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The Mike Church Show-OJ Simpson Was The First Black Man Beloved By A Middle ’Muricah That Exists No More

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O.J. Simpson Died on April 10th

  • He was known for his NFL career and then subsequently he was on trial for killing his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and a waiter Ron Goldman.

HEADLINE: OJ Simpson died the comfortable death in old age that Nicole Brown should have had by Moira Donegan 

  • Five days before she was murdered, Nicole called a domestic violence shelter to ask what it would take for her to disappear to someplace where OJ couldn’t find her. By then, she had long been keeping evidence of his abuse, including photographs of her injuries and letters from him confessing to beating her, in a safe-deposit box at a bank.
  • Nicole died just a few weeks past her 35th birthday. When her body was found, she had been stabbed seven times in the neck and head, and had sustained a six-inch gash across her neck that nearly decapitated her. A coroner found that she also had defensive wounds on her hands. No one had been willing to defend her while she was alive; she died trying to defend herself.
  • He was one of the first sideline reporters on Monday Night Football.
  • He got a string of roles in movies.
  • He got all manner of commercials.
  • He was the guy that ran through the airports to get to Hertz rental cars.
  • For Nicole, at least, her death was the culmination of a years-long campaign of terrorism that OJ had waged against her since they met; it was the moment their whole relationship had been leading to.
  • O.J. Simpson was middle white class, suburban Americas first MAIN STREAM black guy.
  • People actually like O.J.
  • I was on air when O.J. made off in the white Bronco.
  • How many of you remember the infamous ‘Bronco Chase’?
  • Why did Americans like O.J. Simpson?
  • He was a Cinderella story.

HEADLINE: The Life of O.J. Simpson: A Timeline by Victor Mather 

  • He became known as the Juice, and his talent and likability propelled him to even greater notoriety. His on-field accomplishments and fame were all the more impressive given that he seldom played for good teams; his only playoff game, a loss, came in 1974.
  • We are told this country has always been a racist country, how do you explain the love for O.J. prior to the death of Nicole?
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
  Murder Investigator Joe Kenda – Colorado Springs

Crime of Passion

39m Journalism & Protecting Sources

  • Why is the Congress having these hearings?
  • The 1st Amendment is all you need.
  • The 4th Amendment could be called upon to.
  • There is a bill moving through b/c reporters like Catherine Herridge are being ordered to pay $800/wk for contempt of court.
  • They confiscated all her equipment and files.

HEADLINE: Catherine Herridge Says It Was ‘Journalistic Rape’ When CBS Locked Her Out of Office and Seized Her Files by Debra Heine

  • Someone that is a source of a volatile news story, there will be retribution and that is why they remain anonymous. 
  • Some of these people end up Clintoned.
  • This is the government of the United States – why is this situation tolerated?
  • We keep getting told we need this precious democracy thing and if we lose it all will be lost.
  • Ask Catherine if democracy is grand.



HEADLINE: Tennessee senate passes bill allowing schoolteachers to carry concealed weapons in K-12 schools by Alex Hammer

  • I’d rather the teacher have a weapon on their person or in their desk drawer than have them ingested Viagra the teach the students.
  • Have you noticed how many teachers molest the kids they teach?
  • Mitter Richard Barrett will be on the last hour of the show to discuss.




Viral Videos of Young Kids Complaining About Cost of Living

  • Has it always been like this?
  • There is no way my parents had to pay $400,000 for their first home.
  • If the cost of living was always this high there is no way people could take vacations like I did when I was a child.
  • How did my parents afford to live and have me?
  • These kids are now finding out that African Feminist Basketweaving, they can’t make it.
  • Their recourse is to take to TikTok and make viral videos about how they can’t make it.
  • Why haven’t the parents stopped this?
  • Why have the parents allowed these prices to soar?

HEADLINE: Residents of this state pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes. Guess which one? by Daniel de Vise 

  • How did we get here?
  • New Jersey residents pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes, the analysis found, the highest tab in the nation. Washington, D.C., comes second, with a lifetime tax burden of $884,820. Connecticut and Massachusetts are third and fourth, at $855,307 and $816,700.
  • The lowest-tax state is West Virginia, with a lifetime cost of $358,407.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Norm Macdonald ESPY 1998 And there’s Charles Woodson! How about that? What a season he had. He became the first defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy. Congratulations, Charles, that is something that no one can ever take away from you….unless you kill your wife and a waiter, in which case, all bets are off.
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HEADLINE: Arrest made after man strips naked in women’s locker room at Planet Fitness, claims to be transgender by Hayden Cunningham

  • Have you been following this Planet Fitness Saga?
  • It all started w/ a woman taking a photo of a man shaving his beard at the sink in the women’s bathroom.
  • So this is the third or forth complaint to Planet Fitness.
  • Every single one of these punks deserve everything they are getting.
  • I hope your stock crashes.
  • Those late 20’s, 30 somethings, they are the ones that caused all of this.
  • They ruined their own life and will spend the rest of their lives ruining others.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Free Expression and Protecting Sources & Journalists 

Rep Mr McClintock & Rep Jerry Nadler – 

Journalist Sheryl Attkisson from CBS – It is interesting to hear that the government shouldn’t interfere in news but it happens every day. They try to shape our coverage. I was told certain stories weren’t going to air. When political officials call into the newsroom, there are extensive conversations that go on behind the scenes. The intelligence agencies feel like they are running the committees here.

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Free Expression and Protecting Sources & Journalists 

Catherine Herridge Opening Speech – I was held in contempt of court for not revealing sources. It is important for the Press Freedom given what’s happening to me right now. I face $800 fine (by a far-left judge_ for not revealing my confidential sources. I hope I’m the last journalist that has to spend 2 years in court trying to protect sources. 

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Free Expression and Protecting Sources & Journalists – 

Rep Jim Jordan – Seems to me there is a pattern developing here. They are doing strange things to your phone line, you get fired and they seize your documents. This is a chilling effect on the 1st Amendment.

Catherine Herridge – Wherever you work if this happened to you this is an attack on the 1st Amendment. This disrupts the free flowing information to the public. I can only speak for myself when my records were seized I felt like it was a journalistic rape.



AUDIO/VIDEO: OJ Simpson Juror – 

Reporter – Do you think OJ was acquitted b/c of payback for Rodney King?

Juror – Yes, about 90% of them.









Fox News Gen Z Panel Sounds Off 

  • It is because students like us have seen TikTok videos like this and it reflects our lives.
  • We are wondering how we can afford a home and start a family.
  • We have seen there are a lot of Conservative women hiding their beliefs b/c they are afraid what will happen as retribution.
  • I think Biden is toast, he is asleep at the wheel and driving us into oncoming traffic.
  • TKD – Those of you that are parents of kids that age, why is this happening to them?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Ron DeSantis – Student Loan Bailout – What Biden is doing is illegal. Having the Universities back the loans, to me, is just. The universities benefit when students take out exorbitant loans. It’s led to massive administrative bloat. 

  • So less Taylor Swift studies and more studies w/ practical options for jobs after university.
  • Student loan debt are adding up to trillions at this point.
  • Political Science degree – that is just stupid.
  • TRADE school – 
  • This new modern world is so much better right?
  • Then why are you all on TikTok bitching about it?
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Richard Barrett

Follow Richard on Twitter – @ElArmedCatholic 

  • The movie Rudy – 
  • Following in his fathers trade.

AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC on Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert – Housing & Student Loan Debt – The Biden Administration just announced a plan fo 30 million student loan borrowers to receive debt relief. This would allow so many people w/ student debt to buy houses, start a family, go back to school and so much more. 

  • Why don’t they just propose something like this – a payback act to give money to people so they can just buy the house. Give them $250,000 so they can travel or buy a home.
  • If they couldn’t payback their student loans, will they be profitable later in life?
  • If they couldn’t payback ONE loan like student debt, why or how could they payback a HOME LOAN?
  • The college has no incentive to drop tuition costs.
  • There is no recourse against them offering stupid degrees either.
  • The only way to get student loan relief is to cut Fannie and Freddie and go back to the banking system offering loans.
  • To be favorable to that generation, no interest rate just pay back the exact amount you took out.
  • It is a snake eating its own tail.
  • There is also no such thing as a starter home either.
  • It used to be less than $100,000 and now it is $350,000ish.
  • Student loans are approximately $400 a month, you can’t even rent a place fo $400 a month  so how does this help someone get a home?
  • Mortgages are more like thousands a month.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6












HEADLINE: Tennessee senate passes bill allowing schoolteachers to carry concealed weapons in K-12 schools by Alex Hammer

  • You cannot secure the entire school just by arming teachers.
  • I call it the Shrek Initiative. 
  • Operation Overwatch – 
  • Volunteered Vets sit in the parking lot and monitor it, you don’t even have to pay them.
  • They would have seen this car pull up w/ someone walking up to the school in tactical gear.
  • Non-teacher employees carrying – 
  • They don’t teach children directly and they are typically freer to roam about the school.
  • Notice in the TN shooting the janitor was one that was killed.
  • There are a lot of teachers that will want to do this, but I don’t want them to have to sit and wait for an aggressor to come to them.
  • There should be layer BEFORE that happens.
  • Most teachers are liberals, let’s not forget that.
  • Recall in Florida what happened there.
  • They doubled down on social media etc
  • They have the mental maturity of the age that they teach.
  • Armed teachers is the simplest, stupidest and easiest way to ‘deal’ with a problem so they don’t actually have to ‘deal’ with the problem.
  • I am fine w/ the teachers carrying but it shouldn’t be the catch all.
  • There should be other lines of defense BEFORE the armed teacher is needed.
  • 5 Layer solution – very well thought out and easy to understand.
  • There is a lot we have to pack in for this Saturday’s show.
  • Movie Reviews – 
  Vehicles – 

  • Just want a truck w/ a full bed and no bells, no whistles, just a truck that can haul things in.
  • Remember the bench seats?
  • Why are people today looking for automobiles that cook toast for them?
  • They have coolers in the armrest.
  • Why do we need all of this in a truck or car?
2h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Johnson on FISAWhen I was a member of the Judiciary I saw the abuses of the FBI, hundreds of thousands of abuses. And then I became Speaker and got the confidential briefing to understand how important it is for national security. 

  • This is what happens when you get the power.
  • Now that he has ‘seen the light’ by the FBI he understands why they have to spy on you.
  • So the intelligence agency spying on you is giving the briefings on why they must spy on you and Speaker Johnson doesn’t see anything wrong here?
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