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The Mike Church Show-How Your Small Sanctuary City Is Harboring Illegal Alien Killers.

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15m HEADLINE: Flash Alert: False Flag Launched Tonight as Ukrainian Military on the Verge of Collapse by Demosthenes The Younger 

  • Ukraine is collapsing, and no amount of money or aid can stop it.  This is for two reasons.  One, they are out of bodies and two, we don’t have the industrial capacity to produce the weapons they require in the quantities needed.  I have repeatedly warned this was never winnable for Ukraine and that conventional operations don’t fail slowly or degrade in a linear fashion.  Rather, conventional collapse compounds rapidly and catastrophically. After the collapse of Avdeevka, which I dubbed Zelensky’s Stalingrad, I stated that the rest of the war would be a bloody delaying action as the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated to Kiev.  This is materializing fast.  Ukraine has now entered the collapse cycle and are falling back fast.  Only NATO intervention will have a chance to avert total defeat for Ukraine.  This has created panic within NATO.  All parties know Ukraine is rapidly approaching the point of no return and it is do or die.  A decision must be made whether to send in NATO troops.  I believe based on the preponderance of the evidence, that the decision has been made.  As I have warned, a pretext in the way of a false flag would be required to set in motion the chain of events to enable this.  Tonight, reports have come in that Transnistria has launched a drone attack against Ukraine, which if true, very likely will be that event.
  • Who in the hell wants World War?
  • This is an unmitigated disaster!
  • NATO is contemplating sending in troops to Ukraine!
  • Donald Trump said NATO is trying to drag the US into this war in Ukraine and that Biden is so committed to his money laundering scheme in Ukraine that he will most likely do it.


Michigan Primary Votes

  • Trump got 756k votes winning 68% of Michigan primary voters.
  • Biden got 618k votes winning 81% of Michigan primary voters.
  • We should be talking about now that Donald Trump will be the nominee for the 3rd time and someone needs to stop the bleeding.
  • Sanctuary States – 
  • California is broke they need $68 billion just to get to not being in the red.
  • Illinois will be next, then Pennsylvania then, New Jersey then New York is after that. 
  • Because of the 14th Amendment they can’t borrow money so what will they do?


HEADLINE: Chairs of House Judiciary and Immigration Committees Demand Info From DHS on Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Laken Riley by Debra Heine 

  • Bulldog KIA owner David Kernall, all 3 of his daughters went to that University.
  • This could have been one of them, they were very active and ran every single day around the campus.
  • This isn’t going to slow down.















Situational Awareness 

HEADLINE: Chairs of House Judiciary and Immigration Committees Demand Info From DHS on Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Laken Riley by Debra Heine

  • Violent Crime is down in Venezuela. 

HEADLINE: Undocumented immigrant accused of rape, stabbing in separate Kenner incidents by FOX 8 Staff 

  • Legal documents accuse Ibarra of kidnapping Riley between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. while she was jogging on the Athens campus, Thursday.
  • The affidavits allege that Ibarra “physically” prevented Riley from making or completing a 911 call, and inflicted “severe physical harm” with an unidentified object, “disfiguring her skull.” 
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested Ibarra Sept. 8, 2022, after he unlawfully entered the United States near El Paso, Texas. He was paroled and released for further processing.
  • You can’t blame Trump for this b/c his policy was if you come illegally, we tag you and you wait in Mexico until the US processes you.
  • The fact we Americans have to agree to this pact that this Regime has made w/ an open border is ridiculous.
  • Court documents reveal that Ibarra was arrested on September 14, 2023 in New York City after driving an uninsured, unregistered car. NYPD officers arrested Ibarra and charged him with acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 and a motor vehicle license violation. He was then released.
  • It’s all fun and games until these illegals start killing your family members.
  • These liberal representatives in Athens allowed this to happen.
  • There were approximately 3 times he was arrested and was released.
  • So the Mayor of Athens goes Sanctuary City, then the town council goes liberal and sets all of this into motion. 
  • This is why voting in small and local politics is so important. 
  • When you have direct influence, city and state elections MATTER!!!
  • Elections have consequences. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trumps PAC release his version of Willie Horton Adover the preventable death of Laken Riley at the hands of illegal alien criminal trespasser. 

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HEADLINE: Correlation: Venezuela’s Violent Crime Dropped as U.S. Illegal Migration Spiked by Catholic Vote

  • “The murder rate in Venezuela was a massive crisis for the country,” political commentator Mike Cernovich recently pointed out on X. “The murder rate has sharply declined since [President] Joe Biden opened the borders. Now the [United States] gets to experience these murders and gang attacks.”
  • Writer Nate Hochman replied to Cernovich: “And now, Venezuela is refusing to accept the Venezuelan nationals that the U.S. is trying to send home.” 
  • February 22 – “Venezuela has followed through on a threat to stop accepting flights of migrants deported from the U.S. and Mexico … adding pressure on President Biden as a surge in illegal migration becomes a key issue in this year’s presidential election.”
  • So Venezuela is saying to the U.S. YOU TOOK THEM, NOW YOU KEEP THEM!
  • These people don’t want to assimilate. 
  • They have no intention of becoming American.
  HEADLINE: Undocumented immigrant accused of rape, stabbing in separate Kenner incidents by FOX 8

  • The Kenner Police Department says the investigation began on Tues., Feb. 20 when it was notified of a rape of a 14-year-old girl at knifepoint.
  • Angel Matias Castellanos-Orellana was identified as the suspect, aged 19.
1h26m  HEADLINE: THE ANTI-FAMILY RIGHT by Matthew Schmitz 
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Frank Wright

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  • Burning books – done by the Nazis.
  • They weren’t burning books on Marxism they were burning books on sexual revolution and the book created by Magnus that coined the term transgender.
  • They were sexual extremists.
  • Genital mutilation was a highlight in their works.

HEADLINE: TransFormation by Frank Wright 

1897 – First Gay Rights Movement 

  • Its intent is to replace God w/ surgical consumerism.
  • The Weimer Republic cinema was obsessed w/ sex and satanism. 
  • The average person still have a sense of right and wrong I believe.
  • It is an ideology of fantasy.
  • The government has no real answers to the problems this group has created.
  • They resolve into mutually disgruntled factions. 
  • Divide and Rule – 
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2h15m LGBTQ – Transgender Ideology

  • The MSM does the propagandizing for the left.
  • They act as though ‘catwoman’ is real.
  • They act as if these people w/ gender dysphoria are living in reality.
  • These people are living lies.
  • If we didn’t have the MSM feeding into this, it would all go away.
2h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Ron Johnson on Ukraine/Russia WarWe have to face the reality and that reality is Putin will not lose this war. Russia war machine is only growing. Every day the war goes on, more people die and more of Ukraine gets destroyed. Our goal must be to reduce tensions around the world and stop weakening America w/ deficit spending, open borders, and a war on fossil fuels.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – If NATO Sends Troops, Will We

John Kirby – President Biden has been crystal clear since the beginning of this conflict, there will be no US troops on the ground in a combat role there in Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainians cannot win this war.
  • Russia is going to win.
  • Do you think the Russians are waking up every day wondering how they can get back at the US?
  • No the Russians don’t care about us.
  • They don’t care what we do until it affects THEM!
  Michigan Primary 

Joe Biden 81.1% w/ 618,115 votes 

Donald Trump 68.2% w/ 756,636 votes 

2h40m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Ron Johnson on COVID PanelThere was a failure and corruption. They maintain power by controlling information. Throughout the pandemic, dissident voices were silenced. They overhyped fear for a virus they helped create. Along the way they sabotaged early treatment. Unfortunately these people remain in control. 
  HEADLINE: Classroom Warfare by Larry Sand 

  • About 857,000 violent incidents and 479,500 nonviolent incidents were recorded by public schools in 2021-22, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. (Nonviolent incidents include theft, vandalism, drug possession, etc.) About 67% of public schools reported having at least one violent incident.
2h47m HEADLINE: California’s Budget Deficit Swells to $73 Billion, Says Legislative Analyst Report by Travis Gillmore 

  • The 14th Amendment states that individual states cannot run in the negative and that they can’t borrow money.
  • So what is California going to do?
  • They can’t borrow money….and people are leaving the state in the thousands.
  • What is going to be done w/ the retirees cannot be paid?
  • What is going to happen when the police departments can’t function anymore b/c the state can’t subsidize it.
  • They will cut your water off and then cut the cops to nothing.
  • They will keep the transgender surgeries, they will keep all the drug tents but they will cut the cops!
  • What happens now?
  • Can the Federal government bail out California?
  • Can the President arbitrarily bail out one specific state?
  Letter from Laphonza Butler, US Senator California

SSP Funding – 

  • Recent migrant arrivals – she is requesting more funding from the Federal government to ‘house the new arrivals’ as if this is something new to their state.
  • They declared themselves a sanctuary state.
  • They should have to provide for the immigrants they told to come there.
  • This blackmail will last forever.
  • The amount they are asking for will last for a month the way they spend in CA.
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