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The Mike Church Show-The Demonic Left Failed To Make Kyle Rittenhouse Into Their “White Supremacist” Fantasy

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    The Mike Church Show-The Demonic Left Failed To Make Kyle Rittenhouse Into Their “White Supremacist” Fantasy LoneRhody

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  • Kyle Rittenhouse trial results
  • COVID protests happened all over the world this weekend
  • Black man plows SUV through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin
  Kyle Rittenhouse – 
29m HEADLINE: Driver of rampaging SUV that tore through Christmas parade leaving at least FIVE dead and 40 injured was ‘fleeing a knife crime’ – as cops arrest suspect and ‘refuse to rule out terror’ by Ariel Zilber  

  • At least five people have been killed and 40 injured – including at least 12 children – after a speeding SUV plowed into a Christmas parade taking place in a suburban town near Milwaukee on Sunday.
  • There was a police officer manning the barricades for this parade.
  • The police officer fired 6 rounds into the car when he realized he wasn’t going to stop.
  • What if that was a white officer firing at this black man?
  • Would BLM be out there rioting because he was being fired at by a white man?
  • Would racism be thrown around?
  • The court judicial system – has been so messed up with political correctness.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing 

Peter Doocy – Will you comment on why the President called Kyle a white supremacist

Jen Psaki – I will not discuss something that is still going on w/ a trial



Los Angeles California – 

BREAKING Jodi Hernandez – About 25 cars just blocked the street and rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom making off with goods before getting in cars snd speeding away. At least two people arrested at gunpoint. (all 25 were African American)

  • California has a rule on the books that if the theft is under $950, no arrests will be made and no criminal charges will be brought up.
  BACK to Kyle Rittenhouse 

The 3 people shot – 

Anthony Huber – 

Joseph Rosenbaum – convicted sexual assault on more than 3 counts

44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tiffany Cross on MSNBC I find these people disgusting, I’m disgusted at what I’m seeing. The fact that ‘white supremacists’ roam the halls of Congress freely, and celebrate this little murderous white supremacist…


  • They have created this fantasy world for themselves and if you call the fantasy a fantasy, YOU are the one that is wrong or better yet a RACIST.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing   

Note Jen Psaki says – armed vigilantes disrupting ‘peaceful’ protests.

  • They were burning the city to the ground!
  • This is that fantasy world I was just speaking about.
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  NYC – 

The Subway Gunman – 

  • 1984 on December 22, 1984
  • Bernhard Goetz – NYC subway train in Manhattan 
  • Bernhard is and was a vigilante.
  • You bring your gun and go in search of bad people doing bad things.
   Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict – 

  • The blame for this mass delusion is MSM.
  • It is immoral and downright tiresome. 
1h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: Kyle Rittenhouse – found not guiltyreading the verdict 
1h36m  HEADLINE: Amid Criticisms A Sex Crimes Registry Is ‘Overly Harsh,’ Colorado Rebrands The Term ‘Sex Offender’ by Spencer Lindquist 

  • Sex Offender Management Board of the State of Colorado has voted to change or rebrand the term SEX OFFENDER.
  • They are going to replace it with ‘adults who comment sexual offenses’.
  • So they want to erase the ‘stigma’ of those that commit rape.
  • STIGMA – hello you raped someone, shouldn’t you carry that with you for sometime. 
  • Drunk Driving replace it with slightly altered driving? 
  • Is there any rehabilitation for pedophiles? 
  • Minor attraction person – what sin is committed by rapists and pedophiles????
  • SODOMY – is that a coincidence? 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner – If you are against the vaccine mandate, you are definitely anti-vaccine, I don’t care what your vaccine status is. If you are against the mandate, you are anti-vaxx period.

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  BEE GEES Friday Super Medley 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: NT Chief Minister Minister Michael Gunnerthe army is now transferring positive COVID cases & contacts in the NT to ‘Quarantine Camps’ by army truck. 


 HEADLINE: Vax Has Slight But Waning Edge In Old But Harms The Young: In Which I Disagree With Berenson by William Briggs 

  • Looking at these numbers, why are people still promoting this jab?
  • These numbers show that the shot is in-fact harming the young.
  • You are more likely to die if you get this jab due to all the other ‘rare’ side effects.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Canavan Oz Parliament – Name me one country where the vaccine passports have stopped the spread of COVID?
2h28m HEADLINE: Disney World halts vaccine mandate for employees after Gov. DeSantis signs legislation restricting mandates by The Post Millennial 

  • Is Biden going to come out and say all Federal Employees are forbidden from going to see the Mouse b/c of this policy change?
  • They simply aren’t going to fight DeSantis and his mandate.
  • It appears they have just decided this is the easy way out.
  • They state their mask mandates have been very helpful but they will follow the legal issues.
  • The mouse is hurting people.
  • They are in the most mask-free state w/ this mandate so it was putting a hurt on the company.
  • The Governor of Florida is doing the right thing for his state.
  • The Senate the House and the Governor – 



Natural Immunity 

  • The role that the British government is doing is doing much better than the CDC here in the states.
  • Vaccine induced immunity vs Natural Immunity
  • The Vaccine immunity is suppressing the natural immunity.
  • Slide show available on Crusade TV
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Written by: LoneRhody

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