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The Mike Church Show-Papa Francis Gives Satanists An Early Christmas, Launching The New CRUSADES

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  • Pope Francis doubles down on choking out the Traditional Latin Rite
  • COVID numbers
32m HEADLINE: The Spiritual Abuse Continues by Eric Sammons

  • Is this a coincidence that he is doing this the week before Christmas?
  • If the Church stood and opposed these abortion related vaccines, this wouldn’t be happening.
  • If the shepherds would have stood up agains this vaccine, this doom and gloom would have been over months ago.
  • During all of this there have been 2 meetings of the US, conference of Catholic Bishops – they bypassed the opportunity to show just how important the Eucharist is.
   Today is part of of the O Antiphons – December 20th 

Key of David, and Sceptre of the house of Israel, that openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth and no man openeth, come to liberate the prisoner from the prison, and them that sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death. 

  Omicron Hysteria –

  • They can’t bail on it.
  • They are all in b/c this is the only opportunity they have to implement more control and more power.
  HEADLINE: Omicron: such a joke that South Africa is about to dump all contact tracing and quarantines by Alex Berenson 
  Crusade Channel Teaming Up With Epoch Times (affiliate link)
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  Abortion in America





 HEADLINE: Biden Administration Endorses More Baby Killing By Green-lighting Mail-Order Abortion Pills by Jordan Boyd

  • I am told that I can’t order Hydroxychloroquine in the mail but I can order an abortion pill?
  • The Plan B pill is available in the city of NOLA w/o any age restriction. 
  • Now, all that’s required to obtain the fatal, two-drug Mifeprex pills is a prescription from an abortion supplier via a telemedicine consultation.
  • Surgical abortions also put the woman’s life at risk.
  • No one ever discusses the severe issues the woman go through w/ abortion.
  • Whether it is the pill or the physical removal of a baby limb by limb. 
  • RU-486, first trade name for mifepristone, a synthetic steroid drug prescribed for inducing abortion during the early weeks of pregnancy. The name is derived from an abbreviation for the pharmaceutical company Roussel-Uclaf plus a serial number.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: NY Governor Kathy Hochul defends NY mandate‘It’s not that big a deal. It will help save lives, keep people healthy & that’s all we’re asking for. So there has been some pushback, but we’re not backing down from this.’

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HEADLINE: Trust Your Catholic Sense by Kennedy Hall

  • This is a time that I believe worse than the Arian Crisis.
  • We have the synthesis of them all right now.
  • Our good Bishops and Priests have a synthesis of SEVERAL crises to fight.
  • You just need to go to Mass.
  • I don’t care where you go.
  • I don’t care if you go SSPX, I don’t care if you go to a private chapel…just GO!
  • The Masonic temple – 
  • People have no idea what is going on these days.
  • We live in an age where Catholics don’t really know their faith.
  • Protestants don’t know the faith either.












Editor in Chief of Crisis Magazine

  • Pope Francis has made it clear he wants to eliminate Tradition.
  • He has said this over and over again.
  • That is a wicked command and it is spiritual abuse.
  • Spiritual Abuse – it is the psychological abuse that is so wrong.
  • Increase in public lies – they are saying the TLM isn’t growing that it is dying just like the Latin language.
  • There is growth, the fact/truth is the TLM has exploded in the last 2 years.
  • We are still talking small numbers like 2million in the entire US.
  • Good hearted people are attracted to the truth.
  • This is why the TLM is growing, we don’t hide the truth.
  • MOST Catholic parishes are still saying you can’t receive on the tongue and you have to wear a mask to attend Mass.
  • There is no connection in this newest edict.
  • They are throwing darts at a dart board like what will we take away now?
  • They want to eliminate 100% of the Traditional Mass…all of it!
  • They are petty people and they are currently just making it miserable for us.
  • They are nitpicking until unlimited destruction occurs. 
  • They don’t want to remove it completely in one edict but it is coming, no doubt.
  • This hatred for the Catholic Mass, you can’t say it any other way.
  • The TLM is a Catholic Mass.
  • It might be headed to underground Traditional Masses.
  • Fasting and Praying – 



 Caller Luigi from Connecticut – 

  • Demons cannot be redeemed.
  • They had their chance and they are done.
  • WE can all be redeemed though.
  • #DragonSlayer
  • Betrayers of Tradition 
  • They all look foolish when they obey Satan.
   Caller Todd McClure from Michigan – 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Joe Manchin D-WVI definitively rejects Biden’s 2T dollar BBB spending package, if I can’t explain the bill to my constituents, I can’t vote for it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: NIH Director Dr Francis Collins – ‘So we’re in for a world of trouble, I’m afraid in the next month or 2 but we aren’t helpless, we have vaccines and boosters and we can always go back to masking.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Anthony Fauci – the term mandates, well that’ a radioactive word. Requirements people seem to respond better to that, they do work. We will never get out of this if we still have 50 million people refusing to get vaccinated. Sometimes you have to make requirements for the ‘common good’.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on CNN – ‘The right, the far right, the Trump right, whatever you call it, they do a really good job scaring people…they don’t ever deliver for the people.’

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