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14m Donald Trump Jr

HEADLINE: Hazmat unit rushes to Don Jr.’s Florida home over letter containing white powder and death threat – as furious ex-president’s son says ‘this wouldn’t be tolerated if I were a Democrat’ by Stephen M Lepore 

  • So someone mailed him a ‘white substance’ and the hazmat team is at his home.
  • Who could have possibly sent something like that to him?
  • Extreme MAGA gone rouge? 
  • A Christian Nationalist?
  • A letter containing white powder and a death threat was mailed to the Florida home of Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, as hazmat crews and emergency services arrived to investigate Monday.
28m HEADLINE: Corporate Media Cover For Biden’s Border Invasion By Pretending Laken Riley Murder Suspect Wasn’t An Illegal Crosser by Jordan Boyd 

  • I can tell you that I have a daughter who was w/ a sorority and she would go to several different college campuses.
  • This is why this story is so important to me.
  • This could have been my daughter.
  • Instead of acknowledging the prevalence of illegal border crosser crimes, corporate media launched a widespread operation to obscure the murder suspect’s nationality and his illegal presence in the U.S.
  • In its attempt to shift the blame for Riley’s death from the people encouraging a border invasion to the “fears of solo female athletes,” the Associated Press referred to the 26-year-old alleged murderer as an “Athens resident” instead of a Venezuelan who illegally made his way into the U.S. in 2022. The publication even went so far as to invoke the “2018 death of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts while out jogging” but refused to mention that her murderer was also an illegal border crosser. 

HEADLINE: White House finally breaks silence on brutal murder of Laken Riley without mentioning the Venezuelan illegal migrant suspect: Says ‘people’ need to be held to account’ and extends ‘deepest condolences’ to her heartbroken family by Emily Goodin 

  • Ibarra has been charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call, concealing the death of another and failure to appear for a finger printable charge.


Illegal Immigrant Murders

  • Without the 5th Estate, State Owned Media – none of this is possible.
  • You can’t do this w/ snail mail and pamphlets.
  • You can only do this by owning and controlling all media.
  • Why do we even call them MSM?
  • They aren’t main stream anything.
  • They are narrow in what they send out and what they cover. 
  • Axios Headline – “By using the term ‘open border,’ conservatives are falsely suggesting that anyone can get into the U.S. without much hassle. But the southern border is more fortified than it’s ever been,” the publication falsely claimed.

HEADLINE: Majority of Voters Support Building a Wall Along US-Mexico Border by Christian Hall 

  • A majority of Americans support building a wall along the US-Mexico border for the first time since Donald Trump popularized the idea during his 2016 presidential bid, according to a Monmouth University poll. 
  • The 53% of Americans who now approve of a border wall is a significant increase from the highest level, 44%, of support it received during the years Trump was in the White House, according to the poll, released Monday.
54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Pirro on Laken Riley’s Murder The amazing part of this is that liberals, they end up demanding gun control after a shooting, but they never demand border control after things like this happen.
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1h12m HEADLINE: On the Ohio State study showing vaccinated Covid patients had a HIGHER risk of death than the unvaccinated by Alex Berenson 

  • On Feb 6, Ohio State University researchers published a stunning finding, stunning to anyone overwhelmed by mainstream media mRNA propaganda since 2021, anyway. Vaccinated Covid patients hospitalized with respiratory failure were more likely to die than the unjabbed. 70 percent died, compared to 37 percent.
  • In January 2023 – physicians reported that in fall 2021, vaccinated patients admitted to intermediate care units in their hospital were more than twice as likely to die as unvaccinated patients – 62 percent versus 29 percent.
  • If you listened to the MCS, you already knew this and you knew this back when there was still a COVID counter on MSM outlets.
  HEADLINE: Chinese Control Over U.S. Oil And Gas At Heart Of Biden Family Influence Peddling, New Whistleblower Reveals by Michael Shellenberger 
   HEADLINE: Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower via ZeroHedge 

  • The alleged ‘plant’ in questionf is Jeff DiSantis – the county’s Deputy DA, who not only worked on Willis’s 2020 campaign and was the former Executive Director of the Democrat Party of Georgia, he was the DNC’s deputy director of compliance.
1h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Lara Logan on Hatred, Censorship & Intimidation Used by our GovernmentWhen the VP compares January 6th to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, it is a predicate to silence the opposition and justify the weaponization of the justice system. 
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1h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Lara Logan on How the Government Funds NGO’sI’m talking about Media Matters for America. I’m sure there’s many doctors in this room, scientists who’ve been attacked. It’s time for people in this building who come to work every day here to serve us. This the only country where we the people are the government.

  • Michael Matheson Miller – Poverty Inc Film 
  • These NGO’s are basically communist.
  • We tell African countries they can only grow x amount of rice, or wheat.
  HEADLINE: Family members of victims killed in crash say they had ‘beautiful relationship’; charges filed against driver by Sam Clancy and Justina Coronel 

  • I don’t know how this isn’t a homicide.
  • This man was doing 70+ on a downtown road with the speed limit of 35mph.
  • Monte Henderson, 22, was charged Thursday in their deaths. He is facing two counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and two counts of armed criminal action, all felony charges. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Victoria Nuland on Ukraine I have strong confidence after they have been out in their districts and hearing from their people that we will do what we have always done which is defend democracy and freedom around the world. 




HEADLINE: Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower via ZeroHedge 

  • Multiple sources that the Biden administration “planted a Democrat operative in the Fulton County office to target former President Trump,” which according to the report “would present a strong argument that the administration interfered in the 2024 presidential election.”
  • The alleged ‘plant’ in questionf is Jeff DiSantis – the county’s Deputy DA, who not only worked on Willis’s 2020 campaign and was the former Executive Director of the Democrat Party of Georgia, he was the DNC’s deputy director of compliance.
  • Fulton County, you mean to tell me Fani was the best you could do?
  • I mean we do have a President that wears velcro sneakers…we obviously aren’t on the top of our game these days as a country.
  • “Anyone that has common sense knows that the White House has been involved in this prosecution,” a source continued. “This shouldn’t just miraculously happen. Of course, she’s [Willis] not going to prosecute the former president United States without the current administration’s approval.”
  • Jennifer L Little – Georgia Bar
  • Private Investigator Charles Mittelstadt – 


HEADLINE: 2,000+ calls, 12,000 texts alleged between DA Fani Willis, special prosecutor by Tim Darnell 

  • Using a cellular geo-mapping and analysis program called CellHawk, Mittlestadt’s report revealed “more than 2,000 voice calls and just under 12,000 text messages exchanged over the 11-month period in 2021,” Friday’s court filing said. “A heat map … highlights the interaction patterns which demonstrate a prevalence of calls made in the evening hours.”
  • The analysis appears to indicate Willis and Wade were communicating extensively before they say their romantic relationship began.
  • Okay lets break this down – what is azimuth?
  • The degrees off the horizon.
  • The nodes – the white looking contraptions that point in different directions and different angles. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tim Fitton Founder of Judicial Watch to CongressWe have a simple request to Congress, do your job. Again the Republican-controlled House has the option AGAIN over the next few days to defund the prosecutorial abuse of Trump and other election rigging. I see a dirty CR, it will fund the worst in our government. 

  • This new CR still has money in it for Ukraine.
  • Not as much but there is still money for Ukraine in it.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Virginia Lt Governor Winsome Sears in Senate chamber calls transgender Senator Danica Roem, Sir instead of preferred pronounsTransgender storms out of the hall.

(Winsome is first female Lt Gov)

2h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Phil on The View – Cancelling School for COVIDThey were the least vulnerable group, and they suffered and will suffer more from the mismanagement of COVID than they will from the exposure to COVID. And that’s not opinion, that’s a fact.
  HEADLINE: Rural America Set to Be Transformed By 55 Million-Acre Federal Solar Plan by Kevin Stocklin  

  • Solar energy’s appetite for vast amounts of land has prompted the Biden administration to propose designating as much as 55 million acres of public lands as potential sites for industrial-scale solar farms.
  • That’s an area larger than 36 states and similar in size to Idaho or Minnesota.
  • This isn’t a needful arsenal or stockyard, there is nothing in the Constitution that allows for this type of land grab.
  • Absolutely NOTHING!
  • 55 million acres across 11 Western states would be made available for solar energy. The least aggressive alternative would designate 8 million acres for that purpose.
  • In total, the BLM manages 162 million acres of public land designated as “multi-use.” These multiple uses include farming, ranching, hunting and fishing, hiking and camping, drilling, and mining—and more recently, wind and solar installations and transmission lines to connect them to the grid.
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