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  Have Yourself a Manly and Mary Little Christmas – Caller #7
49m Thanksgiving Recap

  • How was your Thanksgiving?
  • From the looks in the chatroom, you guys didn’t have a great ‘holiday’ season.
  • Was the family the issue or the food?
  • Or the food prices?
  • We had a 12lb turkey and it took us 6 hours to smoke it on a propane standup contraption. 
  • It was brined for a day and a half. 
  • Have Yourself a Manly and Mary Little Christmas Contest – starts today!
   Dublin Ireland – Riots

HEADLINE: Far-right protesters burn and loot in Dublin in worst violence ‘in decades’ by Karla Adam 

  • Right-wing protesters, angered by a stabbing attack they believed had involved someone of immigrant background, rampaged through central Dublin on Thursday night, leaving behind a trail of burning destruction.
  • If any government starts announcing that it will systematically hunt down and try to remove certain people from its citizenry, they probably won’t take that lying down.
  • The violence and looting through some of Dublin’s most famous streets began after a stabbing attack outside a school that left five people hospitalized. They included three young children and a woman. Police detained a man who also is being treated for injuries.
  Sky Marshall’s on Flights

  • Since 9/11 we started using Sky Marshalls.
  • They were undercover and on at least one on all domestic flights.
  • Guess what they are doing now?
  • Let me give you a hint – they aren’t in the sky!
  • Can you say MAGA?
  • Can you say January 6th?
  • Just wait until you hear what our government currently has them doing.


Hamas/Israel Conflict

Hostage Exchange – 

  • Why am I hearing stories of hostages being released? 
  • I thought they were barbarians and beheading infants and such?
  • How do you go from that barbarism to this?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Pennsylvania Critical Care Nurse Mackenzie Moan  Working and living paycheck to paycheck, her and her husband both have very good jobs, we are doing everything right and we are still living paycheck to paycheck. We have $200 to get us to the end of the week.

  • Who is they?
  • Teachers?
  • Parents? 
  • The government? 
  • We studied hard, we went to college, we got degrees and now I have a job in my field and can’t hardly pay my mortgage or for groceries. 
  • What now?
  • This whole mortgage this, is the highest level of usury out in America.
  • Signing your life away for 30-40 years.
  • I sign up to pay for a house for 40 years, and call it my home but it isn’t really my home.
  • The number 1 tax they want me to pay here in Saint Tammany parish is public schools – 
  • This is another product of this nightmare system that has to go.
  • I don’t want to pay for the brat down the streets education.
  • My children are already educated!
  • The hybrid is where children go to school and the teachers are called TUTORS the parents are the actual primary teachers for the children.
  • How come when our children graduate from the school system, we don’t get removed from the paying of that school tax?
  • They want us to take full ownership of PAYING for the schools but they don’t want to hear what we have to say about any issues.
  • Same w/ the homo books!
  • Of course we need teachers!
  • No one is dumb enough to say we don’t need teachers.
  • This whole nightmare began in England.
  • They had their own political party.
  • They tried to snuff out and eliminate Catholic education.
  • That is how this all got started.
  • If you are going to have the discussion and debates over these sort of issues, you have to talk about the government school system.
  • It is the biggest scam of all times.
  • We shouldn’t have school boards.
  • Whether you like hearing what I just said or not, it is the truth.
  • The children you have are your responsibility.
  • If you pass your children over to the government to educate, you will get a child that spouts out the government party line information. 
  The Iron Bowl 

Alabama and Auburn 

  • Did you see the dramatic finish with that game?
  • If I were an Auburn fan I would have lost my mind on that game.
  • You go around on these college campuses w/ the commercials in between, you see where the money really goes.
  • LSU – the library going on 8 years has black mold on floors 1-3 but it has a pristine lazy river!
  • It is all about appearance not knowledge. 
1h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Carley Shimkus interviews Sonya Labosco, Director Air Marshal InternationalWe aren’t flying right now, the only missions are Quiet Skies missions, and those follow the January 2021 people. We aren’t doing our regular missions. Most flights now you won’t have Air Marshall’s. 

  • So they are admitting they are following the same people for 3 years and they have committed NO crime at all.
  • They aren’t searching for actual foreign terrorist, they are actively following American citizens.
  • Where is the uproar?
  • Where are the warrants?
  • Where are the crimes?
  • Does this seem like a ‘free coutnry’ to you?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: George Webb on Bill Marr and Oliver Stone Anthrax 
2h05m HEADLINE: NYC ordinance banning ‘body size discrimination’ goes into effect by Olivia Murray 

  • On a social  media “fatfluencer” whose very serious demands for widened hotel hallways and extra airplane seats for the morbidly obese had rolled her into my sphere of awareness. The young woman, who is in her mid-twenties, was petitioning businesses to adopt a “customer-of-size policy” and urging private establishments to provide “size-inclusive” amenities so that ultra-fat people could enjoy the same things as everyone else. 
  • How soon until a fat tenant demands changes to the living space on the dime of the property-owner with the full force of the judicial system behind him/her?
  • So no glass door showers b/c the fat people will feel claustrophobic.
  • No small toilets b/c the fat people won’t fit on them.
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  Hunters TV Show

The high fructose corn syrup – this wouldn’t be in anything if the government had an actual desire to keep their citizens safe.

  • Remember when the FDA said that eggs were bad for us?
  • They said natural eggs had too much cholesterol.
  • So we can’t always just blindly trust what the ‘science’ tells us in any case.
2h39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Irish Prime Minister Leo VaradkarWe should set a target for percentages of diversity in all areas of government. The Irish government is very white and that very much needs to change to be more diverse. We need a generation of colored people growing up in Ireland see diversity in public service.

FUN FACT –  Ireland is 94.1% white

  • So where will these ‘dark diverse’ people come from?
  • The Muslims? 
  • Will you import Muslims into Ireland? 
  • Why is it necessary to import brown people?
  • Why is there this push to make all areas of this planet diverse?
  • We should be forcing all areas of the planet to be Christian! 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Irish Senator discussing the introduction of Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offenses Bill 2022

  • Where are all the men?
  • The ‘common good’ is so overused these days.
  • Is it in the ‘common good’ to force people to stay in their homes like they did during COVID?
  • Is it in the ‘common good’ to continue to print money so the inflation is so bad that the citizens can’t buy groceries? 
  • Where is the governments concern for the common good on that?


TKD reads excerpt from ACTION by Jean Ousset 

  • Peasant has a profound role to play in re-establishing Christendom.
  • He can stay a peasant b/c that is what he is good at.
  • We want him to be a good formed Catholic peasant. 
  • Saint John Bosco – use the talents of everyone according to their talents and state in life.
  • If the Communist have the audacity to train their militants to win over Catholics, it is surely unthinkable that we do nothing to bring back revolutionaries to Christ the King.


Solyndra and the Biden Regime 

HEADLINE: The Biden Administration’s Electric Vehicle Subsidies Are Becoming Another Solyndra by Helen Raleigh 

  • Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made $1.6 million from an electric car company the Biden administration boosted that just went bankrult.
  • Besides government subsidies, the company only survived as long as it had due to powerful political connections. Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy secretary, served on its board.
  • Granholm made millions being on Proterra’s board.
  • Biden’s 2022 Inflation Reduction Act further enriched Proterra’s coffer. The law had little to do with reducing inflation, but it gave massive government handouts to the green energy sector. For instance, IRA includes a $40,000 per vehicle tax credit for purchasing electric commercial vehicles and an additional tax credit for EV batteries.
  • This green stuff doens’t work w/o the corruption and the subsidies. 
  • It NEVER turns out the way they say it is going to.
  • Another Biden blunder – 
  • Biden should have known better. He was the vice president under former President Barack Obama when Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer that Obama claimed would be a “sure winner in the solar industry,” filed for bankruptcy less than two years after the Department of Energy provided Solyndra with a loan guarantee for $535 million.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein on FOX SundayWe are moving in the right direction. The average American is telling through their consumer behavior that they’re feeling pretty good about their own financial conditions.

  • Inflation by definition is a rise in prices.
  • All the Biden Regime would have to do is tap into the Build Back Better fund and say hey airlines $10 billion a quarter drop the ticket prices.
  • If they really wanted to, they could redirect this money…any money for that matter.
  Christian Calendar 

  • We haven’t even gotten to Advent yet!
  • Don’t put Christmas lights up, don’t inflate the snowman yet.
  • It isn’t the ‘season’ yet.
  • Try and treat Advent like a mini-Lent.
  • So let’s focus on what is coming. 
  • Let’s focus on what we need to do for our own souls.
  HEADLINE: Parents’ Personality Disorders Driving Surge in Trans Kids: Psychiatrists by Darlene McCormick Sanchez 

  • “Transhausen by proxy,” a term coined for narcissistic parents who push so-called “gender transitioning” on their children, may be playing a role in the sudden rise of transgender children, some experts say.
  • They point to headlines such as the one on in May, which gushes: “15 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids.” The article praises stars such as Cher, Sade, Jennifer Lopez, and Charlize Theron for supporting their children who reject their biological sex.
  • Parents routinely post on social media cheering their children’s transition or advocating for “transgender rights.” Some parents have been featured in news articles for fleeing red states that block transgender procedures for children and moving to blue states where “gender-affirming care” is allowed.
3h29m Fan Duel 

NFL and College Football

  • Should college football even be a product?
  • Is this all b/c the NFL panicked b/c the stadiums started to empty?
  • This was just another revenue source for them.
  • This then gained all of those lost fans back b/c of the immediate dopamine. 
  BACK to Transhausen by Proxy

  • Another article by Pink News details how UK television stars Carrie and David Grant claim that three of their four children are transgender or nonbinary.
  • So how do you have 3 out of 4 children non binary or transgender?
  • That is a LEARNED thing in this house.
  • Until recently, gender dysphoria was rare and occurred mainly in young males. Left untreated, the condition often resolves naturally after puberty. In some cases, children struggling with gender dysphoria turned out to be gay, according to studies.
  • Narcissism, which has similarities to MSBP, may contribute to the proliferation of gender dysphoria claims and shouldn’t be ignored, she said.


HEADLINE: Kamala Harris v. Gavin Newsom: The Coming Democratic Civil War by Keith Naughton  

  • VP nominees are mostly about pulling together party divisions or offsetting the nominee’s weaknesses. As an old, white male Catholic, Biden running with a minority female checked some important identity boxes. And, in 2020 with a campaign hobbled due to covid restrictions, Harris did just fine. The “not Trump” campaign worked.
  • Let’s get this straight – Kamala Harris is NOT a natural born citizen and thus is NOT eligible for Presidency.
  • What if Hillary wants to be #2 opponent?
  • Do you not think Hillary wouldn’t take this and run w/ it?
  • She would absolutely out her as not a NBC.
  • She couldn’t beat Mike Pence.
  • I think she has had her time and it is over for her.


HEADLINE: US Banks File to Shut 64 Branches in a Single Week—Are You Affected? by Naveen Athrappully 

  • Between Nov. 12 and 18, several banks filed to close branch locations, with PNC Bank with the most filings, according to data from the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank filed for 19 branch closures—five in Pennsylvania, four in Illinois, three in Texas, two each in Alabama and New Jersey, and one each in Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.
  • JPMorgan Chase followed closely with 18 filings—three in Ohio, two each in Connecticut and South Carolina, and one each in 11 states, including New York, Illinois, Florida, and Massachusetts.
  • One major factor that led to a surge in branch closures is the rise of digital banking, a trend that accelerated during the pandemic when people were stuck at their homes.
  • They need 76% of the American public to agree to an all digital currency and banking.
  • That is a very hard sell.
  • In June, PNC shut 47 branches, followed by 29 closures in August. A spokesperson told The U.S. Sun at the time that the bank intends to shut down 147 locations as it focuses more on online banking. The closures were expected to make 60 percent of PNC’s banking business exclusively online.
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