The Mike Church Show-No, Biden CANNOT Use The 14th Amendment To Raise The Debt Ceiling!

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  HEADLINE: Why Your Catholic Men’s Group Will Eventually Fold by Rob Marco

  • Many of the men who are in most need of Catholic male fellowship are in the worst position to make it happen: mid-career, young and growing family, demands on time to balance everything…anything that isn’t work or family gets pushed to the back burner.


The 14th Amendment

  • It has been used to justify everything from banning VCR’s to sanctioning the murder of babies in this country. 
  • How many of you actually know what the 14th Amendment states?
  • The Northerners were plotting and scheming to permanently subjugate the South.
  • Read the actual text and you will see the viciousness in it.
  • The 14th Amendment was never ratified. PERIOD.

OVERVIEW from Cornell Law School The Fourteenth Amendment contains a number of important concepts, most famously state action, privileges & immunities, citizenship, due process, and equal protection—all of which are contained in Section One. However, the Fourteenth Amendment contains four other sections. Section Two deals with the apportionment of representatives to Congress. Section Three forbids anyone who participates in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States from holding federal office. Section Four addresses federal debt and repudiates debts accrued by the Confederacy. Section Five expressly authorizes Congress to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment “by appropriate legislation.” The states ratified the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War, along with the other Reconstruction Amendments—the Thirteenth and Fifteenth.

  • How did the 14th Amendment become the Miracle Amendment?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on using the 14th AmendmentI have been considering the 14th Amendment, I am looking at months down the road to see if the courts would say about whether or not it works.

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1h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK August 24, 2022 – 

Joe Biden on Student Loan Forgiveness  If you make $125,000 year you will be eligible for student loan debt forgiveness. We will forgive $10,000 in student debt loan, Pell Grant $20,000. 

  • Joe Biden was out this weekend saying the US pays our debts.
  • The regime treats people that don’t pay their debts much better than those that do.
  • These two things don’t compute. 
  • David Simpson speech at the Crusader Congress – I’m done trying to compel others to do what they should already inherently know what to do.
  • The state recognized Christs extreme authority.
  • Liberalism repealed this notion. 
  • A restoration of the Pagan world before Christ – 
1h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on National DebtThe national debt went up 40% under my predecessor, and that is the problem we’re dealing w/ today.

  • Now it would be wrong to say the debt didn’t go up under Trump b/c it did.
  • Trump even called Thomas Massie out for not voting to add during COVID.
  • Notice Biden mentioned nothing of the debt being added by him sending money to Ukraine.
  • If the Feds go belly up what comes next?
  • Pensions – pensions are on the chopping block first.
  • Will the Boomers fall on the sword for the sake of future generations?
  • Will they give up their 401k’s for their grandchildren?
  • What will happen truly if the Federal Government defaults? 
  • Where does the money come from ultimately?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on National DebtI made it clear during our meeting that default is not an option. America is not a deadbeat nation, we pay our debts.

1h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on TwitterMuch of what you see on TV and news is true in a sense. At the most basic level the news you consume is a lie. Facts are withheld for a purpose. 

  • Now this sure sounds like an ad for Twitter but non the less, here it is.
  • Notice Tucker says WE several times there.
  • Magdalen Rose has taken over our social media feeds.
  • She has posted reels on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We see the algorithm at work on both platforms.
  • We don’t believe that Twitter is completely bias free.
  • Whatever the case is, it is playing out just like TKD said it would.
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2h07m HEADLINE: Texas first-graders ‘forced girl, 6, to perform sex act and recorded it on iPad:’ Cousin says victim still has to sit next to ‘abusers’ as parents protest by Claudia Aoraha 

  • The only protest to me that is worthy of this is to remove all the children from this school permanently. 
  • Homeschool your children, end of story.
  • 1. Unfortunately this child, the young boy, has been around this sex act either molested or seen his parents watching porn etc.
  • 2. Gender Queer – the sexual book geared toward children and was available in all public school libraries up until recently. 
  • Trust the Librarians – NO, they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy! 
  • There are cycles that repeat where there is utter human depravity and destruction.
  • Evil is all over this world folks.






















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HEADLINE: Saint Antoninus (1459) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Saint Antoninus was a little man, born in Florence. He was admitted to the Dominican Order when he was sixteen years old. He was the Pope’s special theologian at the Council of Florence, and later on was made archbishop of that city. He was called “the Father of the Poor.” He died holding a crucifix in his hand, and kissing it. His motto was, “To serve God is to reign.”
  • Fra Angelico – 
  • The angel is kneeling and lowering itself to Our Lady.
  • Knowing this is the Regina Angelorum – Queen of the Angels. 
  • Tuscany people aren’t the same as other Italians so the Southern Italians are darker etc
  • The actual Matese people are closer to the Continental Italians. 
  • HBO series Gunpowder – 
  • Gunpowder Plot – the conspiracy of English Roman Catholics to blow up Parliament and King James I, his queen, and his eldest son on November 5, 1605. The leader of the plot, Robert Catesby, together with his four coconspirators—Thomas Winter, Thomas Percy, John Wright, and Guy Fawkes—were zealous Roman Catholics angered by James’s refusal to grant more religious toleration to Catholics. They apparently hoped that the confusion that would follow the murder of the king, his ministers, and the members of Parliament would provide an opportunity for the English Catholics to take over the country.
  • The Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt to blow up England’s King James I and the Parliament on November 5, 1605. The plot was organized by Robert Catesby in an effort to end the persecution of Roman Catholics by the English government. Catesby and others hoped to replace the country’s Protestant government with Catholic leadership. Around midnight on November 4, 1605, one of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes, was discovered in the cellar of the Parliament building with barrels of gunpowder. Fawkes and other men involved in the plot were tried and executed for treason. Every November 5, the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by burning Fawkes in effigy.
  • Fawkes and the other surviving chief conspirators were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered in London. However, moments before the start of his execution, on January 31, 1606, Fawkes jumped from a ladder while climbing to the gallows, breaking his neck and dying.
  • Following the failed Gunpowder Plot, new laws were instituted in England that eliminated the right of Catholics to vote, among other repressive restrictions.
  • There was also the Hapsburg prestige on the line too.
  • The Spaniards were definitely part of this.
  • The pressing of the woman in the opening sequence is terrible – 
  • The Protestants did in-fact persecute the Catholics, they tortured them, and they murdered them.
  • This is the true history of what happened.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Catholic Super Bowl Champ Harrison Butker gives speech at Georgia Institute of TechnologyI don’t care if you have a successful career or a big bank account, no matter how much money you attain none of it will matter if you are alone. The world is filled w/ miserable smart capable people. Anyone w/ eyes can see, something is off. Get married and start a family! 

Get the Full Speech here

3h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Megyn Kelly on Sirius/XM – On Why She’s “Fed Up” with Trans Push and Decided to Wear “Make Women Female Again” Hat 
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