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The Mike Church Show-Diddy’s Rap-Sex Cult Was Created To Destroy The Black Family

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Diddy’s Rap-Sex Cult Was Created To Destroy The Black Family



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Robert F. Kennedy Jr Vice President Pick

  • She was married to one of the co-founders of Google.
  • Nicole Shanahan – 
  • When she divorced him he was worth $118 billion.
  • She is one of the wealthiest women in the world.
  • His media campaign manager is Del Matthew Bigtree and that is a big deal.
  • The Kennedy’s were known for a devout Catholic family.
  • They gradually grew away from the faith.
  • Kennedy comes from Christian stock and Shanahan says she went to Catholic schools here whole life. 
  • Maybe he picked a morally sound upstanding woman?
  • If you look her up on Wikipedia – she held a ‘love ceremony’ w/ a guy and the ceremony had Druid feel to it.
  • I agree w/ my buddy on this – this is a man-made Utopia with no God in the mix.
  • The speech was all about the ‘human spirit’ this ethereal new age BS.
  • I think this is tragic.
  • I think RFK Jr has the wrong advisors.
  • If he ran and was more like his Uncle, he would go farther. 
  • At the end of the day here is MY analysis – he will poll in double digits, like 15-18% and I believe almost all of that comes from Biden and the Democrat party.
  • The DNC has 3 full-time staffers and all they do is file lawsuits to prevent RFK Jr getting on the ballots. 
  • It is THEIR democracy at the end of the day.
  • I fully expect they both have more than enough money to be on the ballots and squash these lawsuits. 
  • It is going to be a horror show for the Biden Regime.
  • Biden looks like Pappy Bush in 1991. 
  • He is completely off his game, what little he had, he reached his peak popularity long ago.
  • It would almost be suicidal for the Democrat party to not try and recruit RFK Jr. 
  • QUESTION: What happens if in California, RFK Jr can get 25% of the vote?
  • QUESTION: Where does he pull those voters from?
  • They won’t come from the MAGA ticket.
  • QUESTION: If you peel off 25% of the Democrat voters, where does that put Trump?
  • California is a winner take all state – 
  • Do the same math in NY – 
  • If that happens, BOTH electoral college votes go to Trump!
  • The Kennedy name still means something – that is what this comes down to. 


UPDATE on Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

  • Where is Puff Daddy?
  • That is the burning question of the day.
  • This is another PizzaGate here.
  • It is now beginning to emerge, the cabal, the Satanic Cult that runs the world, planned the destruction of the American black family.
  • They thought poverty would do it but somehow they continued to survive.


Baltimore Bridge Collapse

HEADLINE: 6 workers presumed dead after Baltimore bridge collapse; search-and-rescue mission suspended by NBC Washington Staff and the Associated Press

  • A lot of speculation on if this was a terror attack or a cyber attack.
  • I’ve seen the videos of the ‘possible’ explosions on the top of the bridge. 
  • The Coast Guard made the announcement yesterday that it was now a recovery attempt not a rescue attempt.
  • This is a channel that empties out into a bay.
  • Tides change and the water moves very quickly, it has heavy currents.
  • He was an older gentleman and he was visibly upset about not being able to rescue anyone else.
  • The Maryland Department of Transportation – HEROES
  • They heard the MayDay – the construction workers heard it and STOPPED traffic

HEADLINE: ‘Heroes’ saved lives by keeping drivers off Baltimore’s Key Bridge moments before collapse, governor says by Andrew Swalec 



Caller JT Dulaney from Baltimore

  • I could see the collapse from my house.
  • I could hear it but couldn’t feel it.
  • It sounded like the longest thunderstorm I ever heard.
  • From the perspective that channel that connects everything, it is the 2nd most used cannel in the world behind the Panama Canal. 
  • It is the port of entry for most East coast delivery of automobiles.
  • The Coast Guard shut the port down, nothing in and nothing out.
  • This bridge is part of the beltway.
  • That is the only Hazmat route on the East Side of town.
  • What does this do to me locally?
  • With the bridge I can go to the store in 5 minutes.
  • Without the bridge it will take 25 or so. 
  • This will impact businesses on this waterway for sure.
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  • Having things made in countries that most people can’t point to on a map instead of making them here in America.
  • If you have access to a water way, that is a key ingredient to human flourishment. 
  • Can we make these things we are constantly shipping here on barges filled to the top w/ shipping containers. 
1h18m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden’s Remarks on Bridge ReconstructionOver 30,000 vehicles pass over this bridge. I instructed my team to move Heaven and Earth to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge. We will work hand in hand w/ Maryland. It is my intention the Federal gov will pay for the entire reconstruction of the bridge w/ the help of Congress. We aren’t leaving until the job gets done.

LA Bridge – 

HEADLINE: The 1994 earthquake broke the 10 Freeway. How L.A. rebuilt it in record time by Times Staff 

  • An accelerated construction effort — one spurred by round-the-clock work — led to reopenings ahead of schedule. In the case of the 10 Freeway, which saw two sections flattened by the quake, contractor C.C. Myers Inc. finished the project 74 days ahead of schedule, allowing it to reopen in April— about three months after the quake knocked it down. The company had been offered a $200,000 bonus for every day the work was finished ahead of schedule.
  • The  price tag on the project rose from the original bid of $14.9 million to nearly $30 million.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg 

Reporter – How long are you prepared for this shipping channel to be closed.

Buttigieg – The port here does the most vehicle handling of any port at all. There is no question this will be a major impact to supply chains. The main part is inside the channel and it is blocked. 

  • When the power goes out and then back on they floored it and they ended up turning sideways and the current turned it straight back towards the bridge. 
  • How long before they ask for another ABC agency to monitor the port?
  • I believe that is why Pete mentioned that in this briefing. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Announcing His VP PickIt is my pleasure to announce to you the future VP of America, Nicole Shanahan.

  • She made 2 movies Kiss the Ground and Common Ground.
  • Both are about regenerative farming.
  • She is right when she talks about the food supply being poisoned. 
  • Trump isn’t going to run w/ that at all b/c Big Ag is Big Business.
  • I think you could convert Trump on this at the end of the day b/c he is a realist. 
  • Can you get it done and can you actually win?
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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Watters on Sean ‘Diddy’ CombsWe believe the raid was triggered by a litany of lawsuits accused the mogul of rape, sex trafficking, pedophilia and more. And it’s not just Diddy that’s implicated, this goes straight to the heart of the music industry.

  • Did you know that the New York City Mayor gave Diddy the key to the city?
  • Blackmail ring – where have you heard this before?
  • E Michael Jones – he has mentioned several times P Diddy and about it not being about him alone.
  • It is about bringing the famous in, recording them doing things w/ underage girls and boys. 
  • They were looking for electronics.
  • Recording devices that just like Jeffery did, use them later for blackmail. 
  • What Epstein was doing for the white rich and famous, Diddy was doing it for the blacks.
  • ONE more piece to this – 
  • Understand there is a spiritual war that is going on.
  • You may not believe in demons and God but I promise you Satan believes in you!
  • Satan even in the presence of God would have to drop the knee.
  • What does Satan do to Jesus in the desert?
  • Satan tempts Jesus.
  • When I came back to New Orleans, the main commercial was for Soul Train Fashions.
  • What did they sell there?
  • Dress attire for men, predominately black men. 
  • Remember when black men dressed to impress?
  • They had a dignified culture and they traded it for the rap culture.
  • The rap culture that said slinging drugs and running guns was the best way of life. 
  • The rap culture that said dressing w/ your pants down around your ankles was living that ‘thug life’. 
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  • I am not a Ronna McDaniel fan.
  • I am a fan of ethics in broadcasting though.
  • What has been done to her is reprehensible.
  • I think she should sue MSNBC and personally sue Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow.
  • I think she should play the ‘chick’ card here.

HEADLINE: The Real Ronna McDaniel Controversy: Why Does The Former RNC Chair Want To Join Corrupt Corporate Media? by Christopher Jacobs 

  • Now I have spent the majority of my life in broadcasting and the radio business.
  • I didn’t get to make any personnel decisions, I couldn’t even pick my own fill-in hosts.
  • Talent doesn’t make these kinds of decisions. 
  • There is a serious ethical breech here.
  • This goes beyond the ‘well they are liberals’. 
  • They are fire breathing communist. 
  • In your own little bubble over there, you go on air and throw stones at a women you have never even met.
  • She simply has different political views than you do and you went on air and bashed her beyond belief. 
  • For them to make editorial decisions then dance on her grave after MSNBC removes her employment????
  • Satanic – what they did was evil, pure and simple.
  • Communism isn’t good, and the communist person is evil and you shouldn’t like them.
  • The good that could be done in broadcast media for the human race, there were good men that worked at it and tried their best do bring good and true information to the world.
  • Fulton Sheen, Father Patrick Payton – 
  • This is not the media I signed up to be apart of.
  • What happened to Ronna is wrong no matter if you agree w/ her politically or not.
  • Charles Payne on Fox Business – he is one of the good guys.
  • If you want something to pray for, pray for others in broadcasting that are trying to do news and not offend God.
  • They need to see and hear the truth. 
  • Pray for those in this sphere that are trying to do right by God and His people.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joy Reid & Rachel Maddow on NBC Resending Ronna McDaniels EmploymentOn air singing the praises of their NBC executives for not allowing Ronna to be employed there.

  • This is the rainbow and purification league at work here.
  • They want their little communist clan over there and there is no room for anyone that thinks differently. 
  • They don’t truly want to ‘defend democracy’. 
  • They don’t defend anything they only destroy. 














AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on The Five – Rational Thinking and Reality – We’ve allowed idiots malicious idiots to upend the greatest system ever, and we replaced rational thought w/ this irrational behavior in which all cost and benefits go out the window. 

  • Is Gutfeld right?
  • Where do we get rational from?
  • Reason root radix – TRUTH
  • Sense reality moving to abstract truth.
  • What is irrationality? 
  • A rejection of reality.

TKD reads from The Paths of Evil by Professor Roberto de Mattei

Conspiracy theories – 

Reductionism – they have reduced everything down to either doubt, opinion or error.

Social Sciences 

  • He talks about the delirium of interpretation. 
  • Every event of your life as proof of some scheme against them.
  • That is not clear rational thinking.
  • If you want to think it is all against you, simply stop doing that now.
  • If you instantly thought when that ship hit the bridge it was Putin, you are in that group of thinking.
  • The difference of the social paranoid and the medically paranoid. 
  • Everyone possesses an innately suspicious mind. 
  • Not only God but also freedom is absent.
  • I’m not saying there aren’t conspiracy theories because there are.
  • I’m just saying not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.
  • Everyone will have to face the 4 Final Things.
  • The point is this, where does God fit in?
  • In all of this, where does God come into the mix?
  • We act as though He doesn’t play in any role in our lives.
  • It is Gods world He is in charge and He knows what He is doing!
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