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The Mike Church Show-The Keystone State Makes Conspiracy Theories Illegal

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13m Republican Primary in Washington DC

  • Nikki Haley won the DC Primary 62.9% w/ a total of 1,279 votes.
  • Donald Trump came in 2nd 33.4% w/ a total of 676 votes.
  • The Democrat Primary in Washington DC is set for June 4th.
  • So it looks like a total of 2011 actually voted in the primary?
  • When will Washington DC realize they cannot have a vote?
  • Constitutionally they cannot be a state or vote so, why even have this?


Russia, Moscow Video –

  • Pop quiz – how many fat people did you see in this video?
  • Did you see anyone running around w/ piercings in their noses like the bull rings?
  • Did you see purple and blue and hot pink colored hair?
  • Did you see anyone wearing a rainbow flag or transgender flag?
  • Did you see anyone that was poorly dressed?
  • If the men dress w/ dignity, and aren’t porn addicted – they will have a Christian family.
  • You deserve to have an ugly family if you are running around in cargo shorts and flip flops. 
  • A sign of returning to order – dressing w/ dignity.
  • You don’t see the obesity.
  • The obesity is coming from our mass produced, over processed food.
  AG Merrick Garland at All Black Church

  • How does the Democrat party get away with this?
  • They are telling black people they are stupid to their face and they get away with it.
  HEADLINE: Pennsylvania Partners With DHS, CISA Censors To Target Election Speech It Deems A ‘Threat’ by Brianna Lyman 

  • All these conspiracy theories – 
  • They still believe the Russia Collusion.
  • They still believe that the COVID vaccine keeps people from dying.
  • What about THEIR conspiracy theories? 
  • They are still convinced that Gore beat Bush.


HEADLINE: The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days by Michelle Fox

  • I am not an opponent of Ear Marks – they used to be just called appropriations.
  • They should be SEPARATE however.
  • They shouldn’t be lumped in w/ other bills.
  • You want a sidewalk?
  • Make an appropriations bill for that ONE sidewalk and get everyone to vote on it.
  • The shutdown looms?


















HEADLINE: Signs Of A Diabolic Age by Rod Dreher 

  • Polls consistently show that Americans massively overestimate the number of gay and lesbians among them. For years the actual number held steady at between 3 and 4%, though researchers now consider the number to be closer to 7%. But most Americans estimate the number at 23% or more. And why shouldn’t they? To immerse yourself in American news and entertainment media over the past twenty years is to be catechized to think exactly that!
  • How did homosexuality triple in the last decade?
  • Is it in the water?
  • Is it in our food?
  • Or is it all in the propaganda machine?
  • This is not to beat up the homosexual out there, there are some struggling w/ sexual dysphoria. 
  • Nature does not work that way and God certainly didn’t make you that way.
  • People are not prepared for the side-effects of this.
  • Expect all the abnormal things to suddenly be called ‘normal’ when you promote homosexuality as normal…all other things not normal come to the forefront. 
  • So let’s categorize that – 1 our of every 4 people you know are homosexual?
  • Can you demonstrate that in your life?
  • Let’s break this down even further – bi-racial couples.
  • Every national campaign has this and homosexuals.
  • Apparently there are no black/black and white/white couples anymore.
  • The word “diabolic” is so thoroughly associated with the Devil that it is all but useless in its strict etymological sense, as “a force that separates”. That’s too bad. The antonym of “diabolic” is “symbolic,” which is from the Greek meaning “to bring together.” In the Greek Orthodox Church, the Creed is called the “Symbol Of Faith,” because it collects in one place the basic tenets of the Christian faith. When Pageau speaks of “the Symbolic World,” he’s talking about the phenomenon of the underlying unity of all that exists, as a series of interlocking, meaningful patterns. 
  • It is helpful, I find, to think of various phenomena as “diabolic” in the sense of tearing things apart destructively.
  • Look at Florida – they are removing DEI from Universities and all schools there.
  • If you receive subsidies from the state, you can’t have DEI.
  • Of course Disney will threaten to leave. 

HEADLINE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs a bill banning DEI initiatives in public colleges by Jaclyn Diaz 

  • Now as we stated on Friday w/ Mahgdalen Rose – Trump needs to specifically state to the youth – I won’t start any new wars and there will be NO DRAFT.
  • THAT is a winning topic for this presidential election.
  • MOMS will respond to this.
  • KIDS military age will respond to this.
  • DADS who don’t want their sons dying in unconstitutional wars will respond to this. 
  HEADLINE: Blaze Reporter Arrested and Perp Walked By FBI in Dallas; Charged With J6 Misdemeanors by Debra Heine 
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National Parks and Federal Grounds

  • I don’t want there to be National Parks.
  • Fontainebleau State Park 
  • Journalist Steve Baker – was charged with “entering restricted grounds,” “disorderly conduct,” and “parading and picketing in the Capitol.”
  • Everyone on MSM was crying about the Russian journalist Alexi Nalvany but nothing on Steve Baker?
  • The FBI at this point and time is corrupt to the core.
  • Our neighbor was a career FBI agent, he retired early b/c he said it had become something completely different than when he signed up.
  • It has lost its way.
  • A federal prosecutor had reportedly informed Baker’s attorney last week that he was to arrive at the field office wearing “shorts and sandals.” Baker told Blaze media that meant the feds were planning to take the “humiliation” route by placing him in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffing him, and doing the “prisoner transport routine.”
  • This is all showmanship and propaganda.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Arizona Rancher John LaddHas found 17 dead bodies on his land which spans 10.5 miles along the US Southern border. I’m in favor of having American citizens and private property owners have more control over their destiny. That’s the bottom line.  

AUDIO/VIDEO: Alejandro Mayorkas on MSNBC on Laken RileyThis is an absolute tragedy. As a prosecutor, one individual is responsible for this and that is the murderer. We were not notified in this instance about previous arrests.

  • Nullification and Interposition – 
  • A state saying under the 10th Amendment the Federal government is exercising a power they do not have and that power is only for the STATES.
  • This is what Clarke County GA and the city of Athens are sanctuary cities.
  • These guys are now trying to run away from the situation they created.
  • The leadership class – all the good people leave, it is called white flight, or asian flight or whatever – GOOD people leave. 
  • Much like the once beautiful city of New Orleans.
  • Call these people what they are – Illegal Alien Criminal Trespassers 

HEADLINE: Amish Farmer Faces Fines, Prison Time for Refusing to Comply with USDA Regulations by Patrick Carroll 

  • The farm’s reputation has grown over the years, and it now boasts a private buyers club of approximately 4,000 members. Miller has sold all sorts of food to his buyers, such as organic eggs, raw milk, grass-fed beef and cheese, and fresh produce.
  • Ibarra was arrested in Athens GA for shoplifting. 
  • If that specific law was under effect, he would have been detained and ICE would have been called in.
  • The states have to fix this, the Federal government is out of scale and can’t get out of its own way.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: US Attorney General Merrick GarlandVoter ID laws are discriminatory, burdensome and unnecessary. One of the first things I did was to double the size of the voting section of the Civil Rights Division. That is why we are working on redistricting plans. The right to vote is still under attack. 

  • This is insulting to African Americans!
  • If you are a young looking black male or female and live in a state that has rigorous ABC liquor laws, lets just say there is enforcement there too – no one can buy cigarettes or booze w/out a valid ID!
  • So no black person buys booze or nicotine in any state b/c they can’t figure out how to obtain a legal ID?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Assistant Biden AG Kristen Clarke in Selma, AL on MSNBCThis Justice Department is deeply committed to racial justice, racial equity and ensuring we have environmental justice for vulnerable communities.

  • How does the environment know it got justice?
  • How does the river know justice was served?

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK 9/23/21 Alejandro Mayorkas the Border on MSNBCWe have rescinded so many Trump immigration policies, it would take so much time to list them all.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Chris Murphy on Border CrisisI think Democrats need to go on the offense on this question of controlling the border. Donald Trump and Republicans decided that they want the border to be chaotic b/c it helps them politically.

  • Biden certainly thinks he has the authority for LGBTQ issues and student loan repayment.
  • I don’t know he has the authority for any of this!
  • During the Irish/Italian Diasporas – the Potato Famine 
  • The people in the US weren’t sure if they wanted all these immigrants.
  • So rather than have 30 different state processes – the Federal government stepped in and did a universal immigration policy.
  • The states would ultimately grow to regret this.
  • Other states should do what Texas has done, now Abbott did this way too late in my opinion.
  Nikki Haley Washington DC Primary

HEADLINE: Nikki Haley Projected Winner of D.C. Swamp Republican Primary by Katherine Hamilton 

  National Debt 

HEADLINE: The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days by Michelle Fox 

  • The National Debt now stands at $34.4 TRILLION.
  • But don’t worry it goes up another $1 TRILLION every hundred days.
  • Compounded interest – 
  • That is $30 per day per person!
  • Do you have an extra $120 for your family of 4?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on Meet the Press If the people want me to go forward, they will show it. This is about really trying to get everyone to realize that this primary isn’t b/w Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. This primary is what is the direction of the Republican Party.

  • This peace through strength thing, it is nonsense.
  • She is pro-Ukraine too, lets not forget that.
  • So how does she propose we shrink government? 
  • All the revenue that goes to the Military Industrial Complex is confiscated from the American people.
  • You have capitol that is removed.
  HEADLINE: US Military Completes First Round of Food Airdrops Into Southern Gaza by Bill Pan 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on Meet the Press Endorsing Trump 

Reporter – You signed an RNC pledge to back whatever candidate came out on top. Are you still willing to do that?

Nikki – The RNC pledge at the time of the debate, you had to say yes to get on the stage. I will make whatever decision I want to make. 

  • There is no clear path Nikki!
  • It is like Chick Math – a dress costs $800 but the store offers 4 installment payments of $200. In the woman mind that dress is really only $200.
2h39m HEADLINE: RELEASE: Gottheimer Announces New Action Against Automakers Discontinuing AM Radio in Electric Vehicles by gottheimer.House.Gov

  • Car & Truck Manufacturers putting public safety at risk. Key to Communicating During Storms, Floods, Security & Terror Threats. Proposes New Required Window Sticker at Dealers: “Warning: No AM Radio. Vehicle Unsafe in Certain Emergencies.”
  • Car manufacturers, like Elon Musk’s Tesla, have said they will cut AM radio from their new production vehicles — threatening the 47 million Americans who listen to AM radio, who represent around 20% of the radio-listening public, and putting public safety and national emergency management at risk. 
  • The National Public Warning System’s 77 radio stations, which operate on AM and cover at least 90 percent of the U.S. population, are equipped with backup communications equipment and generators that allow them to continue broadcasting information to the public during and after an emergency. In the event of a serious emergency, these battle-hardened, high-powered stations would remain operational and can even be heard from thousands of miles away. The closest station to us — the one that would cover Northern New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area — is WABC-AM 770 out of New York City.
  • The AM band signals can travel longer distances than FM or satellite radio signals. It can penetrate buildings, and gets to you no matter what. In other words, when the cell phone runs out, the internet gets cut off, or the television doesn’t work because of no electricity or power to your house, you can still turn on your AM radio. You don’t want to be one of the thirty million Americans who subscribe to satellite radio either. You just need to turn AM on in your car, truck, home, or an old transistor radio.
  • Over the years, Congress has invested significantly in hardening AM radio as part of the National Public Warning System. I’ve also helped secure a critical federal investment of $56 million dollars for the Next Generation Warning System to improve the capabilities of public broadcasters to send vital emergency and civil defense warnings. 
  • These auto manufacturers including Tesla, BMW, Mazda, Polestar, Rivian, Volkswagen, and Volvo have already taken AM radio out of their electric vehicles.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Richmond Virginia 

  1. I’m not a threat to Democracy, I’m the one that’s ending the threat to Democracy.   
  2. With your vote we will end Bidenomics and reinstate MAGAnomics!
  3. If Joe Biden’s illegal migrants don’t go back to where they came from, we won’t get our country back. I promise you they will be going back to their countries. 
  4. I was indicted by Fani in Georgia and her lover Nathan Wade. They hired him for his great experience, right he had experience in something else. How is it possible to text and call that much? In all the years I’ve known her I haven’t called her 2,000 times.



HEADLINE: How a laid-back beach town became California’s MAGA stronghold by Reis Thebault 

  • Let me just say something about California before I get into this story.
  • I’m thinking and saying this out loud, if Garvey makes it to the general against Schiff, does Trump go to California to raise and campaign for Garvey.
  • Are there enough Red Staters?
  • Upcoming March election could serve as a referendum on the city’s rightward lurch, with several contentious measures on the ballot, including the flag issue and a proposal that would require voter identification for local contests, which would violate state law and probably spark a legal battle — just the type of fight the council’s Republicans relish.
  • They should take the initiative that was started years ago that would separate the state of California into several sections.
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