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The Mike Church Show-So This Is How Liberty Dies With Little Blue And Gold Flags

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Ukraine Flags Fly in Congress

  • Sad and pathetic sight to see the House waving small Ukrainian flags. 

So this is how liberty dies –

  • It is interesting to note the amount of dollars and cents just doesn’t matter anymore.
  • How this guy, Speaker Johnson, survives is beyond me.
  • Rep Thomas Massie said it is time for Johnson to just resign.
  • Rep Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that this was all sanctioned by Donald Trump.
  • Supposedly Trump demanded that in this bill there would be the stipulation of a loan and that it could be rescinded when/if Trump gets into the White House.

HEADLINE: Lindsey Graham Crediting Trump for Ukraine Aid Passing Raises Eyebrows by Gabe Whisnant 

  • Anytime the word bi-partisan appears, just run as fast as you can from it.
  • Nothing good ever happens from bills that are passed in a bi-partisan way.
  33 Year Anniversary of The King Dude being behind the microphone!

WSLA Radio 1560 AM

Bill Clinton – 

  • In 1992 the only cable news was CNN, Fox didn’t come around until 1997 or so.
  • The place most people got their news was by newspapers or magazines.


Sheetz Gas Stations

HEADLINE: EEOC Sues Sheetz, Inc. For Racially Discriminatory Hiring Practice by US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • According to the lawsuit, Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.
  HEADLINE: Flouting Congressional Will, the Biden Administration Rescinds Women’s Rights by Eileen J. O’Connor 

  • The enactment of Title IX of the Education Amendments in 1972 marked a turning point in the lives of girls and women in schools and colleges throughout the United States. For the first time, this federal statute prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance, which can be as minor as school lunch programs or tuition assistance. Thanks to this law, more than ten times as many women and girls now participate in athletic activities in K-12 schools and in institutions of higher education than did fifty years ago.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
  33rd Anniversary Memory Lane

  • My first look at Bill Clinton. 
  • I thought there was no way this guy could be president.
  • Then a few years later, he was in fact the president.











HEADLINE: Speaker Johnson’s Ignominious Betrayal by David Stockman 

  • Speaker Johnson actually said that Christians had a duty to support Israel b/c it was in the Bible.
  • What Johnson’s impending Waterloo means, therefore, is not merely the prospect of another wild and wooly succession battle, but actually that there is no point at all in the preservation of a Republican majority and GOP House Speaker. Afer all, the Washington GOP has become so infected with neocon warmongers and careerist pols who spend a lifetime basking in the imperial projects and pretensions of the world’s War Capital that apparently the best the House GOP caucus could do when it ejected the previous careerist deep stater from the Speaker’s chair was to tap the dim-witted nincompoop who currently occupies it. 
  • Makes you appreciate what Nancy Pelosi does b/c when she says it is going to get done, it gets done, end of story.
  • The Republican party has YET TO FIND anyone that is Pelosi’s equal.
  • In 2024, the supposed good guys don’t have strong manly, heroic, courageous good guys. 
  • Even by the math of this Rosy Scenario on steroids the public debt will reach $140 trillion at minimum by 2054. In turn, that would cause interest payments on the public debt with rates no higher than those which prevailed between 1986 and 1997 to reach $10 trillion per year.
  • Here is the breakdown of what the Republicans helped pass – 

Speaker Johnson’s Foreign Aid Boondoggle:

  • Indo-Pacifc aid: $8.1 billion.
  • Israel: $26.4 billion.
  • Ukraine: $60.8 billion.
  • Total: $95.3 billion.
  • Why would responsible men and women in the states, why would they go along w/ this?
  • This is a guaranteed Zimbabwe. 
  • They should have just let the Democrats – 
  • Cutting taxes and spending.
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  TRIVIA Name the last time the enemy was handed a stinging defeat in Congress?


AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Uncle Bosie

Peter Doocy – Why is the President saying that his Uncle Bosie was eaten by cannibals?

Karine Jean-Pierre – The president had an emotional, and I think, a symbolic moment.

FACT: Donald Trump never ever said that Vets were suckers and losers.

  • There was once upon a time when Trump was asked a question about John McCain, when he said HE was a sucker and a loser.
  • Notice she didn’t come out and say, well what Biden said was a lie.
  • She said it was a ‘symbolic moment’. 
  • It wasn’t symbolic b/c he lies all the damn time.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Long Live Hamas

Peter Doocy – What does the president think about young people in America saying things like ‘We are all Hamas and long live Hamas’?

Karine Jean-Pierre – In our national strategy we made clear that when Jews are targeted b/c of their beliefs, bc/ of their identity, that is anti-semitism and that is completely, completely unacceptable.

  • Let’s talk about racism for a moment here.
  • Do you see racism where you live?
  • Do you see racism in your group of friends?
  • Let’s talk about antisemitism for a moment here.
  • What does it mean exactly?
  • As a practicing Christian I follow Jesus.
  • He was a Jew, His mother was a Jew, His foster-father was a Jew.
  • How can I be an antisemite? 
  • Tradition – from Fiddler on the Roof – imagine if we could make it illegal to slander tradition. 
  • Imagine you could not be an anti-trad.

AUDIO/VIDEO: US House Floor Erupts in Cheer, Clapping and Waving of the Ukrainian flag – Total 310 – 112  $60.8 billion in Ukraine Aid 

  • But we are told the half-naked Viking guy was disgracing the ‘sacred space’ known as the Capitol?
  • Who are these people? 
  • How did they get voted to be in charge?
  • What qualifies them to be AMERICAN leaders?
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  • Everything can’t be BREAKING.
  • What was the #1 headline breaker for months?
  • The end of the world was coming if you didn’t see this “Must See Video”. 
  • Do these BREAKING videos do anything?
  • Do they stop anything?
  • No they are there to invoke a feeling for you to click.
  • There are no barriers to entry anymore.
  • Podcasters are all over the place now b/c of this.
  • Everything is now an imperative command. 
  • What if you see a ‘must see’ video and you don’t watch it?
  • Does your world crumble?
  • Does your life immediately stop?


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Thomas Massie w/ Cavuto – Speaker Johnson 

  • We’d like to see him resign like Behner did so we will continue to have a Republican in the seat. First betrayal was the omnibus bill, the second was the FISA and now he is giving up any leverage on securing the border. 

New York Times Front Page – Marjorie Taylor Greene 

Mollie Hemingway X – If you send hundreds of billions of US taxpayer funds to fight the elites’ lengthy proxy wars, you’re a great American. If you want to address the policy goals of struggling Americans, you are a Russian stooge. Such idiotic discourse among some.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene – Republicans Waving Ukraine Flags on Floor – After doing nothing to secure America’s southern border, reauthorizing FISA to spy on the American people w/o a warrant, fully funding Joe Biden’s DOJ that has indicted Trump 91 times, and giving his gestapo a brand new FBI building…he just sent $61 billion to fund a proxy war. Who is going to vote for these republicans? Waving Ukraine flags, they don’t serve the American people. 

  • The Republican party as it stands is filled w/ feckless, spineless cowards.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Gavin Newsom Abortion AdNow Republicans are trying to criminalize young women’s travel to receive abortion care. 
2h13m Covington Compact –

Pop on over, give it a read and sign it!

  • The Golden Rule – 
  • He gave you a rule.
  • In some of the statements they come across as rules.
  • It is saying you affirm the principles. 
  33 Year Anniversary – 

Strolling down memory lane.

  • We used to get interns from Southeastern University from the Mass Comm Department.
  • Now we get nothing.
  • Why is that?
  • It isn’t b/c we suck all of the sudden.
  • It is b/c people aren’t taking the CRAFT seriously any more.


HEADLINE: The Pro-Life Movement Has A Storytelling Problem by Carrie Gress 

  • Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder
  • Seems pretty simple, pretty explanatory right?
  • In the pro-life movement, messaging can often be like my friend’s simple mistake where we think we are doing one thing, but with unintended results. For decades, pro-lifers have tried to communicate rich and important truths about babies, motherhood, and the family, yet the polls and the culture continually show these efforts are falling upon deaf ears. We make impassioned and intellectually rigorous arguments, and then they dissolve in the red robes and bonnets of “The Handmaid’s Tale” activists. That one image instantly conveys more than words can say. 
  • When it comes to abortion, it is still women who are encouraged to exhibit risky behavior, and they are the ones walking into abortion facilities, even if pressured by others (often other women). Men, especially young men, lean more toward conservative values, while women across the country seem immovable on the issue of life. We must learn to speak women’s language.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sheetz being sued for not hiring criminalsThe Biden administration is suing Sheetz for discriminating against minorities. The reason? The company requires all the applicants to first pass a criminal record background check. 

HEADLINE: EEOC Sues Sheetz, Inc. For Racially Discriminatory Hiring Practice

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  33 Years Down Memory Lane

  • Ted Nuggent and our opening song.
  • My City Was Gone by the Pretenders
  • The use of the song is more popular now than it has ever been and she allowed Rush Limbaugh to use the song.
  • Wolfman Jack – 
2h45m HEADLINE: Does the Gay Rights Movement Hold Lessons for Pro-Lifers? by Shawn Carney

  • Same-sex marriage advocates lost 32 times in a row before November 2012, when several states then voted in their favor. Yet at no point during that extensive losing streak did they settle for a “compromise,” like civil unions or domestic unions, as their ultimate goal. Neither should we, pro-life Americans, settle for a compromise—in this case, a 15-week abortion ban that (in the words of a prominent presidential candidate) “everybody can live with.”  
  • Who is “everybody”?
  • After losing referendum after referendum, same-sex marriage advocates didn’t go away; they went for broke.
  • Just 3 years after winning their first referendum, they achieved total victory on June 26, 2015 when the Supreme Court redefined marriage for all 50 states with Obergefell.
  • And less than a decade later, there is no meaningful political opposition to same-sex marriage. 
  • THAT is how we should be handling the abortion issue.
  • Go for broke w/ this.
  • Murder and killing is murder and killing – it is wrong at any level of development.
  • LIFE is precious. 






AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson after $26B aid to IsraelI don’t walk around being scared of the vacate vote. I’ve done what I believe to be the right thing. The House had important work to do here. We had to reauthorize FISA and we got to this vote as quickly as we could. 

  • Can you give me the basis for WHY we HAVE to?
  • Does anyone really believe Putin has a desire to march through Europe?
  • No, no one actually believes that but it is a great scare tactic.

HEADLINE: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Johnson? by Brian C Joondeph

  • Johnson replaced Kevin McCarthy, who broke numerous promises to his caucus including the full release of January 6 videos, a proper budget process as opposed to “omnibus” bills that Congress had little or no time to review and bringing each spending bill to Congress for a separate vote.
  • It seems Republican voters continue to ask and vote for a medium rare steak only to be served a burnt, inedible slab of meat.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Lindsey Graham on Fox News Sunday – Ukraine Aid Is A Loan – The loan component to it. This would not have passed w/o President Trump. I want to thank Speaker Johnson and Hakeem Jeffries for working together to get weapons to Ukraine. 

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