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The Mike Church Show-Silence Of The Damned: Conservatism Inc Silent on Christian Speech Ban

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  College Campus Protests

Ole Miss University – The pro-Palestine protesters were met w/ some great SEC people.

  • They were having NONE of it.


HEADLINE: Problematic Campus Anti-Semitism Bill Clears Senate by Joe Cohn

  • This is an article from 2016.
  • This shows you they play the LONG game and they are good at it.
  • They had this all ready to go back in 2016, it failed but what did they do?
  • They just put it on the back burner waiting for the opportunity or a crisis that fit and repackaged it w/ a new bow on it and BOOM.
  • Same bill from 2016 that couldn’t pass, just passed THIS House in 2024.
  • The State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism provides: “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” Last year, FIRE argued that adoption and enforcement of this definition would likely violate the First Amendment on public college campuses. 
  • The ORIGINAL bill was actually introduced in 2014.
  • So for 10 years the Uni-Party has been wanting this bill to pass.
  • Now they had the perfect crisis to get this passed.
  • They couldn’t obtain this when the Dems had the majority in BOTH house and senate but they got it now when the Rep control the house?
  • Does this make sense to anyone out there?
  • So this is a massive story and there is NOTHING on the MSM about it.
  • Absolutely NOTHING!
  • Why doesn’t the MSM want you to be informed about this?
  • American Greatness, The Federalist, LifeSite News, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters the list goes on and on there is NOTHING.
  • You and I both know why this is.
  • The people that run these entities are horrified of the Jew backlash that will come if they cover this story.
  • Either we are stupid and we shouldn’t have touched it w/ an 11ft barge pole or… is a nuclear story.
  • This means there truly is no major news media entity that will take on and defend the rights of Christ and His followers. 
  Here is my answer to this – 

  • Tell me what is the formal cause of Christs execution? 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
46m HEADLINE: Colombia will break relations with Israel over its actions in Gaza, Petro says by Alex Leff 

Jewish American Heritage Month – State of Texas for the month of May from Governor Abbott.

  • The calvary isn’t coming folks.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gerald Celente w/ Judge Andrew Napolitano – Genocide Condemnation Prohibited…No Freedom of Speech 

Thomas Sowell & Walter Williams 

  • Hyphenated groups – 
  • Spent years of their lives talking about this.
  • Multiculturalism – these are all communist efforts.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Eva Vlaardingerbroek CPAC Hungary Speech 

Our new reality in Europe consists of frequent rapes and stabbings, but this did not happen before. This is a newly imported problem. 

Run Time: 1:50 – 2:54

If nothing changes, if we don’t fight for our continent, our religion, our people this time will go down in history in which countries no longer need to be invaded but was actively invited in. They made the native population pay for it.

Run Time: 3:43 – 4:25

  • It is a Christ-like thing to invite people in and tell them ‘we will care for you’.
  • These are commandments – 
  • Those did not come from Moses.
  • They came from the Incarnate Word Himself.
  • You are told to act Christlike and pretend the Jews didn’t kill Him.
  • Act Christlike but don’t ever say His name or declare Him as the King!
  • So I go back to the QUESTION  What is the formal cause of the execution of Jesus of Nazareth? 
  • This isn’t difficult it is in the Gospel.
  • What was the formal cause of Barabbas being set free?
  • The crowd of Jewish people wanted Christ.
  • Did Pilot wake up that morning and decide to kill this ‘rabble rouser’?
  • The efficient cause is the Roman Government.
  • The material cause is the Roman Soldiers that nailed Him to the tree.
  • I know we aren’t supposed to say this in today’s times but that is what happened.
  • And the Congress of the United States have now stated it is illegal to say this.
  • They are saying that if I continue to say this it is punishable. 
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  HR 6090 – Anti-Semitism Bill

  • There are some people even in our chatroom that are making the argument that this bill is fine.
  • Stop trying to appease these people.
  • this is the problem, we so desperately want to be liked.
  • Did I tell the truth?
  • Was I willing to defend the truth?
  • Was I willing to die for the truth?


AUDIO/VIDEO: Eva Vlaardingerbroek CPAC Hungary Speech 

So what is wrong w/ our leaders? The underlying sentiment of what they are saying is always the same. White people are evil. They have anti-white dogmas. That is why the totalitarianism in Brussels are doing what they are doing. No part may remain the way it was in any traditional sense. 

Run Time: 7:01 – 8:25

  • Look at what happened to the Reverend Jackson and the Rainbow Push Coalition.
  • When was the last time you heard about this coalition?
  • Where is Reverend Jackson?
  • The Reverend Jackson got replaced by the LGBTQ push.
  • Look at the damage.
  • Blacks in the United States are a case study in what not to do to sustain your race in any meaningful way.
  • In the African American community 1 in 3 babies end up aborted, 73% of all babies born have no father in the home – these aren’t accomplishments.
  • Meanwhile in middle America, no one else seems to care.
  Kentucky Derby

HEADLINE: Bloody Kentucky Derby brawl video goes viral after spectator suffers apparent eye injury by Chantz Martin

1h22m New Orleans Jazz Festival

  • The Rolling Stones performed last night.
  • Mick Jagger proceeds to say “Jeff Landry wants to bring you back to the stone ages.”

HEADLINE: At Jazz Fest show, Mick Jagger takes a swipe at Jeff Landry, and the governor claps back by

So our wonderful Governor comes on Twitter and states – You can’t always get what you want. The only person who might remember the Stone Age is Mick Jagger. Love you buddy, you’re always welcome in Louisiana!

  • This is like ‘Bless his Heart’. 
  • How to tell if an insult is coming in the South, – 
  • Now don’t get me wrong but…
  • Look I love her to death but…
  • Bless your heart….
  • Mick Jagger shouldn’t be the poster boy for anyone.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Waukesha, WI – ImmigrationWe’ve seen what happened when Europe opened their doors to Jihad. London is no longer recognizable and we can’t allow that to happen to our country. I will never let it happen to the United States of America.

  • What culture are you speaking about Donald?
  • Let’s look at the Kentucky Derby.
  • There is a tradition of the ladies wearing hats right?

HEADLINE: The Best (And Biggest) Hats At The 2023 Kentucky Derby by Michael Solomon 

Seersucker Suits in the South – In the South, seersucker was traditionally worn between Easter and October 1. In the rest of the country, it was traditionally worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Joseph Haspel, a New Orleans clothing manufacturer, is credited w/ inventing the seersucker suit in the early 1900’s. Haspel reimagined the fabric as a lightweight alternative for southern businessmen. 

As a publicity stunt, he wore the seersucker suit to a business convention in Florida, he walked into the ocean wearing it, waited for it to dry and then appeared before his fellow businessmen. 

  HEADLINE: Louisiana House Unanimously Passes Bill To Legalize Limited Raw Milk Sales by Alan Mosley 

  • The FDA clearly wants complete prohibition of raw milk and some insiders say it’s only a matter of time before the feds try to institute an absolute ban. Armed raids by FDA agents on companies like Rawsome Foods back in 2011 and Amish farms over the last few years also indicate this scenario may not be too far off.
  • When states allow the sale of raw milk within their borders, it takes an important step toward nullifying this federal prohibition scheme in practice and effect.
  • Most of these people are ‘my body my choice’ but not when it comes to raw milk?
  • These people have never lived outside of a city before.
2h12m  Raw Milk in Louisiana

  • Where do you get chocolate milk from?
  • I bet most of these people commenting on this have no idea how and where their food comes from.
  • They are truly scared this will kill people.
  • You can see the bacteria in it but it is good bacteria.
  • They are saying “yeah lets ban sterilizing medical instruments now too”.
  • THIS is what we are dealing w/ folks.

CRUSADER STADIUM – Weisenburger – We’re getting 7-8 gallons a day and I have had NONE to spare this week until last night, because we have had 9 new families join our herdshare this week. They have come out of the woodwork (and our waiting list) …praise God! People hear that you milk cows and in hushed whispers and large eyes say “do you sell it??” people are so hungry, literally and figuratively, for real food, the way God intended.

  • Milton Salt Micro Nukes – 
  Caller Rose W

Discusses raw milk v pasteurized milk.

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6













Richard Barrett

Host of the Barrett Brief 

Follow Richard on X – @ElArmedCatholic

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders is more MAGA than Donald Trump!
  • We should be backing her and have more people like here than Trump at this point.
  • HE shouldn’t be the MAGA spokesperson, SHE should be.
  • They are trying to make it so you have to be an FFL to sell privately.
  • This is rooted in the gun show loophole myth they have perpetuated for years.
  • 22 R-17
  • We handed them as much gun control they wanted in an attempt to buy off suburban women that still hate us.
  • So you can’t sell to another private citizen if you don’t have a FFL.
  • You will be convicted of a felony.
  • Dexter Taylor ini New York – he bought parts from a company and most of those companies don’t have a problem giving over a list of people that bought their products.
  • There are so many strings that the Federal government uses against the state on gun laws.
  • Think about what happened in North Carolina – Marshall’s were killed.
  • I had this debate w/ someone else, there is a neo-Con old school mindset that we can’t do it b/c the what if…
  • The what if’s cripple the Republican party. 
  • On Saturday’s show I will talk about the university protests from the gender divide.
  • It was mostly effeminate men and women vs the Frat Bros. 
  • You had the traditional all American frat boys against the Ivy league college types.
  • This was the clash.
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