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The Mike Church Show-They Voted For Baby-Killing, What’s Next Cannibalism?!

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They Voted For Baby-Killing, What’s Next Cannibalism?!



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  Slow News Day

  • It is like the whole world is waiting for the Trump trial to end so we have something to discuss.
  • The University protests are basically old news for the MSM at this point. 
  This Day in History 

1937 – Hindenburg Disaster

1954 – Roger Bannister broke a 4 minute mile

  Anti-Semitism Act

  • Many people are looking at this, even Jewish groups, saying this is going too far.
  • Anytime you start to isolate individual groups here, it opens up opportunity for it to be used against other groups. 


Abortion Is On The Ballot 

HEADLINE: Every State Facing Deceptive, Unlimited Abortion Ballot Measures This November by Jordan Boyd

  • The lust for baby blood is alarming and disturbing.
  • This is what we call a civilization. 
  • What if you got w/ your HOA and decided that you wanted a democracy?
  • What if your HOA got together and decided there was a family in the hood that was simply doing too well?
  • The HOA then decides they are going to make a rule that that family has to ‘SHARE’ their boat w/ the rest of the neighbors.
  • How do you think that would go?
  • Sure there would be some families in the neighborhood that would agree, yes let’s take the boat out this weekend.
  • There would also be those that that simply isn’t fair.
  • BUT are you willing to allow your neighbors to decide if you have too much?


  • Eleven states could see abortion through all nine months of pregnancy enshrined in their state constitutions this November.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
42m HEADLINE: Biden Races to Trump-Proof His Agenda by Andrew Restuccia 

  • Despite being on trial in New York City, former President Donald Trump has widened his lead over President Joe Biden during the past month.
  • The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, in a three-way contest between Biden, Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 46% of Likely U.S. Voters would choose Trump, 36% would vote for Biden and nine percent (9%) would vote for Kennedy. In April, Trump led by 6 points, 44% to 38% for Biden, with RFK Jr. at 10%. Four percent (4%) now say they’d vote for some other candidate, and another four percent (4%) are undecided. 
  • Did you know for example these bastards have outlawed gas ranges in most new homes?
  • Have you tried to buy a gas range recently?
  • Did you know they are also trying to stop the combustible engine too?
  • These are laws that will go into effect soon.
  • Last week alone 26 states sued the Biden Regime 3 times.

HEADLINE: 26 Republican attorneys general sue to block Biden rule requiring background checks at gun shows by Andrew Demillo 

  • At some point and time the efficacy of meeting the mandates and regulations, there will be the sense of screw it, I’m just not going to do this anymore.



Saint George Parish in Baton Rouge Louisiana

  • They have succeeded in separating themselves from the Big City of Baton Rouge.
  • Someone explain to me the difference b/w their act of secession and the state of Louisiana leaving the Union of States?
  • Rather than prevent future hostilities we will just leave the Union.
  • This wasn’t just a small group of people, this was a large town w/ a lot of tax revenue. 
  • You pass an act, it doesn’t matter what it is, is it binding forever?
  • Can no legislative body come along and amend that act?
  • No Congress can bind another Congress right?
  • Non-compete agreements?
  Out of Control Government

  • We find ourselves at a crossroads here.
  • Most people don’t care about politics but when you go to the store and try and buy your wife a brand new super gas range that she has always wanted and can’t what do you do then?
  • Why shouldn’t people in all states be hollering about secession? 
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1h13m Obama’s Third Term

  • When the creature becomes a menace to the creator, it is time to kill the creature.
  • The creature can’t get larger than the creator. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Marco Rubio w/ Shannon Bream – Donald Trump – You have a Biden-supporting judge, a Biden prosecutor in the most liberal country in America on ridiculous charges – the rest of the world is watching and saying, this is the stuff that America used to sanction other countries for doing.

  • Thomas Jefferson once said when the average American can’t understand the laws, we are at an end
1h18m Voting and Ballots

  • Do you have government schools where you live?
  • Do you have children in government schools?
  • If you are a homeschooler, why should you have to pay for public schools?
  • I am a product of government run schools.
  • I graduated from a government run school.
  • I have fond memories of those years.
  • QUESTION: What is missing out of government run schools these days?
  • ANSWER: Men
  • Remember science back in the day?
  • Killing human beings should NEVER be on a ballot.
  • Florida, Maryland, New York, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada & South Dakota.
  • How did we get to a point where we think other people in the state have a right to decide if a person lives or dies?
  • Over 250,000 people in the US die each year because of medical errors, making it the third leading cause of death in this country behind heart disease and cancer, according to a Johns Hopkins study.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jacksonville, Florida Mayor Donna Deegan on 6 week Abortion ban You’ve seen me lose my hair to chemo. Imagine if the government took away the freedom to determine my own treatment. Think of how much closer we are to that today.

  • There is nothing present in the breast cancer that can be the future Mayor.
  • There is only cancer cells there.
  • That isn’t the case w/ a pregnancy.
  • The two are incomparable. 
  • There is no comparison b/w the two.
  • As we stand now in America 1 in 5 healthy pregnancies are terminated. 
  • Every human being has an eternal soul.
  • Man and woman cooperate and boom, baby is conceived. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Students For LifeYoung father talks about his daughter Clementine being aborted at 5 months gestation. He is being told that it was just a fetus and how is he sad about someone he never met?

  • What an irony.
  • All those people that moved from those liberal states to Florida, when this bill comes up for vote watch what happens.
  • Floridians are going to scratch their heads and ask why.
  • You just imported thousands of liberals, they won’t change how they think.
  • They will turn your state into the cesspool they left b/c they just can’t think critically. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Maher on Abortion They think it’s murder and it kinda is. I’m sorry I’m just okay with that. There’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on that. 

  • God is not okay w/ you killing His creations.
  • How did we get here?
  • It is always, you can hear the howl of evil.
  • It is almost like it senses there is something going on out there and they know it.
  • The demons always overplay their hands.
  • They always overreach and I think that is what we are seeing now.
  • The mutilation of children w/ transgenderism.
  • Transgender competing in girls sports – 
  • Did you see what happened on the college campuses last week?
  • When someone is an anti-protestor – when they see white people.
  • They see white people bombing the snot out of brown people. 
  • Richard Barrett was making the point – what happened at the end of last week?
  • Is there some anti-semitism in there? 
  • Yes there is but it is mostly all women and effeminate men.
  • QUESTION: Who comes to the rescue at these protests?
  • Two months ago these same Frat Boys were hated and despised.
  • They were privileged, they had toxic masculinity but when it comes to fighting anti-semitism, we love all those things displayed by the Frat Boys.
  • They have been told, all these Frat Boys, shut up, you have gotten everything you will ever get you are privileged. 
  • When they started defending the American flag, now they are all of the sudden loved by America. 
  • Which is it?
  • Are these young men to be hated or revered? 
  Movie – Green Zone w/ Matt Damon 


Don Jeffries 

HEADLINE: “Anti-Semitism” vs. Free Speech by Donald Jeffries 

  • If you want to know why so many “haters” believe “the Jews” control everything, look at the Antisemitism Awareness Act. Look at how overwhelmingly it passed. It was not a close vote. If someone can explain how a foreign nation holds such power over our elected officials, I’m waiting to hear it. Sure, you had the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR administrations acted as if it was illegal to criticize the government. But as bad as all that was, at least it concerned our nation. It has never been illegal to criticize another country, in any other nation on earth, to my knowledge. Until now. Sure, the Soviets supposedly outlawed “anti-Semitism,” but this is hard to source credibly. This odious congressional legislation is very real.
  • The act goes well beyond the current state of Israel. It warns against any claims that Israel’s creation was problematic in any sense. More importantly, it references Holocaust “denial,” and condemns it. Thus, America now joins every other country on earth in forbidding any discussion of the particulars of the German concentration camps. And finally, it suggests that statements about the Jews killing Jesus Christ are “anti-Semitic.” I was raised a Catholic. I was very small, but I remember the Latin mass, before Vatican II. I’ve read Father Feeney, and listened to Father Coughlin. This act basically repudiates pre-Vatican II Catholicism. There are Biblical passages about the Jews being responsible for killing Christ. This shouldn’t mean that any Jew today bears any blame. But this act in effect makes parts of the Bible “anti-Semitic.”
  LIVE BREAKING – Donald Trump outside of the courthouse.
  Caller Cindy L from Florida – 
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  HEADLINE: Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors by Shia Kapos

  • The grey tents w/ lime green tops on the college campuses.
  • Stuff like that isn’t organic.
  • When you see stuff like that it was paid for in bulk and given to the protestors.
2h40m BACK to Donald Jeffries Article 

  • “Hate”, in fact, is now most associated with criticism of Jews in the public mind. Why wasn’t it “hate” when the Soviets targeted priests and nuns for genocide following the Bolshevik Revolution? Why weren’t tax-funded “art” projects like “Piss Christ” considered “hate?” Instead, it was “hate” to object to it. Picture a government-funded “artist” creating something called “Piss Talmud,” with a copy of the Talmud, instead of a crucifix, submerged in urine. You know what the response to that would be. It certainly wouldn’t be called “art,” and it certainly wouldn’t be funded by taxpayers. We talk about American exceptionalism, but in reality our culture is fueled by Jewish exceptionalism. The “chosen” people. Their pain and suffering is different, and no mere gentile can hope to compete with it.
  • All of these things, we are humans, we are sloppy we are messy and pretending to have protection in our affairs is stupid.
  • We didn’t arrive at this point, where our “representatives” could overwhelmingly approve something like the Antisemitism Awareness Act, suddenly. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert De Niro on Trump The point is not for the country. Other people are going to have to stand up or you’ll find yourself in a terrifying position. Look at what France had to deal w/ and the Nazi’s. Imagine what they had to go through and now I know it is possible. I can now understand it.

  • Hey Rob, did you not see our Congress just passed an anti-Semitism act?
  • Right now Israel is about to lay another area of Gaza to the ground.
  • Israel, if that is the state of all Jews, it is doing very very well for itself.
  • You might say Zionism is winning the day.
  HEADLINE: Mayday! Mayday! U.S. has soft coup d’état by Cat McGuire 

  • Why did they pass this bill on May 1st?
  • What is the significance of May the 1st?
  • Presumably, the IHRA definitions were waiting patiently on the shelf for the right moment to debut in the same way the Patriot Act was oh-so-timely trotted out in response to 9/11. And sure enough, the Act was sitting on the shelf, already having been put forth back in 2023.
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