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17m Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr

  • Burr is planning a coup basically.
  • He is going to send foreigners into the United States w/ the goal of taking over Washington and replacing Jefferson. 
  • It didn’t matter Burr truly didn’t stand a chance.
  • Every Federal officer, state Marshall and county Marshall was looking for Burr.
  • Now it is said Burr was simply drunk by a campfire and had no intention of doing any of this.
  • That didn’t matter.
  • QUESTION: Why do we bring this up today?
  • Apparently Jefferson thought the Article II Treason Clause could be used against anyone that was using foreigners to try and over throw any parts of the country.
  • Well because Joe Biden is a traitor.
  • If we had a man w/ a set of stones in the Speaker Chair, he would be brought up on Treason.
  • 22 million illegals have been allowed to INFILTRATE this country.
  • That is an INVASION.
  • They are foreigners. 
  • BOOM
  • Treason Air – the Biden Regime conspires w/ criminals and has them flown into the United States. 
  • They get a phone and an app and they are granted parole.
  • QUESTION: What does it mean if you are out on parole?
  • You have been found guilty of a crime, you are still a ward of the state and you are in-fact a criminal. 
  • QUESTION: Can parolees vote in US elections? 
  • ANSWER: No
  • That sounds like treason to me, levying war against them, them being the states.

Bill Melugin X Status: EXCLUSIVE: Internal DHS data reveals the 45+ U.S. cities that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via the Biden administration’s controversial “CHNV” mass parole program. The data was obtained by Homeland GOP  via a subpoena to DHS, and was provided to Fox News.

The DHS data shows that during an 8 month stretch from January through August 2023, roughly 200,000 migrants flew into the U.S. via the program, with 80% of them, (161,562) arriving in the state of Florida in four cities: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, & Tampa.

  • Where are the officers in the United States?
29m The top 15 cities migrants flew into, & the numbers during this 8 month window, are below.

  1. Miami, FL: 91,821
  2. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 60,461
  3. New York City, NY: 14,827
  4. Houston, TX: 7,923
  5. Orlando, FL: 6,043
  6. Los Angeles, CA: 3,271
  7. Tampa, FL: 3,237
  8. Dallas, TX: 2,256
  9. San Francisco, CA: 2,052
  10. Atlanta, GA: 1,796
  11. Newark, NJ: 1,498
  12. Washington, D.C.: 1,472
  13. Chicago, IL: 496
  14. Las Vegas, NV: 483
  15. Austin, TX: 171
  • DHS also revealed in the subpoena response that as of October 2023, there was a backlog about 1.6 million applicants waiting for DHS approval to fly to the U.S. via the parole program. 
  • This is not going to end! 
  • These guys are, in broad daylight, bringing an end to the United States.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
36m Saint Joseph the Worker Day

  • It isn’t May Day – it is Saint Joseph the Worker day.
  • May Day is what the Communist called this day.
  • In 1955 the man who occupied the Vatican, he saw the world was going the way of Communism.
  • He feared socialism, communism and Marxism was about to takeover the remaining parts of Christendom. 
  • What was the moment in time, what was happening here?
  • Christianity was on the wane and Communism was on the march.
  • That was a quarter of the planet at the time occupied by Communist.
  • They made May 1 their High Holy Feast Day.
  • We are surrounded by Communist again.
  • They have changed their name but they are still there.
43m AUDIO/VIDEO: Columbia University Student (Johannah King-Slutzky is a paid instructor & PhD candidate at Columbia studying ‘theories of the imagination & poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens’) – Columbia University has an obligation to bring us food. It is a question of what kind of community and obligation Columbia feels it has to their students. You should allow basic humanitarian aid we are asking for. 

  • Did anyone notice the homo in the background?
  • He is wearing his little black and white scarf w/ his little crop top shirt.
  • I wonder what Hamas would do with this little faggot if he was in Gaza?
  • We are run by feminist that aren’t even capable of studying something decent in college. 
  • They are demanding the college feed them.
  • They took over the campus green space and buildings, they have cancelled classes b/c of them and yet they are still demanding to be taken care of.
  • You have cleared every college campus of all strong men and this is the result of that. 
  • Only men should be running institutions, this is what happens when women take over.
  • The Federal government is now 45% women. 
  • Women are not made for this kind of situation. 



Back to Bill Melugin on X – 

  • DHS also wrote in the subpoena response that “All individuals paroled into the United States are, by definition, inadmissible, including those paroled under the CHNV processes.”
  • “What they’re essentially saying is that the laws passed by Congress have said that these people are inadmissible, and so they created a program to try to get around those laws. The thing is, they don’t have the authority to create such a program. By their own admission, they’re breaking the law.” – Rep Mark Green
  • So the Biden Regime simply doesn’t care what the laws currently are.
  • If he wants to do something, his regime just does it.
  • This is TREASON, there is no way around it.
  • Reminder: The CHNV parole program, created by the Biden admin in January 2023, allows up to 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, & Venezuela to bypass the southern border entirely, and fly into the U.S. directly from foreign countries for a two year humanitarian parole grant if they have a sponsor in the U.S., and are vetted/approved for travel. The flights are commercial, and are not funded by taxpayers. The program recipient or their sponsor pays for it, and the parole grant allows the recipient to apply to work. The Biden admin considers the program a “lawful pathway”, and the migrants flying into the U.S. via the program are not included in the southern border numbers.
  • Let’s review the term MIGRANT again.
  • What does a migrant bird do?
  • Migrant emplies mobility.
  • They come for a period of time and then LEAVE. 
  • They go back to where they originated.
  • According ccording to CBP data, at least 404,000 migrants have flown into the U.S. via the CHNV parole program since it first began:

154,000 Haitians

95,000 Venezuelans

84,000 Cubans

69,000 Nicaraguans

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   AUDIO/VIDEO: NY Resident – What He Thinks About The University Protestors – The majority of these college students are here on a government loan. They are studying something unbelievably stupid. The average person at these protests is the kid that isn’t cool or good looking enough to be invited to a house party. So b/c they’re not invited to a house party, they make their own which is out here. Which is why what happens when they summon these people w/ a flyer 10,000 show up. These are 10,000 people w/ nowhere else to be.
1h12m AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson – University Protests – Antisemitism is a virus and because the administration and woke university presidents aren’t stepping in, we’re seeing it spread. We will not allow antisemitism to thrive on campus, and we will hold these universities accountable. 

  • This guy couldn’t even stand up to a lobbyist!
  • How dare he start making demands of University Presidents and leadership on their campus.
  • The Simpsons could not have written this script.
1h23m Father Christopher Henderson

Christian Craftsman Association

  • Christian Baptism to May 1 to be a reminder that social peace will come about through Christian ideals.
  • QUESTION: Why May 1st?
  • The most obvious reason is that the first day of May, was claimed by the workers union and was used for violence. 
  • The 1st Communist International declared it International Workers day.
  • 6 goals of the Illuminati 
  • 5 of those 6 goals are almost a reality in America today.
  • The FULL Sermon will be uploaded to YouTube and the Crusade Channel websites.
  • I believe it will be the conversion of America when good manly preaching of good sound doctrine meets the liturgy. 
  • I was a fallen away Catholic until both of those two hit me over the head.
  • This is a clarion call to all men out there.
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1h38m Saint Joseph The Worker Day

  • If you wanted a good education and get taught by good men the number of places was getting smaller and smaller.
  • Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut had survived and was real men teaching real men.
  • Listen to the list of men at that seminary at that time – Father Wolfe, Father Henderson, Brother Andre Marie, Father Chad Ripperger and the list goes on and on.
  • Is it an accident that these men are leading the way in Catholicism?
  • Is it an accident that none of these men have faltered?
  • The whole gang was there!
  • The point is this, those men were formed by good MEN.
  • They were molded by good MEN.
  • The Good, the True and the Beautiful.
  • What man do you know, name the politician that went into MORDOR and came out a better man?
  • Other than Senator Ron Paul you probably can’t name another.
  • The women need to leave this realm. 
  • The men need to be restored and manly.
  • There is no bullet in anyones chamber that this will be repaired at a ballot box.
  • What was the last thing Father Henderson said?
1h46m  Harrison County West Virginia 

HEADLINE: Fury after five WV middle school student who protested a trans athlete’s participation are BANNED from future competitions as state’s AG fights for their freedom of speech by Emma Richter 

  • These people on this board are pieces of Pence.
  • You are now removing and banning girls from girls sports to make way for boys pretending to be girls.
  • HIS ability to compete against girls is more important than the GIRLS that wanted to compete. 
  • They stood up and said NO to competing against a biological boy and this is how the adults repay them.
  • West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has filed a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on the student’s behalf after they were banned from future events. 
  • “I will do everything in my power to defend these brave young girls. This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies.” – AG Morrisey
1h50m Tulane University 

HEADLINE: Tulane arrests 14 protesters, clears pro-Palestinian encampment by Olivia Warren and Martha Sanchez 

  • Police cleared a pro-Palestinian tent encampment early Wednesday at Tulane University and arrested 14 protesters who the school said took part in a two-day “unlawful occupation” of the lawn outside of Gibson Hall. 
  • Only one of the students arrested was an actual Tulane student.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Kevin Stitt on w/ Brian Kilmead – University Protests – You know I think this is just a handful of students not a majority. But I wish these guys could see the Go-Pro footage of Hamas w/ machine guns just mowing people down at this outdoor concert. This is hate speech. Everyone that is for right and wrong should be opposed to this. 

  • At least 34,568 Palestinians have been killed and 77,765 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. The death toll in Israel from Hamas’s October 7 attacks stands at 1,139 with dozens of people still held captive.
  • There are people in the UN that have stated this is a genocide. 
  • I have a grave problem w/ the indiscriminate killing still happening in Gaza.
  Celebrate Humility Month

  • We will be rolling out the yard signs soon so be looking for that in the Founders Tradin’ Post.
2h11m Saint George Town in Baton Rouge

  • Louisiana Supreme Court has voted to allow residents to secede from Democrat-run Baton Rouge and create their own city. 
  • The new city, St. George, will have nearly 100,000 people, making it one of the state’s largest cities in population.
  • “This is the culmination of citizens exercising their constitutional rights,” Andrew Murrell, a leader of the effort to create the city, said in a statement, adding, “Now we begin the process of delivering on our promises of a better city.”
  Rep Thomas Massie Motion to Vacate

  • Hakeem Jeffries vows to save  Mike Johnson’s Speakership. Why wouldn’t he? Johnson has given the  Democrats everything they want.
  • There is no evidence that any of the FBI surveillance of Catholics has stopped.
  • They got money for a new building for heavens sake. 
  HEADLINE: Universities Are Canceling Commencement. Students Should Skip It Anyway by Tristan Justice 

  • Out of 100 schools analyzed last year, YAF reported, “only a single conservative voice made its way to the podium.” Instead, the problem for me was the pageantry.
2h21m AUDIO/VIDEO: Columbia University Student (Johannah King-Slutzky is a paid instructor & PhD candidate at Columbia studying ‘theories of the imagination & poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens’) – Columbia University has an obligation to bring us food. It is a question of what kind of community and obligation Columbia feels it has to their students. You should allow basic humanitarian aid we are asking for. 
  HEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: CDC Found Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Deaths by Zachary Stieber 

  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials found evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines caused multiple deaths before claiming that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths.
  • The file shows the CDC examined 3,780 reports through April 13, 2023, a small number of which were duplicates. Among the reported cases, 101 resulted in death.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  The Ann Coulter Rule

  • North Carolina shooter – if the MSM is quiet on who the person is, it is either a black man, a Muslim or a member of the LGBTQ community.
  • MARK IT!
2h48m HEADLINE: 29th 1946: Pope Pius XII addresses the Italian Worker Associations 

Address of His Holiness Pius XII to the Participants at the First National Congress of the Christian Associations of Italian Workers

Be Faithful to God! – In these dark times of spiritual and moral degradation, you must first of all prostrate yourself everyday before Our Almighty Creator and Lord, in humilty and prayer, and conscientiously fulfill your religious duties. Have the courage to refuse support and collaboration where the laws of God, sound principles and human dignity are despised and trampled upon.  You will see how fidelity to God will render you candid in your proceedings, fearless in the face of dangers, immovable when confronted with threats, strong in suffering, unsurpassable in the fight to defend justice and undeterred in not succumbing to enticements in private and public life, to ruses and fads, which a Catholic of sound faith cannot assent to. Rather, you can and must be the incentive permeating the great mass of workers, transforming and vivifying them in keeping with Christian thought and virtue. 

Be Faithful to the Church! – She does not deceive nor dash the hopes and  expectations of the people. Does this statement apply also to the terrible period, just ended, of the last World War and this tormented post-war period?  How many falsehoods have been disseminated – and are still being disseminated – against the Church and the Pope, especially among the working classes! But now that the publications and revelations of the last seven years have followed one another at an increasing rate – have they not – perhaps unintentionally – disproved the monstrous calumnies and rendered full justice to the action of the Papacy?  Has this Apostolic See not shown conduct that is always constant, coherent and linear? And this conduct presents as its  recognised principal  characteristics, six aims and goals towards which it has directed all its efforts – at times, even against all hope: to prevent war; to shorten war; to keep nations away from war – like Italy which at first had remained immune to it; to save people from slaughter and suffering, and cities from destruction; to alleviate the disastrous consequences of the atrocious conflict- especially hatred and all discord,  with the maximum of charitable assistance; to promote and elevate the spiritual and material conditions of working people.

Be Faithful to Your Patria! –  Italy at this critical time is like a ship that has been battered by a storm; but even if it has failed in its economy, even if it is wounded in its living flesh, – it is – despite all this – proud of the priceless treasures not yet lost and which it defends with indomitable energy. At such a time, only one thing is necessary: that everyone do his duty and that all have a common purpose, mutually helping one another.  Unite, beloved sons and daughters, against all that is crass selfishness, public disorder, violence and the propaganda of hate. Your country needs the cooperaton of those who are good, honest, willing and capable, even if threy are from different political spheres; [your country] needs tireless work, the fruit of self-denial, patience and tenacious constancy. This is what Italy expects of you and which you must be proud to give your country – as good citizens and exemplary Catholics. 

  HEADLINE: The Hard Truths of Responsible Governance by Anthony Esolen

  • It may be a wonderfully generous thing to welcome anyone into your home, without reservation. But a governor has more to consider than his private feelings. His first duty is to the people he governs. If all people were reasonable, if the riches of the earth were easy to procure, if poverty were but a thing to read about in history books, and if there were no such things as cultures to be protected and fostered rather than to be homogenized, then he might well be a kind of pacifist in immigration. 
  • Since none of the conditions above are the case, the governor is responsible for governing and not for giving way to an idle slogan. All the pertinent questions must be addressed: who, where, why, how many, with what probable effects, and so forth. None of these can be answered apart from the particulars. Again, we are not talking about committing a wrong so that good may come from it. We are talking about the kind of moral action the governor must exercise.
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