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The Mike Church Show-Hello ‘Muricah Meet Communist New York’s Ruler MAOtitia James!

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  Recorded Interview w/ Thomas Woods 

  • Everything is rotten and nothing can be done – that is where I leave the Libertarian plantation.
  • I don’t like that point of view, it isn’t productive.
  • God wills it or He allows it.  
15m Don Lemon and Elon Musk Interview

  • This Don Lemon character – he is everything wrong with modern man.
  • He is a spoiled rotten little brat.
  • He thinks b/c he is black and homosexual, everyone should agree w/ him and leave it at that.
  • The only person in the world more recognizable than Elon Musk is Donald Trump.
  • Elon Musk has 177.5 million followers on X.
  • These people forget the charity part all the time.
  • The thing that runs throughout the Gospels is charity.
  • Without charity I am nothing.
  • Don Lemon doesn’t understand what charity even is.
  • All he has is bitterness and contempt for others that aren’t like him.
  Bloodbath – 

  • The subject is American cars and the other subject is China.
  • He is clearly discussing putting a tariff on Chinese made cars in Mexico.
  • He is talking about protecting American workers jobs by doing this. 
  • It is going to be a bloodbath if…(he didn’t finish the sentence).
  • That is in the transcript – he went off the teleprompter at that point and just never finished his sentence. 
  • The implication was there, if you are a critical thinker, you could follow where he was going.
21m  SCOTUS 

Murthy v Missouri 

  • I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Congress was a government.
  • Congress Shall Make No Law – 
  • How about reading Article 1.
  • QUESTION: What can this entity called Congress do?
  • Article 1 Section 1 – All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
  • Article 1 Section 8 – The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States. 
  Haiti – 

  • This Barbeque guy may not be the super bad guy we all thought.
  • Maybe he is on to something, minus the burning tires and killing people.
  • Although Haiti has two official languages, Hatian Crecole and French, everyone in Haiti speaks Haitian Creole. Some scholars estimate that approximately 90-95% of the population is monolingual, speaking Haitian Creole.
  • Barbeque stated sometimes violence and overthrowing the government has to happen if they can’t get a seat at the table. 













Olivia Rodrigo and the Cross Roads 

  • I’m not going to tell you they went to Mississippi and made an actual deal w/ a demon that will wait for you and give you what you want at the cost of your soul.
  • Sammy Davis Jr and Robin Williams – 
  • Crossroads song – I went down to the Crossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord for mercy, help me if you please.

HEADLINE: Olivia Rodrigo Hands Out Free Morning-After Pills To Teenage Concertgoers by Elise McCue

  • Aren’t there age requirements on this Plan B pill?
  • They are in vending machines in some Universities. 
  • This is a human life you are killing b/c you wanted to have a good time.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Olivia Rodrigo on Fund 4 GoodIn partnership w/ the National Network of Abortion Funds. It is a global initiative committed to building an equitable and just future for women and girls through direct support of community-based non-profits. It supports reproductive rights and prevent gender-based violence. 

This girl doesn’t pull in an older crowd.

  • CHILDREN listen to her music.
  • She is promoting abortion and Plan B pills to children.
  • Is this what you call ‘success’? 
  • In addition to the free abortifacient at her concert, Missouri fans received cards that read “Funding abortion? It’s a good idea, right?” — a play on her song, “bad idea right?”
  • Olivia Rodrigo, a California native, got her start in acting with a breakout role in the Disney+ High School Musical reboot TV series. Since then, she went on to release the critically acclaimed 2021 album “Sour,” which secured her a Grammy for “Best New Artist.” Her 2023 sophomore follow-up, “GUTS” is met with equal praise. She laments through ballads and pop-rock songs the plights of teenage girlhood.
  Caller Derrick from Las Vegas – 

Crossroads and Demons 

  • You’d have to have 3 hands to do what he did on that guitar. 
  • He could do things that most people couldn’t figure out how he did that.
  • Robert Johnson met an untimely death at a very young age.
  • The 27 Club – Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones w/ the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and so on.
  • Story is much older than that.
  • 18th century – Niccolò Paganini – Italian Violinist and Composer
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1h12m Letitia James and Donald Trump

  • The amount is so large, no bond company has ever been asked for an amount this big.
  • There isn’t a bond company on Earth that has the capacity to write a bond this large.
  • This would seem then to me, that the judgement was unprecedented too right?
  • Bernie Madoff – for defrauding investors out of $64 billion. He pleaded guilty in March 2009 to securities fraud and other charges, saying he was “deeply sorry and ashamed,” and was sentenced to 150 years in prison. Additionally, Madoff was ordered to pay $170 billion in restitution to his victims.
  • The American Communist party now owns New York.
  • Did anyone have an issue w/ anything the Trumps had done for the state of New York prior to him coming down the escalator in July 2015?
  • The fact he refuses to quit is something unheard of by us these days.
  • I believe his heart and soul are all in the right place.
  • If this guy can’t stop the bleeding, then no one can.
  • I’m not saying he is going to ‘drain the swamp’ and solve everything.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe – Donald Trump BloodbathHe is talking about a bloodbath in America. These idiots on Twitter and Sunday shows, it’s all bullshit. He knew what he was doing. We aren’t stupid. Americans aren’t stupid. Sometimes a bloodbath means a bloodbath. 

  • Clarification sent by the Trump Team – 
  • It wasn’t a clarification or an apology he simply stated, everyone knew what I was talking about.
  • I was talking about imported cars and EV agenda by Joe Biden.
  • Let me take you back to the day Giffords was shot in the head.
  • In January 2011, US Rep Gabby Giffords and 18 others were shot during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Arizona. 
1h29m HEADLINE: CEO steps down after being hit with expensive EV repairs and low resale prices following purchase of 100,000 Teslas by Erick Schatzker, David Welch, Sridhar Natarajan and Bloomberg 

  • When the bill comes due for all the people that got hornswoggled into buying electric vehicles, it is going to be Armageddon. 
  • Wait until you have to replace the batteries.
  • You made an irrational, emotional and uninformed major purchase and the Biden’s won’t bail you out.
  • Forced obsolecense. 
  • Those batteries will go out, you will pay to tow it and then they will hit you with the charge of the replacement batteries. 
  • The Prius battery replacement cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,500.
  • That is just a hybrid what about the bigger top of the line cars?
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Charging an EV

  • If you want the city to pay for the charge, it will take a small car up to 18 hours to charge it fully. 
  • You can pay to  have a ‘super’ charge but even that takes about 8-10 hours.
  • So if you are renting a car, it is safe to say you don’t live in that area thus you don’t know where these charging stations are.
  • Most of these rental places are phasing out all Teslas completely.
  • Expensive repairs are the main reason.
  • So long story short, if Hertz is going to survive, they have to get rid of all their EV’s. 
  • Will the Big 3 get a bailout when this EV stuff all hits the fan?
  • Will Congress bail them out yet again?















AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk w/ Don Lemon – Illegals Coming Into Americans – In my view it is a simple, they have a disproportionate number are going to blue states. It is to amplify the effect of a blue state vote. My understanding is that there would be that the Democrats would lose approximately 20 seats in the house if illegals were not counted in census. And that’s also 20 less electoral votes for president. So illegals absolutely impact who controls the House and who controls the presidency.

  • The Electoral College
  • Why did the little states compromise?
  • One compromise was the apportionment for the slaves and the other was representation of the Senate.
  • QUESTION: Who ratifies treaties? Who does the SCOTUS?
  • ANSWER: The Senate
  • Our precious democracy was a representative republic from the GET GO!
  • The Senators were chosen back then, there was no popular election!
  • That is a FARCE. 
  • The Senate is there to give the small states representation in the Senate, which is a veto for things coming out of the ‘reactionary’ House. 
  • Senate can advise and concur w/ amendments.
  • Don Lemon is wrong and the electoral college is the result. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk w/ Don Lemon – Racism and Woke – I think we were all slaves at some point either then or now. Lets’ just move on and treat everyone like an individual. I think we are doing better than anywhere else. I think if we keep talking about it, it will never go away. I think we should get away from making everything about race.

  • Don Lemon sees everything through the eyes of racism.
  • This country was NOT founded on slavery.
  • This country was founded and it had slavery.
  • There is slavery everywhere still.
  • The password is slave – a 14 year old girl is sold into sex slavery.
  • This still happens today Don!
  • Slavery still exist in this country and Don doesn’t care about it b/c it doens’t fit his narrative.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk w/ Don Lemon – Purchasing X – I acquired X in order to preserve freedom of speech in America, the First Amendment, and I’m going to stick to that.

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Broadcasting Tips

  • Humility is the first thing you need to have when approaching an interview.
  • If you are interested in the subject, your audience will be too.
  • You can’t fake interest.
  • Lemon showed he wasn’t interested in Elon, he was interested in the gotcha moment. 
  • I would ask Elon about the book that was written about him.
  • Why did he chose TESLA?
  • I would ask him about PayPal and how he came about doing that.
2h18m AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk w/ Don Lemon – DEI Standards in Medicine – Lowering standards for doctors could lead to more deaths. If the standards for surgeons are lowered, then the probability is high. 

  • My daughter #2 scored a 30 on the MCAT, she wanted to be a doctor. She had amazing scores in college. She took her own money to take a class to increase that score. She was a white girl, 23 year old and wasn’t accepted into a single medical school. She was denied. 
  • 94% acceptance for blacks
  • What does this survey show?
  • It shows white guilt.
  • It shows that white people are being discriminated against intentionally in admissions. 
  • Dario had a 31 on his MCAT – for 5 years he has been denied to medical school, he is Italian.
  • My point in all of this is public information and Don Lemon couldn’t be bothered w/ researching it before asking Musk about the DEI in the medical field.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Catholic Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker – Strong Men – We are called to be leaders of our house and leaders in public. Men need to not care about what the world says about them. Jesus Christ was radical and said a lot of things that weren’t liked. Men need to stand for truth. 

  • This is exactly what needs to be said.
  • Men need to lead.
  • They need other strong men around them supporting them too.
2h26m HEADLINE: Drag Queen invited to White House by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accused of sexual assaults by Thomas Stevenson 

  • Does this even surprise anyone?
  • Drag Queen “Shangela,” who was invited by Kamala Harris to be the first drag queen at her residence for a pride event, invited to the White House, and also invited by President Joe Biden to attend the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act, has been accused of multiple sexual assaults. 
  • The performer, whose real name is Darius Pierce, 43, has been accused by four people of sexual assault or attempting to have sex with them when they were drunk to be able to consent. A fifth person alleges that Pierce attempted to anally penetrate them in a bathroom closet despite rejecting his advances. 
  • If Don Jr was accused of this he would be UNDER the jail already.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden in WH – Spending Money – My Republican friends tell me we’re spending a lot of money. We are saving billions.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Pearl Davis on w/ Jason Whitlock Podcast Fearless — Reconsidering the Catholic Faith – I would have said yes to that, like a month ago. We tend to elevate women higher than they should be. Recently I had the thought if the Catholic church did that with Mary. I still go to Catholic church now but I can’t really get that thought out of my mind.


  • From her flesh comes forth Jesus.
  • She is THE example for our daughters.
  • She is THE example of what women are supposed to be.
  • She replaces Eve. 
  • There can’t be enough love and veneration of Our Lady.
  • We don’t put her above Christ.
2h48m AUDIO/VIDEO: Western Lensman on What is Really Going on with Immigration

  • There  hasn’t been a reassignment on congressional seats yet.
  • They haven’t governed using their fake seats yet.
  • So what is Trump actually going to do about this?
  • Remember the biggest deportation? 
  HEADLINE: Trump faces having New York property seized after failing to pay $454m in fraud case by Claire Anderson 

  • Donald Trump has been ordered to pay $454 million in a civil fraud case brought by the state of New York, and the state’s attorney general has warned she will seize his assets if he doesn’t pay up. 
  • “If he does not have funds to pay off the judgement, then we will seek judgement enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets”. – AG James


AUDIO/VIDEO: SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown-JacksonMy biggest concern is has your view has the 1st amendment hamstringing the government in the most significant ways. In my hypothetical, I guess some might say the government actually has a duty to take steps to protect the people of this country. 
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