% necessary for all things in all areas of the globe.
  • The middle class has all the money and all the resources.
  • The taxing base is you and w/o you the whole damn thing crumbles. 
  • You have the money, if you don’t pay your cable bill, they lose.
  • You don’t pay your ISP bill, they lose.
  • YOU have a stake in all of this!!!
  • The Federal monster requires mothers to leave the home and make the money so it can be taxed.
  • It shouldn’t be this way.
  • It is virtually now impossible to have only one person in the workforce. 
  • That is intentional. 
  • This is why all of this should drive you mad. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Mr Tony Bobulinski Goes Off On Democrat Ro KhannaCongressman Khanna scurried out of here real quickly. I’m disgusted that he didn’t address me. I have extensive emails w/ him in 2021-2022. I begged him and his staff to sit down w/ me and go through all the factual information I had. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Clay Higgins w/ Mr Bobulinski You have a major Chinese company that is paying a lot to the Biden family in diamonds. Are you familiar w/ the exchange of valuable assets used to pay the Biden’s other than electronic transactions? There is not debate that millions of dollars flowed into the Biden’s family bank accounts. 

  • So how do you trace diamonds?
  • You can track wire transfers, you can track check payments but you can’t really track diamonds can you?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Crocket ‘questioning’ of Tony BobulinskiMeltdown while trying to defend the Biden crime family.

Who voted for this woman?

This is a prime example of why women should not be in positions of power.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep AOC to Tony BobulinskiI have a quick question, is it your testimony today that you personally witnessed President Joe Biden commit a crime? What crime did you witness? 

Bobulinski – RICO and other statues. 

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Green to Tony Bobulinski Who is the number one in these messages? Is the number one Xi Jinping? This was in 2017 but Joe Biden told the press in 2016 he was running for President in 2020. 

  • Why does the US Attorneys office have any knowledge of them back then and why should it be open again?
  • They were tipped off after the laptop from hell, they were told Hunter was doing deals w/ China and he was committing sex crimes and drug crimes.
  • There has been the implication that there was a juvenile. 
  • The Chinese wanted to buy energy companies in the United States and the Biden were going to make that possible. 
  • All this audio is only dealing w/ the Chinese but we know there is much more.
  • We haven’t even touched on Ukraine yet.
  • What they were doing again go back to the NGO’s.
  • Burisma – 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Mike Waltz on Rep SwalwellI find it incredibly rich Mr Swalwell was going to come to this committee and lecture us about how China penetrates our government. I think that’s something he may know a thing or two about it.
  Biden’s EV Mandate

HEADLINE: Biden Administration Announces Rule Aimed at Expanding Electric Vehicles by Coral Davenport

  • So to the American people he says – we the leader of the Biden Regime – screw you.
2h27m HEADLINE: Trump dominated Florida GOP primary, but didn’t beat his 2020 numbers by Lori Rozsa 

  • Trump got 81% of the vote.
  • They started early voting a month ago in Florida.
  • DeSantis was still a candidate and so was Nikki Haley at that time of early voting.
  • You have to have all the facts before you just plunge into this article because of course she NEVER mentions any of the above facts.
  • “Whatever you do don’t send your kids to therapy it will only screw them up more.” – Hank Hill












EV v Gas Car

  • Do you know what Trump is going to do with this story?
  • You know you will put out of business a 1/3 or 1/2 of car dealers.
  • They don’t want to have to deal w/ this.
  • You won’t have the kind of maintenance work.
  • The engineering and mechanisms aren’t the same.
  • Will the EV’s outlast the combustion engine? 
  • Permits will have to be purchased for battery disposal.
  • The ASE mechanics will not know how to service these cars.
  • This is an attempt to stop the production of new automobiles.
  • Nearly three years in the making, the new tailpipe pollution limits from the Environmental Protection Agency would transform the American automobile market. A record 1.2 million electric vehicles rolled off dealers’ lots last year, but they made up just 7.6 percent of total U.S. car sales, far from the 56 percent target under the new regulation. An additional 16 percent of new cars sold would be hybrids.
  • The power grid that we currently have is NOT made for this kind of recharging.
  • EV cars are also 3 times the weight of a regular car.
  • We already have severe infrastructure issues, what are you going to do when the 40 cars on that crumbling bridge are all EV’s?
  • What is going to happen when the 4th floor of the parking garage are all EV cars?
  • What about the fact they don’t go long distances?
  • This really should just anger everyone.
  • Cars used to be cool, they used to be fun to drive.
  • Now it is luxury and utility only.
  • Why does the left ruin everything?
  HEADLINE: Heroes of the Old West by Joseph Pearce 

  • There are two types of heroism. There is the heroism of Achilles and there is the heroism of Hector. The first is the heroism of the Strong Man who gets even with his enemies through the power that he wields; the second is the heroism of the Good Man who lays down his life in defence of good things worth defending. The first type of hero sacrifices others in pursuit of his own self-empowerment; the second type of hero sacrifices himself to protect the weak from Strong Men seeking self-empowerment. The courage of the former is rooted in pride; the courage of the latter is rooted in humility.
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