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The Mike Church Show-Mayorkas Looks Like Lex Luthor Because He Is Biden’s Lex Luthor

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15m Border Security

  • Alejandro Mayorkas 
  • Remember when they made the march from the House to the Senate to impeach Donald Trump?
  • Remember they had armed guards pushing this dolly of reams of ‘incriminating documents’ to Get the Don?
  • The Republicans did the march/walk to impeach Mayorkas but they didn’t have a dolly full of ‘evidence’. 
  • QUESTION: Who was impeached and they actually impeached him?
  • ANSWER: Alcee Hastings 
  • Impeachment never stops anyone in the shell game of government.
  • Alejando really does look like Lex Luthor.
  • I don’t think this will go the way the Biden Regime thinks it is going to go.
  • I don’t think there are 10 Democrats that will vote to impeach Mayorkas.

HEADLINE: Mayorkas-Linked NGO Caught Distributing Fliers to Illegal Aliens Directing Them to Vote For Joe Biden by Debra Heine

  • This isn’t just some flyer written in crayon.
  • Someone paid for this and they are being distributed at all immigrant shelters and sanctuary cities.
  • News Reports from Boston – they arrested 4 child rapist in ONE morning.
  • ALL of which had been previously arrested and released back into the community.
  • They let these monsters go!
  • The American Woman is the target of all of this!
  • Once upon a time the Democrat party was the party of Feminism. 
  • Those women used to run the show.
  • The Democrat party used to be the party OF the Woman.
  • Now they want to elevate men to be the women of their generation.
  • These are young males raping young females and they aren’t supposed to be here anyway.
  • I must say what a change of the guard. 
  • The party is completely different. 
  Donald Trump NYC Lawsuit

HEADLINE: Trump trial live: Seven jurors sworn in as ex-president is scolded for potential jury intimidation by Oliver O’Connell, Joe Sommerlad and Alex Woodward

  • The judge basically told Trump, if you look at another juror, I will hold you in contempt.
  • The MSM talks about Trump ‘falling asleep’ in the courtroom, well hell what else is he supposed to do?
  • The former president’s legal team unearthed a Facebook video shared by the woman of New Yorkers celebrating Mr Trump’s 2020 election defeat. 
  • Judge Merchan was satisfied with her explanation regarding the post but told the defendant: “I won’t tolerate that… I will not let any jurors be intimidated in this courtroom.”


Speaker Mike Johnson

  • People always come out of nowhere and then BOOM they have positions of power.
  • How does this happen?
  • What has happened to Mike Johnson?
  • Does the left have his wife and children in the basement tied to a chair?
  • Like Klaus Schwab is too ‘German’ and sort of a caricature of what we Americans think a German should sound like.
  • He looks like he was drawn by an animation character brought to life for this time in history. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2


Donald Trump in NYC

  • The judge said he couldn’t miss a single day of the trial inhibiting Trump from campaigning.
  • Yesterday Trump was in NY and he campaigned near Harlem. 
  • The residents came out by the hundreds and cheered him on.
  • They shouted “We Love Trump” and they spontaneously sang the Star Spangled Banner.
  • So why do you think he chose Harlem?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Will Johnson – Harlem Came Out For TrumpCan you believe it? Harlem has come out to support President Trump. Black people are waking up and they are voting for Trump…believe dat! 

  • This is literally right in front of our eyes, we are watching the 3 Acts play out.

First Act – We meet all the characters.

Second Act – The tragedy comes and everyone turns against him.

Third Act – The beaten up hero makes his comeback.

  • We are in the middle of the Second Act here.
  • Can you imagine if Trump has to go to prison, he will be in the same prison as Jeffrey Epstein.
  • What is the theme song of the Third Act?
  • Who can deny the theatrics of this?
  • Even people that don’t like the guy, they are seeing how he is being attacked by everyone.
  • Everyone LOVES the UNDERDOG! 
  • At the end of the day, the average American will back the underdog.
  • This is no ordinary underdog either.
  • Every entity we despise is piling on this guy.
  • They are doing all of this to Trump and not batting an eye.
  • Just think what they can do to you, the mere citizen w/ $2,000 in your savings account.
  Covington Compact

Preamble: The momentous gravity of the American state of public affairs, now occurring, fills every mind with painful apprehension; wise men who should be discussing it alongside practical men who should propose solutions are presently silent; popular meetings and legislatures are devoid of proposed solutions while there are no questions which should more importantly possess the public and private minds of men. A decent respect for the Rights of God and the future of His people and our progeny upon this continent, impel decent men to act; we therefore, the undersigned, in Congress assembled on the 5th and 6th day of April in the Year of Our Lord, anno domini, 2024, in the village of Covington, Louisiana, do solemnly declare.

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  What makes a store a Bodega?

According to the New York Health Department, a bodega only has three requirements to be called such: No more than two cash registers, it must sell milk, and it sells mostly food but isn’t a specialty food store like a candy shop or a butcher.

  Do You Belive In Miracles?

On February 22,1980 the Miracle on Ice took place in Lake Placid NY.

  • You can get the film on YouTube and hear the countdown.
  • All you can see in the crowd is red, white and blue.
  • The Soviets hang their heads in shame.
  • They aren’t supposed to lose. 
  • It was a great moment for Americans.



HEADLINE: How Bidenomics Shattered The American Dream Of Homeownership by Helen Raleigh 

  • Buying a home is more than having a roof over one’s head. Homeownership is the primary driver that has helped generations of Americans build wealth. A home is an appreciable asset, and its value usually increases substantially over a long period of time. 
  • The Federal Reserve had to hike interest rates dramatically between 2022 and 2023, seeking to bring inflation rates down. Consequently, mortgage interest rates spiked from around 3 percent in 2020 to over 7 percent.
  • The rising mortgage rates mean that as of July 2023, “homebuyers on a $3,000 monthly mortgage payment budget have lost $30,000 in purchasing power since February 2023 alone. In other words, they can afford to purchase a $450,000 home in July, compared to one priced at $480,000 five months ago and at $510,000 one a year ago.




AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson – On Rumors of Vacating ChairI am not resigning and it is in my view an absurd notion that someone would bring a vacate motion when we are simply here trying to do our jobs. It is not helpful to the cause or the country, it isn’t helpful to the unity we have in the body. We believe in the founding principles of this country. Right now we are in a political struggle & battle for a completely different vision for our country.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson – Wartime SpeakerLook we are in unprecedented times, we are in dangerous times. I regard myself as a wartime speaker. I didn’t anticipate this would be an easy path. 

  • If you truly think you are a ‘wartime’ speaker, then get your Congress together and declare it.
  • He stated that the Republicans are trying to save the Republic.
  • Yeah you are war, you are at war w/ ME!
  • I feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, welcome to the party pal!
  • This is the leadership we have.
  • We deserve this clown.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor GreeneSpeaker Johnson should be DEMANDING that Chuck Schumer hold the trial against Secretary Mayorkas. Instead, he’s passing Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats’ wishlist. 

  • How many of you remember Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen?
  • You are no Jack Kennedy Sir.























Turning Point USA

  • I agree w/ young Mahgdalen Rose.
  • These people aren’t scholars.
  • Senator Rand Paul and Senator JD Vance qualify I think for that but not many more.
  • So what is a scholar?

HEADLINE: An Oration on the Scholar’s Mission by Orestes Brownson

  • I have to ask the question, how has the millions of followers for Steve Bannon helped the Republic? 
  • Are they leaders?
  • Have they done anything to ‘save the republic’?
  • What are they leading men to do?
  • Who is going to steer us out of this? 
  • Men that stand in the breech bravely, I’ll take that guy over Charlie Kirk.
  • ARTICLE – 
  • I use this word scholar in no low or contracted sense. I mean by it, indeed, a learner, for truth is infinite, and we are finite; but on this occasion I mean by it the master rather than the pupil; and not merely the one who has mastered some of the technicalities of a few of the more familiar sciences, but the one who has, as far as possible, mastered all the subjects of human thought and interest, and planted himself on the beach at the farthest distance as yet moistened by the ever advancing wave of science. I understand by the scholar no mere pedant, dilettante, literary epicure, or dandy; but a serious, hearty, robust, full-grown man; who feels that life is a serious affair, and that he has a serious part to act in its eventful drama; and must therefore do his best to act well his part, so as to leave behind him, in the good he has done, a grateful remembrance of his having been. He may be a theologian, a politician, a naturalist, a poet, a moralist, or a metaphysician; but whichever or whatever he is, he is it with all his heart and soul, with high, noble—in one word, religious—aims and aspirations.
  • With, this view of the scholar, though I would not be thought deficient in my respect for classical literature, I cannot call one a scholar, merely because he is familiar with Homer and the Greek tragedians, and can make a felicitous quotation from Horace or Juvenal.
  • In In other words, the scholar is a grave, earnest-minded man, who lives and labors for some high and worthy end, a man who will pore over the past, survey the present, search “by sea and land each mute and living thing,”——Outwatch the Bear With thrice great Hermes, or unsphere The spirit of Plato; ——break forth in song, strike such music from the human heart as shall tame savage beasts, and make the very stones assume shape and order in the walled city; or utter himself in fiery indignant eloquence that shall make senates thrill, nations upheave, tyrants look aghast, and monarchs put their hands to their heads to feel for their crowns; but all and always for some high and solemn purpose, some true and noble end, for which he counts it honorable to live, and sweet to die.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson – Wartime SpeakerLook we are in unprecedented times, we are in dangerous times. I regard myself as a wartime speaker. I didn’t anticipate this would be an easy path. 

QUESTION: If you just heard that and know what this man has been doing, if you are in the opposition, would you be afraid?

ANSWER: No you wouldn’t.

  HEADLINE: How Bidenomics Shattered The American Dream Of Homeownership by Helen Raleigh 

  • American voters must wise up. Fewer Americans owning homes means fewer will be able to realize their American dreams and build long-lasting wealth; more people will have to depend on government handouts to survive. President Calvin Coolidge reminded us, “Ultimately, property and personal rights are the same thing.” The policies that destroy property ownership will also take away individual freedom. Owning nothing will only make you miserable and unfree. If you want to pursue happiness, own as much as you can and vote those anti-property-rights politicians out of office. 
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  HEADLINE: Mayorkas-Linked NGO Caught Distributing Fliers to Illegal Aliens Directing Them to Vote For Joe Biden by Debra Heine 
2h20m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene w/ Alejandro MayorkasFlyers Posted Telling Illegals to Vote for Biden So the Borders Stay Open – The open border is the number one issue across America in poll after poll and that is exactly why this committee impeached you. 

  • The thing about this is men like Mayorkas, they just don’t care.
  • If Biden and Mayorkas cared, all of this would stop.
  • They BOTH have the means to stop this. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: News Report on Illegal Child Rapists ArrestsICE in Boston, arrest their 4th alleged child rapist. All had been released by local jurisdictions who refused to cooperate w/ ICE.

  • The citizens of Boston are canon fodder for the illegals that recreate themselves there b/c it is labeled a sanctuary city.
  • You have local police departments not doing what they are supposed to do.
  • They are supposed to protect and serve right?
  • But they are told to stand down by the local government. 
  • So what are they supposed to do?
  • Where does all this ultimately lead?
  HEADLINE: Climate Change Court Cases are on the rise. Here’s why. by Kit Knightly 

HEADLINE: 2024: The Year Global Government Takes Shape by Kit Knightly 

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
2h45m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in NYC – Conflicted Judge – It is a rigged trial. Our courts, everything is screwed up in New York. There is no crime you know where the crime is? In the bodegas where they come and rob them every week.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in NYCWe’re going to straighten New York out. We are going to let the police do their jobs. I love this city and it has gotten so bad in the last 3 years. We are making a big play for New York.

  • You throw Robert F Kennedy Jr in these battleground states, Biden’s numbers tank.
  • Donald Trump may actually have a run at NY.
  • Almost all states are winner take all states.
  • So if Biden is at 38 and Kennedy at 15 or 16, hell give him 20, that gets you to 60 and Trump gets 40%…Trump wins New York.
  • As a matter of fact this has happened before in previous elections.
  • This is the sum of all fears, if they can do it to him, they can easily do it to you and me.
2h48m National Popular Vote – Maine 

  • If Biden doesn’t win Maine but wins the popular vote he will be considered Maine’s winner.
  • Maine seceded from Massachusetts..and now Maine is saying we want to vote w/ California?
  • What is the point?
  • Why have a state at that point?
  • This is absolutely insanity.
  • The enemy thinks they can win w/ universal suffrage. 
  • That and killing babies.
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • You can make the case he was a great American.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch on January 6thWhat actually qualifies for this? ‘Obstructed a  Congressional proceeding’ gets a 20 year sentence. He gives examples – sit-ins at a trial, pulling a fire alarm, hecklers in the crowd, mostly-peaceful protests? 

  • I think this case is going down in flames.
  • She is straight up saying they are applying this law to only some groups of people.
  • How can you prove ‘intent’ malicious or otherwise for the Praying Grandma but not BLM protestors? 
  • How did Rep Bowman not get 20 years for pulling the fire alarm?
  • They had to reschedule the vote did they not?
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