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16m AI Technology

  • The only way to have a show like this and survive is YouTube.
  • When you look at what is possible to do.
  • Streaming Live Video and Audio.
  • Soundwaves will appear on YouTube when the mid-day show and the Parrott show air on YouTube.
  • Radar and Insurance
  • When the police started using these radar techniques, the insurance went up if you remember.
  • The radar industry skyrocketed.
  • They started making them for the average driver since the cops had them.
  • Whatever happened to good old America out and about on the American highways?
  • We don’t have time for those family excursions. 
  • VASCAR – set up points where they’d set up 2 cars and hit you with a laser to get you a speeding ticket.
  • The point is the citizenry was able to outwit the police at every turn.
  • Today we have squishy people that simply can’t be bothered w/ ‘fighting the man’.
  • We will say things in code since we will be on YouTube daily now.
  • We will get these codes out in our daily emails.
  • Mediterranean Oriented Protesters – 
29m Donald Trump Immunity Trial

  • There is more cynicism now than ever before.
  • Louisiana voters were recently asked about leaving the Union.
  • Strongly agree was at around 50%.
  • Justice Scalia – 
  • End to the independence of the Executive.
  • He mentioned Immunity.
  • We are dangerously close to this scenario. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
37m Justice Scalia Testimony

  • It was about the SCOTUS interpretation. 
  • What is a Constitution? 
  • It is a plan, what something is ‘constituted’ of.
  • There are a lot of countries w/ Constitutions that have failed.
  • You have Law and you have Order.
  • Why do the 2 go together?
  • The Roots of American Order – book by Russell Kirk 
52m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Propaganda & Intel AgenciesThe intel agencies have a big effect on what is broadcast on television. There are a lot of anchors including people I know well and have worked w/ at different networks. I’m thinking of one in particular a national security reporter, who is just  mouthpiece for the Pentagon and the CIA and is knowingly telling lies on their behalf. 

Example: Building a Bridge

  • From doubt you go to opinion and then opinion is supposed to be based on something.
  • Opinion is not rock solid, it may be correct but it may not be.
  • Opinion then goes to truth.
  • Truth then goes to certitude. 
  • The more universals in your thought, the more clear and accurate you are.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia February 19, 2016 – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivers opening statement before a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Role of Judges under the U.S. Constitution. Remarks delivered 5 October 2011. 

  • Judge Antonin Gregory Scalia was an American jurist who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1986 until his death in 2016. He was described as the intellectual anchor for the originalist and textualist position in the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative wing.
  • You might remember WACO, Ruby Ridge and the first set of paranoia that would come from that.
  • You may remember the FBI breaking into peoples homes w/ flimsy warrants b/c they were looking for people w/ guns.
  • Oklahoma City bombing – 
  • What Scalia was saying there has already happened.
  • Thank goodness he isn’t alive to see it.
  • The 4th Amendment was just basically repealed by our House and Senate.
  • If you live on this continent the FBI has a right to look at everything you own.
  • I think it is just the mere threat of this happening to you or me is sufficient enough for it to be enforced.
  • This indictment in Arizona – this is a scare tactic for anyone that thinks to DARE to dispute an election.
  • As if our elections are 100% fool proof.
  • The system is rigged folks.
  • We all know there are issues w/ our voting system techniques. 
  • But if you complain about it publicly, you will be hauled in front of a judge.
  • Your government will prosecute you and ruin your life. 
  • You will accept the results of any and all votes citizen.
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HEADLINE: White House Denies Rumors of Secretive Plot to Oust Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre by Jack Phillips

  • Talk don’t read!
  • You can tell when she doesn’t really belive something b/c she reads verbatim from her binder. 
  • She is about to tell a whopper when she puts her head down and reads.
  • White House Correspondents Dinner – 
  • A weekend report from the New York Post, citing anonymous sources in the White House, claimed that top Biden adviser Anita Dunn and White House chief of staff Jeff Zients are trying to push Ms. Jean-Pierre to voluntarily leave her post.
  • The reason for the rumored plot, according to the report, is because her superiors are not happy with her reading answers out of a binder and allegedly not doing enough to support President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.
  • First, every single press secretary uses a binder.
  • The meat of this is…Biden is going to lose.
  • If actual American citizens are allowed to vote w/ NO OUTSIDE interference, he is going to lose.
  • I don’t know how they intend to steal or pull this off unless they are going to move them all at the last minute.
  • If you live in certain states look out for the convoys of illegals. 
  • Mail-in balloting has criminal tampering written all over it.
  • GA, PA, MI, WI, NV and Arizona.
  • They won’t waste their time in Florida. 
  • Bidenomics Success Tour – starts in Georgia today
  • Why are they going to Georgia?
  • Repeat after me – Raphael Warnock
  • He didn’t win 4 times, there is no way he could have won all 4 times.
  • They have figured out the big cheat, they are messing around w/ the scanners.
  • There have been so many hearings, that isn’t just me saying that.
  • So why are they sending out Kamala Harris to Georgia?
1h29m Erick Erickson 

  • I won’t spend much time on him b/c this guy is a nutcase.
  • He was complaining about free markets.
  • He also stated the Capitol Police should have just opened fired against the January 6th protestors.
  • Conservative Inc – what are they trying to conserve? 
  • The term conservative means absolutely nothing!
  • Does it have any practical application? 
  • The answer is not Jordan Peterson – 
  • QUESTION: Who is the intellectual wonder kid leader of the Conservative movement today?
  • You people sitting out there sitting in your lazy boy, we don’t agree 100% w/ everything.
  • You will always find issue w/ everyone. 
  • I don’t even agree w/ my wife 100% of the time.
  • Patrick Buchanan, Walter Williams and a few others. 
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1h43m Speaker Mike Johnson

  • If they keep calling him a ‘conservative’ he will be the worst thing for the Republican party.
  • There is nothing ‘conservative’ about him.
  • Here is another intellectual conservative – C Joseph Doyle.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator JD Vance on Fox News Sunday w/ Shannon Bream – University Protests – I don’t know you need to call in the national guard but definitely the local police. They have the right to protest but they don’t have the right to set up tent cities in public places.

  • You can’t say public library and not let the homeless guy go in there and surf the internet.
  • His response is a conservative response.
  • We may not like the message these protestors are speaking but they have the right to say so.
  • They don’t however have the right to impede others education.
  • They can’t just set up a tent city and squat for days on end.
  • The National Guard is definitely NOT needed call the cops, the cops can handle this.
  • If they truly believed what they are protesting for why are they wearing masks?
  FX Series Shogun 

  • Everyone waiting for season 2 of Shogun.
  • The producer is like, there will be no season 2.
  • The story has been told.
  • That’s it, that’s the big one.
1h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on ABC This Week – Hamas Peace – They have assured us they won’t go into Rafah. Hamas has not fully rejected a proposed hostage deal. If we can get that in place that gives you 6 weeks of peace.

  • This continues because the world continues to not have the stones to call right right and wrong wrong.
  • What is a Just War?
  • Just because a war is Just doesn’t mean that men will fight it justly.
  • The end of a Just War is PEACE!
  • The goal of war isn’t to kill people indefinitely. 
1h54m AUDIO/VIDEO: Eric Trump w/ Maria Bartiromo Fox News – Presidential Immunity – God help us if we get this wrong. The only ones that will benefit will be attorneys. The first I’d go after is Barrack Obama, then Biden for the cocaine and his draining of the petroleum reserves and what about Bush for ‘weapons of mass destruction’? Where does this end? Presidents need immunity in this country. 

  • People love to say “he isn’t above the law”.
  • Define the law then for me.
  • What about Diplomatic Immunity?
  • Hierarchy is NOT A BAD THING!
  • Patriarchy is not a bad thing either ladies.
  • Back in Christendom there was a hierarchy in trades too!
  • They had these things called Guilds.
  • What did the hierarchy do?
  • It put a barrier to entry up.
  • Not every barrier is bad.
  • Some are there to ensure the people, primarily the men, that wish to enter really want it.
  • FROM THE CRUSADER STADIUM: Sadly, people only focus on the privileges related to position and status.  They seem to forget that there are responsibilities attached to those positions that should far exceed the privileges.
  • Diplomatic Immunity – What would happen to this if Presidential Immunity goes away?
  • If you are a Diplomat, you have to understand presidential powers in our system, a diplomat is discharging a duty that belongs to the ruler.
  • What does he have the authority to do?
  • He can negotiate on the behalf of the person that sent him.
  • When he negotiates something on behalf of the leader, he cannot be held liable for it. 
  • Even if what he negotiates brings about war, he cannot be held accountable for it.
2h11m AUDIO/VIDEO: Comedian Jerry SeinfeldPeople always need comedy. It used to be you’d go home at the end of the day and all of these shows would be on to make you laugh at the end of your day. You don’t have that anymore. This is the result of the extreme left, and PC crap, and people worrying so much about offending other people.

  • The PC groups have absolutely ruined comedy for everyone.
  • Good Conservative men – we should be willing to stare them down.
  Abortion and Life

  • The Conservatives are going to surrender the Defense of Human Life.
  • They aren’t going to realize it until it is too late but it is coming, mark it folks.
  • This 16 week discussion and viability discussion. 
  • This is what happens when you split the topic.
  • You are either FOR life or against it.
  • Simple as that.
  • Natural law and science – animation requires a soul. 


HEADLINE: Taylor Swift Does Not Belong in Your Christian Era by Lauren De Witt 

  • As I grew and matured, however, Swift seemed to remain stuck in an earlier era. I found it more and more difficult to relate to her songs. 
  • There’s a reason Gen Z and Gen Alpha love Swift with an ardency that surpasses even that of the Millennials who loved her first: Taylor Swift, though 34, is still “feelin’ 22.” It’s readily apparent that this is a woman entering the latter part of her prime childbearing years who remains lost and alone. She is a billionaire with the world at her feet, but it’s clear she has no real idea what to do with it. She remains emotionally stunted, repeatedly trying to fill the aching cry of her heart with created things and transient romantic relationships.
  • The only evidence of “maturity” in her music over the last decade or so—and it is a false maturity to be sure—is that instead of the fairly innocuous lyrics of fairytale dreams and true love that were the central themes of much of her earlier music, she’s now unafraid to incorporate all manner of curse words (albeit sparingly compared to much other pop music) and make both open and veiled references supporting same-sex relationships and premarital sex. Some of her most popular songs still contain a troubling element of bullying, a mean-girl streak that most of us hopefully outgrow by the time we enter adulthood. There’s also a darker imagery that has crept into her work, with occult symbolism showcased throughout the Eras Tour and an overtly sexual cover for her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department
  • Women are, by nature, more empathetic than our male counterparts. This empathy is a gift that allows us to envision ourselves more easily in the place of others, and it makes storytelling a particularly powerful tool with women. Swift is, unarguably, a great storyteller, and this explains much of her success. Are the stories Swift is telling, however, the ones we really want to be telling ourselves? Are they the ones we want our daughters listening to? 


  • I know I’m not supposed to say this but this isn’t Judeo-Christian anything.
  • The men that built the Cathedrals that you love to go visit, were all Catholics. 
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


HEADLINE: Therapeutic Tulpamancy by Rod Dreher 

  • Laursen dates the emergence of the tulpa phenomenon to 2009, when in online forums, some people began to experiment with the idea that if they directed their imaginations with sufficient concentration, then over time, they could manifest their own tulpas.
  • I tell you this because remembering it made me feel some sympathy with the nerds who get sucked into tulpamancy. Laursen makes two important points: 1) tulpamancy emerged out of a technological space that made it possible to think these thoughts with others; and 2) tulpamancy is gaining therapeutic approval.
  • Tulpa creation and plurality arrived precisely because avatars, anonymity, and, perhaps most crucially, inward-focused creativity and collaboration in online environments enabled radical, free-form identity experimentation.
  • QUESTION: Who ultimately occupies the imaginary?
  • A major idea emerging from the online tulpa communities is that one human mind can voluntarily and healthfully host multiple identities or consciousnesses. Tulpas are intentionally created to be close and trusted companions, beings in whom hosts can confide. Hosts believe that through their imagination, within their minds and bodies, they are creating new forms of consciousness—new life that is both sentient and sapient in that they are self-aware and they bring insights that positively reshape the lives of their hosts.
  • For example, there is a technique called possession in which the tulpa takes control over parts of the host’s body, such as using the host’s hands to type messages onto the message boards or in the chats that enable tulpas to interact with the world at large. Not all hosts learn or permit possession. Many solely intermingle with their tulpas in an imagined world, dubbed the mindscape.
  • This sounds like a How To Book on how to become possessed. 
  • Either the tulpa is a wholly psychological phenomenon generated by the mind, or it is an unusual way of allowing a demonic spirit to take possession. Or perhaps both. It is at best a sign of great mental disturbance, and at worst a sign of evil spirits inhabiting a person’s body. Whatever the case, it ain’t good.
  • True beauty does not need the internet.
  • It is beautiful whether you see it or not.
  • Whether you take a photo of it or not.
  • The internet and digital world were made to transmit and progress progressivism. 
  • That’s a fact.
  • This is the Ouija board in internet form.
  • That is all this is!
  • QUESTION: What is the error of pluralism?
  • There aren’t many truths.
  • There is only one truth.
  • A society filled w/ male horn-dogs and female sluts – 
  • Ladies and gentlemen this stuff isn’t hard to figure out.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Transgender boy10 year old born as a boy pretending to be a girl while dad asks questions about ‘who they really are’. 

Scalcious – appealing to or stimulating sexual desire

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