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  Donald Trump v Nikki Haley Super Tuesday

Utah –                Trump 58.3          Haley 40.7

Minnesota –      Trump 69.2          Haley 28.6

Tennessee –       Trump 79.9          Haley 16.8

Maine –             Trump 70.6          Haley 26.0

Vermont –         Trump 43.3           Haley 54.3

Virginia –          Trump 63.7          Haley 34.3

NC –                  Trump 73.8          Haley 23.3

Texas –              Trump 78             Haley 17.2

Colorado –        Trump 63.2          Haley 33.5

Alabama –         Trump 83.5          Haley 13.5

Arkansas –         Trump 76.2         Haley 18.6

California –        Trump 74.9         Haley 20.6

Mass –                Trump 59.9          Haley 36.6 

Alaska –              Trump 87.6         Haley 11.9

Oklahoma –        Trump 82.6         Haley 15




California Might Be Turning

Steve Garvey v Adam Schiff

QUESTION: Who is Adam Schiff’s political mortal enemy?

ANSWER: Donald Trump

  • Schiff led the crusade against Trump in Shampeachment 1.0.
  • We covered it from start to finish.
  • Trump was then acquitted in the Senate.
  • Are there enough sane people left in California to make this swing?
  • To throw Steve Garvey over Schiff?
  • He is so detestable, he is more detestable than Biden.
  • I despise Adam Schiff.
  • Imagine a scenario where polling shows Garvey w/in the margin of error w/ Adam Schiff. 
  • Imagine Donald Trump goes to CA and campaigns for Garvey?
  • Can you imagine if Garvey would win?
  • Who had a runoff of a viable Republican in the state of California? 
  • Trump never campaigned in CA
  Treason – 

HEADLINE: Biden administration ADMITS flying 320,000 migrants secretly into the U.S. to reduce the number of crossings at the border has national security ‘vulnerabilities’ by Katelyn Caralle 

Elon Musk Twitter: Treason indeed! Ushering in vast numbers of illegals is why Secretary Mayorkas was impeached by the House. They are importing voters. This is why groups on the far left fight so hard to stop voter ID requirements, under the absurd guise of protecting the right to vote.

40m Activities that Require a Photo ID that Aren’t Racist

Purchase alcohol, purchase cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for food stamps, apply for welfare, apply for medicaid, apply for social security, apply for a job, apply for unemployment, rent a house, buy a house, apply for a mortgage, drive a car, rent a car and buy a car.

Activities Where Requiring A Photo ID is Racist


Currently – Thirty-six states have laws requesting or requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls. 

  HEADLINE: VA Denies Removal Of Iconic WWII Kissing Photo After Rogue Woke Memo Circulates via ZeroHedge 

  • This was done by a single, middle aged woman.
  • How can anyone be angry at this photo?
  • The claim was the woman didn’t consent to the kiss.
  • Thus making it a ‘sexual assault’ photo.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre said yesterday from the WH that they did NOT sanction that banning and that the image would remain in the VA.
53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Palm Beach, FLThey call it Super Tuesday for a reason! We are going to do something that frankly no one has been able to do for a long time.


HEADLINE: Michelle Obama’s office says the former first lady ‘will not be running for president’ in 2024 by Patrick Webb 

  • I wouldn’t mind Dr. Ben Carson for Donald Trump’s VP nominee.
  • He is humble and he wouldn’t interfere in Trump’s big presence. 
  • You guys have been saying Big Mike was going to throw ‘his’ hat in the ring.
  • Well Big Mike’s PR person said it wasn’t going to happen. 
  • Many Democrats are eager to see Michelle Obama take on a more prominent role, with some even pondering the possibility of her replacing a politically weakened Biden on the 2024 ticket. However, supporters of Republican front-runner Donald Trump have seized on this speculation to undermine Biden’s political standing and rally GOP supporters.
  • Despite persistent speculation about her political ambitions, Michelle Obama has consistently downplayed the possibility of seeking public office. In interviews, she has emphasized the challenges of politics and expressed her aversion to questions about running for president.
  • Are they going to use the 14th Amendment to remove Trump?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Rachel Maddow on MSNBC – Cuts Away From Trump Speech – There is a balance between allowing someone to knowingly lie on your air about things they’ve lied about before. This is the way he is running. And we fact check the hell out of him, that’s how we fix it.

  • Inflation by definition is an increase in the supply of money.
  • For those of you that don’t understand that, it isn’t magic. 
  • EXAMPLE: So everyone can have a shot at a widget, everyone has 100 and they will buy one widget at $10.
  • The speed at which the money gets into circulation.
  • The amount at which the money is being printed.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow – Can’t understand why VA voters are concerned about the border – Well, Virginia does have a border w/ West Virginia.

1h24m HEADLINE: FBI: Suspected Assassin Is Targeting US Officials by Jack Phillips

How did he get here?

How does the FBI know he is here?

Why didn’t they detain him?

  • The FBI office in Miami, Florida, sent an alert on that it is “seeking information” on an Iranian intelligence officer who is wanted in connection to assassination plots against U.S. officials after the killing of former Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani in early 2020.
  • Again…how did he get here?
  • Did Biden say “If we let you in, you get Trump for us.”?
  • It makes sense to me!


AUDIO/VIDEO: Joy Reid MSNBC on Joe v DonaldDonald Trump inherited a strong, growing economy, and managed to ruin it by messing up his one crisis which was COVID, which is why the border went cray, it’s why inflation went crazy. All of those crises, Joe Biden has had to fix.

  • These women really believe what they are saying.
  • She said COVID caused the border to go crazy.
  • Trump CLOSED the border during COVID b/c they were all worried about infected people coming into the country!
  • These people live in an alternate reality.
  • They make up their own ‘facts’. 

Andy Shectman

Miles Franklin: Precious Metals 


  • They make promises that try to get them re-elected and then that creates an environment that is difficult to live in.
  • Never-ending deficits and growing at a pace of $1 trillion every 100 days.
  • We must begin things in and make the difficult decisions.
  • Main topic for almost 4 years, I’ve done 4,000 podcasts on this. 
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa =  BRICS
  • This is a big deal.
  • We are seeing the majority of human population – 
  • We thank you for all the 50 years of protection but you signed an EO to go green and you have been weaponizing the dollar and we don’t align ideologically anymore.
  • Stock piling dollars to buy oil – those countries don’t have to do that anymore.
  • This is the moment when the Federal Reserve – they have 2 choices.
  • Deflation and Defaulting
  • Is there a 3rd option?
  • When no country has to hold the American dollar we will get hyperinflation. 
  • Stocks, bonds, insurance and currency all collapses at the same time.
  • Some of you have heard all of this before. 
  • What if some of the things being done by Biden wasn’t done for purposes of war but to devalue the American dollar and crash the system?
  • Everyone has assumed the American dollar will never collapse.
  • The only thing you benefit from America being strong at the table is the dollar is a secure currency. 
  • But it isn’t now so what’s next?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joy Reid on Donald TrumpHe had ONE thing, one crisis the pandemic and he bullock it. You did so poorly. The reason Trump doesn’t look old like Biden looks older, the presidency ages you the you do the job. Donald Trump looks the same as when he ran b/c he was playing golf the whole time.
1h58m BACK to Andy Shectman

  • Last 2 1/2 years the banks have been buying gold like never before.
  • What we are seeing is the most well informed traders using the suppression of the paper dollar to short gold and silver.
  • In the face of the dollar that ultimately has to lose ground.
  • 1971 – taken off Gold Standard
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Donald Trump Super Tuesday WINS!

  • The left should be worried after what happened yesterday.
  • They can’t control or stop this train.
  • They love to say “Trump has been indicted 91 times!”
  • Yeah but did they get him?
  • E Jean Carroll – that was a civil suit aimed at bankrupting Trump.
  • Banana Republics don’t have billionaires. 
  • When government is used to go after people that have legitimately earned money, no one should clap for this.
  • He survived the monetary attack.
  • He survived the attack to keep him off the ballot.
  • What is next?
2h17m HEADLINE: The Constitutional Crisis Coming for 2025 by Martin Armstrong 

  • They have to have the ability to steal the majority back in the HOR, force them out and make the case they need to be sworn in before Trump is sworn in.
  • The peril these lunatics – 
  • Here is the legal question – Who is president if the president dies before inauguration day?
  • What if you say he, the VP ran w/ the insurrectionist so he can’t be president?
  • Then who becomes president?
  • How would that be settled?
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  HEADLINE: CNN Jake Tapper on The Change in the Republican partyYou’re talking about how he is reforming the Rep party more working class people, including voters of color, African American, men primarily, but also Latinos. And also the Dems picking up more educated voters. But there’s also, so you talked about the education divide also a big gender divide, men voting Rep, women voting Dem.

  • So Jake Tapper just said the party is now the Trump party.
  • He said the Democrats have taken the educated voters from the Republican party.
  • If you are voting for the cult of death, what makes you educated?
  • He also said the left is picking up more women.
  • That is because women LOVE them some baby killing.
  • Smart people and smart money has gone with the left.
  • Idiots and middle class have moved to the right.
2h25m Illegal Immigrants ‘Ghost Flights’

  • Average Southwest plane can carry 143 passengers.
  • So lets do the math here.
  • 2,133 flights and NO ONE knew about it?
  • How did the government hide this for so long from the American people? 
  William Briggs 

Famed Celebrity Twitter – Many are asking, How is this not treason? Of course, it is. To us. But not to them. Because our rulers do not view us as legitimate. They think of us as the other. They view us as their enemy. And of course they are right. If only we recognized that.

2h44m Thomas Massie on Twitter – There’s a $1,000,000 earmark in the omnibus bill for an LGBTQ center where people have bdsm sex parties. After Libs of TikTok & I exposed it, the earmarks’ sponsor wants to remove it from the bill. There’s just one problem, it’s stuck in the bill we are voting on this week! 

  • This bill was proposed by John Fetterman.
  • He has since withdrawn or rescinded his support for the use of taxpayer funds. 
  • You have to wonder w/ the audacity of this program, what else are they capable of doing?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Mark Robinson Speech After Winning North Carolina Primary – To the people who want to destroy this country, I send you a message…there are warriors in your path! We are here, we will fight and what God has blessed us with will not go easily into the night. God bless this country!


AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – VA and Iconic Kiss Photo

Reporter – Was anyone at the WH consulted in the drafting of the initial memorandum?

Karine Jean-Pierre – I want to be really really clear: the VA is not going to be banning this photo from VA facilities. The memo was not sanctioned. We weren’t aware until you guys started reporting on it. 

  • They fully intended to ban this photo but they got caught and had to back track.
  • They had to walk this back b/c it is an election cycle.
  HEADLINE: Half of men feel pressured to act manly by SWNS 

  • It isn’t society that is pressuring you.
  • It is God telling you to stop being a sissy!
  • feel under pressure to perform masculinity and eight in 10 agree that there is a societal pressure for men to behave a certain way.
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