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The Mike Church Show-RFK Jr: Biden IS The Greatest Threat To Democracy In American History

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16m Easter vs Transgender Visibility Day

  • These people are truly what we think they are.
  • They do truly worship sun gods and the are on the side of the dark one.
  • They aren’t on the side of light.
  • Regardless of the side of the Christian divide you might be on, they marked this day as a day of celebrating a mental illness over the Resurrection of Our Lord.
  • This isn’t natural, they aren’t born this way, it isn’t in the water….they are being taught this.
  • It is interesting they are talking about hunting people down that misgender others on social media b/c it is ‘harmful’.
  Rebuilding the Bridge 

HEADLINE: On Things Collapsing by Christopher Roach

  • Hoover Dam took five years to build. The Empire State Building only took 13 months. But a bridge across Baltimore’s Harbor in the year of our Lord 2024 will take twice as long as America’s participation in World War II.
  • When we think of the concept of “Making America Great Again” and what diminishes that greatness today, the slow pace of progress and the lack of tangible symbols of success loom large. In the recent past, ordinary people could see all around them testaments to American ingenuity and enterprise. This included the construction of the Hoover Dam, the Empire State Building, Mt. Rushmore, and later, the World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, and the St. Louis Arch.
27m Robert F. Kennedy Jr

HEADLINE: RFK Jr. argues that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump by Aaron Pellish 

  • He publicly admitted that Biden is a greater threat to democracy than Trump.
  • He didn’t take the bait from the CNN host Erin Burnett. 
  • She was totally stunned by his response.
  • Biden had RFK Jr’s website Children’s Health Defense shut down!
  • He signed and executive order and he wasn’t even in office 37 hours when he did that.
  • There are still algorithms that are running on X. 
  • Facebook – they have been censoring.
  • YouTube – they too have been censoring for years now.
  • We got kicked off of YouTube long ago when COVID hit.
  • We got 2 strikes and they just shut us down.
  • Threat to Democracy


















Children’s Health Defense –

AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert F Kennedy Jr on CNN w/ Erin Burnett 

Reporter – When people talk about the threat to democracy that Trump poses, do you really think is equal to Biden?

RFK Jr – Biden is much worse threat to democracy. President Biden is the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech. I can say that b/c I just won a case that shows he started censoring not just me but others. He is weaponizing the federal agencies. 

QUESTION: Why am I the only one that thought this wasn’t going to be your average run of the mill Independent presidential candidate? 

  • He was running as a Democrat when this all started.
  • Basically they threatened him, you will not run as a Democrat, Biden is our guy so go pound sand.
  • I saw the candidacy of RFK Jr. and thought this guy has a real shot at taking Biden down.
  • Robert F Kennedy Jr has Big Pharma dead to rights.
  • He is well rounded, well intentioned and I don’t agree w/ him 100%.
  • Is there anyone you agree w/ 100%?
  • I don’t even agree w/ my wife 100%.
  • He sniffed out COVID pretty quickly just as we did.
  • I think he is a patriot, but I don’t agree w/ him on abortion but I do agree w/ him on Big Ag and Big Pharma.
  • He is a Kennedy – do you know the kind of popularity the Kennedy name has in New England, Massachusetts or Connecticut? 
  • He only needs low double digits and the people he will pull will come from Biden.
  • A state like New York or Massachusetts will go to Trump if this scenario happens. 
  • Trump can win California too using this formula. 
  • What President has ever weaponized a federal agency?
  • Why did Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson and Adams put freedom of speech 1st?
  • Why is it even in there?
  • James Madison argued to enumerated powers and none had the power to censor speech.
  • Patrick Henry was the one that said, oh no this could absolutely happen.
  • There probably wouldn’t have been a Bill of Right had it not been for the assembly and Patrick Henry.
  • Henry was making the argument that if you have a powerful central government, you have to have a prohibition against it b/c they will arrest their enemies, they will silence any dissent. 
  • What was happening during this time?
  • Did you catch the part where Biden denied Secret Service Protection to his political opponents? 
  • That is was petty thugs do.
  • Biden is mean, vindictive, petty and he is above all selfish.
  • This is a huge issue here.
  HEADLINE: Greg Abbott Celebrates Catholic Nun Calling Biden ‘Evil’ by Thomas Kika 

  • I personally know Mother Miriam, I have broken bread w/ her.
  • She actually calls Biden evil.
  • Now you have to watch doing this b/c the Biden Regime will stoop to new lows to go after Mother Miriam. 
57m  @KanekoaTheGreat From Twitter 

  • They want to disbar this guy so they have a hearing.
  • They call Mark Wingate, a Fulton County Elections Board member.
  • He testifies that he voted against certifying the 2020 election because the county did not verify the signatures on 147,000 mail-in ballots.
  • Are you people listening in Atlanta?
  • If you live and vote in Fulton County you should pay close attention. 
  • ADDITIONALLY, the county could not provide any chain of custody documentation or surveillance footage for mail-in ballots or ballot drop boxes.
  • There was no surveillance tapes delivered to the board either.
  • Wingate’s testimony was part of the disbarment hearing for Former United States Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, who is among the 19 defendants facing various charges, including racketeering, by Fani Willis for investigating the 2020 election in Fulton County.
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HEADLINE: LSU stars LEAVE the court before the American national anthem is played ahead of game vs Iowa as video sparks outrage online: ‘Complete disgrace’ by Oliver Salt 

  • Now their coach Kim Mulkey said they have a routine that at 12 minutes before tip off they head back into the locker room for final meeting.
  • I think it was incredibly poor taste.
  • It was disrespectful. 
  • I think you should start all sporting events with the Our Father.
  • I have reservations about the National Anthem but that is a different issue for me.
  • I think it was poor taste and very bad judgement. 
  • Who doesn’t like Caitlyn Clark? 
1h20m HEADLINE: On Things Collapsing by Christopher Roach 

  • We went from biplanes to jet fighters in 20 years. Then we went from jet fighters to men in space in another 20. But repeating yesteryear’s technological achievements like building skyscrapers, dams, bridges, railroads, and the like is apparently going to take longer and cost more than it did in years, if it is even able to be repeated.
  • There is a show you can watch on Roku and Amazon Prime called Hell on Wheels.
  • They figured out how to build a wooden bridge for the trains to go over the canyon. 
  • We don’t have any of those people anymore.
  • They will be talking and arguing about rebuilding this bridge for 5 years minimum. 
  • Hoover Dam took five years to build. The Empire State Building only took 13 months. But a bridge across Baltimore’s Harbor in the year of our Lord 2024 will take twice as long as America’s participation in World War II. 
  • People from every economic station could enjoy clean and gleaming cities and safe public spaces. What monument exists to justify the trillions of dollars added to the national debt over the last two decades? Nothing memorable other than the tripling of our health insurance premiums and the debasement of our currency.
  • You can see the first hints of this decline in public architecture. Once upon a time, every county, even rural ones, boasted a beautiful courthouse. In smaller cities and towns, churches were ornate and sturdy, as were schools and banks and libraries and train stations. But after World War II, public spaces became more utilitarian and ugly. The brutalist architecture of the time neither encouraged respect nor stewardship. In many cases, the old and beautiful buildings were knocked down to make way for uglier replacements.
1h28m AUDIO: Fox News w/ Robert F Kennedy Jr – Diabetes and our unhealthy country. We have the sickest country in the world. 50 years ago pediatricians would see 1 case in children in their lifetime. Now they have 1 in 3 w/ diabetes. 

  • Big Government
  • Big Industry
  • Big Entertainment, Editorial 
  • These are the culprits here.
  • Fox is in that game, they play around w/ Big Pharma all the time.
  • They take their money. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert F Kennedy Jr on CNN w/ Erin Burnett 

Reporter – When people talk about the threat to democracy that Trump poses, do you really think is equal to Biden?

RFK Jr – Biden is much worse threat to democracy. President Biden is the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech. I can say that b/c I just won a case that shows he started censoring not just me but others. He is weaponizing the federal agencies. 

  • Folks this is serious stuff here.
  • You have this imagery of the Nazi gestapo showing up at homes.
  • What is the FBI doing now?
  • They are showing up at homes over social media posts.
  • There is a reason the 1st Amendment is in the Constitution. 
  • If you are going to have free and fair elections, all parties running have to have the ability to speak. 
  Adam Schiff

  • He has on retainer a legal firm he is paying over $100,000 a month and the owner is the daughter of the Judge that is hearing Trumps case.
  • She is still receiving 6 figures from Adam Schiff all while her daddy is prosecuting Donald Trump.
  • This is a direct conflict of interest here.


BACK to On Things Collapsing Article 

  • When people are not striving for public honor and adventure but are more intent on enjoying and prolonging luxury, the desire to take risks plummets. A languid, feminine energy predominates. We see this in individuals and nations alike.
  • Boys aspire to build things.
  • Boys also are the risk takers. 
  • We extend the power of a veto to the timid and the litigious, and everyone just accepts this as the way things are.
  • We were bolder, faster, more reckless, and accomplished more than our peers. We broke the sound barrier and put a man on the moon. We built big flashy cars with fins and thumbed our noses at effete European critics. Sure, there were setbacks. Occasionally, a spaceship blew up or a bridge collapsed. But we were more manly about such things, accepting them as the price of progress. – Christopher 
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2h12m Back to Christopher Roach Article

  • Today, we are risk-averse, slow, rule-bound, self-critical, and weak. Changing the rules won’t happen until we restore our collapsing national character. And that is a much larger and more difficult project than what goes into the federal budget or repairing a bridge.
  • Our upcoming Congress – 
  • Some wonderful things are happening in Southern states.
  • Florida, Texas and Louisiana – 
  • Where is Space X located? 
  • Yesterday our legislature did what The King Dude has been saying to do.
  • Get rid of the rot that is porn and the LGBTQ – ENFORCE YOUR OBSCENITY LAWS.
  • The porn pimps won’t want to do business in your state.

HEADLINE: Obscenity law would apply to Louisiana public, school libraries under proposed bills by Claire Taylor 

  • State Rep. Josh Carlson, a Republican from Lafayette Parish, and Rep. Beryl Amedée, a Republican representing Terrebonne, Lafourche, Assumption and St. Mary parishes, filed the bills. 
  • HB 414 and Amedee’s HB 545
  • Obscenity is defined in Louisiana R.S. 14:106 as the “intentional exposure of the genitals, pubic hair, anus, vulva, or female breast nipples in any public place or place open to the public view, or in any prison or jail, with the intent of arousing sexual desire or which appeals to prurient interest or is patently offensive.”
  • The law prohibits the distribution, exhibition or display of obscene material, which it defines as “any tangible work or thing which the trier of fact determines that the average person applying contemporary community standards would find, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, and which depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, hard core sexual conduct (defined elsewhere in the law) and the work or thing taken as a whole lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”
  • As soon as the ink is dry from Governor Landry’s signature, these groomers will sue.
2h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Transgender Visibility Day 

Karine Jean-Pierre – Really so surprised by the misinformation around this. Every year on March 31st transgender visibility day is celebrated. As we know, for folks that understand the calendar and how it works. This year it happened to coincide w/ transgender visibility day. There is so much misinformation out there. It is not surprising politicians are seeking to divide.

  • This is indifferentism. 
  • She is implying Easter is on the same playing field as transgender visibility day.
  • I have to ask this question – are we supposed to believe they think they are bringing Americans together w/ something like this?
  • By doing this you have divided the trans community against the religious citizens yet again.
  • Our Lords resurrection opened the gates of Heaven and Hell.
  • This is NO WHERE near trans issues.
2h49m AUDIO/VIDEO: Mother Miriam – Upcoming Presidential ElectionIn normal times an election is a time when normal people can take back control. But these are not normal times. If President Trump gets in, it is a complete act of God b/c every scheme and evil is out there and he would continue them. He is inept and evil. He has done evil things and those that surround him and advise him, the Devil is wise.

  • The things you say and the things you do have consequences.
  • You either stay where you are and things get worse or you do everything in your power to change it.
  • Part of my speech this weekend will be about when did Christian Civilization actually begin?
  • “One key — probably the most important one — to Charlemagne’s political thought is Augustine’s City of God, which, next to the Bible, was his favorite book. In reflecting on the temporal and heavenly realms, the patriarch took issue with ascetics who urged withdrawal from fallen human society in pursuit of an attainable holiness. He pointed out that perfection is impossible in this world, where divine and satanic forces are locked in constant conflict. The only sinless society will be that which gathers around the throne of God at the end of time. The moral for the leaders of both Church and state was not withdrawal, or even the establishment of monasteries as gateways to perfection, but earnest engagement in the battle against the forces of evil” – 
  • We must confront this evil.
  • We must not stand idly by and allow all this to just ‘happen’ to us.
  • We must defend our faith.
  • We must defend our children and future generations.
  • The people in the Vendee didn’t give up!
  • They fought to the death!
  • If we remove ourselves from this fight, Evil wins the day.
2h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Fox News Report on HomeownershipThe median-priced home is now $402,343 so the average person would have to make an income of at least $110,871 to be able to afford a home in America. That is a 46% increase from 2020 to 2024.

  • This isn’t accidental.
  • The Regime Leader and all his policies were always going to end up here.
  • This can only happen by pure intention. 
  • There was no natural weather event that caused this.
  • This is to deprive people of owning private property.
  • If you can’t own private property, you can’t be FREE.
  • God baked into the Man Cake – OWNERSHIP. 
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