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The Mike Church Show-The Toxic, Fake “World” That Is The Twitterverse Will Be The 1st Big Tech Oligarchy To Fall

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    The Mike Church Show-The Toxic, Fake “World” That Is The Twitterverse Will Be The 1st Big Tech Oligarchy To Fall LoneRhody

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  • 624 days since the Dr Fauci and Dr Birx entered into the White House
  • MSM refusal to use Darrell E Brooks Jr’s name
  • COVID new variant Omicron is on the rise
  • Countries go back to lockdown madness

  • Jack Dorsey has officially resigned.

HEADLINE: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down, Makes Way For New Censorship King Parag Agrawal by Jordan Boyd

Parag Agrawal Tweet – October 26, 2010 – “If they are not gonna make a distinction between muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists.”

46m MSM Refusal to Report on Darrell E Brooks Jr. – 

HEADLINE: Suv’s Don’t Kill People by Sohrab Ahmari  

  • This is all extremely inconvenient for our ruling class. So it must be airbrushed away.
  • It’s painfully obvious why reporters and editors, including increasingly influential social-media editors, would turn to such cheap tricks of the hack’s trade when faced with a figure like Brooks. The man in every way upends the story the media, and our elites more generally, have been spinning about race in America.
  MSM – 24/7 People in PPE injecting arms 

Fear of needles – Trypanophobia

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Health & Social Care Sec Sajid Javidwe need boosters to happen every 3 months instead of 6 months. 
  Crusade Channel Teaming Up With Epoch Times (affiliate link)
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   MIKE reads excerpt from : The Reactionary Mind by Michael Warren Davis

  • The wealthiest county in the state of Louisiana, St Tammany Parish, is pushing to get a casino.
  • If we can’t make ends meat in this parish, no one can.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Drew Brees Endorses Casino in LouisianaDrew Brees encouraged St. Tammany residents to vote “yes” in December, when they will decide whether to allow Pacific Peninsula Entertainment to build and operate a casino in Slidell.  As part of the deal, P2E has pledged to build a $35 million youth sports complex in eastern St. Tammany.


1h20m  Caller Dr Tom from Arkansas – 

Omicron – Mullers Rapid

  • Viruses mutate, they propagate, become more transmissible but less virulent. 
  • This is what is key – the former countries of the former Christendom, look how they are falling.
  • QUESTION: What country isn’t feeding into this nonsense?
  • Destroys the immune system, destroys cells that can kill cancer and finally blood clots.
  • The term that is being used is Democide – when the government kills it’s citizens.
  • SUPER INFECTION – Israel and Portugal they created this situation b/c of multiple jabs
  HEADLINE: A Catholic Return in the Third Millennium by Doug Fuda

  • If like me you have been feeling under siege in your Christian beliefs, and you don’t know what to do, then read this book carefully and please help spread the word about it. It is deep but it is also very practical in that it will allow us to construct inspiring and realistically militant battle plans for a Christian restoration. If these plans are based on what Doc calls Crucialism, that is a Faith which is both stripped to the essentials and focused on the Cross, then our task won’t be easy (in fact we will be considered outlaws), but we will bring renewed hope to a despairing world as we assert our inalienable right to do our Christian duty to God and to our families. Brothers and sisters, let’s get on with it!
  • He is referring to Crucial Christianity by GC Dilsaver.
   HEADLINE: ‘Partner In Crime’: Maxwell Prosecution Opens With Sordid Details Of Epstein Sexual Predation by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge 

  • The defendant, Ghislaine,  was the lady of the house. She imposed rules. Employees were to hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing.

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   HEADLINE: North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Calls LGBTQ Community “Filth” by Tat Bellamy-Walker
   AUDIO/VIDEO: American Civil War Vets – filmed in 1929 – describe the battles of Cole Camp & Wilson Creek (1861). The ‘Dutch’ were the Unionists (roughly a quarter of whom were German born or 1st generation German Americans.  
2h20m AUDIO/VIDEO: Father Ed Meeks of Towson, MD‘No Earthly king or president or public health official…gets to dictate what we put into our body, into these temples of the Holy Spirit.’
2h40m  HEADLINE: A Catholic Return in the Third Millennium by Doug Fuda

HEADLINE: Christians and the Pro-Life Ploy by GC Dilsaver 

  • My words, Our Lord said, will never end.
  • You don’t need any justification other than that to be Pro-Life.
  • Life is HIS creation, period.
  • A war against superior powers.
  • We don’t stand a chance against this powerful force w/o God.
  • The rule 95/5  – most people you meet today are Americans that happen to be Catholic.
  • INSTEAD of Catholic and then American. 
  • The LGBTQ community destroy anyone that gets in their way, then they normalize.
  • “It’s just a different kind of love”
  • MAP – Minor Attracted Person
  • Crusader Congress – is it all starting to come together for you now?
    Dr Robert Malone Twitter: Speaking plainly #2: Dr. Fauci has surrounded himself with “yes men” (sychophants), has advanced delusions of grandeur (“I am Science”), is no longer an objective scientist, is acting as an unelected petty dictator, and is being enabled by a weak POTUS. A Globalist mouthpiece. 

Dr. Fauci is no longer serving the interests of the US population he is sworn to serve.  At a minimum he must be relieved of duty and retired at current age of 80 years- 81 on Dec 24- Born in 1940. 

What we have now is the consequences of allowing development of a cult of personality reinforced by legacy media and big tech censorship and propaganda.  Somehow this has to stop.  Case fatality rates in USA are an embarassment.  Many unnecessary deaths in USA tracable to this.

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Written by: LoneRhody

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