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The Mike Church Show-John Cena’s Illuminati Humiliation Ritual Shames Men

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17m HEADLINE: Program that allows 30,000 migrants from 4 countries into the US each month upheld by judge by Juan A Lozano 

  • There is a Constitutional crisis coming.
  • This simply can’t be avoided.
  • Both my daughters live in danger areas.
  • One in Boston and one in New York.
  • Laken Riley unfortunately won’t be the last to die at the hands of an illegal. 
  • 680,000 last year alone.
  • They will fly in 320,000 this year.
  • No one really knows just how many illegals are in this country at this point.
  • How does 680,000 people in foreign countries find out these programs here in the States exist? 
  • The only thing that makes sense is there is a government funded recruitment agency out there.
  • They have to have the country of origin clear it, they have to have the paperwork all filled out ahead of time and applications signed and sent…there has to be coordination is the point.
  Civics 101

Freedom of Information Act Request 

  • Is it a foreign policy grant where is this money coming from?
  • The Rep party in the Congress has a duty to find out where this funding is coming from and pull the plug on this.
  • The only way this ends is the Rep in Congress to stop funding this!


HEADLINE: Exclusive: Liz Cheney, January 6 Committee Suppressed Exonerating Evidence Of Trump’s Push For National Guard by Mollie Hemingway

  • Donald Trump requested 10,000 extra National Guard on January 6th and Nancy Pelosi and the Congress stated they ‘didn’t need’ the extra presence. 


The Oscars 

HEADLINE: John Cena goes NAKED at the 2024 Oscars! Actor strips off to present Best Costume award in awkward bit with struggling host Jimmy Kimmel by Adam S Levy and Eve Buckland 

  • There was nothing funny about this at all.
  • This was an attempt to SHAME MEN.
  • He is built like a tank and he is side stepping naked across the stage.
  • Kat Williams said this was an Illuminati Humiliation Ritual.
  • Could you imagine the howls if they did this to say Emily Blunt?
  • What they did to him last night is no different than what Harvey was doing on the casting couch to women.
  • Hollywood is supposed to be attempting to ‘clean their act up’ but they do this?


HEADLINE: The ‘debt debasement’ trade is ramping up as the US adds $1 trillion to the national debt every 100 days, Bank of America says by Jennifer Sor

  • The US is adding $1 trillion worth of debt to its total balance every 100 days, BofA strategists estimated in a note on Friday. That amounts to around $3.6 trillion worth of debt taken out every year.
  • The government also looks to be spending more than ever on its military budget. Funding “domestic bliss” and military aid for conflicts overseas has cost 9.3% of GDP over the last four years, the bank said.
  • How can you devalue a currency that is nearly worthless?
  • Best case scenario, we are done.
  • There is going to be a massive correction event.
  Oscar Award Ceremony 

  • If they came to you and said, we want you to walk across the stage naked would you do it?
  • How many young children watched this with their parents last night too?
38m HEADLINE: 10 years after lead poisoning, Flint residents still haven’t been paid from $626.25M fund by Paul Egan 

  • Residents of Flint, Michigan, still haven’t seen a penny from a $626.25 million legal settlement almost a decade after revelations their drinking water was poisoned by lead touched off a national outcry.
  • Officials overseeing the claims administration process first said it would likely be completed by March 2023. As that deadline passed, residents were told they might expect payments around last Christmas. On Feb. 28, the “special master” helping the federal judge manage the case, attorney Deborah Greenspan, said initial claims review is targeted for completion around the end of June – with completion of requests for reconsideration and appeals to follow that.
  • Flint’s water crisis began in 2014 when a state-appointed emergency manager switched the city’s drinking water supply from Lake Huron water treated in Detroit to Flint River water treated at the Flint Water Treatment Plant. It was intended as a temporary, cost-saving measure, but turned out to be a disastrous mistake. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has acknowledged it failed to require needed corrosion-control chemicals as part of the water treatment process. As a result, lead leached into the drinking water from pipes and fixtures.
  • Jackson Mississippi doesn’t have CLEAN drinking water.
  • THIS is America folks. 
  • We have major cities in this country that have NO CLEAN drinking water.











Kathy Sinnott – 

From Ireland

HEADLINE: Family and care referendums comprehensively defeated by Jennifer Bray 

  • The referendum on family – which proposed extending the definition of family to those based on durable relationships as well as those based on marriage – was defeated with 67.69 per cent voting No.
  • The referendum on care – which proposed deleting the reference to a woman’s life in the home and a mother’s duties in the home and replacing it with a recognition of care within the family – was also heavily defeated, with 73.9 per cent voting No.
  • They proclaimed this was going to be a slam dunk and that the women of Ireland would be liberated.
  • We are not going to be cheated so they pulled together and explained the big lie the government was telling them. 
  • 2 referendums 
  • Mothers can’t be forced to choose b/w their child and a roof over their heads.
  • Free maternity care has been the rule of law in Ireland.
  • When the abortion referendum passed that now means FREE abortions as well.
  • The contribution that a woman makes in the home that society is grateful to her. 
  • They would seek to assist carers caring for family members.
  • It got rid of any obligation to the state.
  • It didn’t even come close!
  • The day before the vote they were saying it was going to be close.
  • They thought they planned it so well.
  • St Brigid’s feast day was a National holiday – 
  • The media did their best to NOT mention that.
  • “Saint Brigid is also said to have miraculously changed water into beer for a leper colony and provided enough beer for 18 churches from a single barrel; she is sometimes considered to be one of the patron saints of beer.”
  • The abortion vote that passed, there was fraud and cheating going on b/c this vote was so alarming for the left here…it would have been close but it would have been different outcome.
  • The Family is the nature unit of society and will be protected.
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Continued Special Guest

Kathy Sinnott 

  • What do you think of when you think about the people of Ireland?
  • Saint Patrick comes to the island in the 3rd century.
  • MEP – Members of the European Parliament 
  • Remember, or let’s bare in mind Ireland has a population of about 4 million.
  • In the US it may be 300+ million in America.
  • We have brought in over 1,000 a month and most are single males military age.
  • When they arrive in Dublin airport they claim they have no documents.
  • Even though they had to have a passport to board the plane that got them there.
  • But here in Ireland it entitles them to seek asylum. 
  • That allows and entitles them to healthcare, housing and food.
  • He was in the airport and homeless for approximately 17 days. 
  • By International law no asylum seeker can ever be homeless.
  • 1,000 come in a month and 70,000 Ukrainians are being housed in Ireland as well.
  • It is a question now of where do you put them and what happens to the Irish culture when they can speak their own language?
  • So the FAMILY part of the referendum was to say that other family units like 4 wives etc would be recognized as a family.
  • So this would have changed the entire Irish constitution to acknowledge other types of family as IRISH culture and it just isn’t the case.
  • The UN would have then had a referendum in the Irish Constitution. 
  • In other words your culture be damned, lady. The invaders don’t care. And the people who don’t mind them coming don’t care because they hate Ireland, they hate their whiteness, and they hate all their history.
  • What are durable relationships?
  • International Asylum – 
  • Durable Relationships – 
  • This exact same thing is happening all over the world not just Ireland. 
  • The scheme is to dilute the cultural and historical population and make it something it has never been – a MONOCULTURE. 
  • The point is this, that asylum amendment would have enshrined all the shenanigans of the UN and EU and our very own government.

HEADLINE: Program that allows 30,000 migrants from 4 countries into the US each month upheld by judge by Juan A. Lozano 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ben BergquamExclusive: The the truth about the Democrat led invasion from inside the Darien Gap – More illegal Biden voters coming to America for the free stuff you’re paying for!

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AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK to Robert Downey Jr thanking Mel Gibson for Saving His Life –  

1h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK 1992 Joe Biden Responds to Bush SOTUJoe Biden, me I would settle for a world in which I could worry about the same things my parents had to worry about. So I only had to worry about the prices my wife pays at the supermarket instead of her getting mugged by a junkie in the parking lot.

  • #1 Biden seemed to have thought that this Congress could actually go after the drug lords in Mexico.
  • #2 You don’t fight the cartels HERE, you fight them where they originate.
  • The goal has to be to send them back and to stop them from coming in.
  • If you go to where they are, then this will actually stem the flow like Biden in 1992 stated. 
  • Why isn’t anyone in Congress proposing this now?
  • They didn’t even have fentanyl back then.
  • When we invaded Afghanistan, we went in w/ guns blazing and suppressed the legal poppy trade.
  • The US military started burning all the fields and they tried to ‘run the poppy trade’. 
  • So what happened?
  • The cartels in Mexico said hey we have ground that we can grow poppies. 
  • The documentary we watched not too called The Trade on Paramount +
  Air Travel

HEADLINE: Federal probe underway after wheel falls off United jet out of SFO by NBC Bay Area Staff

1h59m AUDIO/VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg ABC This Week on SOTUHe deserves more credit for the record results he has created. Most of us don’t think the stock market is an indicator of the economy. Credit doesn’t accrue unless you go out there and take it. On issue after issue, Americans agree w/ President Biden, but of course it requires work to get that story out especially when there’s a fire hose of negativity talking down the economy and trying to change the subject of the Presidents achievements. 

HEADLINE: US Born Employment is Down By Over 1 Million Since 2020 by Mish Shedlock

Foreign Born Definition –  Those born outside the United States (or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam), and neither parent was a U.S. citizen. The foreign born include legally-admitted immigrants, refugees, temporary residents such as students and temporary workers, and undocumented immigrants.

  • What is the point of being a citizen at this point?
  • Why should any of us pay taxes anymore?
  • No one knows how many of them are actually here, why should an American taxpayer have to foot the bill for this?
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HEADLINE: Coptic Orthodox Church Suspends Ecumenical Dialogue with Catholic Church Over Fiducia Suplicans by Catholic Vote 


Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel.

  • The Russian Orthodox church is the single largest not in union w/ Rome.
  • The plenary session of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church suspended all theological dialogue with the Catholic Church due to the publication of the declaration Fiducia Supplicans, which allowed blessings for “same-sex couples.”
  • Here is where it gets good: After consultation with the sister churches of the Eastern Orthodox family, it was decided to suspend the theological dialogue with the Catholic Church, re-evaluate the results that the dialogue has achieved since its beginning twenty years ago, and establish new standards and mechanisms for the dialogue to proceed.
  • The word orthodox here is used differently.
  • They are in official schism – they only recognize 3 Ecumenical Councils. 
  • Later in the document, the synod states that “the Coptic Orthodox Church affirms its firm position of rejecting all forms of homosexual relationships, because they violate the Holy Bible and the law by which God created man male and female.” 
  • Coptic – the Egyptians don’t call themselves Egyptian they are known as Copts.
  • The coptic church is like calling it the Egyptian Church.
  • Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion of Budapest and Hungary said in December 2023 that he was “shocked” by the Vatican’s declaration. 
  • I have serious problems w/ them to begin with.
  • They have a lot of errors they have adopted over the years but here they are defending Catholic morals and there is an ambiguous message coming out of Rome these days.
  • You can’t just say the Catholic churches teachings on marriage are insoluble. 
  • You will always have confusion when you muddy the waters.
  • It is being used for illicit purposes as they intended.
  • The horror that happened at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.
  • That man dressed as a woman said the Pope made homosexual marriages okay now.
  • So it is being used for the purpose that was behind the writing to begin with.
  • The Vatican should know better and they should know how the MSM spins and washes things.
  • If they don’t it is inexcusable naiveté. 
  • Once the news is out you can’t spin it back to the original.
  • It is not that we don’t talk to sinners because they are icky…that isn’t charitable.
  • Absolutely what did Christ do?
  • He called them back from sin!
  • He ate with them but demanded they reform their life away from the sinful life they were living.
  • He called them to repentance by showing mercy.
  • He didn’t chunk justice out the window.
  • Priests should reach out to those in irregular relationships but not to tell them you are fine where they are.
  • The Pastoral approach needs to be show this sin for what it is, ask and help the sinner reform their life and to repent.
  • That is how the liberals work – 
  • They are making an end run around the Church’s faith and morals.
  • They aren’t changing the teachings but they are doing things to show in their minds it has changed.
  • Temper justice w/ mercy but there is a purpose to that.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Bryon Donalds on Fox News – Special Counsel Sur Declines To Criminally Charge Biden I find the DOJ completely disgusting. We are requesting info into Joe Biden. It is the fact he did take classified information when he was VP and Senator. Having a poor memory doesn’t absolve you from the Espionage Act. Being old and elderly doens’t absolve you. Once again, you see the two-tier system of justice against Donald Trump…it is racism here in the United States brought to us by Joe Biden and the Democrats. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: George Stephanopoulos w/ Rep Nancy Mace on ABC 

Stephanopoulos – As a rape victim, how can you endorse Trump?

Mace – You’re asking me a question about my political choices, trying to shame me as a rape victim. And I find it disgusting. 

  LSU Girls Basketball Team v South Carolina Girls Basketball Team
  AUDIO/VIDEO: 11 NEWS on Police Changes Pittsburg police will no longer respond to certain calls including harassment, theft, burglary alarms, and criminal mischief. Enhanced telephone reporting system will be used. No officers at any of the 6 stations across the city during certain hours and police call boxes have been installed that link directly to 911. 
2h48m AUDIO/VIDEO: Regime Leader on SOTU Using Term Illegal I shouldn’t have used illegal, I should have used undocumented. What I won’t do is treat any of these people w/ disrespect, they built the country. 

  • The American people are not going to look at this kindly.
  • The average American is worried about illegals harming their children.
2h50m Caller Chris from Michigan – 

  • I know people that will defend Biden until the end!
  • What does it say about the people that are still supporting Biden at this point?
  • Where is the empathy?
  • It is kinda’ rhetorical because I just couldn’t imagine being the parents of Laken Riley.
  • It seems like they are pushing people to arms.
  • What are your alternatives?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Georgia on Laken RileyLaken would be alive today if Joe Biden didn’t maliciously and willfully open the border. I will demand justice for Laken. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Georgia on the Border I will terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration and we will use every tool at our disposal to rid our country of the monsters Joe Biden set loose to threaten and kill innocent Americans.

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