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The Mike Church Show-Note To Reactionaries: The U.S. Constitution Can’t Provide Moral Codes For A Civilization

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  • SCOTUS upholds NYC vaccine mandate
  • Lower NYC court says the vaccine mandate is unconstitutional 
39m HEADLINE: The Fallacy of Originalism by Dinesh D’Souza

  • Why did our founders write all of this down?
  • They were trying to not fall into what their brethren had done in Britain.
  • The TEXT did really matter to them.
  • There were entire days of debate on sentences and where punctuations were.
  • This man wrote a book called “What’s So Great About Christianity” 
  Reactionary Mind – 
  You don’t need a religious exemption to say no.

  • Even if this jab was straight up saline solution.
  • You have the right to say NO.
  • My Body My Choice
  • The distinct difference is the child inside you is NOT your body.
  • It is another human being.

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   Kim Powers – Central Community School Board 

Letter to Supt Jason Fountain on Vaccine Mandates



 HEADLINE: The light at the end of the Covid by Alex Berenson

  • One act of justice for the children that have parents willingly giving this vaccine to them w/o knowing longterm effects.

QUESTIONS to ask yourself:

1: Do you have any idea how many Americans are now dying with/from/near Covid each day?

2: What percentage of 5-11 year-olds have been Covid vaccinated? 

3: When was the last time you heard anyone suggest mandating Covid vaccines for kids? 

4: How many different federal district courts have now ruled the Biden vaccine mandates unconstitutional? 

5: What are the odds the Supreme Court follows suit? 

6: How many companies have “suspended” or “paused” their vaccine mandates since the courts stepped in? 

7: Speaking of boosters, do you know anyone who actually believes the public health authority/media attempt to rewrite history and pretend that boosters within six months of vaccination were planned?



HEADLINE: We can’t go on like this by Brendan O’Neill 

  • When liberty can be snatched away at a moment’s notice, it becomes meaningless.

From Crusader Stadium Chatroom – Fear is a strong emotion and it can be manipulated to suade, lead people into making emotional rather than reasoned choices. From car commercials that imply that having fewer airbags will cause the audience’s family harm, to disinfectant commercials that show pathogenic bacteria lurking on every surface, fear-based advertising works

  • One of the reasons they can’t bail on this yet is b/c they haven’t gotten the virtual/digital passports in everyones hands yet.
  • This is a nothing virus this Omicron variant.
  • Consider the central intellect at the center of this.
  • They especially can’t reason w/ anyone that is pursuing the grace to remain in the faith.
  • “No one in officialdom seems capable of getting us out of this Covid loop of doom. Something has to change, something has to give. We are vaccinated, we have antibodies, we are getting boosted – so let us now live with this virus as we do with other viruses. As for the NHS – a health service that requires the suspension of normality and a clampdown on liberty every time a worrying new virus emerges is clearly not fit for purpose. It should be an urgent priority of the government to introduce enough elasticity into the health service to ensure that we never have to shut society down again, in response to any disease. Normality used to be a pretty boring word, but it’s the thing we should all be fighting for right now. Against the distrustful political elite, the hysterical media and the modellers of doom, we need to make a radical cry for the restoration of normal life.”
     AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on David Frum (Atlantic Magazine)he has officially called for hospitals to ‘quietly triage the unvaccinated’ in other words to quietly allow them to suffer and die.

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  HEADLINE: If The Vaxxes Are So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead? by Principia-Scientific  

First, the FDA has just announced they need 75 years to fully release the Pfizer Covid vaccine data. If I told you to “Trust me, I’m selling the world’s best health tonic, but I can’t disclose any of the test results or ingredients for 75 years, until everyone asking is dead.” Would you trust me? Would you buy what I was selling? Would you inject it into your body?  

Second, a federal judge demanded some of that data be released immediately by Pfizer. Just in the first few pages, detailing results from just the first few weeks of vaccines, Pfizer admits in their own data, their vaccine killed 1,223 Americans and produced 42,086 adverse effects. Among the most prominent adverse effects were heart attacks and heart problems. 

Third, the VAERS system is reporting 19,886 deaths from the vaccine, and just under one million adverse effects- including tens of thousands of hospitalizations, crippling injuries and permanent disabilities. That’s just in America. The EU numbers are even higher. 

 2h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Texas Lieutenant Gov Dan Patrick on Laura Ingramdiscusses the mother & daughter that were t-boned by smuggler fleeing police from the border & died on impact – ’Mayorkas, I’m asking you to resign tonight.’ 
2h43m   HEADLINE: We’re Edging Closer to Civil War by Charles M Blow

  • Which were the slave states at the time of ratification?
  • 5 or 6 there was no Tennessee or Kentucky as they were part of Virginia.
  • QUESTION: Do you know what slavery ultimately was?
  • ANSWER: The agrarian life OUT OF SCALE. 
  • They always act as if we white Southerners just don’t like black people in general.
  • Amendment 9 and Amendment 10
  • The only thing we can pray for now is your conversion Mr. Blow.
  • You are already committing to wage war.
  • You picked your side.
  • They were afraid of people like you Charles, it was poorly written and therefore it was amended. 
  • The Divine Law – 
  • The difference between WANT and NEED – 
  • The progression of law – 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki on the CBO scoring of Build Back Better plan‘It’s important to realize this is a fake score on a fake bill, we need to focus on the actual bill that everyone is going to vote on in Congress.’
   AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK Dr Fauci‘This would not be the 1st time that a vaccine looked good in the initial safety actually made people worse. One of the HIV vaccines we tested actually made the patients worse.’ 
3h32m  HEADLINE: Defending Pedophilia Is The Logical Conclusion Of Queer Theory byJennifer Rawls 

  • Someone do a word search for Sodom – Douay-Rheims Bible – 43 times
  HEADLINE: Fauci on Your Phone? by Ron Paul 

  • Government “reminders” of when we are due for our shots will almost certainly be expanded to other medical procedures. If the government can remind us of when we need covid vaccines, why wouldn’t it then start reminding us to get regular physicals and teeth cleanings, refill our prescriptions, and follow our doctors’ advice regarding diet and exercise?
   HEADLINE: California Looks To Stab Rooftop Solar Customers In The Back With Massive Incentive Rollback, New Fees by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge 
  HEADLINE: Austrian Catholics Launch Public Rosary in Response to Lockdowns by Jennifer Bryson 
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