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  Founding Fathers and SCOTUS

  • Who knew the 14th Amendment was installed by the Founding Fathers?!
  • We know they didn’t but the panel on the View, particularly Sunny Hostin who has a law degree, stated this very thing.
15m HEADLINE: Attorney Who Filed Motion to Disqualify Fani Willis Is Subpoenaed by Georgia Committee by Catherine Yang

  • Ashleigh Merchant, defense attorney who sought to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from prosecuting a racketeering case against former President President Donald Trump and 14 others, including her client Michael Roman, will testify before a state committee about Ms. Willis on March 6.
  • This committee, chaired by state senator Bill Cowsert, held its first meeting last month.
  • The committee was created only to investigate, given the power to compel testimony and subpoena evidence.
  • Lets piece this back together for you.
  • There was a whistleblower in the Georgia DA’s office.
  • Georgia’s public servants carrying around suitcases of money, maybe the committee wants to put its stamp on it so there is no doubt.
  • Ethics Laws – 
  • There are thousands of people in public office now that are horrifically unqualified.
  • Fani Willis is a blaring one.
21m HEADLINE: The Weakness of Caesar & the Power of the Cross by Andrew Willard Jones

  • When men play God, something like this happens. It feels good so long as one can maintain the illusion, but when reality breaks in, man’s weaknesses and inadequacies reassert themselves as horrifying and unnatural. Rather than merely indicating man’s natural, primordial need for Divine help (for a child can enjoy that his parents come to support him where he is lacking), these relative inadequacies are now understood as signs of man’s failure to be “like God.” Where once he appeared as a “helped man” he now appears as a “failed god,” having taken the divine position of ordering the world without possessing the capacity to do so. 
  • Divorced from the love and mind of God, the world becomes a place of frightening powers. 
  • Conservatives had made a horrible error in granting power to some people that don’t deserve it.
  • How many views you got on YT or Twitter – does that really matter?
  • The point is when you watch and listen to the left, it is apparent they shouldn’t be in positions of authority. 
  • EXAMPLE: Congressman Jamie Raskin – he may be the dumbest man elected to Congress in history. Then he was appointed to several committees!
  • George Carlin’s Bit on Politicians – It’s the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer, garbage in, garbage out.
  • Shouldn’t people in positions of authority, shouldn’t they have ethical and moral standards and means to do so?
  • We don’t ask these questions anymore.
  • What do you get when you don’t ask these questions anymore?
  • The center cannot possibly hold the weight of the evil and imbeciles on either end of it.
28m The View 

HEADLINE: ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have Unexpected Take On SCOTUS Ruling In Trump’s Favor by Nicole Silverio 

HEADLINE: Key Takeaways From Supreme Court Trump Ballot Ruling by Sam Dorman 

  • This wasn’t a 5-4 split decision.
  • It was 9-0 per the court!
  • This is Church Maximum in your face!
  • This is what Raskin said – he said that b/c Trump was impeached by Congress, then he is guilty.
  • Then that means Alejandro Mayorkas is guilty too right?!
  • The fact Congress impeached Trump, after he left office, to Raskin means he is guilty.
  • If that was an insurrection, I want my money back.
37m SCOTUS Ruling and Vladimir Putin

Yesterday there was a referendum – 

  • First it was the Irish, now it is the French. 
  • They had an initiative to put killing babies in the Constitution. 
  • They have now officially put in their constitutions the ‘right’ to kill the unborn. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vladimir Putin (subtitled) on Ukraine Joining NATOI want to stress it one more time. I’ve been saying it but I’d very much want you to finally hear me, and to deliver it to your audience in print, TV and online. Do you understand it or not, attempts to bring Crimea back by military means, the European countries will be automatically pulled into war w/ Russia. Of course NATO and Russia potentials are incomparable. We understand it. But understand there will be no winners.

  • So why do I mention this today?
  • The first nation that became Christian after the Romans.
  • The French became Christian – 
  • Foreign Aid – 
  • Here are the places – Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • The Ukrainian government started bombing Donetsk b/c they kept asking to be part of Russia again.
  • They then asked Putin for assistance. 
  • That is what happened!
  • So the French has brought back the guillotine but for the unborn.
  • Maybe Putin’s warning to Macron was prophetic?
  • There are a lot of people saying I am a Putin Apologist. 
  • I am giving you the accurate history of what happened over there, you take what you want from that history.
47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Rep Jamie Raskin on CNN on Donald TrumpI am working with a number of my colleges, including Eric Swalwell, to revive legislation to set up a process to determine if a person who committed insurrection is disqualified by section 3. The House of Representatives already impeached DT for participating in an insurrection by inciting it.

  • How can AN Individual perpetrate an insurrection? 
  • Can you commit one or do you instigate one?
  • Did you catch the legal part?
  • I don’t think Democracy is great, I think it sucks.
  • It is worse than Dictatorship.
  • Under a Democracy there are millions of them you have to get rid of, under a Dictator, you only need to get rid of one.
  • Start w/ the 17th Amendment than the 16th and I can continue on w/ this list.
  • Like the State of Texas has done w/ the Texas/Mexico border. 
  • Texas is turning people back but the other states are still wide open.

HEADLINE: Mayor Opposes Permanent ‘Migrant Shelter’ in San Diego as 5,000 Are Released to the Streets by Brad Jones 

  HEADLINE: The Supreme Court Is The Last Functioning Institution In America by David Harsayni 

  • The Associated Press framed the court’s decision: “Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to hold him accountable for attack on Capitol in 2021.”
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1h13m  HEADLINE: Angered after death of Laken Riley, an Athens woman plans to hold downtown Athens rally by Wayne Ford 

  • How and who allowed these two illegal immigrant brothers to rent a place in Athens?
  • How did they afford 1st and last months rent?
  • Where did they get an ID from if they are illegal?
  • Was this all assisted by the drug cartel?
  • No one can compel you to rent to someone if you don’t want to.
  • This all has to stop.
  • If we don’t have a law on the books, every state needs to pass one making it illegal for Americans to rent or hire illegals.
  • These guys should go back to their home countries and make their OWN countries great again.
  • Social Security AUDIO – 
  • We have been screaming about this since the 1990’s.
  • There is NOTHING for the average worker when they decide to retire.
  • That money you think they are ‘setting aside’ for you when you retire, it isn’t there. 
  • It hasn’t been there for 13 years.
  HEADLINE: What states are voting on Super Tuesday: Your ultimate guide to the biggest day of the primary election by Katelyn Caralle 
1h26m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Bidenomics It’s a bad term. They thought it was a bad term when it came out, and then Biden liked it. He thought it was a nice name. It was really meant as a negative, not as a positive.
  BACK to David Harsyni

  • By “functioning,” of course, I don’t mean the court “moves the country forward,” “upholds democracy,” “keeps us safe,” or any of the other twaddle leftists insist constitutes good governance. I mean a court majority takes its constitutional mandate, as written, seriously.
  • SCOTUS doesn’t get every case right. Sometimes, led by the chief justice, it is perplexingly Solomonic. But it is wrong within the contours of normal. Congress, on the other hand, has handed its responsibilities on war, spending, and governing to the executive branch. At this point, we are far more likely to see a congressman dunking on someone on social media than acting to defend the document he swore to uphold. 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Russel Brand’s Morning Routine – Here’s what I do. It helps me live a disciplined life. I start the tapping, then I pray a rosary, every single day.  Then I take a cold plunge. Everyday I pray on my knees the St Francis of Assisi prayer. Then I write a gratitude list. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Getting out to Vote – Tomorrow, we could very well win every state in record numbers. That’s what we’re hoping for. But it’s so important b/c we have to send a signal.













HEADLINE: Robby Starbuck’s New Film ‘The War on Children’ Exposes the Sexualization of Children by Audrey Enjoli 

  • They are grooming the kids.
  • What happens after pedophilia?
  • Canibalism 
  • If you live in a state that has declared homosexuals can adopt children, you have legalized grooming and pedophilia. 
  • There was a case in Georgia that this just happened. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Waters on Oklahoma School FundraiserStudents were made to lick peanut butter off each other’s toes for ‘charity’, after liberals made the case for child sex dollars for pedophiles. 

  • If you know a MAP – or a pedophile or Minor Attracted Person, they are not reformable.
  • Once you are a pedo, you are always a pedo.
  • You can’t medicate or cure.
  • In our parish we have a website that lists where the pedophile lives.
  • Sex-offender Registry – 
  • They are sexually deviant recidivist. 
  • There is no public use for a minor attracted person.
  • So why are we hearing about this?
  • If we don’t stop this now, it will become the norm.
  • People make the mistake of thinking this is just a fad and it will pass.
  • The numbers continue to grow!
  • I was reading to you the piece yesterday by Rod Dreher – Signs of a Diabolic Age

HEADLINE: Signs Of A Diabolic Age by Rod Dreher 

Cardinal Robert McElroy of San Diego: But how do the doctrinal tradition and history of the church restrict the church’s ability to refine its teaching when confronted with a world where life itself is evolving in critical ways, and it is becoming clear that on some issues the understanding of human nature and moral reality upon which previous declarations of doctrine were made were in fact limited or defective?

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Civics 101

HEADLINE: ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have Unexpected Take On SCOTUS Ruling In Trump’s Favor by Nicole Silverio 

  • The Framers didn’t do anything about the 14th Amendment ma’am!
  • You have a law degree from Notre Dame.
  • You can’t just amend a constitution and add something to it.
  • It is an amendment not an addition.
  • You have to call a previous authority – So if you read the 14th Amendment – 
  • Section 1 – All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
  • Section 2 – Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. 
  • Section 3 – No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. 
2h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: MONTAGE of the Left Losing It Over SCOTUS Decision 

  • Right you were simply trying to spare the right from having to vote for Trump.
  • They seem to hate Democracy right?!
  • Trying to prevent people from being able to vote for whoever they wanted to vote for!
  • WOW, from the party of CHOICE – they sure tried to keep all choices for president limited to who THEY wanted you to choose from right?
  • You can now see the true enemy of Democracy and that is the left.
  • They always project what they really want to do.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Colorado Secretary of State Jena GriswoldMy reaction is disappointment. I do belive states have the right to bar any insurrectionist from the ballot. Ultimately this leaves the door open for Congress to pass legislation but Congress is a non-functioning body. It will be up to the American voters to save our democracy in November.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Charles Barkley on Black People w/ Shirts Supporting HimIf I see a black person walking around w/ a Trump shirt, I’m going to punch them in the face. I’ll bail myself out and go celebrate. 

  • You know who is the person you just described?
  • It isn’t Donald Trump it is Joe Biden and Merrick Garland.
  • There are many people, especially black people that are on various social media that love Donald Trump.
  • Small businessmen in Arizona, Donald Trump went!
  • Here is what I love about Trump – I will take the pride and the bragging on himself…he is one of the most charitable guys out there that can call himself a millionaire. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Maury Show w/ Special guest Donald Trump on December 19, 2000 – gives a big check.

  • Have you ever heard of all Donald Trump did after 9/11?
  • Dennis Rodman – who got the guy out of North Korea?
  • How many people has Barkley helped?
  • What about Tim Tebow w/ his Night To Shine?
  • No one ever talks about all he does!
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on Supporting GOP NomineeI think you should ask Trump if he would support me if I were the nominee, no one has asked that. We need to go in a different direction. I don’t think either one of them should be president. This isn’t an anti-Trump movement, it is a pro-America movement. 

  • Off the playbook – Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Donald Trump
  • Those are the only people in my lifetime that have said the ‘quiet part out loud’. 
2h52m HEADLINE: Biden administration ADMITS flying 320,000 migrants secretly into the U.S. to reduce the number of crossings at the border has national security ‘vulnerabilities’ by Katelyn Caralle 

  • This is out right war against the states.
  • Customs and Border Protection has refused to disclose information about a program last year secretly chartering flights for thousands of undocumented immigrants from foreign airports directly to U.S. cities. 
  • Use of a cell phone app has allowed for the near undetected arrival by air of 320,000 aliens with no legal rights to enter the United States.
  • Remember back in 2022 we did a story about planes landing in the middle of the night filled w/ illegal immigrants. 
  • They would get off the plane and on the tarmac would immediately load onto buses.

HEADLINE: Leaked video shows illegal migrants landing at Westchester airport on secret charter flight – one of DOZENS carried out on orders of Biden administration: ‘The government is betraying the American people’ by Gina Martinez

  • Under this parole release, migrants are able to remain in the U.S. for two years without obtaining legal status and meanwhile are eligible for work authorization.
  • The administration first said it would not reveal which airports the undocumented aliens were transported, citing a ‘law enforcement exception’ in the refusal to hand over information.
  • But new information from CIS lawsuit reveals the locations were not disclosed due to fear ‘bad actors’ would inflict harm on public safety or the information would create law enforcement vulnerabilities.
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