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The Mike Church Show-MAOtitia James’ Court Doesn’t Want Justice; It Wants Trump Dead Or Alive

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15m Donald Trump Bond

  • There was a measly $10 million bounty on the head of Osama bin Laden.
  • The Trump camp have offered $100 million dollars in signed guarantees and that the buildings in New York will not be sold.
  • In other words, I’m not going anywhere.
  • I am going to remain in NYC and continue to invest there.
  • The Trump team has tried to make many different arrangements w/ the Judge and they have all been denied.
  • They want Donald Trump and they want him dead or alive.
  • This government is out of control.
  • They continue to poke the bear.
  • They want one of us to shoot.
  • They think the only way they can maintain power is to claim some sort of Marshall Law.
  • The military will NOT come to your aid fair citizen.
26m Border Security 

  • We have been invaded by land, by sea and by air.
  • This breech was terrible in El Paso.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hundreds of illegals overrun Texas troops in El Paso, storming the border.

  • These illegals overpowered the National Guard, the Texas Guard and Border Patrol in El Paso.

HEADLINE: Horde of Single Adult Male Illegals Bust Through Barrier in El Paso, Overwhelm Texas National Guard by Debra Heine 

  • Foreigners get to use the 2nd Amendment and actual citizens can’t if you talk to the left.
  • Something has to give here.
  • A Texas law enforcement source told Fox News’ Bill Melugin that the stampede “involved a group of several hundred illegal aliens, mostly single adult men who rushed the soldiers, and one has been arrested so far for assaulting a soldier.” Melugin reported that “more arrests likely coming for destruction of property & more assaults.”
  Back to Trump

  • Bernie Madoff was able to bond himself out of jail.
  • John Gotti was able to bond himself out.
  • Trump ‘committed’ a victimless crime and he can’t find anyone that will sign the bond?











AUDIO/VIDEO: Laken Riley’s Father, Jason Riley – Addresses Georgia State Senate – I stand before you a heartbroken man. Part of my purpose has been taken. God gave me a beautiful daughter to love and protect. I ask you protect the people in this state from illegals. Governor Kemp, please declare an invasion to detain and deport criminal illegals. 

HEADLINE: ‘Heartbroken’ dad of Laken Riley demands Georgia gov declare migrant crisis an ‘invasion’ by Snejana Farberov

  • Look what happened when little Walsh was abducted and murdered.
  • His father went on a national crusade and that crusade saved lives.
  • ICE should have come and deported the man that killed Laken when he was arrested TWICE for theft.
  • This could have been prevented.

HEADLINE: How Did A Migrant On The FBI’s Terrorist Watch List Get To North Carolina? by Todd Bensman

  • What is TSA pre?
  • You are what is called a Known Traveler.
  • Even if you are TSA pre, they still run your information to make sure you are who you say you are.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK Sheriff Clay Higgins – Immigration 

  • Saint Landry Parish caught every single one of those men he listed.
  • Saint Landry is the poorest of the poor.
  • But God bless Higgins. 


  • Who would blame them if they would have fired?
  • Rubber Bullets should be an option for them.


HEADLINE: Two squatters who took over NYC home of woman found beaten to death, stuffed in duffel bag sought for murder: cops by Tina Moore and Emily Crane

  • This is taken off in America.
  • More and more illegals are just taking over apartments and homes.
  • They fled across the George Washington Bridge through New Jersey to Pennsylvania, where they ultimately crashed the SUV in Lower Paxton Township.
  • It wasn’t immediately clear how long the perps had been squatting in the apartment before the victim found them inside, or how they even managed to gain access in the first place.
  • “The apartment itself is very unique in that there’s no front door to apartment. You take an elevator up and then you key your way in. The elevator is actually your front door,” Kenny said, adding “it’s an upscale apartment.”
  • 1. How did the illegals know this apartment was vacant?
  • 2. How did the apartment manager not know something was amiss?
  • Squatter Squad 
  • When the government enforces tyranny we see an uprising in vigilantes/the mafia adjacent to check those abuses of power. Expect more of this.
  • This is how you deal with this.
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Squatter Squad

  • Who is passing these squatter laws to begin with?
  • The confiscation of another’s property after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Louisiana has a squatters law of 10 years.
  • Most other states have a 30 day squatters law on the books.
  • Do yourself a favor and research what your state has on the books.
  • How do these illegals know which houses to move into?


Donald Trump

  • What if he pays the money after selling something he has and he wins an overturn of the original?
  • Does he get his property back?
  • Does he get his money back?
  • The CNN people were on air yesterday giddy over Trump having to sell something.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bess Freedman (CEO of Luxury Real Estate Firm) on CNN -Trump Selling Mar-a-Lago – Some would say Trumps best option is to sell properties that are each worth hundreds of millions, including Mar-a-Lago. 

HEADLINE: Trump begs MAGA supporters for help with $464M fraud bond: ‘Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower!’ by Isabel Keane and Diana Glebova

  • What if PayPal decides your donation is ‘illegal activity’?
  • See what happens when the Government owns the methods and modes to all of this?
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson – Homeless Policy Failed – It isn’t lost on me 38,000 republicans showed up to vote for Donald Trump. That might be something to look into. There is a good chance that played a part in this referendum. 
  • This is Margaret Thatcher’s idiom coming to the forefront.
  • This Mayor wanted his citizens to pay for another homeless shelter to house more immigrants.
  • Even when the Democrats lose they don’t ever lose.
  • It couldn’t have failed b/c his citizens are tired of having to pay for the sanctuary city designation.
  • The only thing he didn’t do was blame Putin.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jamaal “Fire Alarm Jamaal” – Plantation Capitalism – It is plantation capitalism to have someone paying 40,50,60% of their salary towards rent. That is plantation capitalism. Rent should be capped at 20%. As we rebuild our cities and country we need to invest and pass the Green New Deal for housing. It deals w/ underemployment and lack of affordable housing.

  • When is this government going to pay my mortgage?
  • Why does the government do something to help the average person?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK Nancy Pelosi 2022 – Student Loan Debt – People think that the president of the Untied States has the power for ‘student loan’ debt forgiveness. He does not.
1h29m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Mike Lee – New Spending Package – I find it stunning that now is the time of the essence. We have it now. A small handful of people who saw this bill and had a hand in it. The rest of us that didn’t see it until 2:33am that isn’t adequate notice. That isn’t a carefully negotiated agreement. I find this very disturbing. This is 1,000+ pages to spend $1.2 trillion, it begs the question…what are they hiding?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Waters on Monster Spending Bill – Here is what you are paying for:

$850k for gay senior home

$15M to pay for Egyptians college tuition

$400k for a gay activist group to teach elementary kids about being trans

$500k for DEI zoo

$400k for a group to give clothes to teens to help them hide their gender.

  • Why won’t the Congress go w/ a shutdown?
  • Because we, the American sheep, will understand just how useless they actually are.
  • When will this madness stop?
  • There is an ear mark from a woman that has been dead?
  • If you really want to be diversified with a zoo how do you go about doing that exactly?
  • The average adult zoo admission costs $12.39.
  • The average child admission is $8.87. 

HEADLINE: What Can $1.2 Trillion Buy In Washington? Nothing Good. by Bradley Devlin

  • $1.2 Trillion ~ 216,000 words.
  • That is an a whopping $5.5 million for every word.
  • The southern border is one of the few places where it currently makes sense to boost federal spending, but what is nearly $30 billion buying American taxpayers in border security? Republican appropriators boast that the money provides for 22,000 additional border patrol agents, “which is consistent with H.R. 2.” For a $2.273 billion price tag, GOP appropriators said DHS will add another 7,500 detention beds to increase the total to 41,500. There is also $283.5 million in “new border security technology,” $10 million “for task forces dedicated to countering the flow of fentanyl,” $3.4 billion for custody operations (including the additional beds), and $721 million for removal operations.
1h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Jovan Pulitzer in Scottsdale Arizona – Arizona Voter Fraud – There are over 10,000 illegal aliens using the same exact social security number that voted in the Nov 3, 2020 election. In cities like this lets think of a chicken processor, they bring in hundreds of illegals, spread them out give them jobs, the IRS are unconnected to names. 

  • Lets’ say there are 500 employees at one plant.
  • You add 15 new illegals w/ one social security number.
  • Anyone with access to a hospital has access to social security numbers.
  • You just need 1 number.
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2h17m Fertility Rate

HEADLINE: Global fertility rate to keep plummeting, major study warns by AFP

Babies Make Families – 

HEADLINE: Babies Make Families by Grace Emily Stark 

  • Watching my parents and my mother- and father-in-law as grandparents has also been a great joy. The delight they take in my son, and the love and care with which they treat him, has given me a unique insight into both my and my husband’s childhood. Now that I am a parent, I appreciate even more all of the joy and sacrifice my parents and in-laws poured into raising my siblings, husband, and me over the years; this has created a new camaraderie in the bonds between us that has deepened our relationships with one another. I feel an even greater investment in their health and well-being, both for their own sakes and for the sake of them as my son’s grandparents.
  • Only Samoa, Somalia, Tonga, Niger, Chad and Tajikistan are the only places that will keep their population growing by having the minimum 2.1 babies per fertile female.

Richard Barrett

Follow him on Twitter – @ElArmedCatholic

The Martyrs Walk –

  • The MARTYRS’ WALK bootcamp retreat is an in-person experience of virtual martyrdom & rite of passage for men that will include mental, physical, and spiritual exercises & trials that will push you beyond your perceived abilities.   You will be tried according to your own limitations and barriers that the world, the flesh, and the devil have placed upon you.  
  • Starts on Thursday afternoon and ends on Saturday.
  • We have some manly men and some older men, we have all walks of life that come to this.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vivek Ramaswamy on Fox Business – 2nd Amendment Rights – Every American has constitutional rights, but not every person has a right to be an American. There’s a fundamental difference and it’s a shame that many Democrat leaders have lost the ability to tell the difference.

  • So let’s dive into this.
  • You don’t need a Constitution to have rights, God gave you rights.
  • The government cannot infringe upon the rights given to you by God.
  • The issue from my perspective is I don’t want the government to be in a position to carry.
  • It’s either everybody or nobody in my opinion. 
  • The fact is the God-given right is given to everyone.
  Fertility Rate

HEADLINE: Global fertility rate to keep plummeting, major study warns by AFP

2h55m All Catholic All The Time

  • The best motion picture director was John Ford – look it up.
  • He was an Irish Catholic, devout Catholic.
  • Did he make Trad-friendly Catholic movies?
  • No, he just made great movies.
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