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16m March 2010 v March 2020

  • All day Sunday me and Andrew Wilkow were working in shifts.
  • We were researching whether or not Nancy Pelosi had the votes.
  • Rep Robert Casey
  • Casey v Planned Parenthood
  • You know what else happened around this time in 2020?
  • March 23, 2020 – LOCKDOWNS
  • Four years to the day when the UK went into the lockdown. 

HEADLINE: Lockdown’s Fourth Birthday by Kit Knightly 

  • What else happened on March 23, 1775?
  • Liberty or Death speech in Richmond Virginia.
  • All of this happened on March 23rd.
22m Omnibus Bill

  • What happened on Friday?
  • This monster of a bill passed.
  • 101 Republicans voted yea on this bill.
  • All 3 of my Louisiana representatives voted for it.
  • This had take payer money to fund abortions up to the day of birth.
  • This had $300 million to Ukraine.
  • This bill had money set aside for a DEI zoo.
  • There was another bill that would have stopped the Ghost Flights. 
  • Every single Democrat voted against that bill.
  • This is the Democrat parties strategy.
  • This is what they are going to do.
  • They have given up on actual Americans so they are importing illegals that will ultimately be ‘loyal’ to them in elections.
  Employment & Unemployment Numbers

  • Since Feb of 2021 the United States, real citizens, have bled 2 million jobs.
  • RFK Jr says the actual unemployment rate among actual citizens is 23%.
  • Nearly 50% of all young Americans under the age of 30 have considered killing themselves.
  • Over 25% of all young Americans are on medication for anxiety.
  • You watch this video and realize just how messed up our youth are.
  • You also realize that America may be broken beyond repair.
  HEADLINE: Blaming the car? Minnesota AG Ellison targets Kia, Hyundai over rising auto thefts by Valerie Richardson 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (War Room) – Ominibus Bill – This $1.2 trillion was a full funding of continuing the effort in Ukraine, it was a full funding of the government. It is the continuation of everything Americans are against. What happened in the House yesterday was actually an attack on our entire Republic. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (War Room)What Rep Mike Gallagher did yesterday was intentional, purposeful, and puts our entire majority at risk. I think he should be expelled. The reckless actions of the Republicans have put us here in this situation. 

  HEADLINE: Rep. Mike Gallagher to resign in April after $1.2 trillion spending package passes the House by Thomas Stevenson
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Monday in Holy Week

  • Expect for the demons to be raging this week.
  • Have the Democrats ever done anything as dumb as what the Republicans have done?
  • NEVER – we are talking about Congressman Gallagher and Buck quitting the GOP early.
  • Why are these members leaving so abruptly?
  • Why would you quit in April?
  • He is delaying long enough so a special election can’t be called.
  • This is depriving the entire Republican party of a majority the Americans voted for.
  • If Hakeem Jeffries somehow becomes the leader you are going to have a shooting war.
  • If they pass the Raskin bill, and they will if Hakeem is the leader, Donald Trump will NOT BE ALLOWED to be president EVEN if he gets the votes.
  • The Republican party simply can’t get out of its own way.
  • What are the people out there in America going to do?
  • The Misery Index is as high as it’s ever been.
1h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert Kennedy Jr on what America was and what it could be again. 

  • My father and Uncle wouldn’t recognize this country if they were here today.
  • There was a time when one income could finance a 2 child family.
  • There was a time when the father could in-fact provide for his family.

QUESTION: What happened from then to now?

ANSWER: We printed a centuries worth of money in less than a decade.

  • The Democrat party lives to traffic humans, kill babies and sterilize women along the way.
  • This is a Monday in a very important week, Holy Week.
  • Good Friday is quickly approaching.
  • We knows what happens. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jewish Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan says “Christ is King” is an anti-Semitic dogwhistle, Jews are “God’s chosen people.”

  • Why didn’t the Rabbi ‘baptize’ you then?
  • ALL men are Gods chosen people Sir.
  • Christ is King and the Jews are no longer the chosen people, ALL men are!
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Daily Wire

  • Enjoy the liberation Candace Owens.
  • You did the right thing.
  • You are on the side of truth.
  • I’m not saying everything she says is 100% spot on but she did the right thing.
  • If you are being told Christ is King is evil, you are being gaslit.
  • I don’t understand why so many people follow him.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Bill Hagerty – Ghost Flights – Every single Senate Democrat voted against my amendment that would stop Biden Admin from using taxpayer dollars to charter flight for hundreds of thousand of illegal aliens form their countries directly to American towns.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Marsha Blackburn – The Clear Act – It would simply say our local and state, when they apprehend a criminal alien, they can detain that individual and call ICE.

  • Every single Senator Democrat voted against this.
  • The Biden Regime is secretly flying in the illegals and the Democrat party want it to continue.
  • WHY?
  • We have discussed this many times on the show.
  • It is all about congressional seats.
  • This is Churchs’ Maxim 81 – Even when Democrats lose they never really lose.
  • This is a criminal enterprise now.
  • They just don’t care, they are hemorrhaging residents in all Democrat run cities.
  • Can they count on these illegals to show up to vote?
  • How many will vote? 
  • How many mail-in ballots will be ‘cashed’ in?
  • Everything but those 2 variables are known.
  • If they can’t be stopped, what are we going to do about it?
  • Are we going to endure 4 more years of Biden?
  • Imagine if they seize control w/ Biden as the ‘leader’.
  • Imagine if the Democrats control both the Senate and the House?
  • This will effect you!
  • You can say well I’m not voting it doesn’t work but you will ultimately pay the price of these elections. 
  • Why didn’t the tent cities happen during the Great Depression like we see now?
  • The Prosperity Gospel is NOT the Gospel.
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Letitia James and Donald Trump Bond

  • What if Donald Trump says go pound sand I’m not paying it?
  • Will they just attempt to confiscate his assets?
  • What is going to happen w/ his tower and other things that he isn’t the sole owner of?
  • What about the other investors?

AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC on State of the Union – Donald Trump Bond – This is not about party or politics. We are talking about an individual who ordered, essentially, a terrorist attack on the Capitol of the United States in order to retain power. 

  • This is the problem here, there is no way anyone is this dense.
  • She stated this is corruption and criminality.
  • She was just in front of Bobulinski and heard what he had to say about the criminality of the Biden family but she refuses to believe him!
  • They hate Donald so much because he is an achiever. 
  • They hate him b/c Hispanic businessmen love him.
  • They hate him b/c his children still love him and want to spend time w/ him.
  • Go all the way back to Coolidge, maybe you could say Eisenhower, b/c at least he was a military man, that still really isn’t producing things…you might have to go back all the way to…..well…this is a tough one.
  • (A president that actually did or produced something.)
  • Maybe Herbert Hoover?
  • Remember the ruling elites don’t like us, the average American.
  • They despise us.
  • Donald Trump made things and they hate him for it.
2h22m AUDIO/VIDEO: Minnesota AG Keith Ellison on Car TheftsWe are investigating 2 automakers. Their cars are too easy to steal for young people.

  • Here again the criminals are made out to be the heroes. 
  • Going after the car companies for thefts?

HEADLINE: Blaming the car? Minnesota AG Ellison targets Kia, Hyundai over rising auto thefts by Valerie Richardson 

  • They aren’t blaming the car thieves they are blaming the automakers.
  • For what?
  • Making too awesome of a car? 
  • Reported thefts of Kia and Hyundai cars have soared, jumping in 2022 by 836% in Minneapolis and 611% in St. Paul over 2021 rates. The stolen vehicles were sometimes used in other crimes, including five homicides, 13 shootings, 36 robberies, and 265 car accidents, according to the attorney general’s office.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki w/ Nancy Pelosi – Donald Trump Legal Fees – Biden has 1/2 million donors of under $200. What is happening now is more important that that Grifter Trump. What is important to us should be shown by how we allocate funds. 

  • Do you hear the hatred?
  • They dismiss him the same way they dismiss the average American.
  • These people are a threat to the human race.








Mathew Crawford 

Rounding The Earth – Substack

HEADLINE: David Martin: A Conspirituality Limited Hangout? by Mathew Crawford

  • Recently, I came across this long article exploring the possibility of controlled opposition (chaos agents) managing much of the Medical Freedom Movement (MFM).
  • So,  if Martin is a Chaos Agent, he qualifies as a “limited hangout”. Is there any evidence that David Martin is a limited hangout?
  • Martin beats his chest about being a polymath while telling you that he leads without beating his chest. Far worse is that his accomplishments are often vague. Mathematician? I might be able to judge that, but has Martin displayed any mathematical work in real time that I can evaluate?
  • Director of Arlington Institute – Major Global Change Coming
  • This ITNJ group was formed in 2015, just as child trafficking controversies were ramping up. But it appears to have been abandoned for plandemonium. Note that the two men above are associated with DMED whistleblower lawyer and Scientologist Leigh Dundas, whose escape from J6 prosecution still stands as inexplicable [relatively speaking].
  • TAI  activities include all those areas that we usually connect with transhumanism, like genetic modification, nanotech, biotech, augmented intelligence, and so on. TAI also works on global epidemics, biowarfare simulations, and climate change.
  • Why do so many such organizations with largely overlapping goals exist? Is it to have overwhelming force of media presence and community to tap into for use in steering public consciousness.
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