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The Mike Church Show-Paul Pelosi’s Attack Marks The Beginning Of The Pedo-Sex-Cult-Of-Death’s Collapse

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The Mike Church Show-Paul Pelosi’s Attack Marks The Beginning Of The Pedo-Sex-Cult-Of-Death’s Collapse

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29m HEADLINE: An Open Letter of Gratitude to Michelle Malkin by Diana West 

  • There is no longer any news-gathering at all, even for show. Everything is pre-harvested, pre-digested in order to be spat out by an army of dead-eyed bots. Naturally, the end product is sickening to every living thing.
  • There is no MSM that doens’t follow or tow the line.
  • There isn’t anything out there that is independent. 
  • You are fed what they want you to see and hear.
  • It has been changed to make you respond to it very emotionally too.
  Midterm Elections – 

  • If you drive around what do you see the most of?
  • You see School Board signs.
  • The parents and adults have HAD IT w/ the tranny mammy groomers in public schools.
  • They’ve had it w/ the whole cult of death/groomer side.
  HEADLINE: Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie by Kurt Schlichter 


HEADLINE: The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning. by Stan Greene 

  • According to SFPD “RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend,” the dispatch official said. “RP sounded somewhat confused.” 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Reporter on hot mic after San Francisco Police Press Conference regarding Paul PelosiHey so is this the dude that is a former nudist dude? Yea okay is it okay to say an of that stuff? Nope? 

  • This whole thing sounds completely fishy and/or made up to cover up the fact Paul Pelosi is sodomite and this was a homosexual encounter go wrong.
  • This man is a KNOWN nudist. 
  • There is no way this was just random.
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HEADLINE: Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning, Says US ‘Rapidly Devolving’ by Jack Phillips 

HEADLINE: How Is Diesel Fuel Made From Crude Oil? by Kendrick Oil Company 

  • How is Petroleum Diesel Fuel Produced:  Crude oil refining starts with heating up the viscous liquid to over 400 degrees Celsius. This process turns the liquid into a vapor. The vapor then enters a fractional distillation tower. As the vapor rises, it starts to cool down. The vapor reaches a certain temperature point and the hydrocarbon chains within it return to a liquid state. At different levels of the tower are distillation plates that capture the liquids as they emerge. 
  • The longest hydrocarbon chains have a boiling point over 400 degrees celsius. As soon as the chains enter the distillation tower, they start turning into liquid again. This emerges as asphalt or bitumen and exits at the bottom. As the vapor rises, shorter hydrocarbon chains begin to liquefy. Fuel oil emerges when the vapor cools down below 370 degrees celsius. This process continues up the tower, with various distillates emerging as the vapor cools further. 
  • When the vapor reaches between 200 and 350 degrees celsius, diesel fuel begins to emerge. The vapor collects on the distillation plates where it is siphoned off into a diesel holding tank.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Paul Pelosi’s “attack” – The man was shouting the same thing the insurrectionist where shouting ‘where’s Nancy, where’s Nancy’. 

HEADLINE: January 6 Did Not Attack Paul Pelosi by Rich Lowry 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: From the movie The Break-UpI’m not saying Richard is gay but…
  HEADLINE: Five Lingering Questions About The Bizarre Paul Pelosi Attack via ZeroHedge 

HEADLINE: Rand Paul calls out Nancy Pelosi’s daughter as he wishes her husband a ‘speedy recovery’ from the early morning-attack that left him hospitalized by Jake Epstein 



HEADLINE: What Really Happened To Paul Pelosi? by Rod Dreher 

  • Media eagerness to cover up for Democratic politicians — hello, Hunter Biden’s laptop — produces natural skepticism.

HEADLINE: David DePape ID’d as hammer-wielding intruder who attacked Paul Pelosi by Olivia Land, Mark Lungariello and Andy Tillett

  • They still claim they are ‘faithful Catholics’ this should alarm everyone!
  • Will the Bishops come out and discuss this?
  • Doesn’t this house have security?
  • She is 3rd in line for the office of the Presidency.
  • Why doesn’t that home have 24/7 survien
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  HEADLINE: Leftist Lula wins Brazil presidential election, ends far-right Bolsonaro era for now by Leila Sackur 
2h19m  HEADLINE: Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie by Kurt Schlichter

  • Perhaps a guy walking through San Francisco in his Fruit of the Looms with a hammer in his hand at 2 a.m. might not draw a lot of attention, but a lot of things don’t quite add up. Hey, I don’t know about you, but I have a few questions, some of which could be quickly answered with a House oversight committee deposing Paul Pelosi once he recovers and, just to be sure, sending a subpoena to Grindr. 
  • An official investigation? Yes, please! This is a serious matter, we’re told. After all, the regime media and Democrats such as Ilhan Omar are out there making charges like “A far-right white nationalist tried to assassinate the Speaker of the House and almost killed her husband a year after violent insurrectionists tried to find her and kill her in the Capitol, and the Republican Party’s response is to either ignore it or belittle it.” Heck, Our Democracy is at stake, so the incoming Republican majority must get to the bottom of this alleged act of political violence.
  • This whole miscalculation is a manifestation of the problems that come from being trapped in a blue echo chamber. The reality of the red wave is sort of seeping in, upsetting the progs, and then this happens and suddenly they all decide that a smart idea is to paint this as proof that the Republicans are trying to murder them. And everyone around them agrees that this is a super-smart take that will change their ballot box fortunes, not realizing that normal people are going to hear the story of two brief-clad dudes late at night and think “Yeah, no.”


HEADLINE: Dear, Sweet Leftists: Show Us On The Doll Where Elon Musk Touched Your Twitter by Eddie Scary 

  • “Elon Musk’s pledge to allow any speech on Twitter that doesn’t break the law would open the door to a pandemonium of objectionable and harmful content…”— Ina Fried
  • I have a request, drop the algorithm that shadow bans Conservatives like us!
  HEADLINE: Meet Emmanuel, the camera-friendly emu taking over TikTok by Hannah Sparks 


HEADLINE: “The Truest Ghost Story Ever Told” by Mary Cuff 

Apostle to the Alleghenies – Fr. Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin

  • The Livingston family was tormented night and day by horrifying sounds in the house as well as the frequent flinging of rocks and breaking of dishes and furniture. Their beds regularly caught fire in daytime. But what gives this haunting its unique name is the fact that invisible hands would regularly clip crescent-shaped holes into their clothes, saddles, and shoes. The clippings were small and regular. They looked as if they were done by machine, though those in the house could watch the clipping happen.
  • Apostolic Line of Succession – You can go all the way back with any Priest and find who they are a direct descendent of an Apostle. 
  • Each one of them began and Apostolic Line of Succession.
  • This never ended and will never end.
  • apostolic succession =  in Christianity, the teaching that bishops represent a direct, uninterrupted line of continuity from the first Apostles of Jesus Christ. According to this teaching, bishops possess certain special powers handed down to them from the Apostles; these consist primarily of the right to confirm church members, to ordain priests, to consecrate other bishops, and to rule over the clergy and church members in their diocese (an area made up of several congregations).
  • Continuing his account of the Wizard Clip in his letter to his protestant friend, Fr. Gallitzin commented that, “your minister would laugh very heartily if you should relate to him the above facts; for with the wise men of this enlightened age, he has peremptorily decided that miracles, etc., etc., are no longer necessary, and of course have ceased,—since when I did not learn; nor did I ever find any passage in Scripture which authorizes the belief that miracles should ever cease altogether, or that Evil Spirits should never have it any more in their power to molest the bodies, and the property of men, as they used to do during the lifetime of our Saviour, and after His Resurrection.” 
  HEADLINE: Ukraine tells GOP it ‘can’t just be about guns’ by Alexander Ward and Nahal Toosi 


HEADLINE: Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy Is The First Real Accountability Big Tech Censors Face For Their 2020 Election Meddling by Jordan Boyd  

  • By the gnashing of teeth and wailing from Twitter employees, corporate media mouthpieces, and other leftist elites who are quick to defend Big Tech censors, a stranger might think these Twitter heads were unjustly ousted. In reality, Agrawal, Segal, Gadde, and Edgett got what should have come to them two years ago when they knowingly interfered with the 2020 election to help install Joe Biden in the White House.
  • Since Elon Musk bought it outright, it is no longer publicly traded on NASDAQ.
  • Now Elon is personally accountable for Twitter and all that happens w/ the company.
  • He is taking responsibility for what is on the platform.
  HEADLINE: Invisible Hand or Iron Fist? by Ben Weingarten 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Karine Jean-Pierre on MSNBCWhen the president waled into this administration the economy was in ruins. It was in absolute ruins.
  HEADLINE: Ghoulish Liberalism and the Healthy Macabre by Peter Day-Milne 

  • Samhain was a liminal time  when the boundaries between the natural and the unnatural, the dead and the living, grew porous. One had to be on one’s guard against evil forces. Bonfires were lit for protection and cleansing, food and drink was offered to appease the fairies, divination was practised, and families set places at table for the souls of any dead relatives that chose to visit. 
  • The expanding Church saw some good aspects in these pagan customs: salutary reflection on death, wariness of dark powers, and the quixotic, distinctively human defiance of holding a feast just as the darkness set in. For these reasons, the Church took Samhain and ‘baptised’ it. By the 9th century, the 1st of November had in Britain and Ireland become All Hallows’ Day—in modern English, All Saints’ Day. This feast echoed the noble defiance of Samhain, but perfected it with a new Christian confidence and hope in Him who conquered death and darkness.
  Feast of Christ the King – 

  • He opens the gate to Heaven when he suffered and died for our sins.
  • All Saints Day, All Hallow’s Eve – 
  • Conditions for Plenary Indulgences (In the case of Visits to the Cemetery which apply to Holy Souls only):
  • Confession
  • Reception of the Holy Eucharist both within the prescribed times 
  • Avoidance of attachment to Venial Sins 
  • Prayers for the Pope’s Intentions (Not the current questionable ones, but the original intentions of the pope as outlined in the traditional Raccolta)
  • The Visit to the Cemetery itself is the Prescribed Act


HEADLINE: Hallowe’en via Fish Eaters 

October 31 Hallowe’en

November 1 All Saints

November 2 All Souls

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Florida surgeon Sidhbh GallagherDiscussing how she specialized in chopping healthy breasts off young girls but that she can add nipples later if they change their mind but a reconstructed nipple never looks as good as the original. 
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