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AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on the View – A child on it’s due date has NO constitutional rights. 

#DeathAndMutilation = #DemocratParty

  • They are the party of death and destruction.
  • They want to kill and dismember babies whether in the womb or out of it.
  • I have no use for the cynics point of view believing that the fix is in.
  • I think I’ve explained very well we know they cheat, that is what they do.
  • QUESTION: Are they going to cheat?
  • ANSWER: YES we all know that but do they have ENOUGH to win/steal this election?
  • You typically get 45% voter turnout for a midterm election.
  • I predict it will be a 75% turnout this midterm election.
  • Neil Cavuto yesterday afternoon on FOX – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: New York City Council Member Bob Holden on Neil Cavuto I’ve been a Democrat for 50 years and I voted Democrat for very many years. But we’re at a point we’re losing this city and we’re losing the state.

45m The Biden Regime

  • If we add up everything they have done in the last 2 years it is as evil as anything any other regime has done.
  • The only difference is that there were enough people w/ enough grace b/w us that we were spared.
  • Make no mistake there is a chastise coming for the evil/error of Roe v Wade.
  • This Regime has done intentionally – it is evil.

HEADLINE: If Republicans Win, They Will Burn Your Home, Steal Your Possessions, Take Your Lives, And Laugh When They Enslave Your Children by David Harsanyi 

  HEADLINE: NPR: Top 40 Radio For Satanists by Rod Dreher 

HEADLINE: National Communist Radio-NPR-Must Be Defunded, NOW by Mike Church 

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1h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: Bo BurnhamHumans used to colonize to show power, wealth etc. All of these social media companies have shareholders, they have to grow. They can’t stay in the red so what is their main goal, to colonize your time. Human attention to colonize your every minute to feed you more algorithms. 

  • If it is a publicly traded company is it publicly operated?
  • If it is publicly traded shouldn’t it be freely accessed by….I don’t know…the PUBLIC?!


AUDIO/VIDEO: NPR actually publicly broadcasts a woman in Michigan having an abortion at 11 weeks.

  • The Faggot men that we are don’t want to hear any of this.
  • We just want to know how much we owe so we can go about our lives w/o any responsibilities. 

HEADLINE: This doctor travels across state lines to provide abortions by Kyle Almond via CNN



AUDIO/VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greene in Sioux City IowaWe can impeach Sec Mayorkas, we can impeach Merrick Garland and we can and we will impeach Joe Biden.

  • So if Biden were impeached, what would that look like exactly?
  • You either came from a Natural Born Citizen or you didn’t!
  • There is no grey area here.
  • Membership to the United States has it’s privileges. 
  • Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Kamala Harris aren’t eligible for the office of the Presidency. 
  • What if Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Speaker of the House?
  • She would then be the 1st female President. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Sioux City IowaYou could take the 5 worst presidents in American history add them together & they still wouldn’t have caused as much damage as Joe Biden in 2 short years.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Sioux City Iowa  Biden, Pelosi & the radical Dems spend all their time obsessing over the border of foreign nations that many people have never heard of, we want to put Americas borders first.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Sioux City Iowa  If you want to stop destruction, save our country and save the American dream then this Tuesday you must vote Republican in a giant red wave.

  • Do you think Trump would go out a Lame Duck?
  • We can paint the picture of what the best case senecio looks like.
  • Reality says that border can be CLOSED.
  • A complete and total freeze to all the spending in BBB plan.
  • They will argue and fight over their version of that BBB scheme. 


HEADLINE: Defunding NPR? It’s not that easy by Each Hagey (2010)

  • Then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s efforts in the mid-1990s to “zero out” funds for public broadcasting may have been the most memorable battle, but Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon went after the subsidies during their administrations too. President George W. Bush tried to cut funds to public broadcasting every year he was in office.
  • In 1997, when anti-CPB fervor was near its height, a measure to eliminate the CPB from the federal budget by the year 2000 was voted down in the Republican-controlled House 345-78. And in 2005, when Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress and the White House, a move to defund the CPB was rolled back after a coalition of House Republicans voted to reinstate the money that had been removed in committee.
  • Has the public sentiment changed since then?
  • I would say no, not until the COVID lockdowns.
  • Remember Trump had a Republican congress and senate – they didn’t do much better folks.
  • Reality speaking is the Biden Regime agenda is stopped cold dead.
  • Remember Democrats never lose, even when the ‘lose’ they win somehow.
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HEADLINE: Milwaukee election official fired for alleged fraudulent request of military ballots by Caitlin McFall

  • Weren’t we supposed to be saved by election fraud when we went from paper ballots to electronic ballots. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on CNNClaiming Republicans are going after the democracy, they are going after SS and medicare and they aren’t even hiding it.


HEADLINE: There Can Be No ‘Amnesty’ On Lockdowns Without A Reckoning by Joy Pullmann 

  • How do you forgive not allowing Catholics Last Rites?
  • How do you forgive forcing people to die alone?
  • How can any of this be forgiven?



Farmer Brian K from Texas

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

HEADLINE: Big agriculture warns farming must change or risk ‘destroying the planet’ by Dominic Rushe 

  • This is people pretending to care about the environment.
  • The Kennedy Rule is not in effect here!
  • It is the same with the Organic label.

HEADLINE: Big food companies commit to ‘regenerative agriculture’ but skepticism remains by Dana Cronin  

  • They will up their game every time.
  • We absolutely can do better with our farming.
  • We should take the good even though they continue to talk about Global Warming.
  • You have to run w/ it and take what you can.
  • Joel Salatin was on w/ Del Bigtree 
  • He was also on the Joe Rogan show.
  • The Masons don’t want to kill everyone just Catholics lol.
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