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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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17m Dueling Presidents at the Southern Border

  • If you think Biden is not the Democrats guys, you are sadly mistaken.
  • Joe Biden is not going to quit.
  • There may be a coup to get rid of him but he won’t stop on his own, kinda’ like Nikki Haley refusing to quit.
  • Joe Biden said he has the strongest border ever and had Alejandro Mayorkas with him.
  • It isn’t Texas National Guard – there were 26 states that sent National Guard members so where were these ‘soldiers’ from?
  • He is the guy for the Democrats as it stands yesterday by his appearance.
  • Then the set up – this great bill would pass, it has an overwhelming bipartisan support!
  • That is what Biden claimed yesterday.
  • No bi-partisan bill ever has been good for ‘we the people’. 
  • Trump has this thing about him, when he is in campaign mode – he shakes your hand, he makes eye contact and he uses his other arm to touch/pat the persons arm/shoulder.
  • According to Joe everything that has gone wrong w/ the border is because of ‘Dark’ Trump.
22m Karine Jean-Pierre 

  • Finally talked about Laken Riley and what does she do?
  • She blames the Republicans.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t a problem to her.
  • To the Dem party this isn’t a problem, this is part of the solution.
  • It was his right to chose which American citizen he wanted to murder.
25m HEADLINE: White House refers to illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers’ by Chris Pandolfo

  • The Dem party NEEDS this many illegals b/c they have to fill back up the big cities that have been destroyed.
  • So the new name for illegals are ‘newcomers’. 
  • What is this a new boy band?
  • Newcomers on the Block?
  • They need the bodies there.
  • That is how they keep the power base in the major cities.
  Gregory Stenstrom on Patriot Online 

  • We are the first Nov 2020 election fraud case that we are aware that got to discovery and a Judge allowed hard physical evidence of that fraud to be entered into the record, and also the first case where “truth is a complete defense” of massive election fraud in Nov 2020 was used by Pro Se (self represented) Stenstrom and Hoopes. They filed and presented thousands of pages of documents, emails, texts, videos, audios, affidavits and testimony.
  • In summary, the defamation cases against President Trump have been discontinued with prejudice (they can’t refile) against ALL Defendants, and the Judge cited the attorney for misconduct for violations of the rules of professional conduct. This is the first case in the country against President Trump (and against Rudy Giuliani) that was successfully defended, and was won by Pro Se Co-Defendant Stenstrom and Hoopes.
28m HEADLINE: Letitia James sues beef producer for ‘misleading’ public about environmental impact of agriculture by Jarryd Jaeger 

  • James alleged that officials were “misleading the public” about the JBS USA’s environmental impact, namely via their claim that the company would “achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040” while still planning to “increase production, and therefore increase its carbon footprint.”














Sound of Freedom Movie

  • Child sex trafficking of illegals – 
  • There is another kind of trafficking happening out there.
  • June 25, 2020 – Roe v Wade
  • Women are leaving pro-life states like Louisiana and Missouri to kill their babies.
  • They are 0 for 3 on abortion ballots.

HEADLINE: Missouri AG Andrew Bailey Sues Planned Parenthood After KC Clinic Caught Trafficking Minors to Kansas For Abortions by Debra Heine

  • I was making the case yesterday we in the conservative Christian movement, we are not enemies.
  • The greatest issue facing conservatives today is abortion.
  • Abortion is murder, it is killing a child.
  • The demon will get its pound of flesh.
  • They are already getting it through ‘gender affirming’ care.
  • This transgender stuff is primarily driven by women.
  • Nominalism – they use words, they invert them they take a harmless word and make it mean something evil.
  • Gay – used to mean happy.
  • Reproductive Health Care – used to be the business of reproducing, now it is having the ability to murder the child.
  • How is a 13 year old girl getting pregnant?
  • Again like Maggie said, this could be a family member w/ rape implications.
  • Are the PP people investigating the childs home-life to ensure this isn’t the case?
  • Men you must step up and do something about this.
  • Your daughter looks up to you gentlemen. 
  • You provide an example of a God fearing, Christian, faithful man.
  • When the men become head of the household again, these things will change.
  • What kind of person conscripts a child into killing?
  • These people don’t always get it right.
  • They sometimes accidentally sterile the patient.
  • If you are doing this to a 13 year old, shame on you!
57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Sean Hannity w/ Donald Trump at the Border on – Biden Cognitive Function – He couldn’t do this interview. He should take a cognitive test. We have this man negotiating nuclear weapons w/ Putin and w/ President Xi, and he has no idea what’s going on, and he can’t find his way off a platform when he’s speaking.
  HEADLINE: A Message To The TikTok Girls Pretending To Be Underwater Welders: Start Appreciating Men by Evita Duffy-Alfonso
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Jeff Landry Last year I promised the people of this state, if elected Governor, I would do everything w/in my power to improve the safety of our communities through legislative and executive action. Today, I can proudly say we have kept that promise.

  • Build more prisons, they don’t have to be Taj Mahals.
  • Compare him to Gavin Newsom.
  • They don’t need cable TV and A/C units.
  • Prison should be tough and miserable.
  • They committed the crime, they must do the time.
  • When you hear my Governor, this is how you do it.
  • You make the city and state safe by enforcing your laws.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sean Hannity w/ Donald Trump at the Border on – Joe Biden Trip To The Border – He is here b/c he found out I was coming. They went to the wrong area. They went to an area that the governor and myself have done a good job on. You aren’t seeing it where he is.









14th Amendment

QUESTION: What part of the 14th Amendment has the left been using to kill babies?

ANSWER: The Due Process Clause

  • So what does that clause say exactly?
  • SCOTUS wasn’t rigged when the babies were being killed.
  • They haven’t even rendered a decision on Trump yet and they are already yelling SCOTUS is rigged.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rachel Maddow on SCOTUS Taking Up Immunity Case When SCOTUS inevitably rule that presidents aren’t immune from prosecution after they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump if by then he is president, is that he can never leave the office of the presidency.

  • So why hear the arguments then?
  • Everything bad has come from the Justice system and they loved it.
  • Now the courts are bad?
  • Like in the E Jean Carroll case, he was always going to be found liable. 
  • Trials don’t matter, justice doens’t matter its all irrelevant. 
  • I actually heard one of them say ‘it is time to disband the Supreme Court’. 
  • Can we disband government as a whole?
  • Let me explain something to you, Trump is going to be re-elected and it is almost as if they know they can’t stop him this time.
  • Trump is elected and Trump will have a National press conference – 
  • They actually think he is going to get into the WH and pronounce he is the official new King and cannot be voted out.
  • They project illegal things and they accuse others of doing what they themselves are doing.
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1h45m HEADLINE: A Message To The TikTok Girls Pretending To Be Underwater Welders: Start Appreciating Men by Evita Duffy-Alfonso

  • Hey look I’m not talking about tent revival, pastor preaching God.
  • Oil rigging is one of the most high-risk occupations in the world, and there are reasons to believe the fatality rate is even greater than is officially reported. Underwater welding, which is what most of the young women are joking about doing, is widely considered THE deadliest job you can have, with a nearly 15 percent fatality rate. 
  • This is where you go okay little girl, this is grown up time and you need to let the men do this kind of work.
  • Women can’t do everything men can do.
  • Men and women are different.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Lt Col Bree Fram, a trans US Space Force official – speaking to the US Air Force about inclusionI hear leaders talk about providing everyone w/ dignity and respect like it is an aspirational goal. That is not good enough. That is the bare minimum, it is the floor of where we can be. We need intentional inclusivity. Share your pronouns in email and correspondences especially if you don’t think you need to.

  • This is mental illness on full display!
  • This man is deranged. 
  • Lets put unqualified people into positions in our military b/c we MUST be inclusive? 
  • We aren’t going to debate lift and push – 
  • How does a plane actually fly?
  • Human error, mechanical failure and unforeseen weather events – 3 things that bring planes down.
  • What brings them up?
  • How would you like to go to a restaurant that was staffed by DEI losers?
  • This is an attempt to destroy civilized society.
  • Why is the Air Force giving this deranged man a platform to speak?
  • Air Force Regulations – A block-cut is permitted with tapered appearance. Hair will not exceed 2 inches in bulk, regardless of length and ¼ inch at natural termination point; allowing only closely cut or shaved hair on the back of the neck to touch the collar. Hair will not touch the ears or protrude under the front band of headgear.
1h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz on Rejecting the CRWatching House Republicans is like watching a football team whose best play is the punt and the block. Last I checked, Republicans actually have a majority in the House. But you wouldn’t know it b/c we are all too willing to continue the policy choices of Joe Biden and the spending levels of Nancy Pelosi instead of showing the will and the courage to say that this woke and weaponized government should be defanged.

  • All bills for revenue originate in the House of Representatives but Senate may propose or concur. 
  • He says the Republicans are suffering from Low T syndrome!
  • Speaker Gingrich talked about this once upon a time.
  • Disband it! 
  • Article III – 
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Tawana Brawley Rape Allegations

HEADLINE: Tawana Brawley found with slurs scrawled on her body via History 

  • Tawana Brawley, a young Black woman, is found covered with feces and wrapped in garbage bags outside the Pavilion Condominiums in Wappingers Falls, New York. Brawley appeared to have undergone an extremely traumatic experience: parts of her hair were cut off, her pants were slightly burned, and there were racial slurs scrawled on her body. Brawley told authorities that for four days she had been held against her will and repeatedly raped by a gang of white men, one of whom she claimed had a police badge.
  • Although she claimed to have been abducted and held for four days, nobody had filed a missing person’s report for the teenager during that time. In fact, there was little concrete evidence that Brawley had been attacked and increasing suspicion that her story was fabricated. According to several witnesses, Brawley had attended a party while she was supposedly missing, and fiber evidence showed that Brawley had likely written the racial slurs on herself. In the face of mounting criticism, Brawley’s advisers began making wild, unfounded accusations, charging that Assistant District Attorney Stephen Pagones had participated in the alleged rape and that Special Prosecutor Robert Abrams was masturbating to the evidentiary photos.
  • GEORGIA – Laken Riley
  • He wanted to rape her and she tried to call 911 and he got the upper hand.
  • The MSM stated he was startled at her strength and panicked. 

Richard Barrett

Host of the Barrett Brief

Follow Richard on Twitter – @ElArmedCatholic

  • They elected a Sheriff there that didn’t want to prosecute illegal aliens.
  • We are just too good Mike.
  • We have to pay for inequality, slavery and everything else.
  • I won’t compare resumes of when I was at that age in college.
  • Let’s not cast Moral stones at her in college.
  • She was deprived of time to get right w/ God too.
  • Let’s not jump to Replacement Theory.
  • All we are looking at is we are descending – if you want to see where this ends up just look at South Africa.
  • You bring in people w/ no allegiance to anything country or God that is what is happening in South Africa right now.
  • Militia’s will make a popular comeback if the general law enforcement people decide to sit the sideline on this.
  • Was there a 7 day waiting period on what he used to bludgeon her with?
  • It is coming – our neighbors across the ponds have knife drop boxes.
  • SCOTUS wonderful week – 
  • GOP lead efforts to regulate social media platforms and so on.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Border Speech on Illegal InvasionThe United States is being overrun by the Biden migrant crim. It’s a new form of vicious violation to our country. 

Run on the action, we don’t need a big

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Border Speech on Illegals w/ Medical ProblemsThey are pouring into our country and they’re bringing w/ them tremendous problems including medical problems.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at the Border on – Climate ChangeI love some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there’s no climate change. Well my administration will keep building on the progress we’ve made fighting the climate crisis.

2h50m AUDIO/VIDEO: Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, AZ on Border CrisisPolitics is driving this issue. You have President Trump had a strong border message and action. You have President Biden who has been absent for 3 years but as a Senator he had a good border stance. Biden is down here now for election purposes and political photo ops. We’ve invited Biden and he hasn’t come yet. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Authors Tom Schaller & Paul Waldman book titled “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy”We lay out the 4 fold threat they pose to our country. They are the most racist, anti-immigrant, they are most conspiracy theorist group and anti-democratic views. 

  • Most people move to rural areas to just be left alone.
  • They don’t care about what DC is doing or what the President is doing.
  • Most of them just want to be left alone.
  • I don’t hate any of these people.
  • I hate the crimes.
  • I don’t like trespassers in general.
  • I don’t like thieves. 
  • Someone that has crossed illegally has already broken these laws.
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