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15m Governor Greg Abbott 

Letter to Regime Leader Joe Biden 

Texas National Guard – 

  • This is what is known as a ‘trial balloon’. 
  • The Regime Leader is attempting to assume power over states National Guards.
  • He is floating the idea out to see if he can take over the Texas National Guard and then he would move on to other states.
  • They want the states and Governors that have been giving this Regime a problem.
  • Let’s just see what Governor Abbott does.
  • Well you are probably thinking why would they do this TKD?
  • Did you hear Rep Maxine Waters the other day? 
  • QUESTION: What is going on w/ the Space Force that they need to beef up the number of people in it?
  • Is there a war in space we don’t know about?
  • What do they know that we don’t know?
  • Then you have Rep Hakeem Jeffries out there saying that he is basically running the House even though the Republicans have a slight majority in the House.
  • So why would he come out and give the head fake on that?
  • Where does this leave Speaker Johnson?
  WallStreet Silver on X – What have you stopped buying because it’s just not worth it?

HEADLINE: I visited the world’s last Blockbuster, and the video-rental store took me back to my childhood by Molly Allen 

26m HEADLINE: The Real Threat To The U.S. Economy Isn’t Election Integrity, It’s Joe Biden by M.D. Kittle 

  • The real threat to the economy is Joe Biden, his buffoonish treasury secretary and the rest of the capitalism-crushing useful idiots in this dangerous administration. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2











AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Maxine Waters – Violence If Trump Loses – I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask the Justice Dept and I am going to ask the president to tell us what they are going to do to protect his county against violence if he loses. I want to know about all those right-wing organizations that Trump is connected w/ who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting what communities they are going to attack. We need to know, given that he is telling us there is going to be violence if he loses. 

  • What does she know we don’t?
  • What hills is she referring to?
  • Biden is trying to take over the National Guards from states.
  • Biden is using the DOJ as a weapon.
  • So why are they still so worried about Donald Trump?
  • Trump is busy in court daily so when does he have time to contact the militia in the hills he is readying for war?
  • Court Case – Hope Hicks
  • Do they then pursue it so they can ultimately appeal it?
  • This is just a bad comedy at this point.
  • Like they know this is a clown trial but they just want to keep Trump busy and occupied so he can’t be on the campaign trial.
  • Most commentators are just shaking their heads in dismay and disgusts. 
  • Even the rigged polls that only show Trump up a few points…what are they going to do?
  • How can Biden beat Paul Bunyan? 
  • Well he has to have Corn Pops help of course.
  • No really how can you beat someone that the public is now identifying with?
  • They are now saying things like “leave that poor man alone”.
53m Patrick Henry American Statesmen – Book 

TKD reads excerpt from book – Gunpowder

  • Captain Patrick Henry, where is our equivalent today?
  • Do we have one?
  • This is the Royal Governor of the County of Virginia.
  • Lord Dunmore, he was appointed by the King!
  • Yet Patrick Henry didn’t care, he was in Patrick Henrys state and he was having none of it.
  • 5,000 men sprang to arms to join Patrick Henry.
  • At Williamsburg his approach caused such fear they removed all the women and children. 

HEADLINE: The Proclamation Against Patrick Henry: Issued by Lord Dunmore on May 6, 1775

  • A standoff continued for several days as messengers from the town urged Henry to bide his time. Dunmore had moved cannon to the front of the Palace, they said, and was threatening to destroy the Williamsburg at “the very moment one hostile Virginian should enter it.” Rumor had it that upon hearing Dunmore’s cannon, Captain George Montagu of the Fowey had orders to “perpetrate the same atrocity” at Yorktown. As the war of nerves played out, Carter Braxton, Corbin’s son-in-law, arranged for a payment of lb330 compensation for the stolen powder. With receipt in hand, Henry dispersed his troops and prepared to join his colleagues in Philadelphia. 
  • From the safety of his Palace, Lord Dunmore vented his anger in a proclamation against “a certain Patrick Henry, of the County of Hanover, and a Number of his deluded Followers.” Issued in Williamsburg on Saturday, May 6, 1775, Dunmore’s proclamation called on Virginians to “vindicate the constitutional Authority of Government.” Five weeks later, on June 8, Dunmore himself took refuge aboard the warship H.M.S. Fowey anchored off Yorktown. Royal government in Virginia was over.
  • Twelve months after Lord Dunmore fled the Palace in Williamsburg, the Fifth Virginia Convention on June 29, 1776 elected Patrick Henry as the first governor of the independent Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia’s new state constitution and its Declaration of Rights comprised an eloquent vindication of constitutional government & but not quite what a certain John Murray and his deluded followers had expected.
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Ending Universal Suffrage 

  • I joke about repealing the 19th Amendment.
  • You have to have people w/ skin in the game.
  • So what can be done?
  • What happened to the English language? 
  • America is what happened.
  • Fiorella does the daily lunchtime show and her dialect is very proper.
  • She mentioned “p” hats and didn’t even bat an eye.
  • She also said a ‘swift kick in the goolies’ and we almost lost it laughing.
1h19m Patrick Henry

  • I bring all of this up b/c there are many that think a return to the values of Christendom is what will go towards making a solve on many of our problems.
  • How do you get there though?
  • Just by brief evidence, where are men of letters?
  • We have such short attention spans now we need information in 15 second clips.
  • How do you get back there w/o intellectual leaders? 
  • Is anyone studying or attempting to become an intellectual leader?
  • New Polity website – 
  • If Marc Barnes and Andrew Willard Jones – 
  • Tucker Carlson, he is a good journalist, he gives great commentary but he doesn’t have many footnotes in anything he does.
  • I don’t fancy him an intellectual leader.
  • Many of you say ‘I’m done w/ politics and that talking about it won’t solve anything.’
  • Okay well what do you propose?
  • Do you have a solution?
  • What do you think is the solution for a better future?
  • Can this be done through incrementalism? 
  • Are the soy boys at Turning Point USA the answer?




Abortion on the Ballot

  • You will be invaded by every Hollywood person on Earth.
  • These people will try and get every single state that values life confused over how the amendment is written on the ballot.

Here is the challenge – what can you do where you are and are you willing to share that w/ other men in other places?

QUESTION: Where do I know this is happening? 

ANSWER: Epiphany Church in Tampa Florida 

  • I think now we basically have major American cities that need to be treated like it is a mission.
  • So who is up for being a Christian Missionary? 
  • Do you know what a mission was in California? 
  • Think of the Jesuit martyrs. 
  • Those men were martyred by the people they went to teach about Christ.
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1h43m AUDIO/VIDEO: CBS Norah O’Donnell on Rep Hakeem JeffriesHe could potentially become the first black speaker of the house, though to hear him tell it, the Democrats are already in charge. 

Jeffries – We continue to provide a majority of the votes to get things done. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: CBS Norah O’Donnell w/ Rep Hakeem Jeffries – Trump over Biden – 

Reporter – 2/3 of voters think the economy was better under President Trump.

Jeffries – That’s just not the case. We have to do a better job of laying out the facts that the economy has improved under the leadership of Joe Biden. Voters understand that more needs to be done.

  • So we are simply too stupid to know that the Regime has actually been good for us.
  • The Constitution was supposed to make it so they couldn’t do what they are doing today.
  • But then again, what is the role of the President?
  • Why are people talking about things they gave up?
  • Did they need them previously?
  • They obviously weren’t necessities were they?
             AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on Speaker JohnsonI think he is very much in touch w/ our caucus. He doesn’t have to turn to the minority party. What we are saying is we will protect the integrity of the House. We will not let it be littered by nonsense. 

  • I will give Winebox Nancy one thing, she gets shit done.
  • Whether she is the speaker or not, she gets the Democrat agenda pushed through.
1h51m Vladimir Putin 

Made a statement the other day, if you fly rockets over here, we will respond in kind.

I keep seeing that General MacGregor – 

  • This is ground zero for the Russians.
  • This is not about a little squeamish over a block of land here.
  • This is about the survival of the Russian people.
  • They don’t want to be Europeans.
  • They want to remain as Russians and they will do whatever they have to to ensure Russia stays Russia.
  • We keep saying here in America that we want regime change there.
  • They have nuclear weapons.
  • Are we naive enough to think they won’t use them?
1h56m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump After Court InterviewThey want to keep me off the trail for 2 or 3 more weeks. This is just political which hunt, it’s election interference. You ask me a question, a simple question, I’d like to git it but I can’t talk about it b/c this judge is giving me a gag order and says you’ll go to jail if you violate it. And frankly, you know what? Our Constitution is much more important than jail. It’s not even close. I’ll do that sacrifice any day. 

  • If they would throw Trump in jail what would that do to the Democrat party?
  The MetGala

  • This is what happens at the end of civilizations. 
  • Those women hardly had any clothes on at all.
  HEADLINE: ‘I’m not playing a man in a women’s event’: British female darts star FORFEITS a tournament as she refuses to face a transgender player – and calls for a ban after she won two women’s titles by Kieran Lynch and Eirian Jane Prosser 
2h17m AUDIO/VIDEO: Babylon Bee – Woke Jesus – Want proof that Jesus was a woke socialists? Look no further than these classic quotes straight from the Bible. 

  • This Thursday is Ascension Thursday – the Gospels are clear on the 40 days. 
  • As moderns we aren’t satisfied w/ just ignoring that it happened on Thursday, we have renamed it to Ascension Sunday!
  • Because we can’t be bothered w/ attending Mass on a day that isn’t on Sunday.
  • The month of May is the month of Mary.
  • March was Saint Joseph.
  • Next month, June it is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • So why did the LGBTQ people choose June as Pride Month?
  • They wanted to ensure that the children in the public schools would have this as their going away month.
  • They get out of school right after this glorious month.


BREAKING IN WITH DONALD TRUMP – before entering the courthouse

  • When all this ends, he goes back on the campaign trail.
  • He gets to campaign on this for 6 months.
  • Was this their intent?
  • They have made him a legend by doing this.
  • Biden has the wrekavation and Bidenomics and that is all he has to run on.
  • There was a story out of California, he was the CEO of a hamburger joint, the new minimum wage has gone into effect and the man was explaining that the state has made it very difficult for us to survive. 
  • California has a new Fast Act that requires fast food chains with 60 or more locations to pay workers at least $20 an hour, up from $16. The bill also establishes a fast food council that will develop standards, rules, and regulations for the industry. Some chains, like Chipotle and McDonald’s, have said they plan to raise menu prices to offset the costs of higher wages.
  • You start knocking out restaurants, are they trying to systematically crash the country?
  • This coming off the back of Biden trying to takeover the states National Guard, are they expecting a fighting war soon?
  • Where do the kids get jobs from now?
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


Humility Month – Next Month

  • This is to combat Pride Month.
  • Have we reached peak Homo?
  • They are going to have a homo pride parade here in Mandeville, LA on June 1st.
  • It is the FIRST official LGBTQ parade in this area.
  • You can get the whole kit or just the sign.
2h47m American Troops in Niger

  • This has always been a fear of sending troops etc to these countries in the Middle East.
  • What if we go broke and can’t make military payroll?
  • What happens to all those men and women that are stationed in all these bases?
  • We can’t get them out, they aren’t getting paid and we aren’t sending them supplies.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz House Floor Speech on Troops in NigerMore than 1,000 US service members are functionally being held as HOSTAGES in Niger. They are being used as pawns in negotiations that have left America at the bended knee of 3rd world criminals and thugs. Our troops aren’t getting food, fresh water and critical medicine for serious conditions. Multiple active duty whistleblowers in Niger have confirmed this in my latest report.

  • Not a soul can point to this place on a map.
  • Rep Gaetz doesn’t address the fundamental issue.
  • We have a border that we can’t even defend ourselves!
  • More than 1,000 a month are dying HERE of fentanyl overdoses.
  • There is simply no reason and no resources to commit to saving other countries. 
  • You can say what you want about the Russians but at least they mind their own business.
  • Why in the hell is the Biden Regime, why are we acting like we are the Democracy experts?
  • 1-800-call- Jefferson
  • We did a song called Libs on the Run w/ the Mike Church Show Band.
  • How did this happen?
  • More importantly why did this happen?
  • No one wants to address the elephants in the room.
  • This was explained to us by Washington, Jefferson and so on. 
  • Military Victory in Iraq – 
  • At least we had some people going to the floor and saying Afghanistan wasn’t working.
  • These poor men that were sent to Iraq, they lost their lives, they lost their limbs and we sent them into a situation that we couldn’t win.
  • There was no clear exit strategy.
  • We just aren’t serious about anything.
  • This notion that the world is a safer place w/ a stronger America, the world is at risk when America is strong and flexes their muscles. 
  • You will see these 1,000+ troops being used as cannon fodder. 
  • This should drive good men crazy.
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