The Mike Church Show- A Civilization That Can’t Be Bothered To Marry And Create The Next Generation Is Not Civilized

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The Mike Church Show- A Civilization That Can’t Be Bothered To Marry And Create The Next Generation Is Not Civilized

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  • The Respect for Marriage Act
  • Blackstone buying up more real-estate 
  • Joe Biden has COVID
  • Economic crash
  • Housing market













HEADLINE: Biden Declares Climate Emergency, Supreme Court Will Shoot Down His Executive Orders by Mish

  • Our Lord did tell the wind to stop and the rain to stop and it did.
  • He is the only One that can turn the global thermostat up or down.
  • Many people continue to think we can control the Earth.
  • It is a prideful thing to think we can do anything to change the temp of the planet.
  • QUESTION: How many of the COVID lockdown people will lockdown for climate change?
  • What is a civilization for?
  • 99.2% of human beings don’t realize what the final cause is.
  • Why sit we here idle? – Patrick Henry
  • This whole scheme is based on human suffering and misery.
  • It is relative b/c we shouldn’t have our wagon tethered to the place we call home today.

HEADLINE: Blackstone Prepares A Record $50 Billion To Snap Up Real Estate During The Coming Crash by ZeroHedge 

  • If there were any solidarity in the hulking state that is America, we would stop this or someone would swoop in and stop this.
  • The private-equity giant said in a regulatory filing Wednesday it has closed on commitments totaling $24.1 billion for Blackstone Real Estate Partners X, the latest iteration of its main real-estate fund.
  • QUESTION: What will this ultimately produce?
  • It will produce generations of RENTERS, debt slaves.
  • That is why they are buying houses but overpaying.
  • They know they will recoup the money via renters.
  • They also keep the market numbers up in the housing sector.
  • This is projection, they are telling us exactly what they are doing.
  • QUESTION: Who warned us about this scheme about 2 years ago?
  • ANSWER: Donald Trump 
   HEADLINE: The Radicals Won by Michael Brendan Dougherty 

  • One of the arguments made by proponents of same-sex marriage was that making the institutions of marriage inclusive of same-sex couples would “strengthen” marriage in the culture generally. 
  • Proponents of same-sex marriage like Sullivan and Rauch won in the courts, and in a thin slice of the elite. But it looks more like the anti-marriage radicals won the future in the culture.
  • August 2015 – the gathering of lesbians talking about the institution of marriage. 

AUDIO: Masha Gessen – I think it is a no-brainer that the institution of marriage shouldn’t exist. We lie that the institution of marriage will not change, but it will. I don’t like taking part in fictions. 

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   NOLA Cigar Factory Story – 
1h27m  HEADLINE: The Radicals Won by Michael Brendan Doughtery 

  • America is retreating from marriage. Of course the radicals imagined that what would replace marriage would be better. But by and large, Americans are replacing it with nothing. Resigning the married life and having fewer children means more people will live without dense networks of kin. They will live atomized lives marked by more and longer periods of intense loneliness and despair.

HEADLINE: A $15 billion hustle? Expert says pill-prescribing psychiatrists KNEW that depression isn’t caused by low serotonin levels – as landmark study shows that pricy drugs do little to help mental health by Luke Andrews 

  • After reviewing 17 major studies, the lack of this chemical, serotonin, are not what causes depression and anxiety.
  • The $15billion-a-year industry — set to grow to $21billion in the next decade — sees patients prescribed pills like Prozac on the promise they will cure people’s depression by raising levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • About 13 percent of American adults take antidepressants every year.
  • Depression is a complicated issue, and the idea we would be able to reduce it simply to serotonin is not right.
  • When we give antidepressants, we don’t do this based on biological tests showing they don’t have enough serotonin — but if we think it could help them.
  • Lead author Professor Joanna Moncrieff, a psychiatrist, said: ‘The popularity of the “chemical imbalance” theory has coincided with a huge increase in the use of antidepressants.
  • We all know giving pills to people isn’t the best route to take.

  • It will only work among a good and moral people that share the same common good.
  • What is amazing about that?
  • Adams had it right but Adams was basically relying upon pre-Henry 8th Catholicism that the Anglican heresy, that they retained some St Thomas, so Adams was trained in these things.
  • All the friars of the convent – 2 members of an individual convent, sounds like our Senate huh?
  • Each convent is represented by 2 members.
  • The Founders got the idea from the ORDERS, they screwed it up by not adding the GOD factor in.
  • The Founders thought – man could make up his own laws.
  • But they were completely wrong.

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Josh Hawley to head of TSA David PekoskeHow many illegal aliens using arrest warrants as ID to get on planes in the US?

AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN’s Van JonesThings have gotten worse under Biden, the pain is more intense the rising gas prices, food prices have really walloped the black communities. The hopes were so much higher and things just got worse.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Congresswoman Victoria SpartzWe’re playing politics w/ peoples lives. We need to tell our children they are not protected against enemies foreign and abroad. I have personal experience w/ this. We come to this country for freedom.

The She Pole = Victoria Spartz 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Portland residents on homeless crisisMy lawn is now becoming a public bathroom. They meth rage in my driveway, am I supposed to go out there and ask them to move so I can go to work? 

  • Why would anyone want to live in a major city?
  • Cities are for fags.
  • TKD tells stories about his daughters living in major cities.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden from isolationHey I know you’ve heard I’ve tested + for COVID, I’ve been double vaxxed and boosted, symptoms are mild and I appreciate your concerns. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Cardinal Cupich on July 19, 2022 at St Clement ParishI think we’re living in an era that you young people are gonna look back on and see as a golden age in the life of the Church. Pope Francis is creative and has a mind that is open to look into the future and to keep alive the Church.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Gates is asked about Novak Djokovic’s defiance to vaccine mandatesBeing vaccinated helps the community you are in. They reduce infection, it is unfortunate some of these issues for not taking it are so extreme. It makes it tougher to get the vaccination levels we need I admire him in a lot of ways but…

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jonathan Weissman w/ All the – Health and Truth – The vaccine isn’t a vaccine it is a protein-synthesizing PRODRUG. ‘Truncated & modified RNA are present as impurities..there is a possibility that aberrant proteins will be expressed w/ possibilities for unwanted immunological events. No one knows the proteins vaccines synthesis, no one knows how many error-ridden proteins can be tolerated.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson via Dr Peter McCulloughimportant observation, multiple failed administrations of genetic cod for the obsolete WIV spike protest, the immune system.


Farmer Brian K from Texas

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

  • People are liquidating entire herds, old cows, bulls etc.
  • QUESTION: Is this a buying opportunity for us then?
  • YES if you have grass to put them on.
  • In the 1970’s when he wrote the book, now he has 14 acres of citrus trees.
  • He let nature take over the land he bought.
  • BOOK – One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka 
  • Revitalizing native grass land – what is the first thing they do?
  • They kill every thing there first.
  • If you don’t change
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Written by: Justin Redman

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