The Mike Church Show-The FBI Withdraws It’s Shocking Plan To Investigate Traditional Catholics

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HEADLINE: The FBI’s Slander of ‘Radical’ Traditional Catholics by the Editor  

  • The Richmond office of the FBI prepared a memo on what it called “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” and the threat they posed, as a potential recruiting ground for ethnically motivated right-wing extremism. These “RTCs” were described in the memo as an extremist subset among those Catholics who reject the Second Vatican Council’s authority and who attend the traditional Latin Mass. 
  • By identifying traditionalist Catholic opposition to abortion or certain priorities of the LGBT community as evidence of a potential threat, it was doing the opposite of intelligence work. Careful research is supposed to narrow the focus of law enforcement on the tiny numbers of groups and individuals that are a danger. By choosing beliefs that are obliged in a religious communion of 1 billion people worldwide, and shared by billions of other humans worldwide, the report becomes a slander.
  • They are going to do exactly what PayPal did w/ their fining Conservatives.
  • They got busted, they retract it and then in the dead of night a few weeks from now they will quietly reinstate this.
  • That is how these things play out.


HEADLINE: IRS proposes new reporting program for tips in the service industry by Marc Sternfield 

  • The U.S. Treasury Department and IRS on Monday introduced the Service Industry Tip Compliance Agreement (SITCA), which the agency says would be a “voluntary” program involving restaurants, bars, food delivery and other businesses where workers earn money from tips. 
  • Aspects of SITCA include monitoring how much revenue is generated through tips and annual reporting by employers.
  • This is just another thinly veiled attack on the middle class.
  • People that work in the service industry are middle class not the upper class.
  • It is tragic it has come to this but this didn’t happen overnight. 
  • National Restaurant Association at?
  HEADLINE: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline by Seymour Hersh

  • This is an act of war from the Biden Regime.
  • If Putin knows this, he has every right to bomb the snot out of us.
55m HEADLINE: France Is Protecting Kids From Pornography’s Mind, Body, And Soul Decay. America Should Act Next by Auguste Meyrat 
  HEADLINE: Reader Mail On ‘Kids Staying Catholic’ Post by Rod Dreher 

  • I think it is more accurate to say that many bishops and priests are trying to keep everyone over the age of 70 happy by being as generic as possible.
  • What one of these Priests writes in this article is spot on.
  • The NO churches are run by the laity that is over 60 years of age.
  • They run the church.
  • They have no desire to ‘share’ it w/ the young who want a Mass and a Church that demands something from them, not a watered down version of a social club.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Ron JohnsonWhy didn’t the mainstream media robustly investigate how they were all duped? The answer is, they weren’t duped. They were complicit in creating & fostering the political turmoil our country has been experiencing. 














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HEADLINE: Statement by Brother Andre Marie, MICM, on the Proposed Surveillance of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary by Federal Authorities by Brother Andre Marie 

  • Surveillance and infiltration – 
  • This represents a radical departure of what the FBI was created for.
  • It is an assault on Religious freedom.
  • This is the result of when you politicize the FBI.
  • This isn’t some rogue agent that came up with this on his own.
  • It was approved by one of the field offices of the FBI.
  • Church Militant isn’t a traditional Catholic group.
  • Michael Voris shows up at a Pro-Life rally that Michelle Malkin is at and that is how Church Militant got tied into the investigation.
  • The SPLC – it was revealed the founder that had to resign he was a pervert.
  • The shooting acting upon the false information from the SPLC – that man shot someone over their faulty reporting.
  • This doesn’t just effect the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, this effects their school, their entire community.
  • 126 attacks and only 2 indictments. 
  • They don’t take any of this seriously.
  • Stormin’ Norman – he turned the post down to write a best selling book and went into the corporate world.
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  From PayPal to the FBI to Gas Stoves – 

  • They are still drafting the rule that will make gas powered stoves illegal in the United States.



AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK – Joe Biden 1995I talked about lowering government spending and I meant everything including SS and Medicare, I tried it 4 times.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at Lowering Costs for FamiliesI know that a lot of Rep their dream is to cut SS & Medicare. Well let me say this, if that’s your dream I’m your nightmare.

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Tulsi GabbardWe have individuals in our government often working through their arms in the mainstream media & big tech, trying to control what we the people are allowed to see & say under the guise of protecting us from so-called misinformation.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Nicole Parker Former FBI special agentOver the course of my 12+ years, the FBI’s trajectory has transformed. The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington & trickling down to the field offices.

  HEADLINE: Fierce Backlash As Project Veritas Sidelines James O’Keefe After Pfizer Bombshells by Mark Pellin 
  Special Guest Hugh Owens – 
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